My Favorite Keto Snacks

hey guys in this video I want to talk about the question that I probably get the most which is what kind of snacks do I eat on a keto diet so I figured you know rather than just rattle you off a list I’m actually going to show you and give you some tips that go along with that so first of all beef jerky and I put this first because I think this might be the trickiest keto snack because you guys jerky has so much hidden sugar depending on the brand like if you go to your local store and turn over a package of Jacks links the carb content will blow your freaking mind so that is why you’re going to want to find a jerky brand that is natural and low sugar if you are trying to go you know hold 30 supernatural you’re going to want to look for something that says uncured or nitrite and nitrate free but usually it’s also dis labeled as uncured but more than that as I said so many of them have so much hidden sugar you guys so this is the one I would tell you google a keto brand people’s choice is a keto jerky brand and have it shipped to your house just because you don’t want to have to just hunt this stuff down it is really hard to find a good quality keto jerky or if you want to be super adventurous make your own I have a food dehydrator I haven’t had much luck with jerky but I’ll di great vegetables and things like that so that I have some crunchy snacks okay so nuts nuts are an absolutely delicious snack however a lot of them can be higher in carbs on the carb scale if you want to call it so I would just look at the different nuts and make sure that you’re actually measuring out your serving what I like to do is I’ll put them in like pre-portioned bags or you can buy them already in pre-portioned bags a lot of companies do that now at this point so they definitely vary in carbs so make sure that you are checking that and also make sure that it’s not coated with stuff again a lot of these snacks can have hidden carbs if you don’t do your research but the amazing thing is you’re gonna find out what you like and then you’re going to know and you can keep going back to that so it’s not going to be as much of you know a labor-intensive process so string teas I absolutely love string cheese you’re going to want to go for a full fat only we are definitely conditioned to be like a fat free society but we are doing a keto diets that is our friend so absolutely I love string cheese and I will eat other you know full fat cheeses and again if possible I’ll check the label just to make sure that there aren’t any hidden sugars and things like that seeds are an absolutely delicious snack again I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record but just check the card content you know these companies will hide things and these snacks and you really just don’t know what you’re eating so just make sure that you’re really in charge of what you’re putting into your mouth avocado I would marry an avocado if I could I loved eating half of an avocado and I will sprinkle it with some sea salt and I will literally just eat that with a spoon you guys it is so freaking good and obviously that has a ton of healthy fat nut butter can be really good you’re gonna want to make sure that you get a quality nut butter that doesn’t have hidden sugars and things like that but honestly sometimes if I’m having a craving I’ll just have a spoonful of it and that’s like fine obviously you can have it with celery and things like that but sometimes I just want it on a spoon call me basic pickles oh my gosh do I love pickles so the funny thing you guys is I did not crave pickles my entire pregnancy once I gave birth to Bryce all I want to do is eat pickles it’s it’s very ironic hummus can be great again check your ingredients and you can have that with vegetables or again some I sound gross but sometimes I’ll seat that with a spoon or Fork seaweed snacks are absolutely delicious I didn’t like them when I first tried them but now I’m a total convert cocoa nibs and there are also other brands of chocolate and chocolate snacks that are super natural that are lower in carbs so I recommend looking into those as well if you are a chocoholic I totally a.m. my cravings have definitely subsided significantly since I’ve been on a keto diet but I still definitely crave a chocolate from time to time kale chips so these you know we’re getting into snacks that do take some prep I absolutely love kale chips I prefer to make my own because I find that the brands that you buy at the store have you know other ingredients that make them higher in carbs so I prefer to make my own it doesn’t take very long it’s super easy and I totally recommend getting the bag of the tail that’s pre-chopped kind of like a salad bag just because if you’re you’re chopping all of your own kale it’s just too labor-intensive and annoying and then I’m over it that’s just me if that’s if you can do it awesome hard-boiled eggs this might not seem like a great snack but for me it is because sometimes I think if I’m feeling particularly snacky I might not be having enough fat or protein and so hard-boiled eggs are amazing because they really kind of cross off both fat and cart and fat in carbs fat in protein not carbs so fat bombs so I totally recommend that you guys google fat bomb recipes I have a few on my website but fat bombs are really good and the best thing about them is they’re so rich that I find like I have one and I am full I am satisfied and it kills any cravings that I have and I will recommend making some that you can freeze you know these the ones that look like peanut butter cups you could freeze them and you literally defrost them for a minute or two before consuming it and that was really great because it lasted a really long time what I’m gonna recommend though is if you’re putting your snacks in the freezer make sure you have it in a sealed container because they will get freezer burn and it’s gross keto cookies you guys have to go to my website and check out this keto peanut butter cookie recipe I’ll post the link below just cuz it was that good but yeah mixed up ahead of time I like to take a day of the week where I’ll kind of do my fat bombs do cookies muffins etc where it just works for me and Brian the baby and then I’ll have them for the whole week so I definitely recommend making some baked goods ahead of time the keto cookies for example only have 3 ingredients it’s literally the easiest thing to make so if you need something to have around the house you know just don’t leave it to chance that’s the best advice I can give you don’t first start looking for snacks when you’re feeling snacky be prepared because you’re gonna set yourself up for so much more success that way so turkey roll-ups or other meat I’m a fan of Turkey you can slice a mozzarella stick like the string cheese in half and put it with some vegetables that can be really good you can you know dip it in a Mayo or a hummus something like that that can be even a lunch but I definitely love that as a snack as well I know I should avocados before but guacamole duh and I will love to have that with vegetables it’s so freakin good she is crisps so most grocery stores I’m noticing now have Parmesan cheese crisps and they’re so good but again if not depending on where you live in the country or out of the country I’m in New Jersey what are them online again maybe do like a shipment once a month that’s something you know that you need to do depending on where you’re living but I’m all about setting yourself up for success so if you don’t have a lot of keto snacks where you live get them online Amazon is your friend and there are a lot of you know healthy markets and keto markets online now too so I love moon cheese they sell it at a lot of places now but I was introduced to moon cheese at Starbucks it can be expensive so sometimes I’ll go and I’ll get it like a Marshalls or a HomeGoods t.j.maxx they usually have it there on sale and we’ll buy a bunch so here’s the thing I’ll say about this I’m obsessed with these and brian is – I got him hooked I have had a few friends that I’ve had tried this and they’re like barf but I also have a ton of friends that are complete converts now so don’t necessarily take my word for it might be too intense for you but I really really love it and they have them in you know cheddar Gouda mozzarella I don’t think the mozzarella really tastes like anything so that’s not my favorite but I definitely love the Gouda and the cheddar so I definitely recommend trying that so lastly I love cucumber boats and actually you can also do pickle boats as well I usually do this with chicken salad I don’t actually eat tuna but you absolutely can I know a lot of people that do it also there are people that make cucumber like sub sandwiches and they will slice an entire cucumber in half and gut the inside and put all of you know the yummy toppings on the inside and use it as a sandwich I haven’t actually tried that yet I’ve only done the boats but the boats are really really good and people swear by doing them with pickles as well I also love celery and I will do a cream cheese and you can make it more exciting add nuts add you know pepper add things like that that are going to make it more exciting for you so I hope that these are a few snacks that’ll get you started I definitely recommend doing your research if you want regular Kido tips absolutely subscribe to my channel also check out my website Sami for weekly new recipes and you guys I have a Kido Facebook community so you’re gonna want to go to slash groups slash what the Kido and that link is below as well I have a meal plan in there and everything and you can ask me questions in you know real time so I hope this is helpful for you guys have a great day

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