hey they’re both at the tip trucks cooking today we’re talking cat this we’re talking pork rind pizza crust there’s my oven beeping it’s just preheated to 425 degrees you’re gonna want to do that because this is a really delicious pizza crust I think you’re gonna like it let’s get started here’s what you’ll need to make this delicious pizza crust starts off with 8 ounces of softened full-fat cream cheese you’re also gonna want four large eggs 3/4 of a cup or 6 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese you should bind them to block and shred it yourself that way you can make sure it doesn’t have any added ingredients in it like potato starch which is sometimes used to keep the shreds separate this is a 5 ounce bag of pork rinds quarter of a cup of Parmesan cheese and some flavorings here we’ve got one and a half teaspoons each of Italian seasoning and garlic powder to make this recipe we need our pork rinds to be crushed there are a couple of ways we can do that just simply crush them with our hands we’re going to make sure that we get them in you’re pretty fine crumbs oh we’re gonna use these like bread crumbs you can also use for example a rolling pin to roll over them and touch them up more evenly you could put them in a blender or your food processor lots of ways to get these pork rind crumbs my 5 ounce bag of pork rinds yields a good two or three cups of crushed pork rinds here or what’s called pork panko I’m going to use a cup of these for this recipe and reserve the rest for some other recipe that I would have used breadcrumbs in in a high-carb version next we’re going to simply combine our ingredients there’s a cup of torque panko with our cream cheese the mozzarella our eggs I’m gonna give them a nice beating first we go incorporate excuse me pop put that in there use the spatula to get all of it out of there of course cars on cheese nut flavor into the garlic powder and the seasonings no I’m just going to use a fork to make this mix this together now here’s what we end up with we end up with kind of a loose mixture here it’s not really a dough in my opinion and let me show you what we’re gonna do with that we’ll take our pizza pan you can use any shape a piece of penne like in light of it parchment paper and I’m just gonna transfer this onto there there we go we use my spatula to make it into a nice round shape in this case you can see that it is actually gonna fill up this entire pizza pan so I’m just gonna smooth this out until we have a pretty even layer and there we go this is ready to go into our 425-degree oven for 20 minutes and you’ll see what it’s like when it comes out this is supposed to be one of the best pizza crusts out there it’s been 20 minutes now I’m bringing this out of the oven have a look at that gorgeous beast check this out not bad right here we’re gonna do this for 10 minutes before we top it with anything’s well look at our crust here it is we’re just gonna turn it over nice and brown on this side it’s right now feels kind of spongy you know there’s a certain amount of egg in here a lot of cheese and of course the pork rinds to structure it now we’re going to top it of course we’re gonna start off with some of my sugar-free keto pizza sauce I’ll put a link to this up on the screen it was actually my very first recipe video when I did back in Congress 2018 anyway I’m just going to spread that out and a pretty even layer just like that I’m also going to use a few other toppings here I’ve got some roasted vegetables here these are mushrooms a little eggplant some red bell pepper just spoke about around these roasted vegetables and I’ll put a link to that video on the screen here as well they’re so great to have around for when you’re making a pizza or something again if you don’t if you don’t have eggplant you can use any toppings you have here I’m just using what I’ve got on hand but this is a really great to add some veg it’s a really delicious veg to addition it’s already really pretty darn good on top of that I’m also gonna add some fresh bell pepper which I happened to have in the fridge just sprinkle that around you can see I’ve got some orange and some green here use up that badge next we’ve got some freshly grated mozzarella cheese spread that around remember that if you buy already shredded cheese you want to read the label and make sure it’s not it doesn’t contain any anti-caking agents that have carbs in them like corn starch or potato starch always read your label this is pepperoni on top and there we go now we’re off to our 425 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes it’s not been 20 minutes and to there look at that is that gorgeous perfectly done nicely browned on top you know nice golden-brown here let’s pull that off onto our wire rack I’m gonna give that a good 5 to 10 minutes to cool before I serve it and here’s our final product all cooled off and ready to serve I’m just gonna put a nice generous slice here and I do believe it’s about time for a taste smells just fantastic mmm well Bridget oh of course it’s delicious it’s a pizza let me tell you something that crust is actually crunchy it actually has a crisp kind of crunch on the bottom yeah mm-hmm no listen it’s not completely terribly dramatic relief oh yeah Lee oh yeah confirm a bit of a crispy crust that is really delicious try this recipe I also hope that you will like share comment and especially subscribe to my channel come to my channel grow and also helps you locate my videos especially you can click on that notifications bell you’ll be notified every time I upload a video which is three or four times a week thanks for joining us here today to talk cooking we’ll catch you next time

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