KETO PUMPKIN DONUTS │ Keto Pumpkin Bread Review  │ Low Carb Pumpkin Donuts

KETO PUMPKIN DONUTS │ Keto Pumpkin Bread Review │ Low Carb Pumpkin Donuts

what’s up guys welcome to Kido rewind I’m Jess and today’s video is going to be one of my favorite things of year all year long I should say I’m going to test and review a keto pumpkin bread so in this case I thought it’d be fun to use my donut pans because they’re silicone and these if easily will calculate the serving size without anything so I’m gonna make a pumpkin bread recipe but I’m gonna use a muffin pan so I have not tried this recipe yet but fall is right around the corner and I wanted to get a head start on the pumpkin spice keto trend so let’s get started oh and then this recipe is from ready for all things calm and I’ll put the link below it makes eight servings and there are it’s a little higher in car but pumpkin is a little higher in carb so it’s six I computed the macros and it’s six net carbs per donut but it’s bread so and then I guess we’ll just get started making it so stay tuned to the end for the drumroll review okay so here is what you’re going to need to make this recipe coconut oil eggs butter pumpkin puree pumpkin spice sour cream sweetener vanilla coconut flour almond flour salt and baking powder so let’s get started okay so let’s start off by adding all the dry ingredients first so we have here pink salt the exact recipe will be below some pick salt and then we have baking powder I like to do all my dry ingredients together first and then all the wet ingredients pumpkin spice seasoning or blend I use the Trader Joe’s brand you know me I love my Trader Joe’s we have a coconut flour we have two tablespoons of monk fruit as a sweetener if you don’t have this check out well I have a 15% off coupon for you Kito rewind 15 at Lepanto calm and you’ll get 15% off your order it’s my go-to sweetener has no weird aftertaste and in fact this recipe is fun with counter comm so totally need to check that out and that’s why I’m giving this been a good review oh I should say I’m giving this a test I’ve no idea how it’s gonna how it’s going to taste but it comes in the powdered form or the granule it and it’s erythritol in monk fruit it’s a blend and it’s perfect in my opinion so that was a half cup of the powdered the time to and that is it for our dry ingredients so I’m gonna give that a quick little stir and then we will do the wet ingredients and here is just if people if you could smell how good it smells the snow pumpkin spice it’s been a long time been a whole year since I I tried it only got the pumpkin stuff during fall it just makes it that much more special for me but there’s the dry ingredients and we will switch bowls and to be wet so um quarter cup of coconut oil I’d like to buy my coconut oil Costco in the big tub and that was a quarter cup and it’s already kind of melty you want to make sure you have a quarter cup you get a spatula here where I make a mess but I’m going to just pop this in the microwave so it’s nice and melted all the way through and then liquid form so there’s that this is the sink all right and then it is three eggs but we’re gonna melt the butter first so one tablespoon of butter so it’s gonna butter tablespoon of that going get a nice I am still hoping this turns out delicious because I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of punk in everything pumpkin but just because your keto doesn’t mean you have to miss out on these yummy recipes so I’m gonna run this in the microwave for a couple to be like 15 seconds just to melt it through okay so we are good and melty now so I’m going to add the vanilla and sour cream I like to use its liquids I like to use a scale so slight I know 15 grams is a tablespoon perfect 15 grams right there so sour cream and oh I forgot to put my almond flour in my my dry ingredients that what I noticed it if I ruin my recipe right okay so nap that all up you switched to a whisk here smells good alright next I’m going to add my three eggs and lose the scale okay to breathe okay that all together and double check I just have the pumpkin puree left to add and I need a half cup and I check the back and the half cup has 122 grams so again we’re gonna get the scale out and it’s so much easier to judge your ingredients using a scale then dirtying up a dish and all that stuff so just zero your scale with the bowl and all that and then put 122 pins in and I just I hate all the excess dishes and stuff I might give us a parent I need a new can opener here okay so I have my organic pumpkin pumpkin puree make sure you don’t get the one that has all the sugar it’s just pumpkin so I need 122 grams 106 116 120 122 so easy that was and then I’m dirty if any extra keep that container nice and fresh all right so now let’s double check I have the coconut oil the eggs the butter pumpkin puree pumpkin pie spice sour cream the kanto sugar and powdered sugar vanilla coconut flour almond flour salt and baking powder all right so now all we have left to do is put the dry ingredients in here try not to make a mess in the process – oh it smells so good if it’s not if it’s tastes half as good as it smells right now we are in for a keto treat come fall I’m doing it by hand because I want the calories that I’m burning right so look at how decadent that already looks so now let me show you what i’ma put it in clear off the back here I’m going to get and by the way 15% off the canto comm with coupon code keto rewind 15 but I am going to use a piping bag to get it in the donut tray I was going to make muffins but it kind of the funny use of the donut pins let me show you find them okay so I just put a ziplock bag into a deep cup and I put this batter that coconut fun really did make that nice and thick but I’m gonna put this all in here just makes it so much easier to scoop out and control so I’m just gonna pour all of this into my cup here and I’ll have like a little piping bag if you will because you’re supposed to get eight slices of bread or ate muffins rate doughnuts but we’ll see I’m gonna see how many we actually get okay so now all you do stick it out of there snatch it down and now fit right in there bring it closer here so you can see but we’re going to go for eight and then we’re gonna see how much how much that looks like it we can always add more so just cut the tip off and then you’re ready to go meet everybody one two three six seven I think I want to go ahead and go for as many as I can and let them to be this size have a little treat so we’re gonna go for nine and this actually will bring the carb count down this looks like you will get perfect twelve no and I might have gave a little too much to but just put some more Nevers left easy is that right and now I’m just going to take a spoon and spread it in there nice actually I’m just gonna spread it on the top there so you don’t have the big blob but then I’m gonna pop these in the oven at 350 and I will meet you right back for a taste test actually there’s a topping that goes on them as well this looks so good I mean this recipe will do a bread but I feel like who can actually have an eighth of this and not eat any more so if we portion it out ahead of time and these are actually making because I did donuts it’s slightly smaller they will be better on your macros so I’ll update the macros you make the donuts like I am but you can just use two loaf pans those little small loaf pans what the directions say on the recipe and there we have it so I’m the pop these in the oven at 350 and I’ll be back when they are done alrighty here is the finished product I will say these are delicious okay so the topping there’s a topping that goes with these and it has more sugar in it and I felt that these as themselves like you can see it there pretty good sized donut being that I got 12 the carb count is now 4 per donut but you can use a loaf pan and make it the actual bread but I will say there’s a topping that goes on to it I thought they were overly sweet like for my taste I bet I mean I am getting kind of away from the sweet so I felt like I wouldn’t add the extra sugar in the actual recipe I would just do the powdered sugar and not the extra granulated sugar so that’s what I personally am gonna do and that will maybe take the sweetness down a little bit but if you like things sweet leave make the recipe as is I’m just saying for my personal taste after I reviewed it it was a little too sweet for me so but here that here they are you know I’m gonna have one of them is for net carbs and it smells decadent and yummy and it is a keto donut so like I said I used the keto bread recipe and I just used a donut pan so I got 12 being that they could be individually portioned better than a loaf or loaf bread I should say and then if you make the loaf put the topping on if you want or you like it sweet put the topping on I’m including it in the recipe below but if you were if you like me that you know you don’t need it quite so sweet you can totally tone down the the sweetener but we can’t tell sweetener so I’ll put my variation of what I would do next and the original recipe hit the link for the original recipe so there you have it enjoy pumpkin keto donuts or pumpkin keto bread and don’t forget to use my coupon code to save 15% off it lacan TOCOM it’s keto rewind 15 for 15% off so all the links are below so enjoy and happy pumpkin I’m Jess if you’re watching keto rewind you

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