Keto Products You Should Never Buy! BULLSH💩T Keto Products TOP 5 List!

hey there my name is Anthony Romano and in this video I’m gonna tell you about the biggest ketogenic diet supplements that are really pushed through by a lot of marketers and besides the fact that I think there’s a lot of BS marketing around keto with you know plans from people who don’t know what they’re talking about there’s definitely a lot of push from the supplement industry which has several really good keto supplements but then they have a lot of just BS supplements you really don’t need at all so these are going to be the top BS keto supplements you don’t need and why [Music] so many people here probably have been exposed to some sort of AD at one point or another for one at least one of these supplements I’m gonna go into now I’m gonna start off with keto protein okay funny enough you’re gonna learn a lot about the actual mechanisms of keto in this video by me simply talking about the supplements and you’ll learn about how the supplement industry at least from some brands and some companies completely gets it wrong so keto protein okay any brand that tells you you need a ketogenic protein is and by that ketogenic protein being protein mixed with a bunch of fats in a certain ratio of carb is completely wrong and they generally don’t know what they’re talking about I have the video on this on keto protein and really the only use for it where it does make sense is if somebody’s trying to bulk up in a certain way or perhaps just use it as a meal replacement where powdered food is a luxury for you and you simply just don’t want to put up with eating food or making your own shake with perhaps eggs avocados protein or even just protein because the biggest thing is that people are afraid that if they have just protein shakes on their own it will make them gain weight or prevent loss of weight now any protein powder that does not contain carbohydrates is a keto protein the number one requirement for ketosis is no carbs so if somebody is completely fasted and they have an eight and a week they’re in deeper ketosis than when they’re eating ketogenic ly because they’re not eating any carbs at all still and they’re not eating any food and their body has too deep in ketosis so there’s no truth to anything that you have to you know jack up your fats in order to be in ketosis the primary driver of ketosis is low carbs from there when the carbs are the pitcher more fats will deepen the level of ketosis but a lot of people get it twisted and think oh I had you know 60 grams of 70 grams of carbs today right I’ll just up my fats that’s actually gonna make you gain weight because you’re not gonna let your body get into ketosis and then you’re adding in these fats which to be more prone to being stored when you have carbs and fats together so keto protein you don’t have to be afraid of the insulin necessarily necessarily every time you eat protein your body’s gonna need some insulin to flush it into your muscles and of course deliver protein wherever else it needs to be delivered so you’re gonna get insulin anytime you eat protein of course mixing macronutrients is going to dampen that insulin response but as far as selling you on a protein powder that’s dramatically higher in calories when you can literally just add a tablespoon of MCT oil or some other fat and then get the same amount of calories in addition to a protein shake is way better if you want to watch more about tips on how to have your protein on a fat loss ketogenic diet I have a video on that it’s one of my bigger videos on my page at the moment so keto protein it’s BS you don’t need it the only person that could use it is somebody who really has a lot of extra money to blow and just wants to have extra meal replacements in case they’re not trying to necessarily lose weight on keep so the next thing is keto BCA / keto pre-workout ok group these together so there’s like a two-for-one here because any supplement that has example you know a preset use and they just added any exogenous ketones is always going to be what’s up just wake up it’s a bit messy in here but dogs just taking a nap so any supplement that has exhaust ketones added just to complement another product right that is generally going to give you not the best of both worlds it’s going to give you a little bit of each product and it’s an excuse to dial down the dose of both the products that are combined so you’re not gonna get a full serving of exogenous ketones and you’re not gonna get a full serving of pre-workout or B CAS it’s typically just an excuse to make people think that when they’re on keto they need to have these ketones in there in order to stay in ketosis or perhaps to get better performance benefit and ketones will give you a performance benefit and I use exotics ketones all the time then I stand by their usage however when they’re packaged into products as a combination product it tends to be a rip and you’re not getting your value out of either of the two products combined into one so that’s why it’s generally better for you to just get the exotic ketone separately and if you take BCA’s or pre-workout just add in the ketones as needed you also want to keep in mind you’re not going to want to be locked into taking a scoop of exogenous ketones every time you train because what’s gonna happen is let’s say you have that pre-workout your body’s gonna use the exhaust ketones before it starts using its own ketones so of course it’s going to be an energy benefit and of course it will ramp up fat-burning but you’re going to need to run through the ketones you just consumed before you start burning your own and of course your own fatty acids as fuel so essentially you don’t want to beat locked into taking that every time you’re taking a pre-workout because if you just buy a regular pre-workout if you like that or just have like a cup of coffee or something you’re not going to be setting your body’s production line of ketones back a step so in general keep the dosing to yourself if you like exogenous ketones I absolutely stand by exogenous ketones but when they’re combined with BCAA pre-record or something it tends to be a ripoff and unless you find a product that has a full saturation dose of ketones in it like example 12 grams of exogenous ketone salts combined with a full dose of like BCA’s instead of just you know small quantities of both so people see both terms on the label then that would be an acceptable use but even then I don’t like being locked into taking BCA’s or pre-record every time I take my ketones so next one is raspberry ketones this is a huge ripoff I’ll just call it as I see it there’s never been a study in humans that has shown that these things have had any benefit there’s been some rodent studies that raspberry ketones could stimulate adiponectin and basically prevent excess fat storage in rodents overall raspberry ketones were popular because they were on dr. oz which I have a video on of me roasting dr. oz basically I have that video my page as well but overall raspberry ketones are generally rip people often in the past I’ve seen some brands try to market a ketone products but in reality it’s just raspberry ketones so if you’re going to get a ketone product get exogenous ketones or ketone salts or ketone esters which are a step-up salts and they’re harder to find but those are the ketone products that I would say are worth using and keep raspberry ketones are one of the ones that tries to imitate it at least from the marketing perspective because on the performers perspective it definitely does not imitate it at all and it’s a huge waste your money if it’s in something if it’s in a complex of a bunch of other things I mean I doubt it will do any harm but you know at the same time it’s not worth buying for the sake of it now the last one is Keo bombs okay then I have an honorable mention after this one keto bombs and he’s sort of keto a supplement that says along the lines of the protein right this is still on the meal replacement side of ketone supplements these are the things that example throw this into your your coffee or put this into your smoothies or your shake or put this into your protein right some sort of basically fat bomb is typically what they are they sell like these powdered fat bombs to put into various recipes and now these can be very useful if you put them in a recipe so and they are tasty I’ve used them in the past they’re a luxury okay but the reason I have them on this list of BS supplements is because the marketing approach of a lot of these things where basically they’ll have these fat bomb supplements and they make it sound as if you need to take them in order to be in ketosis or to sustain ketosis as I said before the only requirement to be in ketosis is lack of carbohydrates not the presence of fat the presence of fat is often a byproduct due to the lack of carbohydrates so these can be useful right key to a bomb supplements fat mom supplements that you put into your coffee there you can use them for baking right of course make sure they have a list of sweeteners you’re comfortable with consuming I always prefer stuff with stevia rather than like a bunch of other assaulting potassium sucralose and always watch out for artificial dyes but these things are useful maybe adding a little bit of a recipe but they are absolutely not needed for the sake of the ketogenic diet altogether they can be used as a benefit to make your coffee better for example or to make a shake tastes better if you like that but they don’t need to be in the shake the same example with the protein they don’t need to be in there to somehow magically prevent the protein from spiking your insulin in a certain way right so as long as there’s no carbs you’re set and this is ketogenic and for the last thing I’ll say on fat bomb supplements is typically the fats that are actually in it are just gonna be MCT but they might not be from the highest-quality MCT which is caprylic acid I believe Dave Asprey from bulletproof has a patent on caprylic acid but there’s I believe maybe a couple other MCT oil manufacturers that actually do make pure caprylic acid which is the best mcg you can get so make sure you’re getting one that actually has quality fats because if it has lauric acid for example which is another MCT that’s often powdered and put into these things it can upset your stomach more likely than other MCTS so the last honorable mention is coconut oil I love coconut oil I cook with it all the time it’s one of the best things I cook with but the reason I have it as an honorable mention and as v BS supplement is because people taking it for the sake of supplementing with it it’s great to cook with if you like eating it then eat it but if you’re going to take coconut oil because you believe it has some sort of properties to it just because it has MCTS you would be way better off taking MCT oil and the caprylic acid I was talking about sociate MCT basically coconut oil is where they derive most the MCTS and you get caprylic acid capric acid lauric acid and essentially lauric acid is the largest of those medium chain fats so it’s able to convert at a very high rate to energy that can actually upset your stomach dramatically more so than c8 MCT so people are taking spoonfuls of coconut oil all the time you can get more out of an MCT oil that’s high-quality in less of a dose then you with coconut oil and there’s less risk involved as far as upsetting your stomach so coconut oil is great to cook with if you there’s probably things you can bake with it and I used all the time I stand by it but as far as the push for it as a supplemental use as in its gonna make you burn more fat perhaps in some small amounts but you just would for that purpose you would be better off just getting a high quality MCT oil or even a low-quality MCT oil honestly so cuz Oh last thing they’ll say because I’ve seen places that say they sell a keto coffee or something and they’ll just throw in like regular non grass-fed butter from like Walmart and then they’ll throw in coconut oil right maybe not even high-quality virgin coconut oil and then they just have the coffee and this is kind of like to mimic the bulletproof coffee type thing but what I’m roasting it has a supplement use that is exactly what I’m roasting right there because there’s gonna be no prompt there’s gonna be minimal energy property from the coconut oil as compared to a high quality MCT and especially if it’s not virgin coconut oil and as far as the butter side of things if it’s not grass-fed you’re not gonna get any nutrient density in there and it’s basically just gonna be a waste of calories so that’s the gist of this video top Bs keto supplements that you don’t need so hopefully this taught you some of the things about the ketogenic diet that you don’t know if you want me to talk about any other keto supplements leave them in the comments because I will read them and answer them thanks everybody for all the support and go to my website romano keto com if you want personal personal coaching and I’ll have some programs up there very soon thanks again Anthony Romano peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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