MORRISONS Keto Diet Food List Grocery ||  Low Carb Grocery Shopping List UK #9

MORRISONS Keto Diet Food List Grocery || Low Carb Grocery Shopping List UK #9

hi I’m ginger and this is a key to shopping list keep the whole from Morrison’s here in the UK I was asked to make comparison between supermarkets here in the UK but here’s the thing that I have learned I’ve done for years which I recommend you do as well you don’t just do the same shopping at different supermarkets and compare you compare beforehand so at some point different supermarkets become the place where you get different things because you know that one is more cheap than the other example the entire reason why I did this shopping that was delivered today with maurices is because they are the ones that currently have the almond and sweetened milk on offer for one pound per carton usually if you shop around either Morrison or Asda or test course Aylesbury will have the out Pro almond milk or soy milk on offer for one pound per carton you just have to look around then usually at some point when it’s enough for one and I need to replenish my stock that’s why I end up shopping in Morrison’s in general why they shop in Morrison’s and when I know that like the milk is on offer so I’m shopping there the thing that I get from Morrie’s and mainly it’s frozen vegetables because it’s the best deal that I can find and it’s one of the things that actually impressed me some other supermarkets like savory base stopped selling plain vegetables at frozen I don’t know what that’s due to but if you look around the st. Marie website for delivery so usually the big Sainsbury’s that deliver they will have cauliflower cheese they will have broccoli pasta but they won’t have just plain flora frozen that’s really weird but that’s what’s going on so when I shop in Morrison usually at my veggies and frozen veggies it’s the best quality that I can find I’m very happy with it unless I can actually go to Lido but one thing about Morrison’s even overly though is the size it’s like I love mushrooms I have no problem cutting a slice in there myself and they are the ones that have the bigger kind the box for mushrooms this is 600 grams I can’t find these many in any other place so this is one of the reason why I shop there along with that I found celeriac again which Ivan found in a while sale Bree is not selling it at the moment I don’t know why that’s really cool I lost that makes amazing fries and has less carbs and than sweet so I got four scenarios just in case and onto the frozen veggies I got diced onions because it’s easy to cook with and usually for everything that its carbon so that has starch or sugar in it when it’s frozen it means that some of the starch is being converted in resistant starch very little we’re talking like one gram of carbs over 100 grams but still if you check the values for frozen onion they tend to be lower than regular onion why is that because they’ve been frozen so you always prefer to use frozen onion instead of actual onion I got blonde and red just in case they go differently again because of the lack of plain and simple frozen veggies in other supermarkets when I order for more results there’s no sugar simple cauliflower for a frozen as well as some broccoli sprouts because seems like it’s early but we’re going to put Christmas I like buttered sprouts all the time so it’s always nice to have them and again usually because they can’t be slightly higher incomes and by higher I mean three or four grams like not that high but it went well you can have it lower why not every Morrison’s also have amazingly well diced sweet it sells it in bags of 500 grams frozen I don’t know why but I couldn’t find any more on the website I’m afraid they are considering discontinuing it and because Iceland did the same a few years ago I really hope they’re not I noticed that Asda has died sweet so now our order somewhere Asda but Morrison’s if you’re watching this please do not discontinue the die sweet because basically it’s our kind of potato in Quito so there would be really nice if you don’t discontinue it’s lovely and when it’s already cut in little cubes is so much easier to use without having to fight with an actual sweet please don’t let’s continue it thank you I still had my stash of fresh double cream so just in case because I noticed that they changed the values I got go cream why did I get single cream there are no Mary reason to get single cream dum cream now get me wrong it’s amazing it’s like ninety percent calories from fat which is a superb for us in Quito the only reason I haven’t had a single cream yet since they changed the label and they brought down the Cubs again I think what happened really is that they just retested most of the simple foods including single cream double cream the ones that basically could be unbranded because every shop has the same a plain version and usually the values get updated by public health England which usually publish this kind of food data set called the McKesson widows son which usually I link if you’re in doubt about the values of some foods you and like it doesn’t have label or it’s a vegetable or the kind of thing it doesn’t come with a label or you’re skeptical about labels or different values the Makassar we have so usually tells you the truth I think the last very last edition was from 2015 I’ll link it down in the description below but I I have a feeling that they redid all the testing for values because double cream used to be two point six grams of carbs per hundred has gone down to one point five single cream used to be three point something and is now down to two point two so basically lower than what even double cream is to be still higher than double cream because of course when you take out some fat in means that there is more of the carbs over the sugar that accompanied but two point two is still good so I was just curious to try it and see how it is I have no shame in admitting that I can drink it from the tub but yeah I just got one because of that while I can’t go to Costco which is my favorite place for eggs I just got now free-range eggs I got this run’s and usually I’m always lucky like I don’t get any broken one but that’s part of the crucial stuff that you check if you have your shopping delivered like I do because eggs are very fragile of course might be one of the first thing that actually gets sacrificed when it gets delivered so make sure that it always okay because if they’re not you can easily go on website or whatever you’re ordered from and just I don’t know that it was damaged so you gotta be found I got like two more than dozens it is fifteen each so I got thirty and they don’t last much in my heart but just in case if they happen to last over the deadline which in this case is best before 8th of October there is a crucial difference between used by and best before but before is just exactly why says best before but it’s not the worst after used by means no after that date it actually goes bad after you then to test and try but that’s the difference for exit there is a very nice trick to do at home to actually test if your eggs are still good or not you take a mug you put cold water in it you make you make sure that the level of the water is taller than an egg you drop an egg in if it stays on the bottom it’s fine if it’s flat sort of but it doesn’t reach the top it’s still sort of fine if you reaches the top yes it’s a stale and get rid of it don’t eat it but that’s how you actually tested without necessarily being afraid of the date on the box of it now because my husband can still eat and feast on meat and that’s not a problem for him we got in some pork pork shoulder steak really now it’s really tasty and nicely fatty I do not do meat based meals anymore like I have here and there but I need to keep my protein really really low we’ve saw in many of IDEO why the reasons are for that but basically because I come from insulin resistance it takes really little to just spike my insulin even if it’s protein and because I do one meal a day even that mean I have more than forty fifty grams of protein just in one go that’s what happens I get out of ketosis just with protein funny enough whoever thinks that keto is high protein should check again I mean for a lot of people high protein works and I’m happy for them it sounds delicious and I am be down a bit but in all fairness if you look at it not that it has to be extremely relevant but the general guidelines for women technically are around 45 to 55 grams per day and up to 65 for men then again they’re also the one that recommend having 300 grams of carbs in a day so just in general it’s not like we trusted but it’s interesting to see that that’s the threshold for protein on the top so it was interesting to see that in keto yes usually maybe see their high protein in general because nobody would eat that low protein and think it’s fine I am under fifty grams of protein and that’s a big limit for me already anyway because it can your cigar is amazing so these are the best sausages we can get in the UK they are 1 gram of carbs per 100 doesn’t get better than this they’re gluten free so it means that it doesn’t have wheat as a filler they’re delicious actually when I personally used to bake them they’re amazing they’re all croaky on the outside the delicious the black farmer is absolutely the best for sausages sometimes you find the big version the tad sausages version on offer on Iceland but it depends I can’t have meat based meals but from time to time I’m happy to have bacon eggs and I got into this kind of bacon lately this is the honey mustard one and this is the sweet heat so it has a bit of pena chili on the ring it’s really nice it’s slightly higher than just smoked bacon cuz smoked bacon tends to be zero or under 0.5 these are 1.2 per 100 grams but for the taste and the fact that I can taste something that is somewhat akin to funny mustard chili I’m happy again in husband territory one of the favorite snacks that actually you would think is protein but it’s mainly fat its frankfurters front rotors are really basically made of 80% fat if you were just to eat these this entire thing first thing first it’s like a thousand or 1,200 calories so don’t do that but it’s still good macros funnily enough because it’s 80% 85% fat I know I wouldn’t think that either because frankfurters meat but more fat than meat we discovered that actually not only M&S has the fancy pork cracklin nowadays Marisol’s has jumped on the wagon – these are basically the sticks the sort of fries chips idea crisps idea that MNS made a couple of years ago so expensive there I think these are less but I don’t quite remember I’ll find a price and put it here but these are 35 grams each I think pretty much like ma and we got to because these are gonna have taken as well good piggy now my husband is a bit of a weird also also got some fork lunch tongue which is cured meat basically it’s it’s beef tongue and he always impresses me to think that it’s the only food that possibly can taste you back doesn’t it I’m really glad that I got my husband into cured meat in general because I feel like he’s really Italian he loves mortadella so we haven’t been too little in a while so we got the Morrison’s I didn’t even realize that Morrison’s had it I thought it was a fancy thing like this could just as the finest version of mortadella maurices just had it and I was happy and yeah I got him to cut some general ham mostly for making keto wraps or sandwiches so he can take to work yay and for my own pleasure and she’s addiction I got some full EP which really it’s just a Mentos it’s it’s in between their mental and maasdam it’s one of those nutty cheese’s I love it I really like it and having this more packets as we discussed before allows me not to gorge on them if I had 300 grams packets that little cell I would just eat them all these are 130 so even if I go to the end of it which I won’t I got better at controlling meat myself but even if I were just a hundred and turning on 300 right this is my keto shopping over the week I hope he gave you some idea and it was useful somehow if you have any questions do not hesitate you can leave me a comment I’ll be happy to come back to you if you’re one with patrons thank you so much because you’re one of those amazing 37 people that actually support me and allow me to make these videos whether it’s holes or science or recipes so thank you so very much for your support and if you would like to join them and support my work as well and actually get your say about the videos I make because they they do that they also choose what I do your way to do that again is to join them it’s the VIP circle you find the link up here there’s a link down the description below and if you decide to join them thank you so much now if you’ve joined keto and there’s someone that’s joining you on keto and would like to know what kind of food we can eat well maybe share this video with that because this can give them an idea of how many delicious things we can have it’s not that restrictive at all as long as you know what to eat so this is a video about what to eat in heater share that with them and they will see that it’s good stuff and hey if it was useful at all to you don’t forget to like the video as well maybe subscribe to the channel and if you subscribe the channel please do not forget to ring that because that way every time then why don’t I read it it’s out you will be notified and you can come and see me thank you so much for watching and I will see you the next [Music]

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