Keto OOPS,  Weight Loss Results,  Keto Meals, Daily Vlog

Keto OOPS, Weight Loss Results, Keto Meals, Daily Vlog

hasn’t thought that there in YouTube land your favorite little kid a goofball diamond it’s day 766 of my ketogenic journey and i’ma show you what I ate yesterday was perfectly key to our friendly and a little something that messed me up then we’ll be right back with a chit chatting away in and I got a little bit of a rant but I did that in another video so I’ll be posting that a certain Guys and Dolls if you love me thumbs up if you new here like subscribe share ring that bell all that good wonderful YouTube jazz helps my channel grow and makes me feel validated or good whatever and if you need my help my contact information is in description below I have a website with everything written out plain and simple kiddo diamond calm and on the front of this channel there’s a playlist how to key there for beginners check all of that out if you need Quito help now let’s get into my kiddos as TPM it is break fest time double bacon cheeseburger with bacon and mayonnaise and cheese let’s see of course the dietary dr. pepper and co-star hi hey daddy put you in a walker he’s okay frozen performance nut butter I like them in the freezer I think they’re better you can’t eat them like a butter kind of thing or like a more liquid kind of deal these are just made macadamia nut coconut and cashew and they do have pink Himalayan salt in them so I love them thank you guys meal 2 Baconator 2 for the day thrilled with it behind the circuit thrilled with it I’ve got four girls barbecue wings here I get 41 and a little bit of ranch my son brought these home for me to try and I’m just not strong enough to say no mistake might have just been made after a few minutes I realize those wings were sweet not spicy they weren’t hot wings they were honey parmesan wings mistake might have just happened I only get four up there was five I get 41 and so yeah I might catch some water weight we’ll see double Baconator yeah so calories and macros 3219 calories 22 grams of fat I’m sorry 22 grams of carbohydrates 273 grams of fat 157 grams of protein I probably only ate 200 grams of that fat I’m sure at least 73 grams cooked off those six patties but it didn’t actually measure it yesterday so that’s just kind of like a rough estimate there were two pieces of string cheese that are listed that you guys did not see hey guys so I thought I’d put this clip in here I found out right after I finished the video that had I got off work because of his back had to go to the doctor they’ve already met for two more days which is really gonna suck because he already didn’t get paid for yesterday because he had to leave work early Friday for his back we know that there’s a serious problem the spine doctor is in a hurry to see them see him rather and it’s just not cool right now and also we got another issue I just cooked the legs for hamburger patties so I might not be able to be all the way Baconator until Thursday but that’s okay we’ll figure it out I’m just putting my momentary glitches right here with you guys anything look at what this baby is he’s doing well y’all seen that didn’t you good lord have mercy um I was doing just fine and I know in that itty-bitty clip I said I didn’t have enough strength just say no to those wings but it did I just didn’t want to it’s called an excuse and I used it and now I’ve got the hellish headache to prove it they didn’t bother me too much but they might have it’s hard to explain okay so yesterday I was using the bathroom like a beast peeing like crazy which is a great sign on keto that you’re getting rid of water weight if you’re holding on to it and I was so I was doing great ate those wings the urination slowed down and I was like well crap so I’m gonna go ahead and get to the wagon yesterday I weigh 179 today I weighed 179 why because a damn hot wings and they had honey in them so yeah natural sugar still sugar doesn’t really matter and of course when it says honey it’s probably actually brown sugar or something that tastes like honey but you know yeah now I’m like I said I’ve got a hell of headache I’ve got some sinus issues going on that could be related to the wings or it could be simply related to lack of sleep and or my grandson also woke up with a snot-nosed this morning so could just be allergies or some kind of cold hitting me hard to say for sure it tends the season so yeah I’ve got a wonderful day I’m here right Wow maybe a wonderful day it just depends I know that one of my chakra bracelets is out for delivery it’s around about time for the mailman to run so I am loosening out listening out so for those of you don’t know I use them as weight loss rewards and every time well okay it will be every time I lose 20 pounds but since I’ve done lost 134 I’ve got four now that I like to wear one more would be a hundred pounds I got some that I can get and they’re hand beaded handmade and guaranteed for life so I used them I love them and if you do too they have all kinds of color schemes guys these are just my favorite colors but down in the description below I’m even getting 40% off with my link there’s even a second link down there that if you click on that it gives me a commission but with that link you get to spin a wheel and you might get 60% off you never know so try either one of them and if it comes back you I’m getting not enough come back and use a 40% off way works either way right so I can’t wait but also I get to pick up my grandson from school today because destiny and Brian have a doctor’s appointment so let me show you this Oh Destin has a job interview that’s right sorry anyway she has something she’s gotta do I get to pick up Zach today let me show you this so real fast I missed this kid miss him so much he goes to school he comes home he’s too tired to talk to me I guess was gonna Pam’s for Saturday sending money he’s too tired to talk to me and fall asleep brother I know he needs a service but I’m missing since I’ve missed my big booger so much I am going to take him right across the street from the school to a place called Hot Diggity Dog one of my high school friends runs and it’s a hotdog place with ice cream so if he’s hungry which he hasn’t been after school right after school because school lunch throws him out but if he’s hungry I’ll feed him and if he’s not we’ll get some well he’ll get some ice cream and I’ll watch him eat it longingly the truth of the matter is I don’t really like ice cream that much anyway makes me thirsty as he’ll I don’t really understand it probably all the salt and sugar I don’t know but anyway just talking about makes me thirsty so I’m gonna have a good day with him I hope now if he’s super hungry I might just get in take him to McDonald’s I don’t know she’s got anything there for him hubby is off work I just got that text message his back is really really bothering him again I’ve rescheduled his appointment for the spine specialist which is on 3rd 3rd no the 13th anyway so we’ll find out what’s going on with that and I’m iud appointment tomorrow morning so I’ll get the potentially very soon if my IUD is affecting my blood pressure for those of you who don’t know me I got rid of every disease I had except for high blood pressure since I started kiddo and it’s stubborn as hell ok I’ll get it down then it’ll go back up then I’ll get it we have an issues somebody mentioned it could be my birth control I did some digging it could be my birth control I’ve had it for a very long time I’ve had a high blood pressure for a very long time it’s time for it to be switched out anyway so because anyone that’s new won’t understand okay anyway I’ve had an IUD for six years they only good for five so I need to have it replaced regardless but this I you need does have hormones and I can’t do the copper IUD because if I touch even a real copper penny I taste copper for hours and the doctor said that’s probably not a good idea then then I tend to agree cuz I don’t want to taste copper my grandson’s over there I thank you I don’t know what the hell he’s doing he’s not really mad he’s just making right yes he’s always cute that’s the little screen baby the biggest grandbabies and when I’m gonna pick up and dismiss got the itty-bitty one that ain’t worn yet in her belly so yeah a lot of people ask me if this is my daughter no my son is her boyfriend and Zach’s daddy and then this is Karina this is my daughter she is kita sometimes off and on yes they let me tell you what is childhood let me tell you what yes I just hold on give me a minute yesterday she complained about her hand being on slowly oh did you eat something you shouldn’t have I might have had a Twix bar well that’s why your hand swelling it is but folks if I eat something off plan I can almost immediately tell it because one of my feet did to swell it’ll start tickling into you and I’m like damn look daddy’s fatter than the other one I don’t know why sometimes it’s both feet sometimes it’s just one but edema kind of comes with cheating just does water weight inflammation yeehaw fun fun takes few days to get off it’ll be fine though you can do it I promise oh yeah that’s all I was like oh God so this is actually old it was during Hurricane Emma but somebody shared this and I shared it to of course but show it to me Johnny Depp she went away the hurricane I wish you could man it hasn’t hit North Carolina again I don’t know about it it’s working on if I think right now it’s busy tearing up Florida then he’s gonna tear up george and hit North Carolina I think Thursday or Friday that damn thing is just going crazy and hey we’re on everybody ain’t it hot oh man I gotta check something I found out why the baby was making all that racket he doesn’t know if you’re curious as to how to get your macros I have videos and playlists to teach you how to do that and a website page that’ll teach you how to do that I know a lot of you who are new and need help getting your macros put it out plain and simple to show you how to get it but if you still need help getting them didn’t me an email and I will help you get your macros I need to know your height weight age and your range of activity do you do you yo good do you work out me you go for runs I need to know that kind of stuff do you work really hard at work it’s important so if you need your macros I’ll be glad to help you I’ll be right back I think I just hadn’t heard the mill man wrong I was wrong I walked all the way down there with nothing in there but I got the it’s out for delivery notification you need to hurry he’ll up I’m excited already so anyway I’ll let you guys know how everything goes tomorrow for those of you missed my weigh-in 179 yesterday 179 today would have been better but ate them stupid ass hot wings in this screwed me up so it’s one of them things oh I’m still trying the other thing I’m trying to see if I can lose weight on it you will be privileged to know what that is as soon as I’m sure I feel his weight on it what I am sure is that I can lose water weight on it it doesn’t affect my water weight from coming off but I don’t know if I’ll be able to actively lose weight while consuming them so don’t want to share them to your trigger y’all and get y’all devout and buy them if you like them until I know for sure so anyway much left you guys NAS if you need my help it’s all in the description below I’ll help anybody who needs me nice love ya [Music]

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