hello guys welcome to my channel my name
is Iva Scelfo and today i want to talk to you about how to start the ketogenic
diet really quick for you guys who might just started doing new research on
ketogenic diet ketogenic diet is a way of eating when you consume high fat
moderate protein and very low carbs the goal is to get into metabolic state
called ketosis which means your body is gonna start using fat as energy instead
of glucose I made a video what is ketogenic diet so if you do need
some more information I’m gonna link the video down in the description box so you
can go check that out first thing I want to mention is that ketogenic diet is not
a quick fix like your mindset has to be that this thing is way of eating it’s a
lifestyle we talking a long term here so there are some tips how to start
ketogenic diet tip number one calculate your macros fat to protein to carp ratio
does really matter on ketogenic diet so you do want to calculate your macros
properly if you need to calculating your macros it can get a little overwhelming
at first so I do recommend if you’re just starting out to start counting only
your carbs forget the fat forget the protein just start with the carbs and
stick to it and later on when you actually get a little hang of it you can
start calculating all of it together you basically want to stay under 20 net
carbs which is the total carb intake per day – fiber you might hurt the term lazy
keto and that’s exactly what it is you calculating only your carbs you forget
about everything else just eat until you fall I think this way keto will be more
sustainable for you from the beginning and it will make your transitioning into
keto lifestyle way easier in my opinion once you’ve fed adapted everything will
be easier and at this point you should start calculating all your macros if
your goal is the weight loss tip number to eliminate all high carb food in your
home and stock up on healthy fats you want to
avoid all sugary high carb food and the easiest way to just not having it lying
around but if you do live with another person or you have your own family well
that thing can get a little tricky well at this point you just gonna have to
have a stronger well there will be no more pasta no more bread no more cookies
nothing like that for you but do not worry there are many replacement for
those when you’re writing your grocery list do not forget to include all the
healthy fats like coconut oil avocados grass-fed butter eggs you also gonna be
buying fatty cuts of meats full milk cheeses and dairy if you can’t tolerate
it above ground vegetables and leafy greens tip number three learn how to
meal plan in my experience is really important to plan ahead make your
grocery list and kind of know what you will be cooking and eating for that week
having a good meal plan is crucial in order to do not reach out for an Aikido
foods and also to stay on track if you do not have that kind of food around you
you most likely will not be tempted to eat it I post plenty of food a of eating
keto and keto recipes on my channel so you can check that out for some
inspiration there are also a lot of keto blocks you can check out Pinterest for
recipes all this is gonna make your meal planning way easier tip number four test
your ketones levels besides being strict with your macros also the other half of
being successful on keto is testing your ketone levels you do want to
consistently track your ketone levels just to know how the diet is really
working for you there are three main ways how can you test your ketone levels
and that blood testing breath best thing and keto strips which is urine testing
each of these testing has its place but the most accurate is the blood testing
kita pee sticks are most affordable and those are the one ice
with but I do not recommend using them long-term as when you get fat adapted
that kind of starts not reading right levels and they are not so accurate tip
number five prepare yourself for the keto flu keto flu is this weird fellow
man some people do experience it and they
feel like crap they feel foggy they get headaches well it’s basically just lack
of electrolytes in your body so just make sure that you’re getting enough
sodium potassium and magnesium so put salt on everything you eat eat lots of
avocados or you can also supplement these three tip number six
try fasting if you’re just starting out keto and you do want to get into ketosis
faster besides staying under 20 net carbs you can maybe try intermittent
fasting I do practice intermittent fasting
I follow the sixteen eight window which means I would fast for 16 hours and eat
for eight for me I start eating around 1 or 2 o’clock afternoon and I would stop
eating or my last snack last meal will be around 8 or 9 o’clock at night when
you are not eating for that long period of time your body has plenty of time to
get rid of all the glucose in there and I do try now even exercise in the
morning so I’m exercising on empty stomach while I’m fasting that way I
know for sure that my body is using just fat as an energy and I’m a fat burning
machine so better you will ease into this lifestyle or jump right into it
it’s totally up to you I hope you found this video informative and just know
that I am NOT a doctor or nutritionist I’m only sharing my knowledge and
experience I personally have with this keto diet I still recommend that you do
some independent research before you start this diet guys that’s it for
today’s video now you know how to start a ketogenic diet and what to expect I
hoped you liked this video and if you did please give it a thumbs up and don’t
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