[Music] somebody’s happy this morning I love you say hi wave to them good job good morning happy Monday the outfit of the day y’all is just some khakis from Old Navy an embroidered work shirt in my white converse totally bumming it today my hair is like cray because the weekend was absolutely insane man a lot going on this weekend and then meal prepping my mother-in-law’s birthday was yesterday so we actually went out to eat twice so as far as the weight I’ll pop it up right here win up a little bit yell but we’ve been staying pretty much the same weight and like I said in last week’s vlog I splurge over the weekend as far as eating keto but just maybe eating like an extra dessert or an extra portion I don’t count I don’t worry about it I just keep poquito but I enjoy every second of the weekend as far as food goes and spending time with friends and family definitely keep it keto because I don’t want to feel like death we splurged a little bit and I do think that the carb cycling like going up a little bit in carbs does help as far as me with strength training and gaining muscle so that’s why I continue to do that however guys I don’t suggest doing that in the beginning of your keto journey if you were in weight loss mode you’ll know I’m not in weight loss mode I’m a muscle gain strength training mode so that’s why I’m able to do that so if you are just now in your keto journey or if you’re trying to lose weight don’t listen to what I’m saying right now breakfast this morning y’all oMG these cinnamon muffins I haven’t made these in a while and these are me in the hub sis favorite honestly we like the blueberry but we love these I added a little bit of the cinnamon rolls skinny syrup from Jordans oh my gosh it made him so more moist in you could definitely have like a it was definitely a bold pop of cinnamon so good and we had three slices of bacon on the side who is she y’all know I usually don’t need a lot of bacon we really that 2-pack from Costco has lasted us the entire month so just goes to show you that we don’t splurge on bacon a lot like some people do so I am still under the weather as far as allergies go it’s almost gone as y’all can hear but I still sound a little bit crazy I switch it would go away all the way don’t know what’s in the air I’m pretty much allergic to everything when I went got allergy tested last year I’ve got this crud in my chest in it like I said it’s almost gone but uh struggle so I am hella tired today y’all it is Monday I mean who isn’t tired on a Monday let’s be honest but I am in a positive mindset I think the day is gonna be a good day the afternoon is kind of up in the air as far as what we’re gonna do for exercise because of stuff going on at home but other than that I am in a positive mood hopefully the kids are gonna be good today at school I hope you are having an awesome Monday when you’re watching this I hope you are in a positive mindset I hope you’ve worked out already by the time you’re watching this plan on working up and you are killing it’s lunch today we are carnivore in it up so these are the blackened chicken tenders by Tyson not the black pepper Wednesday all of those have maltodextrin got a really great buy one get one free on these at winn-dixie so I stocked up actually think I might go back today and see if they have more they were almost sold out everywhere I went and get some more because that is a phenomenal Buy and I haven’t seen them go on that deal ever and then these are those teton hotdogs or sausages from Costco those grass-fed ones these have one netkar per sausage this is one net carb for a serving so this is three net carbs and then I also have one tablespoon of alternative sweets which is one net carbs this is four net carbs so even though you’re eating just meeting y’all you can’t just assume that it’s zero net carbs as you can see all this kind of stuff has stuff in it and it can add up quickly so I use carb manager you’ll ask all the time and it is wonderful for tracking what you’re putting in your body just now eating my snack and it is 248 I wanted to eat it earlier but we had things to do so this is a cheese which one slice of hard salami two slices of pepper jack here is the macro so it’s one carb y’all these things are so good and look at the fat 23 grams of fat so this is like my fat bomb today ting so you don’t have to do just fat bombs with sweets you can do protein in that awesome and then you’ll know we going in with my girl cotton-candy last-minute plans we were at the gym let’s get in here and knock out this workout [Music] my arms are dead yo so that was an amazing workout drive yourself to the gym y’all oMG I just feel so much better I said this every time once I leave the gym it was hella crowded up in that gym I got as much footage as I could for y’all mondays are the worst as far as being on top of each other people waiting turns everything it is insane so trauma as I’m like in the gym walking off the gym I start getting flooded with all these messages that my frickin facebook has been hacked by some jerk I was gonna say something else we were keeping a PG on the channel and sending messages to everybody with like some random YouTube video so everybody’s thinking it’s me because they’re sending a YouTube video to click on and apparently it was spam so hopefully nobody clicked on it y’all I don’t even use Facebook so if you ever get on anything for Facebook from and it’s something from me that means like somebody’s doing something they’re not supposed to because I don’t even get on there like at all like I really just need to delete my facebook but it’s got old pic pictures on there from way back when from me and the kids and stuff so that’s why I keep it just to go back and look at those pictures that are like digital I need to go and download them all really I’m sorry if you got a message from me it was not me I was happy that’s the kind of crap I got to deal with yellow people trying to act like they’re me and hack people and get somebody’s spam up in their computer what is our life fill no we’re always about those positive vibes never any negativity and all that nonsense I don’t know why they got people trying to do all that up on my page feeling good with arms y’all I’m definitely seeing the difference in my body I look so much different from let’s say like February March than I do now like I lost a ton of the weight like I’m really the same way I feel like I look bigger in certain areas than I did back I’m still the same wait that’s because we are gaining the muscle we are getting the definition in the tonnage don’t be afraid of how your body looks and if you are looking bigger versus thinner I know we always like strive to be like the skinniest and the thinnest but if you are wanting to be healthy and as far as gaining muscle you’re gonna have that sick life right and I’m all about that I’m trying to get my gains on me trying to get that big life on don’t be afraid of the thick life we are embracing it and I cannot wait until we’re where we want to be fully we’re getting there slowly but surely dinnertime and Umizoomi in the background so I’ve got my parmesan Dijon pork chops that have been marinating since yesterday I did that for my meal prep always forget to do that so I’m glad I was able to marinate them and we’re going to coat them in some Parmesan cheese bake them guys sprinkle some salt and pepper delicious if you have not tried this this has been on my channel forever I haven’t linked down below and in my cards above so good and so simple y’all going in for 20 minutes these are bone-in if you have boneless it will be less time sometimes I even do these like 25 minutes it just depends just check on them delicious yummy so I put them under the broiler for a few minutes just to crisp up the cheese and look how delicious and this looks also made some cauliflower rice with some butter and some seasoning and I’m gonna add some cheese and some sour cream it’s gonna be oh so delicious so here it is y’all parmesan Dijon pork chops and then I went ahead and just did loaded cauliflower rice so it is cauliflower that has been browned and butter and seasoning 2 tablespoons of cheese 1 tablespoon of bacon pieces and a tablespoon of sour cream oh and Jade living it up with crazy kids all around us like we talked about y’all know I was gnawing on that pork chop bone same thing with the steak bone we don’t let any meat go to waste up in here and then y’all I just want to say that the loaded cauliflower rice was the best cauliflower rice I’ve had since on keto and I told y’all what I did but I also seasoned it with this Montreal steak seasoning it straight up tasted like baked potato but it was cauliflower rice I make it any other way I’m telling y’all saute it up in some butter season it with salt and pepper and sprinkle some of this in it and then like I said two tablespoons of cheese sour cream parsley flakes and what else did we put on there bacon oMG baked potato freakin amazing won’t make it any other way awesome so I legit might have to start buying this by the case off their website just the salted caramel so flippin good one of my it’s my number one flavor as far as new flavors the hubby just ate the coconut almond swirl the other half of what I tried and he said that’s by far his favorite so far it’s so weird how we all like different tastes on different flavors so don’t let me sway you on trying them all honestly but so far this has got to be number one but we still got black raspberry triple chocolate to try good morning happy Tuesday so yesterday because of me getting hacked on Facebook I totally had like mom brain and didn’t tell you about some of the good things that happened in the gym yesterday what is our life so number one we got on the devil aka the stair climber yesterday I haven’t gotten her and forever my stamina has so by far went up since January like in January when I got on the devil I felt like I was gonna die yesterday all saw without a level-10 only for five minutes but I felt like I could like fly off that thing that’s how much my energy level was going that’s how much my stamina is able to go on that thing same thing with running before I could not run two minutes at a time on the treadmill now I can run ten minutes at a time if not more so it just shows you like if you are working out over time your stamina is going to increase you’re going to you know just get so much better in the gym so just keep at it don’t get discouraged also went over to the elastics and I went and grabbed some of those big rubber bands and did some pull-ups and things like that with my arms killer workout y’all so the intimidation is almost packed at the time I couldn’t get over there so I went over there and killed some arm bands and why not try something new get out of your comfort zone y’all and definitely just try to embrace something new as far as your workout routine you’re gonna see results doing that as well so outfit of the day this shirt y’all asked me a couple weeks ago where I got it from this is from Target I absolutely love it I think it was like twenty dollars and it is by the brand a new day the pants are also from Target and these shoes are from forever 21 breakfast this morning we were all carnivore in and up so that’s actually those teton sausages or hot dogs from Costco they’re one net carb each but they are delicious grass-fed like uncured organic they’re like amazing and then that was actually for scrambled eggs delicious y’all like very filling high protein definitely suggest doing that and last week I’d asked if y’all are up for a carnivore challenge and we are gonna do a carnivore challenge in October so go ahead and plan for the second week of October that entire week we’re gonna do seven days or five days I haven’t decided yet of a carnivore challenge I already have a lot of other youtubers on board with me with that so I’m super excited to have that coming and I am intimidated y’all it’s gonna be different we’re not gonna be able to have our keto snack our different sweeteners and things like that but I think it will be beneficial and we like trying things new right last week it was really awesome to test ketones before and after workouts we learned so much about our bodies we learned so much about health and nutrition by trying things out so I’m really excited to bring that to y’all still sounding like death y’all and it’s just gonna get worse by the end of the day because I have to teach and I gotta talk all day so I wish this crud would get out of my chest I just wish that I would feel better as far as talking in my throat in my chest got some things I’m gonna try tonight some like at home remedies that y’all were suggesting so I’m gonna try that out see if that works so I hope you have an amazing Tuesday y’all definitely get to the gym keep it keto keep it Hill journey whatever you’re doing and stay the course lunch today is one of my favorites this is hamburger in a bowl inspiration from Kristy Davis my girl this is a half a pound of ground meat two tablespoons of bacon pieces I think that’s 1/4 of a cup of shredded cheese then I’ve got my hamburger sauce and that’s just mayonnaise mustard ketchup basically in pickle juice it’s so freakin good I like to call this Big Mac sauce it tastes just like Big Mac sauce to me and I’ve got exactly one pickle cut up that’s one net carb and then I’ve got some lettuce to sprinkle and just make a big hamburger in a bowl so freaking good that is lunch I also pack this f-bomb smokehouse pork stick and this is for a snack later today so the macros 10 grams of fat it’s also that six grams of protein in one net carb haven’t tried any other pork sticks yet I have a bunch of them to try so that’s gonna be my fat bum this evening probably about one o’clock so I won’t be able to film it for y’all later while I’m teaching how to work we ate that beef stick you got our blue raspberry we’re on a time crunch let’s hit this leg day [Music] my legs are dead y’all if y’all have not done any of the machines one-legged what are you waiting for especially like that seated like press omg’s you have to go down on your weights when you do it one-legged put one-legged is that even the thing you can feel it so much better and then when doing it with two legs because you’re just using support from one leg and you can feel it all over in your booty knee in your legs it just makes you have such a great workout and I think it really is more effective than using both legs I do both legs for one rep and then the rest of the time we just go one leg in on everything after we lower the poundage now I have leant up on my poundage after weeks have gone by and you can definitely see the strength in my muscles in my legs gaining y’all I’m telling y’all do things one legged or one-armed I do things one arm two now instead of both and it definitely is more effective so I highly recommend that but don’t hurt yourself definitely lower your poundage and make sure you’re comfortable and slowly go up on the poundage over time that wasn’t a time crunch um it’s in there about 40 45 minutes we were able to kill it I definitely went to exhaustion with a lot of my leg exercises and I feel great every time I leave the gym I’m just full of energy I felt good going in but I always feel like ten times better coming out so that’s where I say you know just go ahead and make a mental game of it in the morning oh I don’t feel like going to the gym there’s no way I’m gonna be able to workout I feel crap already and it’s just the morning I haven’t even made it to work get over those mental demons and make it happen okay just make it happen just make a note to yourself and say girl dude I am going to the gym no matter what drive your booty there and you will thank me later you’re gonna feel excellent and you’re gonna be like Nicole thanks girl for the inspiration because I wanted to die but you pushed me through and now I feel awesome dinner on repeat so leftovers of the parmesan Dijon pork chops and that loaded collie rice that is so good y’all that I told you how to make last night and water in the paw patrol cup crushed it nah on your bones y’all know on your bones I went in with the new a triple chocolate bar rebel let me give you my review on this I’ve been doing all my reviews on my Instagram and on my insta story is I have my reviews for every new flavor so if you’re wondering when I think about all the new flavors it will be in my insta story highlights if I didn’t share it on the vlogs here but I’ve been saying that the salted caramel is my number one and I really like that that one however are you all seeing this right now triple chocolate so it’s chocolate ice cream chocolate chunks and chocolate swirl this is so rich decadent creamy like you’re cheating on keto and I could definitely eat this whole thing in like two seconds this is dangerous but if you like chocolate y’all this is probably the best thing I’ve put in my mouth on keto as far as ice cream the best rebel ice cream I’m gonna say it it beats everyone that I’ve tried coffee chip cookie dough whatever the case may be this is by far my favorite now all of our palates are different and we all like different things like the hubby like the almond swirlin and it was good but it wasn’t one of my tops OMG y’all if you can find this or order it online they sell this stuff by the pint they sell about the case and it’s cheaper for me to buy it online versus my local store anyway and some are y’all are saying the same thing else public sells this stuff for like almost $8 is ridiculous it’s cheaper online y’all definitely try this one my number one number two salted caramel number 3 cheery chip so far good morning happy hump day don’t know what’s going on with this lighting breakfast this morning we had the two cinnamon muffins oMG they’re so good especially with that Jordan skinny syrup in there made them so moist and three pieces of bacon I’ve been living my best bacon life y’all y’all know I’m usually not about the bacon life all the time but I love me some damn bacon it’s like I like the damn berries so yesterday I recommended about doing the machines on one legged one-armed y’all I feel it my beep is on fire meaning my bootay is on fire today oh my goodness it is such a great workout when you do it one-legged I’m telling you could definitely feel a difference if you do a two legged versus one-legged try it and come back and let me know what you think so we’re halfway there y’all I am so ready for the weekend I have not told y’all but we are going to Biloxi this Sunday for Labor Day on Monday cuz we’re off of work and just have a little bit of adult time we never get to do that like maybe every other month we get to do something alone we don’t even do like date nights because it’s so hard finding someone to watch both of the kids but we are looking forward to it can’t wait need a little bit of alone adult time you know what I’m saying I’m around kids all day every day it’s nice to have some grown-up time and just eat and sleep in and be around other adults so halfway there let’s get on with our day I’m in a positive mindset it’s gonna be an exhausting draining day with what I have going on at work today we’re gonna make it through and we’ve got some fun stuff planned for this evening how could I forget outfit of the day today it’s like the best outfit ever this jumper is from Target the only thing I wish it wasn’t like as low-cut I mean it’s not bad and then I got my jean jacket y’all this was an on scale victory we talked about a few weeks ago they had them on sale at Old Navy for $15 this was originally a $40 jacket it has a distressing on it and everything like really really nice for 15 bucks they were speaking my language they were like girl we saw you with that non scale victory let’s have a $15.00 sale for Nicole and this girl sure walked in and got my jean jacket for $15 and then are from Old Navy as well earrings are from Walmart and we’re wearing the no effort hair beachy wave hair loving today is super comfy you look like you put yourself together no effort really much here at all today y’all lunch today is another protein Bowl so it’s two of those Teton hotdogs Polish sausages whatever you want to call them from Costco three of the black and chicken tenders by Tyson I do have a portion of these Trader Joe’s cheese whips these are one net carb for the amount that I have in here y’all let me know down below if you have like cheese whip been wasted I have so many that have been sent to me in boxes things that I’ve bought and I rarely eat them I’m trying to eat them up because I have like a hella amount in my pantry for some reason I’ve got 1 tablespoons of alternative sweets barbecue sauce and then for my afternoon pick-me-up I have a chocolate chip cookie dough keto bar by perfect keto y’all know I love these things this is too net carbs and this is one of my favorite flavors love this for a high fat pick-me-up in the afternoon and I may have a cup of coffee but I probably won’t be able to film that because I’ll be teaching when I’m eating this around 1:30 2 o’clock we’ve made it home you didn’t see me have a cup of coffee at work I did eat my Kido bar my perfect keto chocolate chip cookie dough bar delicious but it is 6:15 and I’m starving I’ve got my air fryer chicken and the airfryer I’ve got a nightgown on because having a jumper on all day was not a good idea having to pee all the time struggle is real so we’re trying to get dinner ready I am filming this for a future for that sour side dish was going to be some type of asparagus by Bobby from slave city I love Bobby to death but boy you got too many components going on in some of your recipes this girl’s coming home from work at 6 o’clock and don’t have time for that life so this is what I am whipping up y’all so I’ve got some asparagus I put some avocado oil in there we’ve dumped a ton of garlic I love me some garlic and then this is my secret weapon to make things taste freakin amazing is the grill mates Montreal steak I like the chicken 1/2 but as you can see I use the beep out of the stuff I love it so much I’m gonna toss this up I’m gonna put it on a sheet pan and I’m gonna add some Parmesan cheese on top bake it in the oven 15 minutes on 400 or 425 I’ll let you know for sure and it’s gonna be delicious and we didn’t have to do all that bougie stuff added a little bit more seasoning I got my parmesan on top 425 for 15 minutes y’all it’s gonna come out so delicious and it just was no effort so y’all been asking if the drop biscuits from the southern keto cookbook freeze well and yes they do these were some leftovers that I prepped I didn’t want them to go bad so I put them in the freezer and I just took them out let them thaw out as I’m cooking the chicken and they’re gonna be perfect along as a side speaking of sides there is my asparagus right there it is so freaking good y’all oh my goodness so that is like the simplest way to make it and look how cheesy and delicious that’s gonna be don’t be jealous as goody beets would say waiting on the chicken it should be done in about three minutes and then this girl is getting her grub on finally dinner is here I feel like I’ve been waiting hours took a little bit longer to make it in the airfryer than usual because I had a bigger chicken and kids are being cray y’all know struggle with mom life but it’s here let’s get to it you know I’m gonna kill it y’all I destroyed that I annihilated that in like five seconds like I was so hungry all that chicken didn’t have a chance with me oMG it was so freakin good you’ve gotta do in the airfryer it’s the most juiciest chicken you’re ever gonna make is in the airfryer and you know if you’re not working and you know definitely make it ahead of time you know unlike me when I don’t get home till 6:00 so it takes until 7:30 for it to be done in the airfryer but it’s worth it it’s so good let’s get to dessert y’all you’re going to die yes y’all look at this primal noms mug cake mocha – net carbs these things are really good they are awesome guys Matt and Ali they’re a small company and I’m happy to report they have donated a couple of months for a giveaway for the keto NOLA meetup so thank you Ali for that and then chalk zero chocolate syrup went in with that drizzled it and a little bit of this sugar-free it whipped heavy cream ba-bye mud cake oh so good morning happy Thursday not gonna lie this girl is hella tired I have been staying up the past couple of nights and watching 13 reasons why on Netflix y’all comment down below if you watch that show I love me some Netflix shows as y’all know stranger things I mean orange is the new black I still got to watch that but I really do like this show I know it’s very controversial but I think it is a great show for this day and age to watch because they talk about all the topics that nobody wants to talk about and we definitely need to have the awareness with this kind of stuff and I would hope that this kind of crap is not happening in high schools and in schools but we guys we know it is so it’s just nice that they bring this stuff to light to maybe change some people’s minds maybe to help some people so I like it it’s a really good drama show if you haven’t watched it before definitely not kid-friendly so you got to have the kids in bed when you watch it and that’s why I’m staying up a late outfit of the day guys super basic some khakis a target shirt and some flip-flops I mean you can’t get more basic than that Walmart $3 earrings I mean just to make it look like I did something but we didn’t breakfast this morning is awesome it is a protein Bowl so it’s for scrambled eggs to sausage links y’all packed with protein I love those Tenten Polish sausages from Costco they’re really hot dogs and they taste like a really fancy bougie hotdog which I really like I’m gonna get some more when I go on my neck costco Hall to have for basically hotdogs instead of eatin a sausages but they’re a bomb nonetheless definitely give them a try they’re great grass-fed all that good stuff so pick them up next time you go they’re a little pricey but they’re worth it so I’m super jealous y’all hubby just called and he said that a friend at work gave him two tickets to the thing it’s pretty seasoning game tonight against Miami and he’s gonna take Weyland so I’m super excited because I don’t think whale has ever been to a game and he likes like sports and things like that so that’ll be some good daddy time and me and Trey Trey Trey is back here we’re gonna have some mommy time this afternoon so I’m gonna be picking up Trey from school y’all know we always go shopping and do all the fun things so I’m gonna spend some time with Trey he loves being out and about and daddy’s gonna spend some time with Waylon and what better time since we’re gonna have our adult day basically this weekend I just want to say real quick thank you so much for the love and support the messages over on Instagram are always incredible I love seeing your before and after pictures your weight loss journey they go so much for doing that just keep them coming y’all keep them coming it motivates me and lights a fire under my butt to keep continuing to do what I do to put out content to hopefully motivate and inspire y’all so definitely keep sending me the messages I love it like I said if I don’t get to you right away y’all I apologize I get bombarded I cannot check my Instagram while I’m at work so literally from 8 to 4 o’clock I am NOT on social media while I’m at work I know what is my life then four o’clock it’s like oh girl where have you been all day and I have to like catch up on everything I gotta wait til I get home at 9 so it’s a lot just to catch up on Instagram and then as far as the comments here on YouTube I read every comment ok I want y’all to know that every comment gets read I might not have time to go back and heart everyone or leave a comment but just so you know I scroll through on every video pretty much daily nightly and check the comment section so I am reading every single comment just so you know I can’t show you the love back just know that I’m reading it and I appreciate it and I try to do my best yell but it is just absolutely insane sometimes so I hope you are at this point in the week whenever you’re watching this video I hope that you have stayed the course I hope that you are keeping things healthy as far as whatever health journey you’re on Weatherby keto Weight Watchers low calorie whatever you are doing I hope that you were to stay in the course not being hard on yourself we are human we make mistakes pick it up and keep going y’all you got this let’s get this Thursday rolling almost a fry a lunch today is a huge salad y’all but I want y’all to know lesson lesson here y’all sometimes y’all think oh I’m eating salad and this is like no carbs so I can eat all this other crap the rest of the day and I’m good and then you want to know why your weight loss has stalled or you’re not losing any weight or you gain weight you’re like well girl I eat salads all week guys this is an eighth carb salad what yes okay so this is three cups of romaine so that has a little bit of carbs we have a car from our blackened chicken strips in there we’ve got carbs from the cheese I’ve got carbs because I’m putting this entire avocado in there and then I’ve got one card from my dressing whereas my dad kedo blue cheese dressing you may ask it went bad on me all I hadn’t made a batch in forever and I hadn’t used any forever I hadn’t been eating salad a lot and it was a sad day because my dad kita lady dressing went bad on me so this is some bad bottle dressing don’t hate on me don’t come for me and I also have some bacon in there y’all but yeah eight net carbs because of the things I was telling you about so don’t think that you know this is like nothing it definitely adds up now it’s coming from good sources so at least your carbs are coming from good places here but yeah just know that it is not zero net carbs for sure also want to show you my snack because I’m probably gonna eat this around two and I will have a class and from the room so I cannot film so I’m going to be eating this cheese which this is the pepperoni and mozzarella it has two net carbs it’s got 17 protein and 21 grams of fat I love these for like fat bombs so if you don’t want like a sweet fat bomb and you need a high protein as well this is a great source y’all ask me where you get these all the time I know a lot of stores and gas stations sell these they actually sent these to me and I think you can order them online so definitely check them out they are great and then I also brought a bang a star blast I don’t know if I’m gonna bust into this but I know I’m hella tired so I brought it as a backup 6:30 just got home about 30 minutes ago just fed treat dinner it’s just me and Trey a low-key night I like it super quiet we’re gonna have a good night spot to eat dinner I am hungry we went to a couple of grocery stores we went to Whole Foods and when Dickstein to our Whole Foods deal for Instagram definitely follow me on Instagram you know if you’re not already I do a weekly Whole Foods deals like all the best deals and there’s lots of fun advertised deals at Whole Foods so by me showing you that you know before you go and store what to expect which is awesome and that is in my story highlight so there’s a highlight that says Whole Foods deals every single week definitely check it out Trey and I go shopping with winn-dixie yep gonna be an easy night we got a lot of this stuff to eat so let’s get to it Center on repeat so I’ve got my air fryer chicken and I did add a little bit of butter to the top of it just because I find the next day it loses its you know juiciness and it’s not as juicy so I like it to have a little something-something without the carbs with like a barbecue sauce or ketchup got some more of that asparagus as so delicious and that’s like a whole chicken breast plus some of dark bean right here and of course we’ve got to have our mom life avengers water in our cup right killed it and drink all my water like a good girl y’all dessert tonight we’re eating the rest of the triple chocolate this is a new flavor by rebel y’all look at that it literally is triple chocolate it’s got swirls of chocolate it’s got chunks of chocolate and chocolate ice cream I mentioned on my Instagram this is my number one and then the caramel one is the second the salted caramel so freaking good y’all get rebel in your life make the online order that’s what I did and y’all know I’m gonna be ordering me some more because I haven’t found it in my stores yet and then I’ve got Alec Han toe cookie that I should have had in my meal prep for y’all yesterday if you’re watching this on Monday these things are bum I think you can only get them on their website you can’t even get them on Amazon I’ve look because I’m trying to order some more in the la canto chocolate chips as well and those things are just like Lily’s chocolate and I think they’re less carbs y’all so definitely check out the canto I have their website down below and I have like a 10 or 20% discount Li check them out I love their products you know I killed that y’all gosh my favorite I gotta get some more of my life this is Kido problems at its finest it is a problem y’all this is gonna be a problem and watching our Saints game preseason still so it doesn’t really count but we gettin that who dat nation ready y’all what happened to sleep in y’all where’s my life good morning happy Friday yes I’ve been waiting for this day all week mom what took you so long girl ready for this three-day weekend y’all just do not even know I’m ready for our adult day yes living our best life breakfast this morning y’all I love these cinnamon muffins and I love them even more since adding the Jordans skinny syrup to it I’m telling y’all I’ve got some laying around why are you letting it collect us use it bacon is life I always talk about how I don’t eat bacon why am I not eating more bacon it’s freaking delicious and a zero carb why not y’all and I had my wedding cake coffee we were just livin it up this morning outfit of the day y’all non scale victories again because I have not lost any more weight I’ll talk I have people that say all the time please stop losing weight bla bla bla guys the scale has stayed the same since basically February I’ve lost 20 pounds I haven’t lost anymore we are just focused on gaining muscle these pants I have bought since the spring and they fit snug when I bought them and I weigh the exact same however trying them on this morning I knew they were gonna be big because they’re a size up than what I’ve been wearing but they are hella huge in the waist they’ve been okay in the legs we can get by but in the ways they are hella huge and so that’s why I say all the time y’all do not let the scale determine your success please find a pair of jeans and outfit a dress something a chain jacket something you want to fit into that is smaller than what you’re currently in and try it on every single week and see how it feels see if it’s feeling it more loose see if you’re more comfortable in it that’s gonna determine your success more than the scale cuz like I said the scale is say the same if not went up a little bit for me since buying these pants and now these pants are hella huge so that just goes to show you that muscle is going into lean out your body so if you’re working out as well that’s definitely gonna transform your body I have seen a huge difference in my body since the spring as far as what I look like I was looking I will admit me I knew I had a couple of comments I said I look too thin in the spring that’s because I dropped the pounds but I didn’t have any muscle on me any lean muscle now I’m the same way maybe a pound or two more but I look healthier because I am gaining muscle and training my body to get fit and healthy and lean if that makes sense so again non scale victory guys do not let the scale determine you shirt is from goody beats so y’all ask me all the time where you can buy his merchandise so I’m gonna link his link down below to his website this shirt says keto cut but I love the same on the back it is like me to a tee love his merch is like spot-on I’m telling y’all if y’all are not following him definitely go give him a follow he is like the male version of me I know that’s saying a lot for my goody Beats fans but I feel like sometimes we say the same exact things and I swear I don’t watch all of his videos right away I go back and watch his videos like weeks later because he puts that amazing content but I just don’t have time to watch everybody but I do go back and watch them and sometimes I go back and I’m like boy you’re saying the same thing I was saying it so yeah we have like the same mindset I think with a lot of things so he’s definitely a really good person to go and follow very inspirational motivational to go and show him some love so as y’all can see I am pumped for this Friday hopefully I can have this energy stamina throughout the day because these days always dragged by when you want them to go right so we’re gonna have a good day have a good night last night Waylon in Lonnie had a great time at the football game however our Saints lost it’s all right who dat nation we got this it was just preseason so they did not even play one starter so I’m looking forward to at the new season we’ve got some new players to see if they live up to the hype so I think it’s gonna be a good season for the Who Dat nation who dat and happy Friday lunch today is my last hamburger in a bowl and then also for some crunch on the side the last of my four 5:05 pork rinds from Costco this is like the chili and salt I think the original oh my gosh these are so addictive and so good I talked about the four or five oh five I didn’t like the jalapeno cheddar way back win on the vlogs but this one is spot on and that huge back from Costco is a great deal because I looked at Whole Foods the little bags like $5 so that huge bag I think was like $7.99 seems pricey but so freakin worth it and I definitely will be picking some more up at Costco because this is like a pork rind treat so yes this is gonna be an awesome lunch I don’t know where we’re going to eat tonight but the macros on breakfast and dinner are pretty good grocery pick up be hoppin y’all Friday afternoon let’s get these groceries get to the house get some food we’re on our way to eat dinner but we have to make a pit stop for hubby’s work so it might be a little while this girl’s not feeling good cuz I did not eat my afternoon snack like I have been I can totally tell y’all when I go from 11 to 6 o’clock without any fat on me I feel like I’m gonna die I feel dead because I don’t have any energy so Sevilla is gonna get me through and three pieces of bacon I know not the best but this girl’s got to do what we got to do keepin a low carb so we can have a big dinner I don’t care what anybody says that bacon hit the spot y’all get that fat up in your life if you need something for fuel I’m telling you like instantaneously I feel better this girl cannot skip the afternoon snacks [Music] yes this girl’s eating ice cream after eating that crap ton of food from Chili’s don’t judge me don’t come for me I likes my foods and the more I eat the better I feel so I’m going in with the rebel black raspberry this is one of the new wavers this is the one that’s been sold out so this is the one everybody went ape over and I don’t know why because all the other flavors seem more appealing to me we’re gonna try it out and I’m not a huge raspberry fan but I will let you guys know and yes yes even more I got a new a cookie chocolate chip live in our best ki doli review time so it’s black raspberry but to me it’s just raspberry it reminds me a lot of the strawberry which I’ll know that’s one of my tops the texture the creaminess is more creamy with the strawberry in with this one than the other ones and it’s just smooth and it’s really good really really good really recommend it do I think it’s my number one do I think I should have been sold out of all the flavors no but I get a lot of people miss raspberry you know like flavored ice cream or stuff or treats on their keto journey but so far y’all I’ve tried all the flavors now and definitely triple chocolate hands-down number one number two salted caramel and then all of them are good okay let’s be honest rebel makes all great ice creams but those are my top twos but this one is very very good still watching this and I need to be in bed I’m addicted yum yum traje a toka bar sprinkles sugar-free sprinkles y’all LeConte Oh syrup sugar-free whipped topping and southern keto waffles batch cook at him right now Leland prefers chopped zero caramel hallway way cereal that’s nice cereal that’s waffle silly yum-yum trays plate Weiwei’s plate kiddo approved good big thumbs up yeah buddy oh we want drink now but y’all make these from the southern keto cookbook the kids love them love them yes winning [Music] so I just wanted to come on the vlog and share again about our keto meetup on October 22nd y’all it is going to be so much fun and thank you so much to Z via for sending out enough CBO’s for the goodie bags you all these goodie bags are gonna be lit I’ve got so many companies that are sending amazing things I’m gonna be showing you on the vlogs what to expect Christy dakedo lady she’s also got some amazing things coming y’all we are making sure that y’all are gonna be hooked up the first 50 people at the door at mooyah burgers on October 22nd so if y’all have not made your travel arrangements to come to the keto goodie meetup what are you waiting for gotta get your booties there thank you thank you see BIA awesome amazing company its 3:23 been busy with mom like doing stuff getting ready for our little day trip tomorrow so I have one of the cinnamon muffins left and this is going to be a afternoon snack since we didn’t have lunch also going in with a ginger ellezi BIA speaking about them earlier I love them amazing company amazing people and ginger ale is one of my favorite root beer cherry coke yes finally able to talk with y’all mom life at its fullest and it’s been Krait around here so I’ve been meal prepping today because we are leaving to go to Biloxi tomorrow on a Sunday and I really don’t want to have to do much meal prepping when we come back Monday but or go back to work Tuesday so I’ve been doing that washing clothes taking care of kids you know the typical mama duties but as you saw we haven’t eaten much today we’re gonna be doing burgers probably in the grill or the airfryer depending Lonnie had to go and do another side job he’s been hustling hard y’all with two inside jobs but so many people down here y’all are having issues with air conditioning and he’s a jack-of-all-trades and he’s really good at that and it’s hella hot around here so everybody’s air conditionings are breaking so he’s having to go and help everybody else hence moms at home by herself doing all the things I want in the vlog telling y’all a bunch of awesome things that are happening today Monday lolly is granola y’all know I rave about the granola so much I love it so much are the parfaits with the damn berries or with a nut butter packet they are releasing pumpkin spice he’s released on Monday the second so definitely check down below because I have a discount code that you can use and order some guys it’s a limited time flavor so she’s only gonna be selling it from today through November so if you want to get that in your life for a pumpkin spice and everything nice look down below for the code and go and order some before she sells out another awesome thing happening today is perfect kiddos having an awesome Labor Day sale today Tuesday and Wednesday Frasier so I have a special code down below that gets you 20% off anything in their store my personal link is only 15% so that’s a better deal and then also if you do a bundle like a three bundle that doesn’t include the keto bars which another thing kind of mad about but it does include the college ins and the bases and a couple other things they do the nut butters and you’re going to get 25% off so definitely check down below with all that information because I’ve got discount codes for perfect keto again for their three-day Labor Day sale that’s a hot hot sale because like I said my usual discount code is only 15% to go and check that out if you need some that Kido in your life you’ll know I love everything perfect Kido so congratulations to last week’s outer Isle winner so the outer Isle linner from last week is Miss ki zero to miss ki zero – so congratulations for winning the $50 outer Isle gift card so what you have to do miss ki is going message me on instagram or send me a email it’s all in the description box down below let me know that you got it I need your mailing address so I can send that off to outer I’ll so they can get that $50 gift card to you thanks for everybody who watched that video last week and participated in the giveaway you all know I have many more giveaways coming up ahead so stay tuned for those so let’s annual on a positive note I’m trying to be a positive but guys I legit woke up this morning with my eyes crusted shut I know that sounds so freakin gross but we keep it real here and as y’all can hear allergies still got me down and they’re actually even worse as far as now my nose is clogged up I can’t taste things the struggle is real you’ve got allergies all you can relate on your last year I post it all over that I went got allergy tested and I’m allergic to pretty much everything in the world on the planet it’s a struggle so today if you’re watching on Labor Day I hope you’re enjoying your day off I know I probably am because I should be in Biloxi we’re riding the bike we’re doing all the things writing big Lonnie’s bike probably that’s before yes we have a motorcycle and long it does have a motorcycle but we usually take his dad’s bike his late dad’s bike and it just makes us you know cherish him remember him and all the good times I definitely when I’m riding that bike I definitely remember him the entire time I’m riding so I love right in it and we don’t get to do that too often because of the kiddos so I will be staying the keto course on Labor Day all I hope you are staying in the course on Labor Day and if you do fall off the wagon whatever your journey may be stay the course y’all you’ve got this pick it up next keto meal next weight watcher snack Lokar whatever you’re doing y’all you’ve got it stay the course don’t beat yourself up you’re anemic after all if you want to enjoy your Labor Day for one day it’s just one day remember that one day is not going to affect your overall journey so journey all it is not a fad it is a journey a lifestyle so one day is not going to hurt us if you did straight off the plan keep that in mind don’t beat yourself up I love each and every one if y’all thank y’all so much for watching I hope this video was motivational and inspiring and I hope I can get through this before I lose my boys entirely love y’all and I’ll see you on the next one bye

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