Keto Snacks- Dollar Tree

hey guys it’s Angie today I’m gonna hit up the Dollar Tree and see what kind of snacks I can get for keto check it out ok so I’m back from Dollar Tree and I have five one two three four five keto snacks and then an honorable mention at the end which is not really a snack it’s just a drink number one chicken of a sea wild-caught salmon this is pink salmon and it is lemon pepper flavor number two will be lemon and pepper – now this one actually comes with a spoon so this would be really convenient just to keep in to in your purse or at your desk at work um even has a utensil there for you number three pistachios the ingredients in this are pistachios and salt so clean again just $1 for this next size pistachios number four pumpkin seeds these are all natural and the ingredients are our pumpkin seeds and salt the breakdown of this one is 15 carbs for a package so the whole package is 15 carbs however 12 grams of dietary fiber so that would be three net carbs for the whole pack that’s actually quite a lot of pumpkin seeds in there I should give the breakdown of everything for carbs so going backwards the pistachios 5 total carbs 2 fibers so if you’re doing net carbs 3 carbs for the bag and the bumble bee tuna 2 carbs for the pouch and no less than a gram of fiber so 2 carbs for the pouch and the salmon um where are you cardies one carb no fiber so one carb for the pouch so nice as well and number 5 saving the best for last is oh snap dilly bites these are just Dilly’s dill dill pickles slices the whole bag of this is just 15 calories – carbs so you can have a pair of this up along with you know your salmon snack I could even be a lunch actually so everything here is just a dollar a piece so all that added up to just five dollars my honorable mention is sparkling ice I use this as a treat at times I do try to avoid artificial sweeteners this has sucralose in it and you know so not the greatest but these are wicked delicious so and they’re nice and sweet so sometimes when I just want to have a little treat like if I’m creating something sweet or when a little treat in the afternoon Oh like have one of these definitely not everyday maybe once a week yeah so this one’s orange mango flavor I have not found a flavor that I didn’t like yet so I don’t think you can go wrong but again if you’re trying to avoid artificial sweeteners these would be I don’t know alright a couple other things to mention when I was at the store I did notice that they had some frozen veggies like they had a frozen veggie section when you walked in and like nice little bags again everything in there is just a dollar so you could get a nice bag of veggies for a dollar they had asparagus broccoli peppers and onions and I think like broccoli cauliflower mix so a lot of low carb veggies and these nice little you know one person base with a package size they had filet wild-caught salmon just single filets and I think flounder some other fish I don’t know if any other fish was well caught or not the salmon was so and I think they had also like chicken breast cutlets like singles again everything I dollar apiece so you can do this on a budget you can do keto on a budget one thing I will say is they had poor crimes there and I got excited for a second thinking that those could be something I could purchase but when I looked at the ingredients those were a major know they had MSG in it like sugar so if you’re buying pork rinds as a snack which you definitely can just make sure you look at the ingredients to verify that they’re low-carb and you know they’re clean I think epic makes one I haven’t tried it yet but if you are into pork rinds you can comment below if there’s a brand that you would recommend and then I will give them a try anyways thanks for watching please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel

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