Migraines Reduced by Keto Diet: Study Results

a study published just a few months ago cycled 35 overweight migraine sufferers through two diets to see if one of them would affect the amount of migraines they were experiencing one was a keto diet the other was not in this video we will break the study down for you but spoiler alert if you are a migraine sufferer or know someone who is you will want to see this video so let’s cut right to the chase this study clearly showed that the ketogenic diet that the experimental group was on resulted in fewer migraine days and fewer migraine attacks now that’s kind of a small distinction but it takes into account that a migraine attack could last for several days right so the keto diet was was significantly more successful but let’s let’s take a look at how they designed this study because I think probably most of the viewers would look at this and not think of it as maybe what they consider a traditional ketogenic diet for one thing these were both diets that they were placed on were very low calorie diets less than 800 calories and they did this because they were trying to rush the results so you’re you’re mimicking fasting which can help you get into ketosis without getting the starvation element right now the other thing they did is that they used meal replacement shakes so one group was not eating steak and eggs and the other group eating pasta they they had a formulated drink that so that so they wouldn’t know right what’s going I wanted to keep yeah they want to keep them blind so the other thing that they did was that they kept the fat level fairly low to only about 20 grams for each group and I think they did that yeah yeah yeah what we kind of inferred the reason that they did that was that they wanted to eliminate that as one of the elements that could affect the migraine so they wanted to keep the fat at a similar level for both diets so that they could focus on carbohydrates so this study then now it was stronger for the low carbohydrate diet was the the factor that made a difference right so when they’re just trying to reduce variables that you know can introduce some some different things into the study so let’s go through the macro breakdown of each diet okay so the ketogenic diet like we said 20 grams of fat it was 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day in about 75 grams of protein now the non ketogenic diet again 20 grams of fat a minimum of 70 grams of carbohydrates and about 50 grams of protein yeah so despite being like low calorie this was a very well designed study because it was a randomized double-blind crossover trial and all of that means that the participants were randomly put into the two groups they didn’t have any say in the matter right it was a double-blind test which means that the participants had no idea if they were eating he dough or non keto and nor did the researchers right so there was double-blind nobody knew what was going on exactly and and it was a crossover trial meaning that both groups followed both diets so you know these guys started on non keto and what taquito and then these guys flip-flopped yeah yeah so what were the results so the results were really pretty astounding the the ketogenic diet group results indicated that they had about four fewer migraine days per month and about three fewer migraine attacks per month right in respect to the non keto group so the the results are it’s a little wonky the way they did it because they’re trying to compare the results of the two groups but what it basically boils down to is that the ketogenic diet was significantly more effective at reducing the number of migraine days and Mike attacks and an interesting point is that this was these results were obtained even though the participants had only been on the ketogenic diet for one month right that is a significantly short period of time to get such a significant result it is and if you’re a migraine sufferer or you know migraine sufferers migraines can be practically debilitating and some people will stay in bed for a day or two with a migraine yeah so they measured ketones they did not measure blood ketone right because that would have been kind of a dead giveaway the researchers would have no the researchers would have known by the way so they did collect urine and they tested that and the interesting thing was that the ketogenic diet and 75% of them registered ketones in their urine you know compared to about 3% of the non ketogenic diet yeah and and that was one of the things that the researchers speculated may have been a cause for the reduction in migraines because they know that ketones have a metabolic effect on the mitochondria of the of the brain right and and we also know there that they have some neuro protective and signaling properties treating epilepsy for you know the past century yeah and we’re finding that you know but you know besides just being good for weight loss you know the ketogenic diet has some some real significant health benefits yeah and and and that just brings up one other what I thought was very interesting point of this study they had six participants drop out and all six of those participants dropped out because they started on the very low-calorie non ketogenic diet and they stated reasons like this was impossible to stay home and and possibly hard to stay on or excessive hardness or something bunch of wimps well okay but you know the keto diet dieters they were also overeating very low calorie but they stated it was overall tolerable something like that they were not so our point is to when we’re being nice about this is that a ketogenic diet not only might have some protective effects against migraine headaches it’s also much easier to stay on it because it is very hunger satiating diet yeah very satisfying yeah and even if you’re just going lower carbohydrate you’re keeping your blood sugar level steady so you’re not dropping into those low blood sugar periods where it’s like I have to eat something right now so I just thought that was an interesting caveat – they – to the study so that is hopefully something of interest to you and hey if you are looking to jump into a ketogenic diet if you’re a migraine sufferer or you just would like to get started we have a 21 day ketogenic challenge that you can follow it is daily menus never exceed 25 grams of total carbohydrates so it is a great way to jump in with both feet we’ll leave some links here for you thanks so much for watching and we will see you back here next week we’ll see you

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