Keto snacks for drive time

good morning guys so here we are only a second or third for the 20th time I don’t know been trying to do this this video here but anyways we just switched a shame striving there is and I did my my my shift got us got us a little bit of the way made it to our love’s destination so we could take our showers but anyways I’m gonna get ready to hit the funk here in a little bit I wanted to share some of our Quito stuff with you guys I think I might have shared in another video that since we came back out after home time in March Shane when we wait on Monday this last Monday the 15th text day Shayne has lost a total of 28 pounds and I have lost a total of 13 so we had lost three more pounds since last time we had weight so that’s pretty good I’ll take it now our goal is to be good on home time so that we don’t have to keep real oozing wait I keep having to really wait so anyways so we’re trying to where our goal is to stay good during the home time we did really good when we lay it over with the kids in Louisiana we have one night that I took shame to a steakhouse that that we like to eat out there and they have really good rolls you can’t go there without eating a roll so so we didn’t have one night that we that we cheated but the rest of time we did really well so trust me when I tell you that when we go to Leesville and we usually stop every morning at least ville donuts and we didn’t stop at one time so because they have the best donuts in the world but anyways so what we do is we have this little snack bag which is getting quite food right there that’s that bag that I think I shared with you guys in a previous video I got for my friend Shelly it’s an initials bag it has my initial on the front which they do the monogramming for free and actually got this back pretty pretty cheap because it was on sale but anyways check her out she’s a Shelley Shelley word fun and she has an initials page I’ve put the link in and in our videos before but I’ll add the link to this one as well and then we have our cooler see that yeah so we graduated to an electric cooler we got tired of dripping stuff all over us all the time and as so far the I liked your coolers doing really well we saved our points with pilot and Flying J and so we got that cooler it’s 110 dollar cooler Hunt 110 we got it for 15 bucks so and that was just because we were impatient and I didn’t want to wait for another viola so that’s pretty good deal it fits perfectly between the seats and does this really well we headed to freeze up one time but I think it’s because I overfilled it so I’ve tried to obviously not do that anymore so but I wanted to share our snacks and why we choose them kind of the nutritional value of them some of them are just like pork rinds I bet you never thought you could go on a diet and eat or grains Wow these pork rinds are the so far the best buy except for the ones that you get the Dollar Tree but I got someone we were on home time last time and most of them were pretty good but like they went stale quickly so you can’t buy a whole bunch of them so these aren’t too bad I think there’d like to something in in the truck stops in their decent-sized bag and they’re not super salty because there’s toms is a brand that’s in the trick stops – it’s a little bit smaller bag and it’s more expensive just super salty so this one this brand Turkey Creek I know it’s backwards for you but turkey creek has several flavors the hot and spicy Shane likes a hot and spicy I like the plain-jane ones they also have dill pickle which are pretty good they have barbecue and they have salt and vinegar the salt and vinegar was a little salty for me I do like us off the vinegar chip but the salt and vinegar organs were a little salty for me but somebody else might like them and honestly if you’re needing electrolyte salts always a good sometimes we’ll dip them and not-so-great dips we prefer to use Dean’s dip because it’s a little bit better choice it’s not so processed as in like Blaise or whatever we do like to do this so we always try to have some of these on hand because we like the crunchy so we definitely snack on those here’s my mind from last night another thing that we have found I think I shared with you guys on my sprout stash that we got is our macadamia nuts and our Brazil nuts so but I did not share with you why we chose these particular nuts because there is a reason why we chose them a lot of people think there’s a big debate over peanuts if you truly are not supposed to eat peanuts on Quito peanuts are inflammatory they’re just like a legume and they are are not good for keto at all they have carbs in them so which most nuts do have carbs but let me share with you because I wrote it down because I knew I would forget the thing with macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts which are two the best choices they contain Omega sevens and omega nines now Omega sevens are anti-inflammatory and they help you with metabolic health for me that is very important because I have hypothyroidism so having these nuts and having the fact that they help with metabolic issues because hypothyroidism is a metabolic issue that helps me at that so the Meghan nines are like the super omegas I think because it mega nines increase good cholesterol they decrease the bad cholesterol they reduce insulin and people who have diabetes they increase energy and enhance which another thing is good for me with hypothyroidism you tend to feel a little sluggish and tired most times and it can also cause depression because you’re so tired all the time so those are also also great reasons to be eating these nuts and improves memory and it boosts your immune system so for truckers all of those things are huge so when you’re picking your nuts ah you guys I know how your truckers are I can almost hear Shane giggling up there anyways when you pick these nuts that you’re gonna snack on make sure that you pick wisely probably the top five I think are walnuts macadamia nuts Brazil nuts pecans and peeling nuts are really good for you too although peeling nuts are a little harder to find almonds lots of people do the whole almond thing you find almonds everywhere everybody is eating almond better the thing with almonds while they are healthy when they don’t they don’t have a shower but they always have this coating on them that coating is very difficult for us to digest so if they’re not great for gut health so while they may be good for fat they might be good for protein they’re not great for good health so if you stick with the other five nuts you’re gonna be a whole lot better off so taste-wise I like the Brazil nuts and the macadamia that’s together Shane’s not a big fan of the Brazil nuts I’m not a fan of them by themselves but if I eat them with the macadamia nuts I tend to like them a little bit better so so that’s the other thing that that we snack on a lot we try not to do a whole lot of them because like the macros on Brazil nuts if you eat one ounce was inaudible lot it’s 18 grams of fat or carbs and for protein protein a better great in them but they still do have a little bit of carbs there also for them macadamia they’re about the same 21 fat for carbs and two proteins so you know you if you’re tracking your macros which with you start out doing keto you probably would want to track your macros to make sure that you’re getting the proper amount of fat not too much protein and remember keto is about high fat moderate protein and low carbon isn’t just about low carb if you’re just doing low carb and you’re not paying attention to your fat then like Shane says you’re doing paleo it’s not the same and and not the Palio’s not a good lifestyle to to go to either it is but for us with the inflammation brain fog all those kind of things that higher as you get older Quito is the way to go so keep that in mind the other thing that we like to snack on sorry for the bright light I’m saving them for an ice-cream though I’m not gonna lie Sophie dukes these things they are super clean I think they have several flavors they have a hatch green chile which is my favorite they have a hot and spicy which is with serrano peppers and I’m not even going there to be honest those are Shan Shan really liked them so he says they’re not that spicy and then they have just the regular original recipe so these are really good they have no hormones no nitrates when you’re doing keto you want to watch and and I’m not going to lie we we definitely have you know we’ve eaten bacon with nitrates we have eaten lunchmeat with nitrates and and they’re not good and we definitely need to to work on that a little bit more and that’s probably more my fault than it is shame because I’m cheap yeah and I hate to spend money on the stuff that doesn’t have my face in it so but I’m getting better so I have to get out of this mentality that I’m like but anyways so the macros on this for a serving which is only two links and I’m going to tell you right now when I’m driving I guarantee you I eat way more than two links so for two links it is [Music] 9 grams of fat so anyways it is 9 grams of fat 1 gram of carbs and 7 grams of protein so that’s pretty good you always want your fat to outnumber your protein we would like it to outnumber it a little bit more but that’s not too bad so that’s really good it’s only one gram of carb for two sticks so that’s that’s really really good and the macros now on the hot and spicy is 10 grams of fat which is good 7 grams of protein still and 1 gram of carbs so this is our major major really good go to and sunflower seeds sunflower seeds are really good especially now we get we’re lazy so new we don’t get the Shogun’s but you definitely want to make sure that they’re salted these will help you if you get the keto flu because it will help replenish your electrolytes with the salt that’s on we have started using sunflower butter and you know everybody’s like a little bit of peanut butter won’t it won’t hurt you and it probably won’t but we’re trying to make all the adjustments that we can so that where we do fall short it won’t be as bad so so anyways these are good we like these these ones I didn’t care for Ebola I think Shane’s been a little bit no the crispy garlic oh yeah they have three carbs okay two and a half grams of fat four so not a whole bunch of fat you you’re not supposed to eat up a lot of it doesn’t have any protein in it at all and three grams cards so not bad but not great but we don’t eat very men we don’t need very many of them anyways so then we have remember I told you we’re lazy so we have pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds really good for you especially the ones with salt and we get the ones that are already out of the show so although Shane will buy the other kind – and he’ll eat those but I like the ones out of the show it’s the showing off so and then we keep our these are our true limes and stevia organics Dibya we keep this in there so we can add them to water I haven’t been as good about doing that but I’m trying to keep them in here so that I can encourage myself to do that so and then I keep family in salt in case one of us feeling keto fluish and you know our electrolytes are down so we have that there so then for our drinks of course I am the diet dr. pepper and Shane is too he likes his Diet Mountain Dew Mountain Dew was something that he gave up when we started doing the Aikido so so he has made that adjustment which you know we all know so does not good for you in any form whether it’s you know but definitely the one with sugar is bad now we have found Divya I finally found some Sevilla and I think did we found this at sprouts right so a little bit expensive like I got this on sale so it was six dollars for a 10 pack now I will say in the truck stops the diet dr. pepper and Diet Mountain Dew are usually six dollars or seven dollars like today I spent seven dollars on my diet I remember really six on his so I guess it’s just so you just get to less cans for the same price so but the thing with Libya is that it is sweetened with Divya and it also has and it’s non-gmo and it also has yeah and it has to be a stevia leaf extract so this is this is a good choice y’all follow key to connect they drink they drink this all the time so few other things that we kind of try to keep on the truck we actually need to go to go to the grocery store we have plenty of meat right now that we brought out with us on the truck when we left home time but some of the things some of the other things that we bring out is cream cheese the other day we bought some green onions and we mixed we chopped those up and we mixed in with the cream cheese but now I’m out it I let the celery go too long and now I’m out of celery so when we go the grocery store we’ll get some more celery and I like to snack on those Shane does too I don’t know if he likes to snack on them as much as I do but we do snack on celery quite a bit it’s nice and crunchy and especially with the cream cheese is pretty good I would never eat celery by itself although my granddaughter and my son loves celery by themselves so the other thing that’s good to snack on is olives black or green olives those are really good the green olives especially for sodium impact if you’re if you’re feeling a little keto fluish those are good although we haven’t kept any I’m the only one who likes olives Shane doesn’t like olives so we try to keep stuff I try to keep stuff that we both like so we’re not taking up space we both are pickle people we love pickles we love dill pickles we don’t love sweet because neither one of us likes sweet pickles thank goodness so so we usually keep dill pickles we actually got some dill pickles from sprouts the other day they were so yummy so expensive too but they were really really yummy and they were more like a refrigerator pickle which is what we we really like in fact we kept the juice and we’re going to when we go to the grocery store we’re going to buy more cucumbers then we’ll put them in that juice and let them ferment fermented foods are really really good for you if you like sauerkraut I’m not a sauerkraut fan but Shane likes Shane likes a lot of fermented foods like sauerkraut kimchi is is a good fermented food all those are good snacks if you’d like them again the key to connect coupled they will have like kimchi with a steak or something like that that’s a great easy Kito meal in fact we have stake out tonight but anyway so that’s kind of like what we what we keep for snacks were not super clean Pete Oh but we’re working on it we’re not perfect by no means but I have been doing a lot of research because I want us to we’re doing this as a goal to be healthy the weight loss is a plus but neither one of us are getting any younger and we’re both pretty healthy I think in the nine months we’ve been on the truck we’ve only been sick twice so that’s pretty good I would like to stay healthy as far as cognitive cognitively and you know and so keto helps with all that it helps with brainfrog it helps with energy levels you know as a trucker especially one that drives a night you know I I sometimes struggle with my with my energy levels I definitely am not that that driver that takes their 30 minute break and sits and plays games on their phones or whatever I literally go and hit the super verse for 30 minutes and then get back up and I’m ready to go that’s just this is just how my my body works I guess but I haven’t I do notice them when we are in ketosis that I am much more alert much more energy wise I can not have to sleep you know 12 14 hours a day and we’re doing intermittent fasting I’m trying to stick to at least 12 hours like I think the last time I ate today was around 6:00 this morning I try to make it for around what I’m gonna be sleeping the majority of the time make it those are just some of the things that we’re doing if you guys have any questions just you can email us which is crazy Florida truckers at if I don’t know the answer for absolutely positively for sure I will find out the answer or I will direct you in into one of the resources that that I have found Quito can be very overwhelming there is Quito police everywhere I’m trying really hard not to be a Quito police but it is really hard sometimes I had to actually remove myself from a couple of groups because I was like okay start doing Quito you’re doing paleo it doesn’t yeah so I’m trying not to do that because I don’t do anybody any justice and I stressed myself out and it just serves a purpose but anyways that’s that’s pretty much it we’re enjoying the fact that we’re losing a little bit of weight we go on home time in about three weeks and that will be the challenge to kind of stay straight now we we did cheat when we went through Arizona last time we’ve got Indian tacos Navajo chuck Navajo tacos which are pretty car blade because their beans and the shell and we still lost wings so I can make myself crazy sometimes thinking that we have to do it all for a figley or it’s not going to work for us so which stresses me out so I’m trying to just you know every day every hour of the day is a different hour of the day so just take it one day at one hour at a time so you got anything to add there I do Don trucker man all right well I am going to clean this mess up and put everything back in the bag for Shane for for him to chow on later I have a couple of sausage links in refrigerators but I’m dying for a couple days away keep those up for ends so you can eat those later but but other than that I think that’s the hall so if you have any questions let us know and if you found anything informative here please like share definitely subscribe and then hit the little bell so you’ll know we are on our way east so when we reach our final destination we will jump on here and give you all a holler and let you know how when my drive last night was pretty rainy but and only a little bit of slushie and rain mixed but for the most part it was a pretty easy Drive and looks like Shane’s gonna have it’s gonna have pretty yeah looks like it’s gonna be pretty clear skies for a little while anyways babies ate so they’re all laid out and I might have to put them on keto too but yeah especially they don’t quit getting sick in the truck anyways I hope you all have a great day I am headed out this girl’s tired but I want y’all to have a great day so talk to y’all later

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