[Music] hey everybody of waters Oh welcome to another hall Costco Hall you guys your favorite we need to stock up on some of our Costco faves Costco essentials so we’re gonna go in the store stock up we have a special guest with us Ethan Bella Ethan is coming with us tonight gonna help us shop help us pick some things out and do all the things that we do when we’re on scream over daddy honey yeah we like to make life exciting so everything so we are going to wall we are going to Costco using the Walmart app to skin no or nothing all right you guys we’re gonna head into gospel for real grab some things they close in about an hour and a half so we gotta kind of hurry I think we’ll get done before then anyway but henan get her stuff get out get home show you what we got let’s do this [Music] so we are in every time we come in I feel like like we passed the test I guess it’s cuz they check your cards so here we are gonna get ready to get the necessities anything in particular bacon so it looks like we’re gonna be getting some baguette and bread and maybe some z-bar and maybe a couch what are we gonna get for clash of the clans what is it clash royale so we are in and right now I’m gonna see about an hour before clothes I’m wondering if there’s any samples that we can try out comment down below if you’ve ever been to a Costco with an hour left up so close that has samples I’m hoping because I’ve only got about an hour left for my my eating window for my intermittent fasting [Music] now what if every single person did that grabbed it touched it blew on it all right as we’re in the produce section comment down below and let us know what is your absolute favorite fruit I’m curious I’m gonna go mine is I don’t know I like plums I like peaches I like pineapples what do you know has to be cold so we don’t even know what’s going on all of a sudden there’s stuff like the carts almost full all of a sudden the carts just filling up ooh what are those comment down below if you think I should get Ethan a pack of the ice not all for him but should we get them maybe I don’t know all right you guys so we are just about wrapping up carts getting full but Tina and Ethan are gonna be walking around and they’re gonna look up and see how many people they can get to look up at what they’re looking at to go to work you don’t know all right let’s go try it right now now you gotta go dude what they really need to do is try to get people to yawn I’m gonna try to get someone to yawn check this out [Music] then we stink at these things we’re good yeah we gotta stick to shopping forget it [Music] yes I know just let it be I’ve learned [Music] hey what’s up made it back to the car you guys got acai bowls acai acai bowls we’ve got what is this he’s in one girl I thought they were bigger than this oh there’s a churro a pizza spray and then I got in a sock acai bowl – I actually filled this with water oh wow eat your pizza boy all right guys so we’re all packed up loaded up and we’re gonna head open show you guys what we got all right guys we made it back home we got all of our stuff laid out I can vote we are gonna go through each and every Ethan is gonna be my helper today which is that’s probably true but that’s typical that’s normal all right so should we get started do we need to do anything okay okay you just said poop oh wow it’s getting late I had these a lot like breakfast yeah he does he takes them to lunch usually and he eats a for breakfast breakfast lunch and dinner all the spots okay question have you ever had it for breakfast lunch and dinner in the same day oh that’s a challenge you roll your R’s you know it’s a key thought wow yeah so Ethan was Ethan was remembering a time when he ate those what like when you were how old like six years old he’s like you’re watching this like movie together like it like this movie of right thank comment down below if you know how to describe this I can’t think of it it’s cold it was like of these people immigrants yeah he was trying to describe it people in a clock in a clock in a clock Ebola clock you people or ratatouille that was it that was it a cartoon like animated or regular huh comment down below you guys let us know if you know of the movie where people were in the clock alright I’m curious if anyone knows that actually we’ll find out but Ethan love those taquitos and so we oh whoa garbage disposal okay Wow alright next up we’ve got some chicken mouth those are actually really good we have to rapidly David Tao and I put a cheese sign up and so good there’s a lot of time when I wrap it in paper towel and then I do it Givenchy setup so I can’t see the cheese’s and then what happens I don’t even know you know I just put him in the microwave when they come out just fine that’s that’s probably a good thing so yeah so these are really good if you guys have not tried these triumphs they’re delicious they’re yummy the kids love them and then what else Ethan what are these papers it just like peace of like expired they’re kind of sour yeah Oh have you ever had that where you’ve tried something and then you just never went back to it what what’s the funniest thing about these the people thumb the box wow they just look so happy [Laughter] like with a smile and he’s like wow I really like your oh yeah yeah so Oh milk who fights with milk and orange juice oh that’s just weird all right moving on next thing is that chicken bread Oh the Tysons chicken breast the best and kirklands isn’t bad though it’s not horrible they’re individually wrapped which I like but don’t at the same time so anyway we drab I don’t think so what’s that for what do we got coming up we got some Olive Garden chicken we’ve got chicken we got our sausage chicken I cooked a lot of chicken so I have a lot of recipes which you got a hot dog chicken or grilled chicken all sorts of stuff so there you go all of garden sauce so good best chicken in town you guys oh okay we’ll go with this okay so we’re all be the same that we were gonna be really clear to him and so moms are you these really dance really move dance so I walked across the room like this with the Parmesan cheese of it he was making the music give again we got do we get that in there in the block yeah we got a little clip of that if you don’t remember it or if you skipped over it here I’ll put it in right now [Music] all right so Parmesan cheese there you go we also got some taco seasoning she like I bought this months and months and months ago and it has lasted eat forever and I use it all the time so I saw it because I just ran out and boom it’s gonna last me another two months thing is we’ve got some tacos coming our way that’s true I don’t know Ethan’s very literally the freshest for school teacher my mom uses taco seasoning for for burritos trail mix is perfect trap mix is not perfect when it has raisins in it oh no no I’m good with raisin no oh oh no cookies are so good without the raisins okay I agree with that okay good okay but comment down below comment down below if you agree or like this trail mix wait cashews almonds raisins peanut I mean come on so I picked the raid even M&Ms for you that’s why I prefer there’s about 60 servings and each serving is 10 grams of sugar so that is like 600 grams of sugar if you’re eating by yourself o-over up over a span of time so a span of two years yeah that’ll be awhile like that okay now we got some peanut butter we’re running out got Skippy we like gin yeah so we got Skippy creamy peanut butter and it’s weird how you can tell the difference between peanut butters like you oh yeah the our kids don’t like the crunchy so there’s that and then when showing that let your fave so what do you we like to eat that with I know we were talking about that in another hall we’re like who eats carrots with guacamole that is so gross but not broccoli or make pretzels this is okay tortilla chips come with 20 minis really really good not with you cheese it’s mostly freshest yes Ashley loves her cheez-its and actually I was with Ashlyn at the grocery store last night and we went down the aisle and she was I was like she was getting frustrated she was looking for things she had goldfish we’re picking up a couple things for lunch and she and and she was like mad and I’m like wait what’s wrong you yeah it’s like I was like what’s wrong did someone text you it she’s like no there’s no cheese’s and I would say she’s like no there’s no cheese’s here we’ve got cucumbers boom they’re expensive they’re you guys are not cheap for the English cucumbers but they’re long yeah and then we’ve got strawberries here boom Shakalaka we have very much like laughing the strawberry no strawberries are just not looking good Driscoll’s I’m very disappointed you guys know I love Driscoll’s strawberries I love how they taste but they I don’t know if it’s the stores fault or if it’s just straight-up Driscoll’s like they’re packed the strawberries have not been looking good yeah at all you know that’s coming from Danny that’s serious – yeah I’m a little disappointed in the way they’ve been looking lately so no way not true everyone eats them the ice oatmeal cookie know which so which one have you had mister they’re disgusting oh yes everyone has something to say I could tell amberlynn has a little bit of a sore throat so yeah right eye winks cold get back into session it never fails it’s like a few weeks into kids start getting sick oh for sure everybody is everyone spreading it to each other and it’s just good time anyway there’s that then we also got these dr. extract oh yeah we had a predinner one before so they’re so good you probably thought mom made them that’s right so these are 16 bucks you guys so yeah but it’s delicious and it’s quick and easy and like I figured that one day you and Tina and I can have those for lunch oh and that’s less than the two of us going to eat at Cafe Rio yeah that’s true yeah so that’s I was like you know let’s just get it for lunch yeah so in a lot of this stuff you guys just so you know a lot of this haul is basically back to school lunches stuff because we needed recipes so a lot of this stuff they’ll take this to school with them we did do a haul you guys are gonna be so mad at us we did do a window shopping wink oh and we didn’t film it we were teeth well we did film the shopping part yeah we got home and we did not film the actual showing of the food so we just said forget it and it was just like yeah I was so burnt out that week yeah that was it it was kind of crazy so we didn’t end up filming it so we do have some like recipe type foods in the house but this stuff is mainly just like restocking for lunches restocking for lunches and just like little things that we needed you know that we needed to stock up on so okay what’s next yeah is French bread French bread they’re really yeah yeah it’s really good it’s not cheap so you usually make it for salami melts yeah no I made cheese bread windows always make yeah all the time yes the white cheese yea mandarin oranges which I love these from Costco cause it’s a big huge bag just like everything so I don’t know I like you know Mandarin you will Mandarin I don’t know why I like Mandarin obviously the name but it makes me think of like like Asian like they’re from like Asia I don’t know because of Mandarin like Mandarin like isn’t that try as not like Chinese yeah so I don’t know why do they call these mandarins comment down below and let us know we need a little we did some infer informative history here on these fruits oh we got some avocados which to me Costco has the best deals on other photos those look hard they are but I purposely did that so they can ripen because the other ones that were there were like so squishy like you barely touch it anyway oh so I thought the harder ones just so we can you know let them ripen a little bit and be ready for Ethan wants me to make my homemade guacamole which can’t the holy guacamole then he wants my homemade guacamole so Ethan really likes guacamole so and the cans and everybody’s really love avocados so I want to take like for something for all of these so there’s no six in here that’s not bad so I think I’m gonna pick either dad because he likes all the peaches the pineapples the plans and all that I don’t like any of this I like apples of bananas varna not really he’s picky he’s a melon boy yeah your melon boy do you like honeydew melon like the green melon like almost like cantaloupe no huh I think you just don’t like the texture of all berry flavored things and you like berry smoothie berry ice cream yeah and we have frozen strawberry so we’re gonna be making smoothies this week we’re gonna shove some spinach in there anything’s like alright cool I won’t have to taste it so we’re gonna do that got to get a blender though so a new one we need to get a new blender and then Ethan wanted some cantaloupe so we got these cantaloupe is good because if it’s too soft I don’t like that it has to be cold you know what camel he was good with salt kind of his delicious with salt no she’s salt salt yeah I just like salt and then I might salt the salt salt on bread like salt smoke but you wanna know what I did when I was a kid what I did do with bread I would cut cheese have a block of cheese just like this Tillamook yes anyways I would just cut a slice of cheese and I would cover a piece of bread with it I would put it in the microwave melt it and then put salt and pepper on it I paid it the other day is so good Wow what are you doing on this is so good [Laughter] at Sami that’s gross I will start doing polls that like find a clock and said okay see already saw got the Tillamook we’re running out of that so there’s still no move would you guys how about we tried we got another yeah this ever get another package so we have like four loaves of bread for loaves of a grandma Sycamore the best bread on the planet boom okay okay we got the rivals I’m guessing like the chicken this liners were good yeah or you guys just eat it like candy so it’s good to go on a side of like I don’t know some sorry milk turn a Inge’s tuna yeah all sorts of different things with wangle so dude you know what I would really love with the Hawaiian rolls I’m making kind of a request here know your potato know your your potato your potato soup I do not want a hula girl unless it’s you I want I want mom to hula along to hula dance it to me when she serves dinner no you know what I want I would love to dip that in your potato soup yeah delish potato soup okay you want to show this since you kind of ticked it out okay so usually we get these like normal applesauce instead of this moving a pink one you know that the green ones that I like yeah instead we got these one so that it’s kind of like berry flavored okay it’s apple and cranberry it’s apple cranberry blackcurrant and blueberry artificially flavored I’m guessing no it’s not actually oh it’s actually not so I’m gonna be disgusting what no artificial flavors better trade you know we put our friends for long story short buy these in their Costco house so we’re like hey let’s try those out so we’re gonna try them out right now oh okay get the right way be happy oh it is two different frames Oh raspberry rush and what’s on berry madness blue hey you know what’s funny is like you look at these things you’re like oh those are for like little kids that it nah those are good for anybody at any age oh they’re there literally yeah they’re literally like mess free and they’re easy to like on the go yeah okay I’ll take a spoon try it out you try [Music] it’s like a very slight berry taste really that’s good though it is a little sour probably really good cold we’ll find out tomorrow in your lunch all right you guys got some pickles boom two jars the mini pickle petite dill pickles these are so good man they last forever it was it was a good deal such a good deal no it is organic it’s an organic salad kit you guys know we love these from Costco so it’s just nice easy quick to put with didn’t want a dinner coming up this week so there’s the and then of course you guys know we waste our money on these and they’re so good there’s 12 total and yeah did you like it yeah the cheese or know I had the cheese yeah they’re really good yeah I usually eat these I’ll just go in the fridge and take the cheese and I love dress I love those are scram berries there so these are actually really good for this section is fully cooked a bacon that you have to microwave yes you microwave or you can put these in a pan and you like those all right not very like 10 seconds or 15 seconds or something it’s really quick that’s all me please for Ashlyn in the more – and she she loves it because she needs kind of a bigger breakfast just because she’s like gone all day and would do an X yes yes yes so what I do is I I put two piece of bread in the toaster toaster stove and I toast it cuz absolute let’s go stir this I’m gonna get eggs like over easy so you have done both I’ve done both I prefer to always scramble scramble in air I put it in and then I get like two or three but two bit two pieces of bacon I might split it up and put it in and one baking on the side because you can never have too much bacon especially if you’re on the Qt so you make like a bacon and egg sandwich yeah ooh nice really good so anyways got this in this kind of this box quite a while it’s got quite a few in here 48 to 50 slices of bacon in this bad boy so yep so there’s that okay first we got babies organic that’s important Ethan loves spinach salads yes right and we got these for the smoothies that we’re gonna make this week because you can just grab a handful and throw it in these guys get their veggies in they can’t even taste it so it’s actually kind of nice and I know you were a little disappointed the other night when we went out to eat at Zoo paws they don’t serve spinach salads anymore okay so we got the spinach we got the frosted flakes just to balance things out a little bit you know they kind of go yeah I bought I bought a box of frosted flakes what was it at the Winco haul or like a previous haul wake up window so I was like you know I haven’t had frosted flakes in a while and I love just sitting out having cold glass cold bowl of milk with frosted flakes and I didn’t and literally like the box was gone in a few days but loved them so I what’s grosser than gross gross no what’s grosser than gross when you’re when you’re eating your frosted flakes and your brother’s yeah we do eating faster fix that your brother says Oh have you seen my scam collection okay so productive place Gabba licious I love it okay then we also got peaches you guys these do not disappoint their features are so good we actually got peaches wasn’t it men come before I think I don’t know I don’t know what might have been Sam’s Club oh it was it was our last fall so we got Costco and then we went and got him at Winco and then now we’re doing Costigan just the size difference themselves is massive $10 for that box ten bucks which is kind of a lot but these are good carbs and I like to cut these up for that’s actually not bad yeah not bad at all so anyways there you go what else Ethan we got a big chips they have 12 Cheetos yeah but everyone likes Cheetos No so so Ethan what we do in every Hall we have this box is we ask the viewers what they would have if they could have a bag of chips right now so you first which one would you have right now yeah always gonna have it always will is delays oh me too okay babe what are you going with right now right now I’m gonna go with Cheetos Oh Cheetos so I’m gonna go with I’m going with barbeque also so that’s there’s only four bags there so that’s two gone then not to Cheese Doritos and the crunchy Cheetos have 12 each yeah so so comment down below and let us know which bag of chips you would get the 40 pack of waters that we got so that’s it we didn’t even not 40 packs of water we should get for 140 back yeah people were feeling their things we’re like the hurricane is not here yeah it was like it was different it was different thing is is when natural disasters like that happen even if it’s across the country I feel like it triggers people to like them or where they need to be more prepared yeah so I get that but it’s impossible for us to have yeah but we could have a earthquake there could be all sorts of different natural disasters factors so it’s good to stock up on water actually I would like to make the cross boat trip just to get water so let’s do this I’m game they’re like $2.99 how many how many waters should we go should we get and with a let’s just doing a crazy Costco water run that’s true possibly could we do it though maybe we can make it a challenge and go into Costco and only buy water let’s leave it on there catches the catches all right you guys so we are wrapping this baby let us know down below if you have tried any of these things what you love from Costco or what we need to pick up the next time we go that we’ve never had before let us know down below thanks Ethan for helping us out today Mia yeah actually it was it was actually really nice to have him in here because he in between scenes help me put food away yes so that was actually really nice that’s true I’m gonna have to have a kid with me I think every single time just to help me out and so stay tuned because stay tuned because I think we’re probably gonna be going to Trader Joe’s next I would like to we need to so now start now emailing us DMing us items that you want us to get from Trader Joe’s that we either have not done before or that you just simply want to see us get because I know there’s some things that we like you might tell us all the time and then when we get there we’re like we forget crap gosh so this time I want to make a list from you guys of what you recommend from Trader Joe’s so alright guys so that is it for today thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe like this video and we’ll see you guys tomorrow and don’t forget [Music]

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