Okinawa Vegan Food Fest 2019

Okinawa Vegan Food Fest 2019

Nice weather. I’m in Okinawa for the first time in two years. I’m going to Okinawa vegan food festival today. I’ve just arrived. Falafel. Herb curry. Island dessert. So many people are in line. Coffee. Hand drip? Yes. It’s organic Peruvian coffee. From Peru? Yes it is. Which part of Peru? We use Peruvian blend and Montagna veronica. You’ve been there recently, right? Yes yes. It’s about 6 months ago. Oh my god, I got goose bumps. How was it? did you enjoy? Yes I enjoyed a lot. Montagna veronica coffee is from the same area of Machu Picchu. I was there. exactly the same place. This is the winter blend. I added a hint of cinnamon. Okay. He gave me coffee. Thank you. You’re welcome. Keep up the good work. I’ll continue to watch your videos. Thank you so much. Hey mom! This is so expensive, isn’t it? Falafel Pita sandwich. Firewood kiln pizza. Felicidad. This is Felicidad cafe. Thank you so much.
We’re selling vegan gluten-free donuts and cookies. All of them are gluten free? Yes they are. Is that all? Well, We also have cold drinks. Yes… lots of… tasty drinks. Have fun. Thank you so much. Vegan cheese burger. Elly’s cafe. What are you selling? Taco rice. Can I get your autograph? Sure. Can I get it now? What kind of award did you win? It’s a local specialty food award in Okinawa. We won the best award. That’s because you use Okinawan Tofu in it? Yes, and we also use Okinawan sugar as well. We use lots of Okinawan local ingredients. I see. It’s taco rice made with Okinawan ingredients. You don’t have to shoot me explaining about this. This is Anoma protein. In Japan, the mainstream of vegan protein is soy protein. This protein is made from yellow pea. We have many vegan customers. the most important point of this product is that it contains yellow pea protein and brown rice protein. Yellow pea is a bit low in protein, and amino acid score isn’t that good. so we decided to add brown rice protein which contains methionine. Because of that, this protein achieved high amino acid score. we also add BCAA in this product. I’ll taste this. I know this taste. sometimes vegan protein tastes awful. How is this? It’s good. Thank you so much. This is Kevin’s store from Taiwan. He seems busy. It’s green bean cake. Thank you. This is Snow ball. It’s made from almond, brown rice and coconut. Thank you. Good morning. I’m totally free today in Okinawa. My friend Dante lives in Okinawa. This is issued by Okinawan government. Vegetarian restaurant guide written in English and Chinese. Dante is taking me to… We came to Cafe Halcyon. What’s your recommendation? If you want something sweet, PB and chocolate crape is a good choice. if you want savory thing, I recommend Garden crape. You serve savory crape as well. Yes, we also have cheese crape. What cheese? mame ma-ju mame ma-ju? What’s that? It’s from the company in Osaka? it’s on market? I knew it when I first ate it. Best vegan cheese in Japan. do you think I can get it in Kyoto? you can get it online. I’ll check that out. I order it from the local company. It’s really good. It melts just like cheese. Does it stretch? It kind of… It doesn’t stretch, but it melts. Don’t expect too much. you have coffee too. Excellent. Thank you. Here you go. halcyon sandwich. What is this, Dante? Oh, wait. let’s have Ms, Honda explain. Me? This is Halcyon Sandwich. Enjoy. This is your recommendation? Yes. This sandwich is huge. It will make you full. We can handle that. I enjoyed Okinawa pretty much. There’s a ceramic store which I always stop by when I visit Okinawa. Mogfmona no Zakka. I buy some ceramics every time I go to Okinawa. I’ll show you what I bought this time. small plate. another small plate. small round plate. one more. All of them are made by the same ceramic artist. But I forgot the name of the artist. This is Chawan(a small bowl for rice). But I thought this is great for Matcha. It looks just beautiful. This is my favorite. I haven’t used it yet. I didn’t shoot anything, but there’s a chocolate shop in American Village. It’s called Timeless Chocolate, run by Mr. Hayashi. I had their chocolate for the first time in two years. It’s the best chocolate in the world. And lots of vegan and vegetarian friendly cafes and restaurants have been opened since two years ago. Some of the vegan cafes have closed down though. I think Okinawa is really vegan friendly place. Why don’t you visit Okinawa? Bye!

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  1. ヴィーガンフェス行ってみたいぬ(´・ω・`)グルテンフリーのドーナツってもちもちしてないってことかな?

  2. ビーガンではないのですが、単純に食文化や食べることが好きなのでビーガンフードも食べてみたいです☺️

  3. チーズ 京都って聞こえた時に「CHOICE」が浮かんでしまいました!

  4. I so badly want to visit japan but I'm worried about not finding enough vegan options/ language barrier in asking for vegan options.
    Would you ever consider making a video about resturant chains/small resturants in cities all over japan?
    I want to try the cuisine so badly!

  5. Ryoya I was following your recipe for making raisin yeast.So I soaked 100gm raisins in 300gm water yesterday.The water is all soaked up now.Shall I add more water to the jar?

  6. So the vegan fest happens every year!?? And also thank for sharing but I was little sad that you did not try out foods at the fest…

  7. Hi, I stop the video at 1:01, my question: you going to the island But not showing the real okinawan diet – blue zone diet, why?

  8. The sad😔part about the world🌏 is vegan diet much expensive than nog-veg diet compare to ancient spiritual world(specially asia).

  9. What a coincidence, I just moved to Okinawa and was at the Vegan Food Fest! I wish I would have run into you! I will try Cafe Halcyon this weekend 😍

  10. Loved all the vendors that you showed. Such charming humble people.
    On that note, gluten free donuts are my dreams coming true, wish there was some over here 😌

  11. 初コメントです!

  12. This is very calming… everyday interactions like this is just awesome.

    Well, I know this festival is only for a short while, but still…


  13. お帰りなさい!リフレッシュされたようで良かったです。😊✨

  14. 初めまして(*^^*)🎵
    最近、ヴィーガンに興味持ちました⤴️ ヴィーガンフェスなんてやってるんですね🎵

  15. God I miss Okinawa so much. Spent a good 6 years living there. It’s been Just over 4 years since we left. Seriously thinking of making a trip with my siblings.

  16. 最近ヴィーガン用のアイスも進化してるみたい。これでチーズ作ったら味も近くなりそう

  17. I really enjoy watching you try out local cuisine and local products like the ceramics. Not many people do this. I'm glad to be able to watch your videos knowing it won't be the same things over and over. Keep up the great work.❤😊

  18. ゆったりした語り口で癒されました✨


  19. It’s so great to see a vegan festival. I’m planning to move back to Japan and I will definitely go to Okinawa. I only came back from my Japan visit about 2 weeks ago, I visited Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo and Nikko and I found some lovely vegan restaurants. In Tokyo in Falafel Brothers, they do the best vegan gluten free cookies ever. In Nikko I even found vegan fresh gluten free pasta in the small supermarket which was amazing. The varieties of soy milk are great and the small packs are so convenient.

  20. A vegan food festival would be so inspiring in my city too. We already have an international food festival but not even close to vegan. (and you WERE the celebrity there, how nice 🙂 )

  21. I loved this video! As a vegan American hoping to visit Japan one day, I really appreciated the footage of the vegan food festival and that cafe. I'll definitely have to visit Okinawa. I hope by the time I can travel to Japan, the country will be much more vegan friendly!

  22. Thank you for always explaining everything in details and sounding out every word. I'm a canadian culinary student with the dream to move to Japan and study the local cuisine and your videos help a ton in learning the language so once again, thank you for all you do.

  23. 素敵な器ですね✨

  24. ヴィーガン生活に憧れてないけど


  25. 沖縄に最近移住したので是非ビーガンのお店発掘しに行きたいです!ダンテさんのアカウントもフォロー済みw私はまだ完璧なビーガンになりきれてないですが、お肉はもう食べてないです。あとは蜂蜜と卵とかを徐々に辞めて行きたいです

  26. The Halcyon sandwich looks so good. Why am I watching this before I have breakfast? Because that looks just perfect for a breakfast meal. That is if I had all the ingredients LOL

  27. I was born and raised in Okinawa. I am so happy that veganism is thriving in the land of pork and seafood. I miss my homeland and who knows, just might open my own plant-based cafe there, Hawaii style. Aloha!

  28. I can always count on your vedios to learn more about culture, food, and more…
    Always a go to on stressful days.
    I hope I will get the chance to try these food one day.
    And I am really happy to see you again~

  29. Ironic that Japanese food is full of planted based food like tofu, seaweed, natto, and most of this vegan food fest is all western-based.
    They just need to go back to their roots, and native cuisine, and stop being influenced by western values and cultures, processed, packaged, which have greatly contributed to the demise of the planet earth.

  30. Can the guy in the green shirt selling coffee please be my boyfriend? I will literally learn Japanese and fly from Australia to Okinawa

  31. kudos to you using your youtube as the platform to actually promote the local products and creating awareness bout vegan food. and, for folding newspapers and plastics that were used to wrap the plates.

  32. I am so surprised that i dint find any Indian vegan food there! There is a ton of Indian vegan healthy food. But many dont know about it. Sad..

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