Our 3 Favorite Keto Chaffle Cookies |  Free Complete Recipes

Our 3 Favorite Keto Chaffle Cookies | Free Complete Recipes

hey guys Greg it’s Daisy here from kzoo Quito and we’re back with another cha full video this one is all about cookies so I’ve had Stacey in the kitchen slaving away making you guys three unique cookie recipes from us and they are yummy we have white chocolate macadamia nut my favorite oatmeal my favorite and everybody’s favorite peanut butter we’re gonna teach you how to do it step by step instructions the whole way so make sure you tune in and watch Daisy as she makes magic happen okay so we’re gonna start off with Greg’s favorite the white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie chapel for that you’re gonna need of course your mozzarella cheese golden la canto Sukhram gold whatever brown sugar alternative you want to use one egg chopped up macadamia nut these are really simple throw them in a ziploc bag and just take your frustrations out with a rolling pin now we’ve got both vanilla and almond extract pink salt white chocolate chips these are the baked believe that you can find at Walmart then we have some powder to Rick you’re tall again I do this myself because it saves money and coconut flour so let’s make Gregg happy to start you need one egg [Music] scramble that up a little bit one teaspoon of vanilla half a teaspoon of almond extract be very careful with your almond extract because this is a very strong flavor and it’s one of those a little bit goes a long way type of deals so you don’t have to use the almond extract but in my opinion it enhances the nutty flavor of a cookie and gives it a little more pizazz so you 1/3 of a cup of mozzarella cheese [Music] one and a half tablespoons of your brown sugar alternative [Music] have the tablespoon of powder and auricular tall [Music] if you’re interested in these containers we have the little pop lids will have those linked in the description down below 1/4 cup of chopped macadamia nuts I’m getting kind of a mixture of powdery pieces and bigger chunks because if you have them crushed into a powdery pulp and get your chunks and nuts it’s kind of not as fun to eat it [Music] do a pinch of pink salt and then a good stir so you kind of got a mixture looking a little bit like that got your white chocolate chips I only put 15 in here and yes I do count those out that is about the equivalent of one serving size of the chocolate chips white chocolate chips last unusual is the coconut flour it’s gonna soak up all the moisture in your mix and that is one tablespoon gives it a little more of a stable structure for the chapel itself once it’s done and that’s what you should have all right so of course you’re gonna want to pre-heat the chapel makers which I have done [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is gonna give you two of the white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie shuffles it takes you longer to say the name than it does to eat it [Music] kind of smells like cookie batter like you’re actually putting on there [Music] [Music] and you let it go for three to five minutes so you’ll notice it’s gonna kind of seep out just a little bit especially if you overfill it but if you just dab at it with some paper towel it’s not too bad the coconut flour kind of helps a little bit and soaking it up alright so these are ready to come off [Music] you know handy-dandy little jar spatula has worked great for getting these things off of here we can even use it to open the lid those are done and they look beauteous one thing you’re going to notice is that these are going to leave a little bit of a sticky residue around the outside I would recommend cleaning that up before it cools off I believe it comes from a mixture of the nuts and the chocolate chips but how I do that as I usually just get a paper towel and be very very careful doing this because it’s still super high I’m just kind of get it right in the groove to get that as much as you can [Music] it’s not so good they will also as they cool create a little bit of a candy glaze it does make them a little bit sticky which is kind of interesting but I like to let them cool in these racks so I have these listed below too they’re really nice I use them whenever I’m baking we use them all the time for Chavez they come in a three pack and they stack one on top of the other so fun fact I’ve never had a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie not a huge fan of white chocolate chips and I didn’t know until a few months ago they actually liked macadamia nuts so taste testing these is based on Greg if you don’t like it blame it on him next up is my personal pre keto favorite cookie the oatmeal cookie this one took some finagling to get right because i wanted it to have that sort of texture that you get from the oatmeal and the oatmeal cookies so for this we need your shredded cheese and your eggs of course we need the brown sugar substitute oat fiber this is kind of act as your flower in a way now if this kind of scares you it is Kito approved this is actually the the husks or the hulls of the oat the green all ground up into a powder and it’s actually more of a fiber than anything else also found on Amazon where you can get all these anthony’s things this is where we that’s obviously where we got our so it’s also the same brand as a coconut flour that we use and we’ll have all this stuff linked below that you can get of course except for the cold things like the cheese and the eggs this is a package of sliced almonds that I purchased at a grocery store and I just I took the rolling pin to it again I had a lot of frustrations so I beat the crap out of it to make them really small and they’re already sliced thin so they’re perfect to replace the actual poke in the oatmeal cookies for the texture then we have vanilla cinnamon nutmeg and powdered erythritol so let’s make my favorites two eggs mix them up two teaspoons of vanilla I’ve said this in a previous video you can use whatever vanilla you want to use we get this at Costco it’s a really good vanilla it’s really expensive but it’s really good and in my opinion it’s one of those things that it’s worth slurring for I don’t get that mixed in now the Nutmeg I only do a pinch so this is a very strong spice so just a pinch one teaspoon of cinnamon get those kind of mixed in there I like to mix it up really well after the spices have been added so we don’t have any weird clumps anywhere one tablespoon of powdered or if you’re tall one tablespoon of the LaQuinta brown sugar alternative one tablespoon of the oat fiber and you’ll see it really is a really fine powder two tablespoons of the freshed-up almonds as you can see they’re pretty finely crushed to mostly about the size of what the oatmeal would normally be [Music] and it looks pretty much like that half a cup of the mozzarella cheese there’s really no specific order to how you put this in I just tend to do the liquids first everything else left and then that’s when I put the cheese in last because I want to get them batter all mixed up first and this is what its gonna look like when you’re done this does make three to four chapels depending on how much you put in your chocolate maker let’s get these bad boys going [Music] you’ll notice this batter is a little more money than the macadamia nut batter so when you’re pouring it you want to make sure you get a good ratio between the liquid part and the cheese when the nuts [Music] the charcoal helm is in position I don’t think you can have an ATS can no see [Music] so on the ones that I overfill such as this one I overfilled a little bit I’ve noticed when you overfill them they tend to deform a little bit on the outside where it’s starting to full we get like spillover so I will take that and kind of push it down a little bit just to get it to cook up that spot a little bit more and make that indentation that it’s supposed to have all right let’s pull these off [Music] the great texture they hold up this is what I love about them they hold up it kind of almost reminds me a little bit of like a sponge cake texture when you’re just pulling them off so because I overfilled the second one I’m now left with one that doesn’t quite cover all of the iron so I just do my best to kind of spread it as much as I can in a very thin layer with those you won’t want to let them cook as long just make sure you check them after three minutes well we’re waiting for these other two to come off I just want to point out that you can sort of cut this recipe in half it is a pinch of nutmeg so I’m not sure how you’re gonna pinch half a pinch but if you want to experiment with it go ahead otherwise if four is too many throw a couple in the baggie throw them in the fridge put them in a freezer safe bag put them in the freezer when you want to eat them get them grab them out throw them in the toaster throw them in a toaster oven put them back on the chocolate irons they heat up really really well it smells like grandma’s house like bengay and feet okay so not necessarily my grandma any either of my grandma’s Hollis’s there was a dear grandmas feet I don’t remember really ever walking in and smelling oatmeal cookies at their house but it just seems like a grandma house smell not been gain feet oatmeal cookies so when you end up with one that’s a little goofy according to Gregg those you can eat right away and when he makes it he calls it a chef Street because he’s a chef well I’m a baker so we’re calling this the Baker Street [Music] I have an audience cha hole Holland’s have arrived you’re not getting this is from days of experimenting to make these chapels for you guys the dogs end up getting some scraps when things don’t turn out exactly like we like them watch as they follow the chapel I can’t go too low with it because the little shark will bite my fingers off I know what you think can I get my little tiny go to this sure got me this one first that one’s the tongue I started going before disease in the air okay so we did Greg’s favorite my favorite and now we’re gonna do everybody’s favorite who doesn’t like a good peanut butter cookie speaking of peanut butter cookies I did have a request to try to make the Chow with the three ingredient peanut butter cookie that’s out there with the peanut butter of the egg and the swerve powdered swerve I tried that it just didn’t didn’t have the flavor that I wanted in there so we’re using granulated po canto granulated vanilla the can’t sell brown sugar eggs cream cheese peanut butter powder this is sugar-free and coconut flour which we need to get more let’s show you how to do this okay start out with one ounce of cream cheese we’re gonna put this in the microwave on HIGH for about ten seconds alright when you get it out you’re going to want to kind of stir it up get the temperature of the cream cheese back down to a reasonable temperature where it’s not going to start cooking your egg then you’re gonna put your egg in let’s get that stirred up might be a little easier to do this part with a whisk because of the cream cheese otherwise you might end up with some little pockets of cream cheese if you don’t mind that just do it the way I’m doing it I don’t mind it then we’re gonna put in two teaspoons of vanilla [Music] I’m mixed in all this extra mixing can also help with the cream cheese getting those little pieces kind of incorporated and we’re going to use three tablespoons of sugar free peanut butter powder [Music] and we’re just gonna kind of hold that in at first and then we can whip it [Music] next is two tablespoons of brown sugar substitute if that is nice and stirred in and last we’re going to put in the coconut flour because we don’t want to suck up all the moisture too quickly and this is two teaspoons of coconut flour another reason that I opted to use coconut flour over almond flour for these is it helps keep the carbs a little bit lower alright so you should end up with something that looks like that so now you’re gonna pour it on your preheated chocolate makers and this does make just 2 [Music] [Music] right and then we let them go for closer to three three to four minutes does these cook up pretty quick so now I bet you’re wondering why in the world does she have the plane like Anto sugar out and hasn’t done anything with it yet this you want to get it out while they’re in the maker chocolate macaroon have it ready so that when you pull them off and put them on your rack you can take a little pinch of this and sprinkle it on top and that’s gonna be like your regular peanut butter cookies the head that when you roll them in the sugar it’s gonna give you that little crunch when you bite into them all right first ones ready to come off notices pulled away from the edges they’re throw it on here and then we’ll take just a pinch just gonna sprinkle it [Music] depends on how much you want I like to have a little bit more so you really get that crunch [Music] get all three of them done now most peanut-buttery let’s go to the taste test alright guys this is the best part this is the taste testing part and I’m super excited so these are good warm or cold these are actually cold right now because they were filmed in different days you’ll probably notice Stacy shirt as a bearing director prevents when you give her go actually no I think I want the big one user doesn’t my favorite kind and one thing you’ll notice when you make these is they can’t end up a little bit sticky this is not so sticky anymore because we’ve had it in the refrigerator so if you don’t like the sticky throw it in the fridge and just a great tip you can warm these back up on the choppa lines or a coaster or anything like that if you like that’s Jonathan um I actually like my click he’s cold when it comes to macadamia nuts but chocolate chip that’s a whole different situation alright let’s do this I love it no I’ve never had a Mac white chocolate macadamia nut cookie cuz I’m not a fan of white chocolate but I love like the cookie flavor in this mm-hmm and as I can taste the almond flavor I love that truffle hones on the problem over here and I get the nut I love because I love macadamia nuts no no right mm-hmm yes so um I am big fan of white chocolate and I love it too probably for different reasons Stacy does so probably a lot of you guys have had the white white chocolate macadamia nuts at Subway right and this is an Asian like that this is way better in my opinion and I can eat in Aikido so and I really like what she’s done with the nuts and the fact that some of them are kind of like built into the batter and the other part there’s like nuts actually in there so she definitely give that a try we have the oatmeal cookie ones which are my favorite and these also have been cooling in the fridge I got the small one of this one that’s not okay yes that’s all right then just pretend to eat this an 8/10 step no you have to try this one too okay now he’s not a huge fan of oatmeal cookies I am I used to we have a local grocery chain regional grocery chain that in my opinion made the best oatmeal cookies and my opinion I think they stack up pretty well to those yeah I’ll be honest I didn’t have this cold last time it was warm this is actually way better I think you still get the texture mm-hmm of the nut hmm I like it mm-hmm I need you have some of that Oh deep flavor from the oat fiber mm-hmm and the cinnamon and the Nutmeg Oh sis it’s a little like spicy party in your mouth yeah yeah hot spicy yeah so the scent of the seasonings don’t actually hit you I think it’s all towards the end like you’re warmed or you kind of hit with a beginning and then as you progress through it you start getting some of the seasonings mm-hmm really good all right and then everybody’s favorite including the chocolate hounds yeah yeah and the big one again the chocolate sorry peanut butter cookie and you can’t actually throw some chocolate chips in here I haven’t done it yet but I want to because I think it’ll make it even better yeah but I mean it looks like a peanut butter cookie yeah and I love the sugar on the top of it because it gives it that crunch like the peanut butter cookies no you can cook these a little longer to make them a little bit harder yeah for the crunchy or cookies I mean they’re still hard it’s just what if you want more rather than a soft cookie you want hard cookie yeah – dude well that’s pretty good that’s really good it’s really good the most great music yeah so those who read these obviously number one I think peanut butter actually is number two for me in the oatmeal is number three I think the old nails my favorite mm-hmm and then these two are like a tie [Music] high-interest I can’t I can’t pick one over the other no so you know what what goes really good with you ice cream oh yes ice cream coming up soon guys second video got a nailed suppose you all have been asking about it next week try to do it early in the week you will see it promise that’s it for us we got more chao-li Diaz and the works if you have any travel ideas feel free to put him down below if you like any of these if you try them definitely tag us let us know what you think of them if you don’t like them we still want to hear from you to let us know what you think you dislike the bottom that’s all next time sticky dough see you guys [Music] [Music]

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