Lazy Keto Grocery Haul I Full Day Of Eating 2019

Lazy Keto Grocery Haul I Full Day Of Eating 2019

Hey YouTube Family so the intro I made
for this video absolutely just sucked so I’m currently making one right now I’m
actually finishing up on my May 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway Video I don’t know if this video right here that I’m doing the intro for is going to be
up first or the keto krate video will be up first but we’ll find out so this
video right here is going to be a lazy keto grocery haul plus a full day of
eating video and also a keto vlog as well so yeah hopefully you enjoyed this
video let me stop talking y’all so just sit back relax and enjoy this video just wanted to show y’all how wet I am yeah this mirror isn’t doing it justice
y’all I’m so wet right now hey YouTube family so just left the gym
I freshened up whatever I’m bout to head over into Kroger and start our lazy keto
grocery haul okay so the first thing I’m getting is
some daiya dairy-free american-style sliced cheese this is one of my favorite
cheese I like this one and the child cheese they are both dairy-free and like
vegan friendly as well so yeah now I’m about to get some eggs these aren’t the
eggs I typically get y’all but the eggs I typically get they’re just like really
expensive today and I’m not trying to entertain that at all now the next thing
I’m getting is some sugar-free jell-o now for some meat y’all I’m just getting
some pork chops all right so a good thing we love chicken thighs because
that is great on keto okay y’all so now I’m about to just get some steak there
it goes all right yeah so now we’re just like in the meat snack section right now
look at all this oh my gosh so you guys I’ve heard about like the Epic Meats so
I’m gonna try this one this is their hickory smoked uncured bacon and pork if you’re interested in the nutrition facts is 120 calories 9 grams of fat 0 grams
of carbs yes and then we have 10 grams of protein and the ingredients don’t
look too bad at all like oh my gosh it definitely would not be a Kroger trip
unless I got some Lilly’s chocolate of course so these are the three flavors we
have we have the salted almond the dark chocolate almond and then we have the
caramelized and salted one as well from Lily’s so if you’re sensitive to dairy
just stick with the dark chocolate almond one from Lily’s but if you’re not
and just a normal person you can try all these but I mean like I mean I’m
sensitive to Dairy but I still eat these too I just try my best not to eat a lot
at one time so that’s just how I do it so now we are in the fruit section oh my
gosh fruit heaven I don’t know which one to get. We are though going to
ignore this delicious-looking cake because we don’t need that type of
negativity in our life so I think I’m just gonna get some blackberries and I’m
also going to get some raspberries okay so now we are gonna get some avocados
y’all I haven’t had avocados in so long I think I forgot what they taste like
but what is the keto life without avocados because I’ve been missing them
so much I honestly don’t like the price of these avocados but it’s okay
I’ma get them. Alright so for some healthy fats we’re going to get some extra
virgin olive oil okay now y’all I have literally become obsessed with these
smoked sausage y’all be they are so good like I didn’t know these things are so
good like I eat these every day and I probably wouldn’t get tired of them at all of
course y’all we have to get some bacon because baking is life so for like
snack time I’m gonna get some Bologna as well all right so for veggies we have two
broccoli two things of cauliflower and just one green beans for ice cream y’all
we are getting the dairy-free halo top sea salt caramel ice cream I can’t
remember if I like this one or not but I just felt like switching it up so that’s
what we’re doing today I’m also going to have my mixed berry sugar free powerade
drink of course I want to get two of these okay you guys so I have never
tried the Coke Zero cherry flavor wins so I’m really interested in trying
it and hopefully is good hopefully okay you guys so the total
ended up being ninety three dollars and twenty-nine cents let me see if I can
give you all that can y’all see that probably not but um yeah that’s what the
total was in my opinion that wasn’t like horrible at all because that’s gonna
last me for it like a good amount of time so yeah I’m pretty excited about
how a little lazy keto grocery haul went today it’s 208 p.m. I’m having my first meal
of the day I’m having one chicken thigh two eggs some broccoli some smoked
sausage one who avvocato and I’m gonna sprinkle some pink Himalayan sea salt on
top of that and to drink I’m just having some cheery coke Zero as I’m over here
working on a new YouTube video y’all about to have one of my sugar-free lemon
lime jello these are only five calories it has zero fat zero carbs and only one
gram of protein so yay so honestly all that first meal I had today like I am so
full still from that so I’m not gonna have like a dinner but I’m just gonna
have some nice little dessert I’m gonna have my halo top dairy-free sea salt ice
cream with my lillies dark chocolate almond bar then I also have some
raspberries over here and I am drinking water yes water so pride myself I’ve
gotten in a good amount of water today so yay and on this ice cream it says I’m
cold bless spoons listen that’s a whole mood
right there I am currently cooking right now y’all
but editing version of myself coming in if you’re new to the channel welcome to
the fam I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey and your girl is
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notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here as
right now I am uploading three videos a week so you can expect to see a video
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thank you so much for watching this video as always if you don’t hear it
from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Friday

7 thoughts on “Lazy Keto Grocery Haul I Full Day Of Eating 2019”

  1. “Just a normal person” 😂😂 that was funny! Oh those sausages are BOMB!! Can’t wait for the Keto Krate unboxing 😬🙌🏼

  2. Like grocery haul. I didn't know Kroger sell Lily Chocolate I'm have to check at my Kroger again.

  3. I literally fell in love when you said "listen, that's a whole mood right ther" sis yes! Haha.. and that laugh. Girrrrlllll, I love this video and your style of keto. Reminds me of me haha. & yas! Those sausages are bomb. I just made some tonight w. Buffalo cauliflower bites. Bomb! New subbie ❤❤

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