Keto Low Carb Recipe – White Castle Casserole

hi I’m Julie and welcome to my world so in my homestead skill of the Month Club the focus for februari is old-fashioned cooking roasting a chicken is at least a monthly occurrence here after two of us had eaten on it the first night I had one pound almost three ounces of meat left over for future meals I always make bone broth in my crock pot overnight and then jar it up for use in soups and casseroles the following morning I tried a new to me low-carb high-fat recipe called creamy garlic chicken soup using one of the jars of bone broth while mine doesn’t look as good as her photo it was delicious I was wanting a sandwich again this week and since I had roasted chicken meat a chicken sandwich was what it was I tried a new recipe called two ingredient English muffin it has six ingredients though so I don’t quite get the name I may need to rename it the recipe calls for melted butter almond flour coconut flour baking powder salt and an egg you combine it all together and then zap it in the microwave for 90 seconds I poured it in a rectangular container to make it more low flight the skill of the Month Club focus of old-fashioned cooking was timely for me I’m eating low-carb high-fat to help me control my type 2 diabetes I have been collecting recipes that sound good and at this point I have probably 880 left to try and 40 their papers I make new ones several times a week my blood sugar average it for the past month is 106 so I’m very pleased with how it’s going down anyway I wanted to try one of the slices of this bread toasted so I cut the a loaf in half and then I cut the half in half and I made myself a sandwich with some mayo some leftover coleslaw that I had and then some of that leftover chicken I really enjoyed it for dinner on Thursday I made an old favorite low carb high fat meal it’s called the White Castle casserole and it’s a keeper recipe on friday night i tried the green giant cauliflower tots that I found at walmart the whole family liked it with that I cooked up some pork chops in onion for breakfast I usually have some form of eggs with bacon ham or sausage thank you for watching

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