OMG! Rolled Filled KETO Bacons. Ketogenic Diet  Recipe

OMG! Rolled Filled KETO Bacons. Ketogenic Diet Recipe

roll film Bacon’s from Quito and me that come you’re gonna need bacon parchment paper and fill in cliches sour cream or cream cheese and I’m gonna need diet soda let’s hear it pop I’m going to start working on my skewer to hold the bacon roll basically I take the round of parchment paper and roll it into a straw hard to go around class that done now it’s more craftier part rolling the bacon so the secret is to roll the way that lower layer is overlapped little bit with the top layer and it gives you really sturdy bacon row when it’s cooked and the when it’s wrote it will have a flappy end you should secure it with the rope just like that you can probably cook this bacon on there in the oven but my bacon belongs on a frying pan and that’s what it’s going I use 12 inch stainless steel stressors to work with my bacon I find it more convenient than the working class kitchen tax let’s watch bacon fry who doesn’t like watching that and when you’re backing is done you’ve transferred it into the coldplay to chill and you can work on your feelings basically you take a round of the Apache on paper and make a pastry bag out of it basically this is the cylinder and you’ll turn it into the corners shape let’s have a macaque on one side Biden then another and then you fill it with warm up cream cheese to make it softer or just like me with sour cream I think sour cream less challenging because it’s called in its soft already now you can remove scores and fill your Bacon’s with your cream cheese or sour cream and I just want to mention this YouTube channel there is one hundred percent low-carb tutorials on d there is no relatively low carb recipes if you want to follow any of a recipe from this channel you will not go over your daily carp limit and right now I started feeling the skinnier one it takes less Finnick than the big one and whatever left I squeeze into the big one actually we’ll be left with more than you need for this job if you like this video then check out another one on this channel it’s called bacon lobster tails it’s really clever thank you

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