Keto pumpkin pie chocolate chip cookies

Oh Oh like I’m a star hey this is your girl Kiki aka Kiki now let me tell you guys something I got a good treat for you guys today and I mean a real good one now today you’re going to be how to make pita cookies now am I going to eat them he show me all about this recipe and I’m here to show you guys how to make the keto cookies now come on let’s go so the first thing we’re going to do it there well sugar not be you’re not gonna believe how many colonies cookie dough cookies oh honey let me tell you so there’s gonna be two cars in there dos done I don’t tell me about it so let me show you all the ingredients because I’m so excited and I want to have you got big crazy some sweetness and cookies and throw it so I don’t like you let me show you okay so the first thing we’re gonna need is butter now I highly recommend using the Cure ego better because it has high I’m fat as you guys could see and it has no carbs no okay now the second thing we need is oh my god guys I highly recommend these because these are amazing you can use severe but I’m going to use the monk food and if keto friendly so definitely use this one if you can’t abide it at your local store definitely get the fibia okay now the second one is a weibull’s definitely need to please okay you guys let me show you the next one is gonna be pure vanilla yeah yeah get that this is gray I’m so excited because this has no cars no sugar nothing and this is gonna give you a flavor for your cookie so let me put you the next one so the next one is gonna give you the cookie dough feel and this is going to be the almond flour you guys this has a 1 gram of carbs hello I when I thought out that this had one cause I had to get it and you could use this for multiple purposes and meat on any car you don’t put extra cause it kind of color the next one is baking soda as you guys know that the baking soda is great to big stuff now the next one is going to be strong I recommend the Pink’s or you could use a regular store however you like and now the best part is here we are going to do the dark chocolate chip now you guys this has a low low card I’m so excited that I found these and they are now coming on a walk so go ahead and go to one if you don’t get it all right okay now that I showed you all the ingredients I’m gonna show you my last evening’s then I’m gonna add because I’ve been dying to make this and it’s gonna be pumpkin pie spice yes you guys [Music] do solid game you have no idea how excited I am that full season in here and there’s pumpkin everywhere and guess what I love pumpkin pie pumpkin cookie Vala cupcake anything happen Oh pumpkin you can fit oh but guess what we keep in a keto this time and I’m gonna make you guys the keto pumpkin pie okay so the first thing we’re going to do is put three cups of almond flour into your round ball hey you’re gonna go ahead and get butter what you’re gonna go ahead and melt I recommend putting in the microwave for about 20 seconds and then this is going to be a measuring cup for 3/4 and you’re gonna put it into your almond flour okay so you’re gonna grab your food Hmong sweetener and you can go 2/3 cup and then you’re gonna put it in your bowl okay you’re going to grab your two eggs then you’re gonna crack it into your bowl okay so the next part you’re going to do is one and a half teaspoon of the baking soda I’m gonna do is one and a half teaspoon of salt then you’re gonna grab your pumpkin pie spice and then you’re gonna sprinkle just a little bit on top just to get that pumpkin pie taste and flavor okay so let’s go ahead and mix it up did you guys think I forgot the dog chocolate chips absolutely not let’s go ahead and put it all in here now you can put as much as you like on it I’m not gonna put as much and let’s mix it up [Music] okay you’re gonna get your glass rectangular pot and then you’re gonna grab your olive oil so it does not stick to the glass okay I recommend using an ice-cream scooper because it’s very easy to grab and put it into your glass ball so let’s go ahead and demonstrate and then you’re gonna go ahead and smush them a little bit down and make them into a circle okay so you’re gonna put you up in supper Church so 350 you’re gonna preheat it for about 10 minutes then put it in the oven for 15 minutes and then let it sit out once is that to cool down all right guys is done oh my god it smells incredible and it looks delicious I cannot wait to try them out let’s go and try them this is incredible [Music] oh my god it is so moist and it’s so soft Nikita you wanna you what I thought we can have to give anymore but we could honey yeah I’m so excited honey these cookies I hear you had to make these these are so delicious and just no carbs so definite IDs out oh so this is your girl Kiki aka Tiki back at you with the video honey definitely like the starting comment below let me know friend a sister your mother your grandmother father whoever because Kiki got you with the keto okay thank you guys so much for watching my video now I have premiums you see this beautiful shirt oh yes I made it myself now I am gonna do a giveaway if you want to know more cake comment below now I’m gonna have my logo keep in Iquitos on my pad shirts fans flags wigs yes I’m gonna do it all up make if you want to know more the answer the contest hit me up below so enough is enough because what we keep in a keel

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