hi guys welcome back to CJ’s Kito kitchen tonight we are going to be making a nice easy dish and I have simplified it from its traditional state and it’s going to be cabbage rolls but I’m going to be making a cabbage roll casserole so come along with me and let’s get started traditionally cabbage rolls are generally in Eastern European although Asia also does have cabbage roll dishes but usually it’s a combination of meat and sometimes it’s a starch also like barley or rice and it has a sauce and it’s rolled and steamed cabbage and then of course those rolls are put in a dish and there’s a saucepan over the top but tonight I wanted to make a shortcut for that and so I’m making my version and a casserole style so you’re not gonna have to do any rolling or filling or anything like that everything’s going to be done in one dish and of course we’re not going to be adding the rice element because this was traditionally a taste of home recipe and of course they could use for ice because this is a standard American diet recipe but I’m going to be keto icing it so come along with me and let’s get started making this easy dish so our first step is we need to brown 2 pounds of ground beef I’m also preheating my oven to 375 it hasn’t reached full temperature yet but we are going to do 375 on the oven and I have also warmed up about four strips of bacon I am using the already cooked bacon crumbles and to that I have added 2 tablespoons of chopped white onion so starting with our ground beef this was 2 pounds once again I’m going to add our four slices of crumbled bacon with the 2 tablespoons of chopped onion and I’m going just to combine these two just kind of get them all combined now we’re going to add our traditional spices to our ground beef and traditionally for cabbage rolls oregano is sometimes used and also paprika is very popular in this because this is an Eastern European dish so to our mixture I’m going to be using a South African smoked blend and the reason using this is because it’s mostly paprika and that’s what I want but use whatever you would like you can just use regular paprika Hungarian paprika spiced paprika whatever you like I’m also going to add a little bit of oregano I’m going to be adding some 21 seasonings salute or you can just use you know a type of garlic and herb seasoning blend from the grocery store it doesn’t have to be 21 seasonings salute and just a little bit of garlic powder and then I’m just going to stir everything around so that all of our seasonings get combined into our meat now the next thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to add 1 cup this is actually a 14 ounce can of tomato sauce and I’m just going to stir that around once again and this is going to complete our meat mixture layer for our cabbage roll casserole because we are going to be layering this in a casserole dish instead of rolling up cabbage leaves we’re going to be using all the same ingredients but it’s not going to require as much work so you can get this in the oven and on the table more expeditiously okay so our meat mixture is all ready now we are going to work on layering into our casserole dish start with a greased pan and the first layer that we want to put down is our cabbage layer so instead of taking the extra steps to peel off the layers of a full head of cabbage steam them then put all your filling inside and roll it up we are going to just do a short cut with this and have all the flavors of cabbage rolls without having to do all the intensive work so you need cabbage and of course you couldn’t buy a head of regular green cabbage if you wish and shred it up yourself but it’s very easy now to just get a shredded cabbage product in the grocery store and you want just regular cabbage you don’t want to get the colorful cabbage that’s God the carrots and everything else in it you really want a true traditional just cabbage so and you’re going to need two ten ounce packages so I’m going to my layer of cabbage down and just kind of spread it around and throw some around cuz it’s like cabbage confetti and then we’re going to take half of our beef mixture beef bacon mixture and put that on top because we are going to make two layers now we’re just going to spread that around try and get it even if you can and then we are going to do our next bag of cabbage and we’re not going to use quite as much of this bag we’re just going to sprinkle it because we have our bed of cabbage down below and of course when you bake this because we are going to be putting a sauce on it it is going to shrink down because that’s what cabbage does so I’m using about half of the other bag and then putting our next layer of mixture down and spreading that all oh I’m trying to get it as even as we can within reason of course I’m just pressing everything down now to give this our true cabbage roll flavor I am going to be adding a sweet and sour sauce now cabbage rolls are made traditionally both with a savory sauce and a sweet and sour sauce and sometimes it will be changed up seasonally sometimes they will do a sweeter sauce in the summertime in Eastern Europe and sometimes they will do a savory sauce so this time I’m going to do a sweet and sour sauce for that you need of tomato sauce and you just want to pour that into a bowl then I’m going to add a half a cup of apple cider vinegar and I’m just using Bragg’s apple cider vinegar but you don’t have to use this this brand but you would like an unfiltered product and I’m just going to kind of stir that together now to give this a touch of sweetness because we have our sourness we want just a touch of sweetness so to do that I’m just going to add about two squirts of a no sugar low sugar ketchup and I’m just using the Heinz version and I just need two squirts and I’m just going to combine that together now we have our sweet and sour sauce so I’m going to bring my casserole back over and we are going to try and pour our sauce evenly over and this is going to soak down into all of our layers underneath and get into that bit of cabbage that we have at the bottom which is what we want so just let that sink down in and it will as it cooks and then it will cook all that yummy cabbage so I am going to put this into our preheat 375 degree oven and I am going to bake this covered so I’m going to cover this with a piece of aluminum foil and we’re going to put this into the oven for about 40 minutes then we are going to uncover it and cover it with some cheese and then make it for a little bit longer so come on back and I will show you those steps all right I just removed the foil and our cabbage oral casserole has been cooking about 40 minutes so I am going to do the next step which is to sprinkle cheese on it and just sprinkle it evenly okay I’m going to put this back into the oven uncovered for about 10 minutes until the cheese is melted okay you can see that our cheese is melted to make it brown because that’s the way I like it I’m going to broil it for about one to two minutes and just keep an eye on it okay it has lightly browned on the top and I’m going to get it out here and let it sit for 15 minutes so that all of our yummy sauce settles back down into the casserole and then we let CJ have a taste hi CJ Daria how are you tonight okay pretty busy day at work it’s almost over yeah so tonight we are having cabbage roll casserole hmm looks good smells good too so it’s cheesy just like me okay you said does not mean it’s also hot [Music] a big red button I saw the big red button a question yes so this is a taste test number two too bad we don’t have one of those little slacker things yeah take two quiet on the set it’s good really flavorful I’ve never had cabbage rolls before I’ve had something I’ve had lawton before but I’ve never had maybe another any type of cabbage roll dish so that whole sweet and sour sauce thing that’s pretty good pretty good combination of taste and I would imagine just like any other casserole it gets better as it sits I mean we literally took this out and let it sit for maybe 15 minutes your first bite is quite warm yes the first take involve me burning my mouth so yeah I’m sure it’ll be even better tomorrow I think people will like it good job man thanks for joining us again tonight you guys we hope that you enjoy the cabbage rolls of course even though this is an Eastern European Asian dish almost every country has a version and because it’s cabbage and this is March and st. Patrick’s Day is coming up on the 17th you could also use that if you’re going to be doing anything for st. Patrick’s Day because it’s cabbage which is also Irish so either way you hope that you enjoyed it and we hope that you’ll come back and see us again we have new recipes every Sunday and we also have keto conversations on Wednesdays and that’s where we get together talk about different keto topics things that are in the news things we might all be concerned about on this way of life so we hope that you will also join us on social media we’re on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest and that is cjs Cato kitchen please also head on over to our blog that’s cj’s Kino kitchen calm and there you will find all of the recipes that are principle also all of the macros and other recipe ideas in case you’re interested so we hope that you’ll come on back and see us again and we’ll see you next time let’s see Jace cater kitchen

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