Keto Macadamia Nut (Mac Nut) Cream Pie  #ketorecipes #ketodessert #lowcarbdessert #weightloss

Keto Macadamia Nut (Mac Nut) Cream Pie #ketorecipes #ketodessert #lowcarbdessert #weightloss

hey guys welcome back to CJ’s Kito kitchen well now that our summer salad series is complete I feel like making a dessert and in keeping with the theme of our recent vacation to Hawaii I thought that making a macadamia nut cream pie sounded like something I would like to undertake there are no other recipes that I could find out there we did however see a macadamia nut cream pie in one of the little restaurants in the South Kohala coast and I thought hmmm I wonder if I could make that Kido so this is my interpretation of a macadamia nut cream pie but it is sugar-free and ketogenic and it’s going to be super delicious so come along with me and let’s get started so you’re going to need a half a cup of chopped macadamia nuts I have macadamia nuts here in a clear Pyrex measuring cup so you can see what I’m talking about this is not the amount you’re going to need I just wanted to reference that you are going to need macadamia nuts for the Mac nut cream pie because it’s a macadamia nut cream pie so to begin our cream pie we need to make our crust and this is going to be the baking part of the recipe and this will be the only baking part of the recipe because this is a cream pie so in order to do our crust we need 1 cup of blanched almond flour and this is the brand I use I buy the Kirkland the reason I like blanch just because it doesn’t have the holes of the almond on it so you can tell a little bit easier when it’s browned so I’m just gonna put that in my dish and to that I’m going to be adding about 2 tablespoons of natural sweetener and 1/2 a cup of melted butter which is one stick and I’m just going to stir this all around until it’s incorporated trying to get out the lumps of the almond flour because almond flour can be a little on the lumpy side and I’m going to add just a tiny bit more on just about another tablespoons we want this to have enough stiffness to stick to the bottom of our pie pan just making sure that I got all the lumps out I have my pie dish here and I have sprayed it with a little bit of avocado oil spray this has enough butter that it really shouldn’t be an issue but it’s just something I do anyway and we’re just going to work this around as evenly as we can with just our clean hands spreading out the crust so that we don’t have a lot of holes on the bottom and bringing it up along the sides of our pie pan this particular pie dish has a lovely fluted design that I’m hoping my crust will take on and we are going to be baking this for about 12 minutes or so just until it’s lightly golden brown most the time with cream pies they’re unbaked usually the shell or the crust of the pie is baked and then your other ingredients are put in and it’s chilled okay I think everything is fairly even I’m going to put it into my preheated oven and once again that is 350 degrees and it’s going to be for about 12 minutes [Music] that’s perfect you can see it slightly golden and the edges are just right so it’s going to shrink down and fit in there as it cools so we’re done with the baking part okay to begin our custard part of our macadamia nut cream pie we need a saucepan on medium low heat I’m going to be putting in two cups of heavy cream – one and two now to our heavy cream I’m going to add a little bit of my Madagascar vanilla bean powder if you don’t have this you could use a regular vanilla bean split in half and the contents put into your pudding if you don’t have either of those two things you could use some vanilla extract but using real vanilla makes a large difference so I’m putting half a teaspoon and I’m going to whisk it in now if you use a whole bean you are going to have to sieve this after your custard has cooled and before you add anything else and we are just going to let this get warm and let our vanilla bean infuse into our heavy cream so why our heavy cream is getting warm and the vanilla bean is infusing into our heavy cream we need in a separate bowl six egg yolks these are just the yolks and you need six of them and I’m gonna finish breaking down the three that we’re still whole and to our egg yolks we need 6 tablespoons of natural sweetener this is just urethral tall monk fruit blend granulated but you can use whatever type of sweetener natural sweetener that you would like or whatever you use on your ketogenic lifestyle and we are going to whisk those all together and we just want to keep whisking until it gets pale and we want to try and make sure that our granular sweetener is getting well incorporated now I’m going to be doing one more additional step in here and this is completely optional but I would like my macadamia nut cream pie to have a slight buttery caramel vanilla flavor to it so I’m going to be adding a little bit of Lorraine’s candy oils and these are just strictly oils there’s no sweetener in here these are used for candy making you can find them in the confectionary aisle of places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby I get mine on Amazon and it will be linked in the description box to our Amazon favorites I’m going to be using a little bit of caramel and a little bit of pralines and cream if you wanted to infuse your pie with a little bit of coconut flavor that would be very tropical in keeping with the macadamia nuts you could also do that and you only need just like 2 or 3 drops because it’s very strongly flavored and once again it’s just the oil there is no sweetener in these but CJ is not a huge fan of coconut so I’m not going to be flavoring my coconut but if you are or your family is you absolutely can do that now I’m gonna let these sit for a second and check back on my heavy cream see how that is progressing we need to let our cream warm for about five minutes or so [Music] and the warming of this is basically just to infuse your vanilla bean and I’m going to check the temperature with my finger it’s not quite one yet so in processes such as these and also in some of our other recipes like the lemon lush our English toffee other recipes that we’ve had this is not necessarily a labor-intensive dish because you’re really not having to do it’s not like bread dough ribbon need it need it and punch it down and waiting then come back and do some more work with this it’s more being patient and not letting things get too hot too quickly because your cream itself can scorch if you try and do something on too high of a temperature too quickly also when we come to our next step where we are going to be tempering the eggs into the custard mixture and tempering means that you are allowing both products to come together in an even temperature so you do not cook your eggs and that your custard does not break down so in processes like this it’s not super difficult the most difficult part is being patient and waiting for things to get to the appropriate temperature in order to get a successful pudding product for our cream pie okay our cream mixture is now warmed I am going to turn off the heat for a minute and I’m going to remove it from the heat so we need it to just sit here for another minute just to get cool enough so that we can begin tempering our eggs so I’m going to begin the tempering process our cream mixture is cool enough to the touch for me to put my finger in it that’s kind of how you know clean hands or a best cooks tool so I’m going to put about a quarter into our whisked eggs and I’m just going to stir that and this is good because nothing is happening to the eggs we’re not getting any kind of curdling or any difficulties because of temperature I’m just going to continue to do this a little at a time until all of our custard ingredients are combined okay now now we are going to go back into our saucepan now that our eggs and our cream have been tempered together we are going to put them back into our saucepan on a medium low heat and we are going to watch it as it thickens up so there will be more watching and at this point a silicone spatula is your best tool so the reason that we’re using our silicone spatula at this point is number one we can continually monitor the bottom of our saucepan just to make sure that nothing is scorching or burning that we have it at the appropriate temperature the second reason is once our egg mixture reaches the consistency that we want for our pudding it will start sticking to our spatula in a way that is very viscous and that’s when we know that it has reached a point that it can then be removed from the heat put into our Bowl and allowed to cool down to room temperature and then be refrigerated [Music] dreamy pretty spot [Music] Alexa tell me a joke what does mr. flamingo stay with his anyway I’ve had enough I’m hitting one foot down [Music] and we can see that it’s the starting to get a little bit thicker it’s starting to clean to the spatula more I don’t know if you can see that there at the bottom it’s starting to coat our spatula we’re nearly there CJ asked me what happens if you take it off too soon and I told him that our spatula [Music] it’s nicely coated our spatula okay yeah I am going to take our mixture and bring it over here got a clean mixing bowl I’m going to pour our thickened mixture into our mixing bowl you can see it has coated the bottom of my saucepan and now we’re gonna watch this and stir it occasionally for the next five minutes or so but before I leave it alone I want to add the most important part of the dish why this is called a macadamia nut cream pie so I am adding 1/2 a cup of chopped macadamia nuts into our custard mixture and I’m just gonna stir that around [Music] that never ends we’re just gonna let this slow would we come down to room temperature before we go ahead and pop it in our refrigerator and you’re going to need to refrigerate the pudding part of your cream pie for about two hours minimum yes you could do overnight if you want it but two hours minimum I just put some clean rap on our crust because it’s just going to hang out here for the next little while while we wait for our pudding to be firm enough to fill our pie I’m going to stir again and see that it’s starting to get nice and thick we’re basically just allowing this pudding mixture to come to room temperature before we put it in the refrigerator or at least closer to room temperature okay our custard has reached room temperature and it’s starting to set up so in order to facilitate a smooth product on the surface we want to take some cleaning around and just place it on the actual surface of the pudding and that is easier said than done but it helps prevent that kind of rubbery thing that you can get on the surface of pudding so when you take it off it it helps make sure that you’ve got creaminess under there and it doesn’t get that rubbery skin layer so got that down there and we are going to put that in the refrigerator for about two hours maybe a little bit more okay so our pudding our custard for our macadamia nut cream pie has been sitting in the refrigerator for several hours and I’ve removed the film so it’s quite solid it’s a nice pudding texture so I’m gonna give it a little bit of a stir and it’s got our macadamia nuts in it and I am going to put that into our cool pie shell I’m just going to put it in the center and then I’m going to spread it around it’s very pretty custard it’s got our bits of macadamia nut in it and it also has the beautiful vanilla bean that we put inside so that is in our shell now and now we are going to make a whipped cream topping which is traditional for a cream pie so we’re just going to set that aside and in a bowl we are going to combine 3/4 of a cup of heavy whipping cream I’m going to add some powdered monk fruit erythritol you can use any kind of natural sweetener that you would like I prefer powdered but because it incorporates very well I’m going to put about 2 spoonfuls I’m also going to put in just a little bit of vanilla extract and we are just going to whip this until it’s light and fluffy [Music] [Music] okay so there’s our whipped cream and we’re just going to apply a thin layer on the top of our pie I’m just going to put that right in the center and start working from the outside I’m just trying to get an even layer at our pie [Music] [Music] and its really nice if you can leave a little bit of the macadamia layer showing on your pie and then I’m going to show you how I’m going to zoos it up just a little bit for our presentation and for serving and of course with all true desserts especially cream desserts and layered desserts it’s going to get even better tomorrow so I just have a can of whipped cream here because I’m just going to make fancy little designs just in a couple of strategic areas and you can do it however you wish and then in those fancy areas I am going to place a macadamia nut bestest ones that I can find on my package and then everyone will know what this is is a macadamia nut cream pie so there is our macadamia nut cream pie I am going to cut a piece and I’m going to let CJ snap whip time for another fabulous taste test yeah tonight is macadamia nut cream pie look alright let’s see how it looks did you get a picture of it yep sorry I’m already cut into it I’m too excited all that matters is no case let’s go free me needs to set some but we just got done with it but it’s good I think once it all sets and gets hard or whatever it does whatever you call her firm yeah nothing gonna be good it’s really creamy it’s really good flavor and I think you achieved what you were trying to achieve it’s a good job baby because I know this was a little stressful for you thank you bye bye thanks for joining us again tonight you guys we hope that you enjoy the pie and the German very nice in the summer please consider subscribing and hitting the notification bill we would like you to be a part of our ketogenic family if you would like to continue watching there are more videos that will come up on the screen after the end of this one because we would like you to stay with us as long as possible you’re very important to us into our channel if you need any macros other recipe ideas all the nutritional information in the description box there’s also our Amazon favorites and in there there will be listings for the products that were used in this video and other videos so if you meet any of those things those can be found on our blog and that is CJ CO kitchen comm also we are on social media we’re on Pinterest Instagram Facebook Twitter and a lot of times we will post teaser recipes or photographs of recipes that are current in case you’ve missed any of those so please consider joining us on those social platforms as well we hope that you’ll come back and see us again and until that time [Music]

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