No!!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter

No!!! Don’t Eat Sticks of Butter

The title of this video is “No!!! Don’t Eat
Sticks of Butter”, instead eat your own body
fat, that’s what’s for dinner.
This video is unlike any other video I’ve
done, it’s just me talking to you, sharing
my experiences on the diet, answering a couple
of questions that come up on my Facebook page,
all the time.
The other star of this little show is Chiquita,
which I mistakenly called a “box turtle” in
the video. Chiquita is a “Red-Eared Slider”.
She is a ketogenic turtle, she loves to eat
real food and so should you. She loves to
eat shrimp and fish, and she’s healthy for
it, and you could be healthy for it too.
The main reason I’m coming to you in this
video is because I get this question a lot.
And it’s not always the framed the same way,
it’s not always phrased the same way, but
it’s an important question. The main question
that people ask me is some variation of:
“What specifically did you eat to lose weight?”
“What can I eat to lose weight?”
“What food do I need to eat to lose weight?”
I even get the question:
“How many sticks of butter do I need to eat
to lose weight?”
Guys, believe me, this is serious business,
it’s funny when people ask me that, but it’s
serious, because they’re coming at it from
a very serious point of view. They see the
title of my main video “Butter Makes Your
Pants Fall Off”, and they think, okay, butter
makes my pants fall off, so therefore I should
eat a lot of butter, but I never said that.
And I don’t want you to do that.
I think of the Low Carb/High Fat Diet (LCHF)
as way to control my appetite. A way to get
my insulin down, so my body will release the
fat that is stored around my belly. In other
words, I use the LCHF diet, and I use fasting
to serve myself, my own fat. My own fat is
what’s for dinner, that’s the food you need
to be eating on this diet. Fat from your belly
and your butt and your chinny, chin, chins.
You need to eat that big belly and the only
way you can eat that big belly, is to turn
your insulin down, keep it down by eating
LCHF foods and fasting.
How much food should you eat?
Answer: Enough.
Enough to turn your appetite off. Eat until
you’re satisfied and when you’re appetite
is down, that means you’re burning fat. If
you’re not hungry that means your body is
not needing nutrition. You should stop eating
at that point. You don’t need to eat. You
don’t need to put gobs of fat on your food.
Eat enough fat, enough protein so that you’re
satisfied, then allow your body to use all
that extra nutrition, that body fat, that
you’ve got around your body.
See, food is not the answer. Food is just
a way to the answer. There is absolutely nothing
that you can eat to lose a hundred pounds.
What you need to do is not eat. Find ways
to turn that (fat storing) system off.
Some of you are looking for every LCHF recipe
that you can find, but I tell people to keep
it simple. Why? Because food is not the issue,
food is just the way to turn your appetite
down. Don’t look for every “fat bomb” recipe
that you can find, so you can eat and eat
and eat. Don’t drink fifty Bullet Proof Coffees
a day.
Eat until you’re satisfied, then stop eating.
See, food is not the answer, food is a way
to get to the answer.
What’s the answer?
As I told you in my “Why Are Fat People Hungry?”
video, the answer is getting your body into
a mode, a low insulin mode, so that it releases
the fat. It releases the fat in your body
for energy. And when it releases the fat for
energy, you will experience a turn down in
your appetite, and I mean a noticeable turn
down. Stop eating.
It’s lunch time, but I’m not hungry. Don’t
It’s dinner time, I’m not hungry. Don’t eat.
If you’re satisfied and you’ve got plenty
of energy and you feel good, why are you eating?
You’re defeating the whole purpose of this
diet. The purpose of this diet is to EAT YOUR
BELLY, not eat the next LCHF recipe. Not eat
the next fat bomb recipe. Not to find some
way to beat the system, by saying, okay, if
fat’s okay, I’m going to have 20 Bullet Proof
Coffees a day. If you’re doing that, you’re
I also get questions about adding fat or protein.
Statements like “I’ve been told if I eat too
much fat, I won’t lose weight and my body
won’t use my fat”.
“Or, I’ve been told I should dramatically
increase my protein.”
Listen, guys, eat enough to be satisfied and
allow your body to tell you when you’re hungry.
If you are eating when you’re not hungry,
you’re eating too much. If you’re eating gobs
of fat, thinking it’s going to make you lose
weight, you’re eating too much. It’s ridiculous.
I’ve always said, eat a high fat percentage,
not a high fat calorie-wise diet. Don’t go
crazy with it. Eat until you’re satisfied,
then don’t eat.
Now I want to talk to you about Fasting.
Everybody wants to know about fasting. Look,
fasting is just your body’s natural way to
get to the fat. As I’ve told you in my video
“Why Are Fat People Hungry?” video, fasting
is the way to get to the fat. If you lower
your insulin down long enough, your body starts
switching over to burning fat, that’s what
it does.
Will fasting turn your metabolism down?
Look, (during fasting), you still supplying
your body with lots of energy, but the energy
is coming from your internal fat.
On the other hand, if you eat a low calorie
diet, but you don’t turn off this insulin
problem, then yes, your body going to slow
down, because it doesn’t have access to that
But when you eat a LCHF diet and you keep
your insulin low, and you’re fasting and keeping
your insulin low, you’re keeping this pathway
to your fat open ALL THE TIME. That’s why
your not going to have a slow down in your
metabolism, because your body still has access
to 100’s of thousands calories, especially
if you’re really fat, you may have a half
a million calories on your body. And if you’ve
got access to them, you’re not going to have
an energy deficit ever, and that’s why you’ll
have plenty of energy and that’s why you won’t
be hungry.
Don’t ruin it by eating too much!! Listen
to your body.
I also have a lot of people write me and they
have gall bladder problems, or they have some
issue that keeps them from doing a High Fat
diet. I understand that, really some people
actually have this issue, some people just
imagine they have this issue, but whether you
have this issue or not, if you can’t do LCHF
diet, then do a real food diet and then fast.
Like I said in my “Fasting and the Fifty Percent
Insulin Problem” video, fasting is 50% more
effective (at lowering insulin) than Low Carb.
Low Carb is great and I believe in it, I’m
an advocate, a strong advocate for it, but
if you can’t do it, for any reason, for whatever
reason, you can still do fasting.
Fasting is easy, you can do a twelve hour
fast. It’s easy. You eat dinner at six, you
get up in the morning and eat breakfast at
six, there’s twelve hours. I think you should
go a lot longer than that, and if you can,
do it. And I’ll tell you a way that you can
do it, but it will probably get me into trouble
with the purists out there, but I don’t care,
I did this the whole time I was losing and
it worked wonders for me.
If you get up in the morning, say you get
up at six o’clock, you normally eat breakfast,
instead have yourself a cup of coffee with
some heavy whipping cream in it. And you’ll
probably be able to delay eating until ten,
eleven or twelve o’clock, which will extend
your fast.
The critics and purists will say, “you’re
eating during a fast”, but tell these people
to kiss you hind end. It works for me, it’s
worked for thousands of people. Yes, you shouldn’t
go crazy drinking a bunch of fatty coffee,
that’s true, but if it extend the fast and
we all know that pure fat food does not raise
insulin that much, and you’re not going crazy
with it, you’re okay.
Look, this is something that is very important,
all these studies that I share in my other
video, they were studies about people doing
fasting on alternative days. Some of those
studies allowed people to eat up to 500 calories
during the fasting day, and they had these
great results.
So the critics are telling me that a cup of
coffee with a couple hundred calories, that
allows me to go another four or five hours,
and get a 16 hour fast every single day of
my life is hurting me? This is towing the
dogmatic line, just like I tell people in
my “Lard Makes You Lean” video, if you can’t
afford organic food, go down to Walmart and
buy yourself something to eat, that you can
eat and that you can afford and you can do
wonders for yourself. If people who are purists
don’t like it, too bad for them. But, you’ll
still lose a hundred pounds and feel healthy.
Your food bill will go down and then you might
even be able to afford the better food.
Listen to your body, do what you’re able to
do, stop listening to these dogmatic purists,
that are going to keep you from getting healthy
because they want to tell you all the things
you can’t do.
Let me tell you something. I ate at Walmart
and I lost 145 pounds. I don’t like Bullet
Proof Coffee, there’s nothing against it,
I like heavy whipping cream. I drank my heavy
whipping cream coffee during fasting times,
I usually limited this to one, maybe two on
a 24 hour fast. I lost 145 pounds.
These people telling you all this politically
correct bull crap don’t know what the heck
they’re talking about, but I do. I don’t care
about all these rules and regulations. Let
me tell you something, if you’re eating better
diet, a whole food diet, and you’re losing
weight, and your blood pressure is coming
down, and your sugar is coming down, and your
weight is coming down and you’ve got your
energy back again, who cares if you’re eating
the pure food or not.
Yes, they’re right, that foods better for
you, no doubt about it. But, if you can’t
afford it, or you don’t have access to it,
to me and you’ll WIN.

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  1. Its not rules and regulations its science specifically biology. So drinking heavy whipping cream in the morning breaks the fast for four hours, then you enter fasting again. If you don't explain these things people may drink too often by accident because you are not providing them the information they need to be successful. Its very important to note that amount of time. Like you said there are no rules to how you do this, for example someone could drink two bulletproof coffees a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon but by making note of the rule of thumb four hours people can sneak in a couple of hours of fasting if they choose. I'm just trying to help.

  2. I wish you still made videos. I’ve been following your information. I have dinner for breakfast though and I do a 24 hour fast. I’m down 20lbs in 6 days, my wife’s concerned but I’m just not hungry anymore, I really could probably go 48 hours or more.

  3. I just love love this video. I love heavy cream too and can't afford the organic food neither can i access some of it

  4. What he is talking about is starvation metabolism, spelled out in every biochem textbook. You add protein so you don’t metabolize your skeletal muscle, which is done to produce glucose ( gluconeogenesis) to power cardiac tissue, which can only burn glucose. Fat in the diet curbs hunger. Absence of carbs keeps insulin down which triggers lo blood glucose and hunger.

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  7. Good to see you Bob!!! This is a truly great video. You didn't need the full body shot. Only somebody with problems would think that you were trying to hoodwink us. Quit listening to detractors and negative criticism. You have helped thousands of us. And God Bless you for it! For a video with no notes, etc. this is a remarkable. KEEP GOING.

  8. Great job on the weight but be careful with other areas. My brother in law went down to 125 eating a lot of fat and protein. Couldn’t stop losing weight. He now has bad prostate issues. Many factors here he never exercised most of his life except work. I think he ate no vegetables and is older. Factors that lead to prostate issues. But he is very slim

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  10. It also depends on how much excercise you do . If you do regular intense excercise , like bodybuilding for example , you will get into a catabolic state and eat into your muscle if you dont eat more and have fat bombs . It happened to me . I started wasting away . If your a sedentary person then back off the fat bombs . It also depeneds on how lean or how much fat you have on your body . Its not a solid rule for everyone . If you are lean and you excercise, you can eat a lot more , especially fat bombs , otherwise your body will eat itself.

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  13. Walmart normally has a few too many roasted chickens which they make down to clearance before they throw them out at night. If you find when yours is doing this you can get them cheap.

  14. There’s no substitute for fasting. No amount of carb cutting, fat eating, special drinks and pills comes close. Just don’t eat if you’re not hungry. I suffered from psoriasis for 35 years, 30% of my body, I was on every medication possible, methotrexate, Humira, not much improvement. But strict keto (<20 gm of carbs per day), and fast every other day (36 hr fast), my psoriasis disappeared after 3 months. A side affect was also losing 50 kgs.

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    we love watching your incredible shrinking Job videos.. please PLEASE don't pay no mind to the assholes and negative Nancy naysayers.. they are all plum full of shit.. and most likely just jelous of your results because the low carb high fat diet didn't work for them.. most likely because they couldn't figure it out or they enjoyed their junk food more than the desire to lose the fat and get healthy!
    Looking fwd to more future videos❤❤❤

  17. Good mesage Bob. Insulin is definitely the main villain, but peoples habits and lack of discipline is what turns the villain on. Fasting also turns on autophagy, which means the body breaksdown all the damaged tissues which could cause problems if they weren't brocken down.

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  21. I am brand new to the Lifestyle, today is day 26 … I have found a bottomless pit of Energy, Sound Sleep and discovered I like Celery and Avocados a lot … I am OMAD easy, usually about 5 PM today was 7 PM and I wasn't really Hungry, I just really wanted an Avocado and some Chia pudding … my first weigh in is in 4 days, my buddy is doing what his Dr tells him and taking BP meds and Statins etc and we are going to weigh in together and do our BP measurements.
    I fully expect to still have high BP (and get the lecture) as I am not medicated but I also fully expect to have lost a lot more weight than him, I know I have lost inches (2 1/2") from around my belly as of today, shooting for 3" by the 10th.
    You are correct about the simple meals, I like them so simple I don't have any dishes to wash … and Walmart does have a simple meal that you can pick up if you are on the road .. in the deli section snag a party platter (sliced sausage and cheese) and an Avocado and that is a filling satisfying meal (you won't eat it all), it may have too much protein for the purists but the only carbs come from the Avocado so there is that. (My KETO strips have been dark purple since about day 8)
    When it comes to eating I just fill the void when it needs filling and go do Life the rest of the time.
    Thank you Butter Bob!

  22. I like how he explains this! Someone said, he's no longer on Yt. Does anyone know how he's doing. Is he still doing lchf and I.F. ?

  23. Don't listen to naysayers. There are always going to be some. You successfully lost the weight. You proved it can be done. Great videos! Thanks. I was from Texas and we grew our own food and farm animals. Mom only cooked with lard and she boiled all our veggies and drowned them in butter. We were not fat. But, we were healthy.

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    Keep up the good work.
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    After watching your videos the next time my hunger turned on uncontrollably I drank at least 1/4 cup of olive oil and that killed my hunger real fast and I could get back onto my medical dry fast. Thank you for helping me from going down that slippery slope, away from my self-healing protocol. Right now, just the thought of gong into the kitchen makes me slightly nauseated and right now that is a good thing, thank you,

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    All 3 fishies still there …
    All 3 fishies still there …

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    All 3 fishies still there …
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  45. Butter Bob you are awesome! Your advice is true, it's easy to understand and it's said with so much compassion. I love "eat your own fat". I have been attempting the fasting lifestyle for about two months. I do okay once past the first 24hrs but I fail each time on my refeeds. Oddly enough, I've still managed to lose and keep off 10 lbs despite myself. Ive decided to back up to OMADS for with LCHF refeeds for a week and then progress to 48's and then 72's. I have a 140 lbs to lose. I feel I am so close to getting it. I refuse to quit no matter how many times I dont get it right. Thanks again!

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