KETO: Top 6 SNACKS for Weight Loss!

today let’s talk about ketogenic snacks [Music] now let me just start this video I said I used to snack a lot but now in maintenance mode I’m finding that I don’t want to have to snack I just do my one meal a day but when I travel with a muscle we do like to pick up snacks you know either on the road or just for the road trip even for the hotel that we stand so how many snack options is really important to me on the ketogenic diet so I wanted to present what I’m doing now I kind of made this video I think before or he talked about some good snack options but this is what I would choose now a couple years later I know I’ve been making videos for a couple years now kind of surprises me a little bit so if you haven’t already noticed I have on my snack line that but we’re gonna go through them one by one look at the nutrition we’re gonna taste test everything and I know it’s all good so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video our first snack option is one of my favorite gas-station finds and it’s always a good pack of pork rinds now actually I want to make like a whole pork rind taste test video from the gas station nut stuff you find on Amazon that’s all fancy SuperDuper delicious but like the stuff that you can get on the side of the road when you’re traveling so if you would like to see a pork rind taste test video from things that you can find at your local Walmart or gas station let me know down below I would love to make that video I’m gonna try in the muscle in on it just cuz you know be more fun with to people taste testing and voting and things but let me know down below if you’d like to see that nothing I’m against shopping on Amazon it’s just you know I’m a simple person and when I eat snacks I want to be able to find it quick and easy but anyway your pork rinds are such a great options they are basically zero carb I mean unless you get one with a weird spice blend that does have a few carbs in it these babies are all fat and a little bit of protein so 14 grams of pork rinds is gonna about 80 calories about zero grams of carbs and about seven grams of protein and these are just the regular salty kind again if you get a different type of blend mi of the carb can a little bit I mean either just saw their salt and vinegar which those were my favorite types of chips back in the day before I was ever keto and actually I really loved some salt vinegar almonds but almonds get me in a lot of trouble just saying I can’t do nothing more there’s a bit too much for me so I just they know at the grocery store like I’m rhyming a lot today that is just total total coincidence I don’t know what’s happening I’m in a good mood cuz it’s Friday so let’s bust these babies open and let’s look at a serving size and a little bit of a taste cuts because I even had this on vinegar in a while I’ve been doing the barbecue and the spicy ones I love the smell of pork rinds so this right here is a serving of pork rinds it doesn’t look that big but it’s definitely got the crunch factor and again these aren’t so so bad on calories that you couldn’t double those up at the end of day if you wanted to watch some that legs like I like to do Neverland is like the best invention ever I’m not even gonna get into it right now I’m watching Lucifer you’re wondering so these are the salt vinegar kind like I said I really love my salt vinegar snack oh yeah crunchy salty savory vinegary everything you want it’s right here so good one of my more gourmet snacks that I enjoy is a nice sliced avocado with olive oil with salt and pepper I first had this has an on hey when I went to Montreal at this place called Authority open it’s the veining and it was the first time I ever had avocado as an appetizer like besides guacamole which is my favorite thing in the whole world that’s how a judge a Mexican restaurant but we on Quito do love avocados and we love olive oil so why not put them together so yes my second favorite snack is a sliced avocado with olive oil and salt and pepper I forgot to look at the nutrition and things before this video cause it is Friday and I long day I’m a little tired but that’s no excuse so I’m gonna list all of the nutrition down below you should be able to see it right about now if Ali did her anything jump right sometimes it doesn’t work out sometimes they have to leave things out it just depends on the editing software and how its feeling that day I try so hard and other things let me down story of my life but this is such a savory treat and it feels refreshing it’s not like you know you just grab in some pork rinds out of the bag and now your hands all salty like you when you make this snack you feel a little bit classier you feel a little bit better about yourself and I think that makes it more enjoyable overall and so it’s just definitely a good snack it’s a lot of fat one of the more calorie dense snacks but again it’s very filling and you’re not gonna feel hungry at all for a long time because again it’s all fat and that’s what we love about Kino the fat keeps us feeling fuller for a longer so that we can eat Lance for weight loss I love song and I love paper you mean that’s all that’s a little bit so this is probably one of the more calorie dense snacks on this list because you have avocado which is a very fatty for root and also you have the oil now I put on half a tablespoon which one tablespoon comes up to like a 10 gram yes I know I imagine it on the grand scale so I’m gonna have to get out less stupid tablespoon all the time and wash it so I put on about 5 grams of oil and it covered it really really nicely I don’t know if you can see this but it looks a little good and I’m actually gonna have a bike because I have not eaten all day I got my salt my pepper makes me really bad I like I was gonna wait to eat until later but I mean you got anything out kado it’s gonna go bad you know turn around and stuff I’m gonna save this for later but try this out avocado oil salt freshly ground black pepper now my next favorite snack was kind of a fluke um when I have done cooking videos in the past I’ve made a couple sweet treats and I’ve used this ingredient that I haven’t sitting in my cupboard and so sometimes when I get home I’m like you know what I just want to lunch on something real quick so my leftover ingredients and I look like the munch on sometimes when it’s left over and it’s just sitting in my cover that I don’t wanted to go back our unsweetened coconut legs I don’t know I just love to say it that way I know it’s weird probably sounds really stupid I’m sorry I am a college educated person I went to college for a long time and I have the debt to show it let me let me just tell you so few little things go a long way usually I don’t even pour I’m out I just want a couple little tiny handfuls of them but two tablespoons are 15 grams is gonna run you about 110 calories 2 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of protein and these are slightly sweet all the other options on this necklace are salty you know crunchy and good but these are the less salty options so if you’re looking for something that you just want to change up your plate or maybe after some dinner you just want something try some unclean coconut plate so let’s open up my unclean coconut date yeah you can definitely smell a hint of sweetness I’m sorry but you know Ali is gonna show you with like some coconut just dry you know nothing done to it it’s just a nice little snack so okay that’s actually surprisingly fatty so even though it’s very light and it doesn’t look like a whole lot here I don’t know if you can tell but you have a good fair amount I mean I probably take my coconut as a snack and like pinch it about that size and then shove it in my mouth because I’m nothing how I do sometimes you know the struggle is real you work late you tired we gotta get some food in you so yeah you wouldn’t think that Wow just like this like dry stuff has 110 calories but it does and to Nick grams of carbs in this mission of protein one gram but I mean this is how I do and I’m like a little hungry after work or something it is slightly sweet very coconutty so if you’re gonna cook it up and obviously probably would not like this but that’s one of the things I do and I have coconut laying around and it does kind of fill you up cuz it is very dry you crunch on it a little bit you gotta chew it a little bit it doesn’t just dissolve okay now I’m sure lots of people actually gonna try this before and actually I’ve only ever had one bag in the before but I really like them and they lasted me a long time because I was just kind of going to the bagging thing like two or three out of the time so the bag lasted me a while just like you know if I’m out and I come home I’m just like I just want something I would reach for these and those are the wisps and the wisps are basically baked cheese they have different flavors my last bag was the parmesan one and it was really good nice and salty and crunchy so definitely if you want to crunch that is keto friendly and salty and just savory trout these lists each bag is about two servings and one serving is about 28 grams and 28 grams will run you about 170 calories 2 grams of carbs and 10 grams of protein so a nice little protein snack here I mean you would think that cheese would be all fat but it ain’t so I’m kind of surprised about that ok like I said before I’ve tried the parmesan lifts but I couldn’t find them today just for this video so we’re gonna try them bacon with today and I’m sure that’s gonna be even better but like I said I really do like these because you just kind of grab one or two at a time I usually don’t measure these out in a portion cuz I would overeat so again this whole bag has two servings and the entire bag only 340 calories and I got that Alaska a long while so I’ll measure now this is what one serving you’re 28 grams looks like the package says that it’s about 23 crisps I don’t think this is a 23 crisps so just be wary 28 grams came out tough 15 if I combine a couple of crushed ones 15 crisps so just remember it’s better to measure okay I know cup some tablespoons whatever you might be used to it we’re just counting based on what the back says is the serving if you just count by how many things you eat but all uses be precise especially for weight loss especially if you’re plateauing get a gram scale and measure it out cuz this is not 23 crisp and so let’s try the bacon I’m a little bit excited about it oh definitely like the bacon a lot better than the parmesan oh I don’t even see the barbecue parties bacon barbecue that’s what it is I love barbecue like when I eat chips barbecue chips pulled pork with some barbecue sauce is my favorite thing so yeah definitely like this barbecue bacon cheese with some spots right now in my mouth okay now I have to be honest one time a couple months ago Ali was making a video and she did not do her research it was an open letter to jam links because I said you know hey you know what’s going on Jack Link’s why is your beef jerky so expensive and how come you don’t make a lower curve option lunch is on the go when you can’t stop or you just have a gas station near you I mean come on Jack wing what are you doing why are you doing this to me into yourself you’re killing me now eat turkey is something that I will buy when I am on the road I do not buy beef jerky in the grocery store cuz I’m doing oh man and so all the options I saw in gas stations when I was on the road or in like pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS I couldn’t find this particular style so I didn’t even know that they made this silent to like three weeks ago because they fell in a big grocery store and like I said I don’t buy beef jerky in the grocery store I buy out when I’m out and about but I am found exactly zero sugar beef jerky 28 grams of this low sugar beef jerky is gonna run you about 80 calories 1 gram of carb vs. like the 7 that normal Jaclyn’s beef jerky has and 15 grams of protein so really good on protein rubber on keto you want to hit that protein goal based on your height and your weight and your stats on what you need and it’s lower fat and lower calories so definitely a good option for weight loss remember fat is not a goal but a limit and you need to be watching out for those calories if you want to lose weight I have so many videos but my last video talking about plateaus really covers calories and I have a whole calorie video as well so if you’re interested in losing weight or if you plateaued or you want to lose weight a little bit quicker check those out so yes although I kind of ripped jack links on a one and one of my non posting videos that’s a thing by the way people make videos I don’t post them cuz they realize that they suck or that they were wrong I happen to be wrong knowing it the beef jerky is beef so it is one of the more expensive options look Jack legs you can you’re a big company you can discount your beef jerky a little bit so this is 28 grand this is a serving it is chewy it’s one of the chewer your options of beef jerky that I’ve ever had so it does take a while to eat because you have to chew it a lot definitely not as sweet as the sugary beef jerky but it’s really good and its really peppery which I love I love some pebble it’s definitely a really good option very low fat very low carb and more protein you gotta hit that protein going on Sam and my last snack that I love okay I have been like doing these every day like right before dinner while it’s cooking or right after dinner it’s just like a tiny night snack or maybe if I went out with the muscle we get back home and we’ve had a good I’m just like you know what I just want something a little bit different I’m gonna try out these marinated mushrooms and you’ve seen these in my other videos when I go grocery shopping at Walmart I love these things are so good they’re so tasty and savory they’ve got garlic and basil and they’re I’m a very light dressing it’s not even a dressing is basically water it’s not a pickled mushroom it’s a marinated mushroom although I do love some pickles these are my Bellevue and they’re so good I might eat like maybe six or seven of these a day they’re so good for weight loss because they’re so low-calorie and very low carb they might be for one of the lowest carb things on this list so this whole jar has two and a half servings and one jar will last me about five or six days so again very low carb very low calorie but per serving which is about a hundred and ten grams of these mushroom Julianne yeah 30 calories 1 gram of fat one gram of net carbs and three grams of protein so definitely one of the best weight loss options if you’re plateauing but you’re hungry and you can’t make it through the day without a snack this is the snack for you or other types of people I mean these are people’s are marinated but pickles are also a really good option so this is about a hundred and ten grams it’s really on hundred in a because I don’t want to go over just to show you what a serving size is I mean you get a lot of vegetable here and they’re really tasty vegetables too I brought these to a party a barbecue and I had like a cheese plate with some pickles and some roasted red pepper and these babies it was good and I’m gonna eat all of these and only have thirty calories and 1 gram of net carb in my system hello great snack option for weight loss how I’m feeling cuz they’re vegetables so you actually get to chew and you actually get that feeling in your stomach which I really like I’m a volume person especially maintenance mode I like to feel full when I eat my one meal a day so I do focus on more vegetables that’s just means of my approach and that’s how I do like a violent Allen like I’m a little bit late but I’ve already eaten like Oh about this many of these mushrooms and it’s nice I mean I don’t worry about it I don’t even log it and you guys know this is a corporate logging because I’m so like crazy about everything about my weight I’m kind of obsessed about weight loss and weight maintenance if you haven’t noticed I’ve been making videos for like two years I don’t know what that voice is I’m sorry so definitely if you want garlic and basil you should try out these marinated mushrooms by Bellevue not a sponsor although hey Bellevue I would love to represent you and then have you be my throw that out there into the wind money for today I hope that you enjoyed the video and if you did enjoy please don’t forget to Like and subscribe I’ll help you know so much and if you like the follow me on social media I will they go on that down below don’t forget if you want to see that pork rind video I’m really hyping it up because I just want to sit down with my man eat some pork rinds in front of my camera and just like film it and see what happens so I think it might be fun and it make for an easy delicious tasty crunchy salty video and I mean who doesn’t want to know what the best you know gas station pork rind is I want to know that’s why I want to do that video remember if you are into weight loss I would say try and avoid snacking day to day but again if you’re on the road or that is your approach and you find that it works for you definitely check out these snacks I love my avocado and I love my mushrooms so I do try and stay away from the easier snacks the ones that you can just kind of grab out of the cupboard and they’re not as you know low-calorie or little curve as the mushrooms are because you can just grab those from the fridge so if you trying to take some more Whole Foods now that I’m in maintenance mode but definitely I have had my fair share of queue Jetix necks all throughout my weight loss and it changes and my tastes change and it’s just it’s I’m so glad that there is such a market for it right now remember doesn’t matter what your approaches as long as it’s working for you that’s all that matters even though all these gurus like me on YouTube tell you what to do you know what’s best for you and as long as it’s working that’s all that matters and I said that’s about it for today thank you guys again so much for watching my name is Ellie have a good one bye [Music]

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