LIVE NOW:  Keto/Keto Carnivore (CLIENT STORIES} How long does it take to adapt???????

LIVE NOW: Keto/Keto Carnivore (CLIENT STORIES} How long does it take to adapt???????

one sec yeah we’re just making sure because it feels like no comments are coming in and then I want to talk to you guys about like how long does it take you to adapt if you’re doing cute or cuter carnivore if you’re doing low carb high fat and they’re still start to involve you’re not going to adapt but you can still listen to the clients stories that have a lot to do with doing either or one of the three dietary measures on how to keto a dad’s and I have a feeling we’re not over life you see comments coming in on your phone and our life and I don’t see any comments my phone my phone let’s let’s start and this one is started again because they just really want to make sure I know if here comes it’s alright oh do it now they’re coming my tech guys trying to work it out so yeah okay okay um I want to talk to you guys about some things if somebody asked in my last livestream to talk about some client stories and I actually want to get some clients in a video where they can tell you themselves their experience with having me coach them or just their ketogenic experience so with that said if you guys have any comments at any time feel free I’m having a feeling that they made thanks for much for doing this video you’re welcome to it so um the Greek guy can you see the cops coming in I think don’t you see the coins yeah normally there’s more though it’s kind of weird it’s like really okay hi Stacy now now people when I do my my consultations people will often ask me how long will it take to key to adapt and then I’m like okay well let’s go through your entire background I can see them on skype or on FaceTime sometimes we do Facebook live chatting or Google Hangouts or whatsapp or whatever you have that you have a video involved and I like that now I do like a lot of phone consultations before but when you can’t see that person is like chairing to pick somebody literally with your eyes closed and I was speaking just one and it takes just like five five five I don’t remember exactly I’ll talk about four or five five and if you’re watching just love this story because I have to pass it on she were talking and I was like okay give me the rundown of your day I asked for that of people let’s take a snapshot of your day give me a typical day in your life yeah and I also often will guide them and I’m tripping up my words because I’m watching myself on video it is bizarro my background okay the point is that she said okay well I go to work at 9:00 I was like okay and I’m done working by 5:00 I was like okay and then she goes and then I take a nap braum I think was like something like six like six to c62 around 11:00 I was like okay she goes then but to my second job I was like yes I would you say cheeks well I go to my second job and I said well what are your one of the hours of your second job she goes well I work from midnight your consultation face to face if you’re in LA yes but I I turned a little bit more just for the effort of having to meet people and I tend to go a bit over time giving you that stuff you love um but with that said she said that she went to her second job at 12 midnight tip 8 and then an hour break to then go to her job again it was like so the only time you sleep is between between 6:00 and 11:00 she’s like yeah I don’t like how are you still alive how can you still have a pulse I was like you’re not gonna adapt well on this so I tried to ask her all of the questions about adrenal health crashing – her blood sugar her blood pressure a lot of guys are suffering from high blood pressure and it’s commonly due to not sleeping well so your body follows a circadian rhythm and you can’t get out of that I keep explaining this to people when the Sun Goes Down your endocrine system starts to shift your energy and it wants to go from high to low and that’s to slow everything down because if your body is running out like super high speed it can’t repair very well once you finally go to bed and so it’s just nothing you can do once the Sun Goes Down your endocrine system begins to change to prepare itself for hibernation and the biggest problem with peekytoe adapting is that people don’t sleep well and they will straight up tell me in these consultations I sleep so well so some of these stories never cease to to kind of shocked me so I really tried to tell her please quick the second job soon because you’re gonna really do some damage to your endocrine system and your adrenal system the adrenal glands are kind of a big thing now before I go to the adrenal glands I want to talk about a hybrid story for the thyroid people now it’s been enough years where I feel that the woman who told me this story probably is not even doing keto anymore watching my channel so here we go so it’s an older woman I think she was in her 60s and my 50s I shouldn’t call her older right that she’s telling me about keto and that she has Hashimoto’s and she’s a thyroid disorder hypo and hyper and hypo combination and a lot of people who develop thyroid issues have constipation and that’s why most of the consultations that I do I find women to be constipated so a lot of people don’t understand what constipation is they think that they’re pooping every day that they’re not constipated now y’all y’all are constipated if you don’t empty your bowels like one big like the gate right the chute opens and then everything goes goes boo boo boo boo boo boo boom out like it flows right it’s just clean booty nice one clean white all comes out that’s when you’re not constipated when you are constipated it’s nonstop okay this is true for a factory okay yeah can we go back down to some of the comments because I just start seeing them now I scroll down okay so we got Lindsay she was Lindsay McGuire said the last thing at the top I don’t know if there’s anything before that somebody talked about to our eating so I wasn’t even I’m I’m in a new studio you guys at liber8 and what’s the website by the way liber8 okay there you go different liber8 Hollywood funky I can make fun of them because when I went to Sweden had to learn Swedish people can make fun of mine so then yeah all day I trust I got yes that’s right No thank God we can’t on the phone though okay so y’all dumb and plain now that you know things aren’t going perfectly you should be happy I’m freaking finally honest okay I’ll just wait for you to pull up the comments on your phone second what has kept you from going wrong Theo Carver I have okay perfect thank you so I have gone bra I wouldn’t wear off for about a month and and I still do draw like I’m not doing a like raw chicken I’m not doing raw eggs for example I do a liver from time to time and but I don’t do raw pork and I don’t do raw today we’re a pork what else doing it chicken I don’t do raw like I don’t trust that that’s just me and then [Music] use your phone that works even better okay yeah thank you that because then that yeah so yeah tans your question I do Ross so it is right Robbie fizz is rad so I actually prefer beef and if you ever get like sometimes I’ll go to Whole Foods and they won’t have grass-fed they’ll just have like like grass-fed like leaner meats like the leg or the but I’m like well if it’s raw you don’t even have to cook it it’s so much softer it’s just the fat that’s kind of grisly or tough but the meat itself on a leaner grass-fed beef is really soft and tender and I just go like this with a little he’ll take or some red vines real salt done it’s so delicious now when you take beef when I cook it it feels just kind of dry now I guess my doctormick doodle with Dougal he’s losing his mind yeah that’s the wrong question to ask her on Channel I mean y’all just go google him now he’s like he’s literally losing his mind now um the client so this client had Hashimoto’s and she was telling me that she developed fissures now at that time I didn’t know what a fissure was so let’s go into a fissure so the kind of fissure she had was a rectal tear and a rectal tear came from chronic constipation from being having love thyroid and just low thyroid hormone TSH I TPO like hi her t3 her reverse t3 everything was a mess so she’s got it bad now what happened to her was hey we’re learning this right she didn’t see that to the Greek white man the Greek comp the Greek and it’s like one of my best friends but okay okay it is a wash you know not really and I gotta run because I gotta be somewhere so let’s listen this pack this client stores so she’s telling me that she’d develop chronic constipation for years so being at that she had Hashimoto’s for so long she was suffering from severe chronic constipation and some people can go like three weeks without pooping or they’ll poop every four or five days but just little nuggets like okay Djiboutian you don’t empty your bowels and that often creates hemorrhoids his veins come out to be like little octopus tentacles then she’s just she’s telling me that she’d develop a fissure which is a rectal tear and she’s telling me this story I’m just listening and she’s saying to me that you’re suffering incredibly that she had a lot of pain since she had chronic fissures chronic tears in a rectum that she went to the supermarket one day and she was in like and then like you know where he can get like baking sheets and oven mitts and stuff like that and she said that she starts feeling a bowel movement now I don’t mean a normal bowel movement normally if you don’t have an injury like in your stomach or an injury on a joint like for me doing deadlifts most people don’t feel pain on their knees or any stress on the knees because then these are fine but for my knees to just go into the deadlift positions like wow so sometimes things about the body you won’t even know that are being reactive because you have no feeling there so she was having a bowel movement a small one and you know the stools robbing against out the wall where the cup was in the rectum and she said that she started to scream his clients story she started to scream in the supermarket and to shut herself up she grabbed an oven mitt put it in her mouth like they did an 18 you know 75 when you were in the war and they had to cut off LEM because like it was hidden it was all blown to bits yeah she instead a piece of wood she held on to though she put an oven in her mouth bit down screamed and passed out and passed out okay so that is one of my client stories and I remember it because I was in utter shock that she’s telling me the story that she was in that much pain and a lot of you guys who have not had constipation as long as she’s had it’s something to consider because more and more so I’m taking these stories and I’m making them into content for this live stream on what to do or what not to do so essentially it just shook me and I began to do the deep dive more about constipation about fissures about Emirates and just also about a third disease or thyroid disorder a lot of you guys are coming from foods that and the reason why people develop constipation is for like a couple of different reasons so one of them would be having thyroid disease and essentially the reason why you can’t prove and a lot of you women and some men actually will have low thyroid function or low t3 they don’t know it but they start presenting some of the symptoms I want you guys to hear what these symptoms are because they’re kind of life-altering you can have one children one day yeah yeah I will even though I’m 52 yeah okay so I’m gonna stop reading the comments go back to the story for a second even though I see that the comments come in in but let’s see here oh yeah he watch this please like up this dream guys I’m trying to get more people to my channel it looks like there’s only 48 people here hopefully there’s more Elyse is incorrect um creatine anyway so creatine and way my hobby is garbage so I no longer support anything that’s process answer some of these questions after I finished like one or two more client stories so I’m going to tell you another client story that for me was one of the ones that stood out I’ve got I’m gonna do two markers like one’s kind of sad and like I laugh with people I cry with people and I mean we go there trust so the different clients that I have really helped shape and mold how I actually look at my own life because you know just when I listen to people complain about oh I’m so restricted eating this way and it’s so hard to get the family on board I have a hard time going to a restaurant and knowing what to order I feel so you know struggling and all this stuff and it just kind of really really kind of bothers me not the individual person because I don’t know them but it’s sad to see that people have become so weak for example I was talking to a friend I was at the gym earlier before I came here and he was saying that his mom lives on some Island and the whole Boston not Boston but canet Massachusetts and she have to take like a boat and then like a little mini playing to this island people live there buh-bye and he said that what was it they were selling something some type of like apples or something and then you would just put the money in this thing and then pick from the apple tree or something like that and he said that there was like bills just pouring out of this thing but they have an honor system and said nobody steals from anybody and I was just like reminds me of one of the stories that I have from going to Africa in my 20s and I went to a small village when there was no internet like there was nothing there was no cell phones no internet and I remember when I went there and I won’t go to that store right now but when I went there I was so naive I didn’t know I was in I wasn’t in like South Africa I was in Africa Hey right at that time 40% of population had HIV here by my stupid self and you know it’s just not safe because I was like deep into the bush but I digress um so this girl she i think he’s gonna choosing our late 20s and she comes on she’s cute you know she’s like oh I can always see when it’s somebody from like this Southern California area cuz they’re like eyebrows her all done for a victim they’ve got the nails you know there’s just like a SoCal look even though there’s different types of people you’re not considered like I should belong but um boy anyway so we’re talking and she’s living with our parents so my question let me with her parents you know I was like are you employed right now and she’s like no cuz I like to figure out what people’s schedules are like do you have a job to go to do kids take care it’s like now I’m actually at home with my family right now and I was like okay well you gotta go to school yeah you work from home now she was actually I have cancer I was like oh snap yeah I started getting cancer five years ago in one part of the body and now it’s you know I’m not saying specifics because this girl probably follows me still and um and it spread here and you know she’s really concerned about her mortality and here I have people like and fat you know and then the next minute you’re talking to somebody who could be dead by the time this live stream airs type of thing so it kind of puts life into perspective and we’re talking and I could just she just speed to stoic and there’s just something a problem that I had Thomas de Lauer should team up with me Thomas de Lauer which I fully respect I’m sure he’s a lovely guy it’s not strict like Stephanie Stephanie’s 50s I’m saying trust there was a lot of thoughts there that I just didn’t say so he said in my body so we’re talking and when people are too stoic and they’re nice and they’re not rude but they’re just not telling you everything and I said okay no one in this house knows what you’re going through right she’s like no and I’m like so you’ve been struggling this with this for five years and almost to the point that people are annoyed with this whole cancer thing she’s like yeah and I said so you feel really alone and you can’t even tell people how you feel when it comes to aches or pains or concerns about death because this is a five year I’m kind of over at journey oh girl starts crying she starts crying and saying yes nobody understands what I’m going through it looked great on the outside but on the inside I could die and I’m having all this pain and I started bawling – so we’re both bawling and I’m not trying to ball now hold a bat girl so and this is these are stories that in this particular story was a reminder like stop complaining hey so let me tell you right now when I told the Greek guy before I came to the studio that right when I was about to leave and y’all listen to this because this is very important to this hokuto conversation but you know I was not Lokar p4 Kido I was just eating standard American diet I thought it was healthy though um cuter carnivore stuff went down the rabbit hole by breaking my Kido a while back besides the horrible bloating I really seem to get depression on carb intake ways that I’m you could have sensitivities food and I will take your guys’s questions in a second because people watching the replay or link they’re all into the story and I’ll sign I start answering the questions right people were on the replay so their condition just broke and every window and things have to be shut in the studio so it’s starting to get a little hot up in here okay point is she starts crying I start crying and the reason why I learned that that particular situation or remember her so well is because I don’t want to complain about how lucky I am and not see how lucky I am and then complain about things that don’t go the way I want them to and that’s really part of the story me going to the gym today and right before I was about to leave I see this guy and I saw him last time like a month month and a half tops ago and I see him and get on a lake crew machine he’s on his stomach he’s doing leg curls and I see wheel chair next to him I was like okay maybe he like broke his legs there something like that so there okay I was just kind of curious and then I got up to move and I look and both his legs were gone I almost freaked out on the inside it freaked me out I just saw this guy he had two legs and he didn’t even have bandages like you know like you know an ace bandage or my name is cut here’s amputated at the knee he didn’t even have um and I remember seeing this guy all the time and he didn’t have you saw like the stitches still in there fresh you know swollen and was red and I was like I’ve never felt I’ve never felt that that sort of like shock for a whore pain and then so grateful in that like all those emotions that wanted because he I was in I shot distant different distance you know we see something you get shocked I couldn’t show him that I just saw those legs were gone because you could see in his face that it took everything in him to be there like okay my legs just got chopped chopped off I’m still going to the gym dude was in the gym the gym both legs gone month in half it was like he just recovered enough and like the day the doctor said you can go back to the gym he went back to the gym and Wow so that’s not a client but when I get clients like this cuz I’ve gotten many cancer people because they heard about this story with my mom and keto and and so they think that I’m like the cancer specialist and I’m not but I get people in these situations and every time I see somebody go through something if I’m struggling with something I’m like no girl you are fine you’re perceiving everything that’s stressful in your head I almost felt sick I felt sick not that I was seeing this guy but I felt sick that I’m so lucky how lucky am I like I just got this it’s not fair because I’ve been I’m 52 and now I’ve got I get me I have a knee injury you know what I mean so what I’ve had ten surgeries on my left knee I was on crutches for four years and I mean you can’t feel bad for yourself when you look at that right dude didn’t even cover up his knees like swollen red all the sutures going around the knee joint no legs so these are some of the things that I got I want you guys to realize when it comes to doing anything that you want to do like if you want to do keto and you gained a few pounds don’t freak out figure out why your hormones are jacked because that’s the reason why you were gaining weight do your due diligence do the deep dive and find out why you are gaining based on your endo kritis system it’s not about calories it’s about your hormones and you know I’m doing I have a Q of course so right now we’re doing a keto cardboard challenge so I gave them like tasks that they need to do each day and then and we’re going to do this just for two weeks and when you take a decision to do something you can’t get freaked out that it doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to if you’ve already started carnivore and you still have loose stool I thinks it was talking about loose stool or you you still have look like you might have like histamine reaction instead of getting freaked out by it and then you gain ten pounds because you’ve got histamine exploding out of your body because you’re starting to eat mono occludes instead of getting stressed out about it what would be good is just trying to figure out what the problem is with your system if it’s your gut if it’s your adrenals that’s it deep inside your body under here but inside the body so that’s what I want to say I have another clients during that this one’s kind of funny so this is a vegan situation here so I was doing a consultation with the guy normally it’s the woman dragging her boyfriend or husband into consultations this time it was the guy the girlfriend was in another room and then she came into the room later about a dinner consultation everything was fine and then he was being kind of weird when she wasn’t in the room now who’s more relaxed when she walked in the room his demeanor changed and I could barely talk to him and he goes I said well you should get like your girl on board and you don’t family on board is really really important to you know he’s like well my girlfriend’s strict vegan I was like oh and then she’s annoyed she’s annoyed that he booked the consultation she comes from around about the back of the camera into the frame and she’s just like I don’t agree with this I don’t agree with this kiddo thing and you know kita I was gonna give you a heart attack and she was just like blah blah blah blah blah and I was like oh honey I’m glad I’m not like with her cuz he’s getting chewed out he’s trying to improve along who’s overweight she was trying to improve his health by trying to balance his insulin and he’s got this strict vegan girlfriend and she comes behind the camera she’s chewing me out and I said look honey I am just the messenger said L agree with this and you know this is gonna give him a heart attack this is gonna make him gain weight and she was just she got so mad and then he was getting so embarrassed and I was embarrassed for him to be honest so that’s just another she stormed out she’s she stormed out and after that because I told her I said look I’m just the messenger this is you know this before carnivore because if it were the cardboard is a fool alright so um I’m going to just state very quickly as well when I have clients what makes somebody adapt faster than another person is the one who says I will do whatever it takes so just tell me what I need to do and these kind of people they hit this wall because I had another client once this guy must have been it was like late 40s early 50s and he puts his this is another crying thing puts his arms up and he goes and he has wounds all up and down his arms and he says I have extreme eczema I’m in pain all the time and I can’t take it anymore can you help me and when he put his arms up coming on the spot so these kind of people or just other people are the ones who are like I’m tired feeling horrible and I’ll just do whatever it takes these people death very quickly I don’t care what type of horrible health issue you have because I have another have a client right now who was type 2 diabetic 400 pounds he was another teasing those story in the context that his white bottom into consultation he was super doubtful of it he ended up doing one on his own with me and at the end of the consultation with him he was like I’m like I’m in and he’s been in and he stayed like this this couple so amazing they helped me with all the things but he told me that he had this is yesterday told me he had um protein from his kidneys in his urine and he was like what do you think and I said obviously this is a complication of having incredibly high blood glucose as a type 2 diabetic and he agreed but he said do you think kiddo can heal this and I said well you’re actually on keto of corn we’re now and he’s like gotta go maybe you might want to sit at that dietary measure right now to protect those kidneys um from any type of oxalates or anything that might be you know remotely oxalate wise on the kidneys but with that said I I think one of the main reasons why people don’t adopt is because they can’t stabilize their blood sugar when you dookied oh you never you’re never gonna have a blood sugar of zero so if you had a blood sugar of zero as a ketotic person it doesn’t matter how good your ketones are you’re gonna need enough blood sugar for your red blood cells to survive and so that’s why when people do keto they’ll start to notice that their blood sugar is between most of them’s like where I’m 69 to 80 if they’re very katatak when people start going into the sixth 50s now you can be in the 60s and even the late 50s and still be ketonic but most people are just hypoglycemic they feel really awful so the point is he does he think that this could heal and I’m like oh yeah but you’re just going to have to be really really disciplined and do this over the long term because now the adrenals are pumping out the cortisol and too much cortisol is the problem with everyone right so you have the signaling between the hypothalamus pituitary and adrenal access and so when you don’t sleep well or you can’t manage stress even though you guys think you can you can’t many of you cannot um that this isn’t over this is a pressure right a pressure on the body via the the the adrenals and if the gut doesn’t get fixed you’re releasing too much adrenaline and too much cortisol which helps bad microbes growing the gut which sends the signal back to your brain via via the vagus nerve and then it’s just a cycle right over stimulation of your adrenals cortisol then your gut gets weak histamine starts to rise and then you’re just in this negative loop and so what I try to explain to people that it’s a process you don’t adapt it on keto or if you turn around a few weeks it can take months and that’s okay because if you’re patient enough as you’re addressing your poor health priors you give good health when you have like menstrual issues men you’re going your aromatize in you have low tea people have got you know you know acid reflux sciatica pain here loose stool you know a DD depression all of these things are all over the place chronic chronic fatigue and if you want to fix those things you can’t focus on weight loss you guys have to focus on healing the body is the reason why you start gaining weight in the first place is because your body’s inflamed and it’s stressed out so yeah you just have to look at it all differently but the adrenals are so important because they’re connected to the gut and they’re connected you the thyroid and ultimately the middle of the brain let’s see here Nicki Persephone I went down there if it’s okay we write that you see you can’t think I got most of them are you afraid of cooking kills nutrients why not go raw here what your cook meat is dangerous from Savannah a nice ferret his name is Betty a wolf this um no I’m not I’m not a millennial okay I’m in my 50s and I am in the best shape of my life so no I do not think you should go fully raw you also have to worry about your not slaughtering and your own meat neither is a neither is very often savetti a so if you’re not cooking wet win because if you got used to media and tolerance you’re gonna do well on raw meat sorry so you got the food slaughtered then it’s frozen it is shipped to a supermarket then I don’t know how long it’s in the supermarket before you eat it even if it’s grass-fed and that whole time I think it’s like a month or something but time to slaughter to your mouth don’t quote me on that but I think it’s that from slaughter to your mouth bacterias on that the entire time and if you have histamine intolerance which I realize I do because I was getting bug bites or swelling up so I was producing too much histamine me the mouse cells then no absolutely not I’m not going to go fully raw not until you have a really strong gut now if he’s got great gut and all this kind of stuff that is great for him fabulous okay thank you yeah bunny down thank you bro Deborah’s not here right now we got like a few control comments and I really like it I think every day once in a while if Deborah is not here it’s really great to get those trolls and then just ignore them which I saw this comment I was like people say stuff they try to get you trigger people are lonely sad world we live in today and if it’s somebody my age group you’re really sad if it’s a moment I’m a millennial you get a little free pass for just being dumb yeah yeah there’s a lot of before and after kita results clients many of them there are many but you know are do these people want to share their story online a lot of people are very very afraid to be on the internet people are afraid to be in my private Facebook group because they think you know there’s a government conspiracy in the video the camera can like see your apartment so yeah yeah oh how I cook my pork belly well I said with this Chinese girl once and she showed me I was fascinated she had big huge thing of pork belly and she put it in boiling water for like a minute I think was like a minute and a half and then she strained out the water and she did a and this is what I’ve done ever since she did a boil and salt rub so she rubbed it up but now I do like a butter in salt rub and she put it in the oven and I can’t remember the degrees because it was in Celsius and but she had there for like like 45 minutes to an hour so the heat matters you know he high heat means less time low heat means some more time but when that stuff came out I was like this is the craziest yummiest pork belly of ever eaten so now I do the same Stephanie I don’t feel mentally well on keto is it better to leave the diet I leave the diet the diet you mean you left the diet ad me died now maybe I have problems inside my boy body or digest fats or protein okay this is definitely somebody not from the US and that’s a hose that you get um Jose I just need to know more like if people don’t feel well mentally it’s because they’re not making enough ketones they’re having low blood sugar right which might be giving you brain fog if your blood Sugar’s low your ketones are low or your blood glucose is high too low your ketones are low and then your body has no gasoline to drive the car so you’re not going to feel well you probably feel very brain foggy bloating and a lot of h pylori yeah so with h pylori I definitely suggest carnivore yeah so h pylori I believe if somebody said it was from you get it from it’s a bacteria from I came out my buddies because I was like I was like gonna say like cats but I’m not sure anyway what it does is it it eats at the mucous lining of your stomach or intestine and it does a number on your body like if you have leaky gut it gets worse when you have a h pylori infection and what you can do there people use mastic gum and but to love tea I think to kill that bacteria and also just strengthen the gut wall because when you have a balanced gut then the good microbes cannot fight off that each primary they might be they’re bad microbes if you’re constipated of sharp showers a lot of bloating and a hard work and what happens when people do carnivore now I’ve done it enough and talked about enough the clients that the microbiome is changing and your gibes and maybe I don’t know if it’s the gallbladder that’s what that guy was saying he thought it was a gallbladder I don’t know if that’s a problem some people are getting blue stool but it it only lasts for like a short time a few weeks and then it goes away FYI but Char Char Char Char or whatever uh-huh you should probably try carnivore or your bloating because it’s probably off with some vegetables that you’re eating you might even have to consider not eating eggs or butter if it’s that bad still wait y’all go you all need to go to high intensity health and be like Mike here’s my front like I know he’s getting the video out because he just liked he just sent me an inbox of my diem like with a thumbs up I was talking yesterday I was talking about the adrenals on my stories and he’ll say nice things in comments on my Instagram which is Stephanie ketogenic um but I think he I think Mike is just getting backed up with he interviews a lot of people I mean a lot so I think he’s just backed up and he doesn’t like to drop his videos all at once so if you interview six people he’s probably going like one person a month that’s what I’m figuring and so but it would I reduce bug him go to his Instagram decide to see other go to his channel and say Steph what up eating cater for two years stop time stop taking the pill you’re a woman seven months ago in there after three years no period still your health keep hearing i need carbs to ovulate okay so saya laser that is such a lie anyone who says you need carbs for anything is someone who’s never done keto long enough to actually even know they hear it they read studies the problem is that all these studies have been done like 30 days they’re just trying to get past the 30 days now so there’s not a lot of data out there for people to see what you can do it and can’t do on carnivore tequila Carver just think you know omnivore but what I can’t see you guys is that I’ve been doing this clean for 12 years non-stop no refeeding no alcohol no nuts no caffeine no sucrose no chewing gum was I Lata nada hey and Swedish anything so I can say that what happens to your body this year that year another year another year and and of course you can you know get your start ovulating if you’re doing keto the right way so why are you so lazy um the group will help I don’t know if you could you period back on the group and not even if I didn’t want one-on-one consultation with you I would never guarantee that that would get you period batbot tell you one thing on a child you gonna get a lot of freaking good information that can benefit unis not just about Kido it’s like like I said your adrenals your sleep your circadian rhythm your gut biome your endocrine system all of these things matter when it comes to getting your your ovaries to start working again yes the pill is nasty that’s why I tell people women listen to move around nap yes I speak it to this camera websites up there um I’m speaking to the screen that’s right below the camera don’t okay try your hardest to get off all these like shots and IUDs and birth control pills and HRT s especially women age artis listen to me now okay H artis are not safe okay don’t play period y’all want to use some progesterone free because you go through hot flashes then you need to cycle off that stuff because the goal is not to be on these hormone hormone replacement therapies the point is to fix your adrenal glands that are deep inside the body people are like the antrum Eagles aren’t there I know they’re not there they’re in the potty um you have to you really have to protect them so when your ovary stopped working in menu you go through this stuff too that you don’t go through like male menopause and depression and all this let’s see here I have an IUD you keep trying to tell man I want to get off well charge higher if you don’t want like who’s that woman look at this laser diode laser no period for you know what three years now it’s stuff dangerous the when they spare it when when they push your progesterone down and raise up your estrogen or raise your synthetic testosterone in a woman’s body you messing with God okay I’m just saying you messing with you messing with nature do not want to do that [Music] yes a lot of clients were able to lose a significant amount of weight over time in the collectively all the people I work with which is I stopped counting after 2000 um so probably close to 3,000 now it’s a small percent maybe five percent actually it’s not just people gonna lose weight because they’re balancing their insulin remember this is all about your in the current system if you can drop your insulin you can talk your insulin without even doing keto that’s not the issue if you can’t keep that blood sugar moderate to low stabilize that way it’s gonna come back casein is toxic so the body does this thing called cross-reactive so if you grew up on bread which we all have or some kind of wheat or grain or something the body begins to stamp like it put stamps on things that it shouldn’t and it thinks now that that certain things that you’re eating are wheat like casein and cheese so your body has the same inflammatory response that gluten has now some people are more sensitive and that’s why we’re there like I don’t feel well my cheese I don’t feel I want to eat lead but if you don’t if you feel fine in time you’ll notice weird things happening like you’ll get moody or cranky or tired or itchy or you’d become constipated on this cheese stuff and there’s too many carbs and melt plus it’s like from sick cows who’s eaten raw milk too many carbs who’s drinking raw milk and the cream has too many carbs tuned most people are not doing and get off the coffee people if you want to protect your adrenals now I’m going to do a video a live video you guys had to go I’m gonna do a lot of traveling in the next week’s coming up and I’ll announce that but I guess what you I want you to realize the time it takes to a key to adapt is the time it takes for you to stop making excuses why you have jobs that keep you up too late while your kids are in sports at night kids don’t need to be at sports at night they need to be connected to nature and the circadian rhythm it’s up to you to stop drinking the coffee and the drink drink green tea I declined yesterday I eat chocolate I was like so what’s in it xylitol or sugar she’s like I was like okay you say you’ve been doing keto for five months but you eaten chocolate like you don’t even know what comes sugars in it so um it’s just it’s just most people and this is sort of concluding cleaning this client stories [Music] shout out from them bills okay cool stop it exogenous hormones I mean look in the rarest of cases on for it you know or people who are doing exogenously years and the balls don’t work anymore look that would suck right testes don’t produce testosterone and so you’re trying to get it from other places but if you are fine and you’ve got a remotely sort of somewhat balanced in the current system or reproductive system don’t mess with mother nature because when you get older mother nature gonna come knocking at your door and mess with you trust so the reason why I’m in the help that I am at 52 is because I’ve been obsessed with getting my butt to bed on time to do all the right things to repair the damage from the dumb dumb stupid human past so that would be breathing fix my posture don’t sit like this anymore like get out of a chair wha move I’ve got a bicycle living here in LA I was like no more driving you’re gonna ride your bike you’re gonna go to bed early you’re gonna dive traumatic free they’re going to timeout your food you’re not gonna let no let let not gonna neglect your body because you don’t have time so the biggest reason why most people don’t adapt and don’t do well either on carnivore because people are doing carnivore eating too much protein some people got this stupid and thought you know they’re like oh keto versus keto carnivore there’s no such thing keto versus carnival there are no such such thing as vs. they’re the same one has vegetables and one doesn’t okay because if you’re doing a carnivore diet on low lean lean fat lean meat you’re not producing ketone you’re right is still dependent on glucose you’re not eating enough carbohydrates so you’re not having carbohydrates you don’t have you’re not eating enough fat the body will start to break itself down and that’s why you get stories like why do I have crepey skin I’m starting to get dark circles under my eyes I’m really really tired people don’t get enough electrolytes and so therefore you have to have your fats high and if you’re gonna do carnivore make sure that you get organ meats because there’s no point so the first company I was gonna partner up with Jew but it brought out ended up the the infrared rays were too strong and brought out melasma so I think that’s one thing I hope they start telling people like you can’t put that stuff on your face if you’re a woman especially women who are like Tina and latina white and Asian get melasma very easily and I got it so with that said um I would say um stop saying I’m yeah I don’t even know I’m gonna like oh do people see that okay I think that’s it you guys don’t forget to like up this dream for an ancestral gallbladder oh that was a good comment hey your hormones very low so you could look if you have low hormone you won’t you have the hormones that you had your ovaries you if you guys have low tea you’re not going to potentially get the hormones back in your testes but you can get your adrenals to work properly and they will keep you through as you get older so when my menstrual cycle finally stops then I’m going to keep this shape not 100% but I’ll keep it for a very long time because right now I’m still productive protecting those adrenal glands so ancestral gallbladder now I love this company and I think I’m actually gonna work with them and I’m gonna do I’m gonna show you guys I love this company they do everything brain thymus spleen kidneys gallbladder bone marrow Oh what else am I missing heart brain are sonority like who does that it’s absolutely amazing so I don’t want to pre hike this company before we actually starts but they’re gonna send me a package and I’m gonna go and try it all the supplements I can actually give a proper review so you guys know what works for what it’s called ancestral it’s it’s amazing it’s desiccated organ not from notes to tell I don’t know how people say nose to tell it’s from head to tail raw dairy products are now yea unfortunately 9 9 9 3 9 Mars except unless it’s raw butter it’s just there’s just too many carbs in the cream and in the a lot of you guys have histamine I know you love your dairy and I know people think that it heals the gut wall but with people who have severe histamine issues or severe leaky gut it can actually do the opposite it’s giving to tomorrow she’s getting old you know I talked to a friend today at the gym a type of you at the gym not gonna lie and he’s I’m 52 I think he’s 54 and I said would you want to be young again younger in years he’s like maybe and I was like not be hell no uh-uh I would never want to be able in a millennial ever today I was so cool I’m so glad I was born in 67 you guys I’m so lucky I lived most of my life without the internet without ravel around the world around the world all of my crazy traveling trips around the world we’re done with that cell phone or with the Internet honey it is like I can’t even tell you so I’m able to keep my health and and not be sagging anywhere and be you know ripe for the pickin right but then I have the experience in life to know who I am so I’m not influenced by the trends today right so I’m my own person I love it most 59 and loving it Carter it makes you calm or sure yeah that’s a KD Deborah we had like one troll who’s trying to say that my my something was bigger than myself but it’s all good I’m actually leaving this dream about I’m about to go I can’t talk anyway thank you guys I hope this helped it was just a quick upload for those who are saying that my intro is too long I don’t care because that’s what you do when you’re in your 50s does not care about everybody’s chattering opinion y’all need to learn how to find an opinion in yourself and stick to it and don’t let people sit and push you around tell you what to think so with that said thank you tomorrow P I will have shorter versions of my intro but we had so much fun filming it right the Greek guy yep yeah we had so much fun I was like no this is like really great representation of Who I am I always say that I’m a skateboarder you guys have never seen me skate so I thought I would just put a little thing together so you guys could see what I’ve done you know dr. oz I’m doing speaking at the Paleo effects and I travel around the world speaking all this kind of stuff set that be fun to put my intro and now I’ve gotta go cuz I got to travel and I gotta get ready and I gotta get stuff working host and it is no air in here I’m sweating ah hi guys Stephanie person calm and don’t forget to set up from a course every person calm oh my script Stephanie the business no that’s my facebook you know Stephanie the business person or my mr. grammage is Stephanie keto person by energy energy energy yes right

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