Keto Pumpkin Spice French Toast | Pumpkin Spiced Glaze #ketorecipes #zerocarbbread

welcome back and today I’ll be making some pumpkin spice french toast using the all DS zero net carb bread so let’s get started okay guys I have a baking dish an 8×8 baking dish and what I’m gonna do I wanted something white so we can hold all the bread that I’m using I’ll be making three pieces so I’m adding in to the dish two eggs I have about three tablespoons of pumpkin puree and you can use whatever brand you’re light I have equal parts heavy cream and almond milk or you can just use milk I’m adding in some vanilla extract some cinnamon and some pumpkin spice that’ll be next all of the ingredients in the recipe will be in the description box in this video so after adding the pumpkin spice I’m adding some powdered sweetener use whatever you like I use erythritol and I’m also going to be adding some of my sweet leaf drops after I whisk everything in so you see me mixing everything together very well I usually would just skip this part but I know you guys like to see the actual process and this is the process you and this is what you want all the liquid you want everything to mix thoroughly and this bread it can get a little tough maybe if you’re using some other type of bread it wouldn’t matter but this one I wanted enough liquid to soak up so the break and soak up this mixture and there you saw me add the sweet leaf drops and I’m giving it a quick mix again and the next I’ll place two three pieces of bread into this mixture once again I’m using the all DS zero carb zero net carb bread the one that has caused a complete frenzy on social media on the Internet I’m sure you guys have seen my video is one of the only ones that are out there so I let this sit for about 30 seconds and then flip it over and let it sit for about another 30 seconds and you can see that it has absorbed a lot of that mixture there is enough to do another batch if you want it to I’m just doing three pieces and next I’ll take you guys over to my griddle where I have some bacon cooking on one side this is what the bread looks like before I took it now I’m adding my french toast directly to the griddle if I need it too I could have added butter or added some of this chosen foods avocado oil spray but this is a nonstick griddle so and it’s pretty new so I didn’t need to do that so I’m removing some of the bacon and then I’ll just proceed over to flip over my third French toast they cook about it took about five minutes on each side I have the griddle set on 350 degrees if I was doing this on the skillet I could have done it on pretty much a high heat or medium high and it would have taken about the same amount of time and this is what it looks like everything plated I’ll give you guys a up close look this bread cooks up just like any other standard bread so that’s a good thing and if you’re a pumpkin lover I think you’ll love this recipe I’m adding some cinnamon and erythritol on top to emulate cinnamon and sugar just a little bit because I made a glaze and that’s what you see here it’s a cream cheese pumpkin spice glaze I’ll also put that recipe in the description box and pretty much that’s it I’ll let you guys get another close up but I’ll tell you this came out very very good I love the way that this bread cooked up and make toast well french toast well I’m thinking you can even make a breakfast casserole I don’t know if you guys have seen the french french toast casseroles that maybe something else you can try as well but thanks for watching give this video a thumbs up and subscribe bye [Music]

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