Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

>Is a diet high in fat and low in
carbohydrates helpful like the ketogenic diet does it work for people who have
seizures? is it is it a good thing?>It does work for some. It does work for some
people who have seizures. Nicholas Children’s Hospital’s has a keto clinic,
so it does work for some people but it does not work for all of them and the
ketogenic diet is a diet that is very, very restricted very, very strict and
hard to stick to. I mean it is so strict that you really can’t go over to almonds,
you know.>And it is strict for adults imagine what it’s like for kids.>It’s
hard to maintain because of that but it does work for some.>You find that.>It, it
again. It depends upon the reason why you’re having seizures to begin with so
if there’s definitely a metabolic dysfunction that’s the cause to your
seizures then that may favour that because the the again, we’ve talked about
ketogenic on different shows but what a ketogenic diet is is that you’re
producing what are called ketones as a byproduct of fat metabolism. So if you
don’t give your body glucose your body has a way to make glucose and it makes
glucose converting fat to glucose which is why it’s a popular weight loss diet,
but it is very difficult to sustain even if you are trying to just simply lose
weight. But and the ketones tend to the theory is is that the ketones tensest
sort of stabilize the neurologic functioning of neurons so that’s the
basis, and how that works. Now again it sort of depends if there, is again a
tumor, or bleed, or another, or if there’s a genetic cause to the seizures, then the
ketogenic diet is very limited because there’s other things that are triggering
the seizures.

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