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hi guys welcome back to my channel okey keto um I’m here today to talk about snacks I love to snack on if you guys love to snack but one of the biggest things that I’ve found is sometimes we can’t always be in a controlled environment this weekend we are going camping and that’s obviously not going to be controlled hits for friends kids birthday so they’re purchasing all the food or eating what they have type of a situation so what am I gonna do and how have I worked past snacking since starting keto I started keto 3 weeks ago and one of the things I knew about myself is that I really I love snacking I’m sure you guys do too and so this these are just a ton of some reviews on what I’ve tried what I liked what I think I don’t really need anymore and what’s gonna go so today I’m just gonna do savory snacks right now so obviously when I’m home I can do things like beef jerky cheese sticks a boiled egg that kind of stuff I’m not really talking about that kind of stuff because those are just like I’m home I can have these kind of things this is I’m out and about in the car I can’t take boiled eggs with me to the movie theater because they stink and stuff like that but I there’s nothing there that I can really have so here we go so the first thing I want to talk about is no cheese I do like moon cheese now I will tell you my family is not a huge fan of it if you are looking for something that is like a chip or a cracker this is not I really love these pepperjack ones are the bomb they have a different texture to them though and a serving size is only six to seven volts and they’re really tiny living open eyes look they’re not very good that’s two balls so um it doesn’t have a huge serving size nerd sensitive you can find these at Whole Foods and they have I would suggest go into Whole Foods because they have all different flavors here I have cheddar I think this one’s gonna I do like the Gouda once too and pepper jack I do like these um they wouldn’t necessarily be something that I would buy all the time though because they are so expensive and they’re not my absolute favorite so that’s the moon cheese try it out there’s 70 calories 5 grams of total fat 3 saturated zero carbs and 5 grams of protein so the carbs situation is pretty good if you’re looking for something that works what should we do next these these are they’re really good avocado crisps they are kind of like they taste like fried guacamole almost they’re really good so I like them however that being said they have 8 grams of fat are of carbs and well they have 10 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fiber so eight if you’re gonna do it that way um five grams of protein 10 grams of fat 140 calories they’re really good there’s two and a half servings in each bag so you’re getting a little more about 12 crisps with each I’m gonna save my favorite one for last let’s see these you forget sprout oven big cheese now if you’re a pizza person if you like what are those things I like like pizza Pringles and pizza flavor crackers these are the bomb they’re the thing for you I love pizza pizza is my favorite meal is been the hardest thing for me to give up um and I haven’t gone into the head cheese thing yet because I’m just already um anyway there is 11 grams of fat how many parts one carb and 12 grams of protein so I do like these they’re parmesan crisps underneath with pizza on the top they come from sprout stir about I think three or four dollars these are pretty good now my very favorite one that I have found so far is from Trader Joe’s and let me tell you something there are some things that you can only get at Trader Joe’s and they know how to do it right and this is one of them so I’ve been baked cheese bites the a serving size it’s half of the bag and that’s a pretty I mean it’s a pretty big bag so I mean you’re getting probably 20 crisps or whatever I don’t i think i usually have do this in about five servings but they say that half the bag is a serving so 170 calories twice our 12 grams of fat one carb and 15 grams of protein not for me my biggest trouble is I taken way too much protein so which is why I don’t do a whole bunch of these just because I need to not have so much protein I need more fat so but these are really good if you’re in a pinch we’re going camping this weekend and I will be taking these with me because they are delicious um the next one and I have not even tried these yet so if you try these and you love these comment below because we want to hear or if there’s a better flavor that you really like questions know these are not something that I would buy frequently there I literally bought one bag of questions and the same with the quest bar that I’m about to show you um so 130 calories in here I think this bag is like $2 so it’s pretty expensive for this little bag of chips um a serving size is one bag for carbs 21 grams of protein so I don’t know we’re gonna find out you guys let me know if you like a different type of question or if you have a better suggestion I love chips so we’re gonna see how the next thing is avocados I don’t know if you guys like avocados and if you don’t like avocados don’t force yourself to eat them because there’s plenty of things that you can have that are different so I take these everywhere with me I have one of my purse right now so avocados are the bomb they’ve been a lifesaver for me I cut this thing in half and I just eat it straight out of the skin now at home I’ll slice it up I’ll eat it with an egg I’ll do some avocado spread on like a piece of ham or something like that but on the go I will take just like these and these are called kid avocados you buy them at Walmart it’s like three dollars for a bag of lipsticks or something like that so you’re paying 50 Simpson that’s nothing um pork rinds I never had a pork rind ever in my life until four weeks ago whenever I started keno and so I tried these I was like ah no I don’t like these if you never tried pork rinds dude seriously if you love bacon you’re gonna love just some original pork rinds now I have tried the BBQ ones not a huge fan I’ve also tried salt and vinegar ones I do like this but these are I put them in like a little ziploc bag or max makes um like individual bags of then the only problem I have with Max is it doesn’t tell you what kind of oil it’s Friday so obviously we’re staying away from like canola oil and stuff like that so we want to make sure that we’re getting those good fats and which don’t come from those things so that’s the only problem I have with Max if I do really like them and I bought a couple other brands as a matter of fact I bought like a $7 bag of pork rinds which these are like $2 for the string bag and they were terrible so sometimes cheaper is better I’m just saying okay so the next thing is drinks I love me some coke it’s delicious it’s wonderful about six months ago whenever I started playing around with keto I started trying some different drinks no I tried Lacroix I’ve tried all the soda water but my favorite one so far is bubbly you can get 12 of these for like $3 I think the best one is the pineapple in my opinion if you have another one that you really like comment below and maybe we’ll have a little taste test with my kids or something and decide which one’s the so kind apple apple i buy these i actually just went to Walmart yesterday and I bought like five cases of five different ones they’re delicious if you’re not in the mood for this you can’t really do this my mom hates them this is your go-to sparkling ice now you can buy this Walmart does have a brand not clear American but it’s like a Walmart makers mark or whatever their thing is that is like a sparkling ice the only thing is there’s has one carb this one hasn’t I’m so this one has no sugar no carbs no protein like all that sub-state it’s free if you want to put it like in your macros calculator but I have found that this works really well for me when I’m taking MTC oil sometimes MTC oil is really hard on my stomach and I have a hard time getting it down so I will take this and I will put a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and then a tablespoon of MTC oil with about half of the bottle of this and I will just drink that straight and it is actually really good and the MTC oil kind of has a little bit of a coconut flavor whenever you mix it with things so I try to pick like this ones what is this one orange mango um so try a few different things the last one actually I have two more things so this is matcha tea matcha green tea here’s the deal this is what I discovered about green tea and matcha hmm some of the brands add rice what why are you reading rice to green tea I’m not really sure why they do that this one is the Lipton brand it was the cheapest one I could find that was matcha and green tea and that’s it you can find this at Walmart I got this one but they also have matcha green teas Trader Joe’s or else if I found them Whole Foods now whole food you have to be careful because all of them except for one that I found it whole food had rice in it so really be looking because they will trick you they trick you in these little things so matcha green-tea do not drink this at night if you have trouble sleeping which if you’ve just Sortino you probably do have trouble sleeping because you have so much energy I’ve never had this much energy in my entire life so I drink these after I eat lunch so help it process and get in there get it moving a little faster I open this quest bar earlier because I was making a video and then I deleted it on accident but I dressed Bobby’s birthday cake plus bar now I bought it in an individual thing if you are like me and you have a sweet tooth I highly suggest that you do not buy these in the case buy them individually you can buy all the quest products at Walmart individually now you might have to search because they didn’t have them at all marked and the one bar is not the same so let me read you what’s going on in here so there are 24 grams of carbs however there is 14 grams of fiber so it’s very high I try to stay under 8 carbs and everything that I eat but this isn’t on the go item I’m in a pinch I’m at work I you know I haven’t eaten all day long and I don’t think that I’m going to make it and pass my workout this would be a on the go graph or I’m camping this weekend and I’d like the sweet option is birthday cake here’s my go-to I will tell you I opened it to try it earlier because I had never tried them before they are freaking awesome seriously awesome so 10 10 net carbs 21 grams of protein 6 grams of fat so you’re at a birthday party and you’re like me you’re a big girl poor guy and you just like to say no to birthday cake it’s like cutting off your left foot I’ve said no to cake I think we’ve been to three parties since I started keto and I finally decided this weekend we’re going to this birthday party and we’re gonna be camping and I’m gonna be crabby anyway it’s gonna be a million degrees I’m taking this with me because it might be really hard for me to say no and I don’t want that to happen I don’t want to give in because a I don’t want that in my body and B I’m gonna feel terrible if I consume that so here you go the very last thing is a new thing that I found I found these at Whole Foods and I’m gonna be searching around for these I did see at Sam’s the other day that they have a giant bag of then I don’t know if they’re the same gram but let me tell you oh my gosh yeah parm crisps oven-baked what is this brand these are the jalapeno ones it just seemed to say a brand on here I guess the brand is parm crisps I’m gonna assume these are the jalapeno flavored oh my gosh just shoot me they’re so good if you are weeks into keto and you’ve given up all this stuff and you’re really like you’re a spicy girl cuz I’m spicy these are good they’re not super spicy they’re just enough they’re perfect on hundred calories for 12 crisp so like the moon cheese has 70 so obviously that would be the better this is gonna be a higher end zero carbs none there’s no carbs in it at all that’s awesome 9 grams of protein and 7 grams of fat so I’m going to be playing around with these a little more because I like the protein to fat ratio in there so obviously they contain milk and they’re baked they’re not fried so that’s good so you’re not worrying about what kind of oil they’ve been right in um they’re delicious they’re awesome so I hope this has helped you guys out a little bit if you’re having trouble with your snacking try some stuff this is my next thing I’m gonna try so this will be on my next video teto cups got him at Whole Foods we’re gonna find out how they are see y’all later

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