Low Carb Deep Dish Pizza, Almond Flour Crust

Low Carb Deep Dish Pizza, Almond Flour Crust

[music] Rob – Hello and welcome to this episode of HomeMade Healthy. This is an especially exciting episode for me. I’m your host Rob and I’m here with my talented wife Lisa. Lisa tell our friends what we’re making for them today. Lisa – Today is deep dish pizza. Rob – Yes! This deep dish pizza is amazing. Alright what’s the first step? Lisa – Ok so we’re going to start with 2 cups of almond flour. And then we’re going to add to it two-and-a-half cups of shredded mozzarella. Rob – I’m super excited. This is great. Lisa – I know it’s just favorite. He would have this all the time. I have a half a teaspoon of garlic. Rob – Garlic! Lisa – Italian seasoning, 2 tablespoons. And then salt and pepper. Don’t be shy. If you like more salt and pepper put more. I put about half a teaspoon of each. And then I have two eggs. And I just whisk them together real quick. And this is going to kind of help to bind it. And we’re going to use a pastry cutter. Rob – So this is Chicago style. Chicago-style has a thick crust right. And then it usually has cheese on top of that. And then the sauce on top. And then parmesan on that. And then there’s meat somewhere in there? Lisa – Ok so no. That’s not exactly how we’re doing it. No. So this is going to have uhmm… We’re going to cook the crust first in the oven. Oh Both – We’ve got to preheat! Lisa – Oh we’re the worst at that. Preheat the oven. Rob – 400 right? Lisa – 400 yes. Actually after we cook the crust we’ll decrease it down to 350. So this is going to come together pretty good for us. I’m just trying to make sure I get all of the egg incorporated. And I’m going to have my handy-dandy assistant here put it into the pan. We’re going to use a springform pan.Aand I’ve already sprayed with cooking spray. I use coconut oil cooking spray. And we’ll get this off and I’ll have him press it in. And i’ll tell you what other things… Rob – Tell them what that tool is because some people may not know about that tool. Lisa – This is a pastry cutter. This is great for mixing butter. And when you’re making cookies. I don’t know. I seem to use it a lot. I guess it’s because I use a lot of almond flour. I make a lot of stuff here at home and it’s just a good tool to have. So I’ll have a link up for you to get that on Amazon. It’s not expensive. Alright so I’m gonna have him put this into the springform pan. And he’s going to press it up along the sides. And he’s a perfectionist so we’re going to make him do a fast today. But he likes to do it where it all even and flat and beautiful. So.. Rob – I like my food to be pretty before I eat it. You know what I mean. Lisa – So we don’t have to do all that. Normally while it’s baking I will be cooking the sausage and mushrooms. But I went ahead and precooked them. So what we’ll do is after this goes in the oven will let it cook. We’ll cut. And then we’ll come back to when it’s all ready to go. But basically use a miles pork sausage. You can use it in the casing, just taken out of the casing and cook it. Rob – That’s that Italian sausage right? Lisa – Oh yeah. Italian sweet. Yeah the mild. If you want to try to spicy you can. We have kids so we can’t do spicy here. But you want to do the spicy Italian sausage you can. We use the mild. We just cook it down first. It will help the pizza from becoming too watery. And that’s also why you want to cook the mushrooms. Because it will be also watery. And we like to do pepperoni. Sometimes we do salami depending on what we have in the house. Today it’s pepperoni. And then more cheese. It”s great. This is about four and a half cup of cheese. So we’re really lucky. We have them Aldi now. Rob – Yeah this pizza used to cost us like… Lisa – $37 Rob – $37 pizza. Lisa – Now we’ve got it down to about 20 but it’s good. Rob – How close are we getting here? Lisa – We just have to push it up along the sides. There you go. Don’t be afraid to get in there. Rob – You do want it consistently thick on the bottom right? Because you want it to cook evenly. Lisa – Yes. Rob – And be done at the same time. Lisa – Uh-huh. You do. Rob – And then around the top it tends to get a little crusty when you bake it. Lisa – Exactly. Rob – So we don’t want that either. So there’s a balance between getting it just right and get it done. Lisa – Yeah I know. He would like to take much longer. But we’re gonna stick this little baby in the oven and get it going. And you cook it for about 10 minutes on 400. And this is just going to get it all cook together. It will give us a little bit of a color to it. And it’ll be ready to go. You going to put that in for me? Rob – Alright. So that’s really go. I’ll put this in. Lisa – It’s going to cook for about 10 minutes. We’ll come back when it’s done and i’ll show you how we put the rest together. Alright thank you. Rob – Okay it’s ready to take the pizza out of the oven or at least the crust. You want to go ahead and to take it out? Lisa – Not quite all the way ready yet. Alright so be careful this will be very hot. It was in 400 degrees. I just turned it down to 350. So it’ll be ready for the next phase. Next up we’ve got the Italian sausage. And we’re just going to pour that all in there. Spreading around. Rob Spread the love. Come on spread the love around. Lisa – Yes. Then pepperonis next. You could make this pretty or just slap it on. And you want to do about 4 ounces. You know pepperoni can be kinda greasy so you don’t want to do a full 6 ounces because you’ll end up with a little bit of a mess. Alright and then next up, yeah that did about 4 ounces, is the mushrooms. Okay. And if you want to do other vegetables you can. You just have to cook them first. Because otherwise it makes it way to wet. So if you want to do peppers and onions and that kind of stuff you have to cook it. Maybe dry it a little bit on a paper towel. And then you could… Rob – So that’s the catch with this dish. Is that it can get too wet. Right? Lisa – Yeah, yeah. You don’t want… you don’t want soggy pizza. Then you’re going to take your two cups of mozzarella. So we’re just gonna spread it around. Press it down. Make sure we got everything covered. If you want to even do more cheese you’re welcome to. Alright then we’re going to do sauce on top. You want a low-sugar sauce. About six carbs per serving. And this is gonna be some of our water. Rob – Now this is kind of what makes Chicago style too. It’s the sauce on top. Lisa – Alright and then we’re going to then do Rob – A little parmesan? Lisa -Yeah! About a third of a cup of parmesan on top. Rob – This one of my favorites. Now this… this says it serves eight. It really does. It’s like a really thick heavy wonderful pizza. I mean it wouldn’t serve eight Robs. It would serve like three or four Robs. But eight normal people. Lisa – Ten Lisa’s. Rob – Ok so you’re going to put that back in the oven. The oven we turned it down to 350. For 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Lisa – So we will be back in 20 minutes. Make sure you see what it looks like when it comes out. It’s so good. Rob – Alright. Awesome. Lisa – Hey guys we’re back. Rob – Alright it’s cooked. And will happened? Lisa – Okay. So it ended up needing 30 minutes to cook. Because I cooked the sausage earlier and it wasn’t all the way hot. So 30 minutes to cook and I let it rest for 10 minutes. So that when you cut into it it doesn’t kind of run. So are you ready to do it? Okay sometimes you’ll get it to stick a little bit so i just take a plastic knife and just go on the edges. You can use a metal knife. I just don’t like to scrape my pans. Alright so it’s loose and springform are fun. Just open it. Shake. Ta-da. Lisa – Now if we hadn’t cooked a lot of stuff down right now there could be a lot of liquid oozing out underneath there. Lisa – Yeah that’s why we pre cooked everything. We’ve done this so many different times and this is the way to go. Rob – Your sword. Lisa – Yes so delicious, amazing. Rob – Low carb. Lisa – Low carb deep dish pizzas. Rob – High-fat. Lisa – Um-hum. High-fat. Good for keto. So if that’s your thing…. La [singing]. Oh. Isn’t that beautiful. Oh we forgot your fork. Rob – Fork?!? Lisa – Are you going to eat it? Rob – Yeah so let me try this thing because it’s magical. Lisa – Is it as good as you remember? He’s so happy. Yeah. So the nice thing about it being so big is he’s got dinner tonight and lunches for the week. Rob – Yep so that’s an amazing recipe. This has been an amazing show. Thank you guys for watching. We love this stuff. This HomeMade Healthy. I’ve been your host Rob. This is my wife Lisa and we’re saying goodbye.

35 thoughts on “Low Carb Deep Dish Pizza, Almond Flour Crust”

  1. That looks so good!! I don't have one of those pans but I will still make it. I kept waiting on you to add the sauce. lol! Never would have thought about it going on top.

  2. I made this for my wife and I tonight. 
    I am not exaggerating when I say, this is the best and most filling pizza we have ever had.
    We had 1 slice ea. and a side salad.
    She ate the pizza and skipped the salad.
    I ate the salad and had half my slice and was full.
    You two are my frickin' heros!
    Thank you very very much!!!

  3. I live in Chicago, and there are literally 10 deep dish places within a few miles of me. I just started Keto a month ago, and I am fighting the craving for deep dish. No more! Thank you for making this recipe, I can't wait to try it tomorrow!

  4. We made this last night. We used almond flour instead of almond meal. It was delicious and very filling. We have 3/4 of the pizza left!

  5. So cute! Just subbed, found you while looking for choc chip cookies. Had a pizza like this on my mind. Love your flow together.

  6. Holy moley… I made this tonight (I added 1 tbs of baking powder for extra fluffiness) and O..M..G… It was AMAZING.
    Hands down the BEST deep dish keto pizza or ANY pizza I've ever made. You guys are Keto Heroes!

    Up till now I'd always made fathead crust by melting mozarella and cream cheese together, but this was the first time I just mixed the cheese with the flour without melting it first (and obviously omitting the cream cheese) and the crust turned out EXACTLY the way I'd hoped it would but never dreamed it could. It was utterly delicious and the dense, bready, fluffy mouth feel/texture was absolutely SPOT ON for deep dish. It was a Pizzeria Uno's style crust. Sooo good.

    I'm wondering if I could get away with adding some melted butter to the mix to give it that same buttery flavor pizzeria Uno's crust has without impacting the texture.

  7. I like your videos. They're simple and to the point and the recipes are not overly complicated. Looking forward to trying this.

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