Late Night Keto Snack

all right Kathy said she wanted a little snack so making two jalapeno poppers she’s making some scrambled eggs hey y’all I’m Kat my husband and I moved our family from the city to the country hills of Kentucky to build our homestead now kitto inspire david always says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children that’s exactly what we’re doing on keto country homestead that is a lot of smoke finish up policies wait just handing this right now we also bear with the shaky camera [Music] whoo there we go oh yeah go and so we had a little bit of extra egg from the batter for the jalapeno poppers so instead of rolling that away obviously we’re not gonna do that so just go ahead throw a couple more eggs in that better with the farm of course and go ahead and stir this up now I got to credit my friend and North Carolina he he turned me onto parmesan and eggs I didn’t know how good it was I’ve doubted them and he put me to the test on it and I say what arm and eggs really good this is these are almost done we’ll have us a little snack here in a second some eggs and a jalapeno popper I’ve got some barbecue sauce baby what do you think sugar free barbecue so let’s see the brain on that sugar free barbecue what’s the grin there G Hughes G Hughes nice scrambied you know how we do it we don’t want those Gordon Ramsay style scrambled eggs with running all over the place god bless them but I ain’t eating it I like my scrambled eggs like soap and there we go good delicious eggs no seasoning on them either because the farm is a little bit salty so we found that we don’t need a lot of seasoning on that and we might put a little bit of pink in laying on it just cuz that’s the keto thing to do but I’ll tell you what about you enjoy this thoroughly jalapeno popper and like one and a half egg in their day and I’ll be at about 1700 calories for the day all right I’ll see you over here is the pot we got about what 20 eggs in there 24 so those are being hard-boiled and we’ll process those tonight have deviled eggs tomorrow barbecue sauce you got to get a little barbecue sauce in there just cuz oh yeah [Music] that’s a jalapeno popper no doubt about that yeah [Music] let me know in the who’s of whatsits below if you want to know the house of dues it’s on this recipe trust me you want to know how to do this this is gonna be the best jalapeno popper you’ve ever had in your life but I promise you you’re ready I’m never lie yes sort of color come into her face and she realized what is that that’s the best jalapeno better Bessie that’s what’s up boom another recipe Piper does [Music] as so good the jalapeno popper is so good to have you licking your brain [Music] I’m gonna give you the macros on these but if you want a recipe you need to beg me for it thank you we’ll do a recipe video hmm those eggs are good farm-fresh eggs Parmesan cheese that’s it that’s it I love the bar minute I had no idea about my friend another an apology it’s so good how killer was that snag though a whole lot like 51 i told you seriously not like the absolute best jalapeno popper of all time heck yes none of that bit heavy bready no real big for let’s see one three cheese’s no three oh yeah yeah I made it I know I read half of it gone three cheese’s jalapeno popper an egg I [Music] cracked the code dude that’s crack taquito code [Music]

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