Keto Krate Unboxing SEPTEMBER 2019 | New Keto Products | #ketoproducts #ketosnacks  #ketolifestyle

Keto Krate Unboxing SEPTEMBER 2019 | New Keto Products | #ketoproducts #ketosnacks #ketolifestyle

what’s up YouTube this is CJ and Sara it’s a Wednesday and that means it’s time for another Kido conversation so let’s get started alright so as you can see it is it must be early in a month because we’re doing our Quito crate review we get these pretty early in the month this one was a little bit later just of the holiday yeah cuz there’s a Labor Day but these do come pretty early in the month if you’re now familiar with Quito crate it is a subscription box that costs $39.99 and the US I costs $39.99 plus 1099 shipping to Canada and unfortunately they don’t ship international yeah at this point yeah so but that is that that is the cost we have a discount code where you can get 15% off of your first box and so we’ll put that in the video description you can also stop this anytime you want so you can start it you can stop it and so there’s no obligation for you to continue and so it is a good way to experience new Quito products one of the questions we get asked often is whether this is worth it and you know we always say it’s kind of up to you if you like grab-bag kind of things surprises if you like being on trend with trying to ketogenic foods if maybe you want to broaden your palate into maybe some foods that you could order whether it’s through the companies that are in this box a lot of times they’re available on Amazon and sometimes or even things that you can find local on your her shoe store shelves because you know grocery stores and things like Whole Foods and natural markets are continually getting more and more ketogenic foods sure so Quito crate is kind of a call did something last month a curator curator a curator of this box so Kino crate itself does not produce these products Pro just bring them all together in a collection for you to try and it’s different every month although I did see something recently from them saying that if you are Iquitos crate subscriber that they’d have a subscriber only store now available so that’s something rand-new I got an email from them I think it was yesterday saying this is the password for this month’s subscribers store I want to subscribe our only store I don’t know what’s there I haven’t looked but that’s something new that they’re doing I guess you can be a Quito VIP yeah so that’s something new that they’re doing and so if you are already getting a key oh great and missed that email that’s something that’s available to you know so that’s kind of I guess just another added perk for the service so we’re gonna get into this we have we’ve opened the box but we haven’t tried anything that’s in the box and you know last month we try to get all fancy and we tried to have two cameras doing you know we had a camera over here and Sarah was looking over there the whole time and I’m looking at this camera I have already enough time whenever you look in the life of this book going back to one camera and we’ve also figure out a way to I guess show you the product close up close up so we’ll just be inserting pictures or images of the products in the video when we get to whatever product we’re talking we actually do listen to your comments and we take you know we take them to heart and try to make improvements so that’s one of the things that we try to do differently we are not going to eat all of this stuff we’re going to taste it and we’re gonna give you our unbiased opinion but we’re not gonna sit here and eat all of this stuff because we’re doing keto as well and it probably wouldn’t be healthy for us to eat this whole box we have one city so anyway let’s get this thing going let’s see what we got so you mentioned Sarah that this was a light box a slight feeling I know that there weren’t a lot of products in there yeah because there are as far as yes how heavy it is you know sometimes like we’ll have a heavier product like before we’ve had things like milk edenia macadamia nut milk and it’s heavy you know so that will sometimes make the box cover in this month we have a lot of wider robotics all right so let’s see we can give this position so people can see us but also I can reach it so we’re just gonna start we’ll start on these bars this is a fat bar F ATT AC T bar I’ll let you read the rest and tell us what it’s caramel and see solder caramel and sea salt or caramel however you choose to pronounce it it says zero added sweeteners so the macros are for one bar and the total carbs are twelve the fiber is ten so it’s two carbs for the one bar in the entire bar okay yes and like I said it’s caramel and sea salt okay so this is one of those to call that new buddy yeah I would call it nougaty it’s a juicy bar you’re sure very moist very moist yep and it’s sticky it’s about the size of a granola bar maybe yeah yeah yeah maybe like one of the camera what those are called like this like a little Quaker Quaker that that’s the size of it yeah it’s very sticky Wow that’s why I have my little moistened so I’m just gonna blurt off the piece and then if you want very super sticky that was it hmm it’s not bad I like it tastes like maple syrup that’s true just like maple syrup was there anything about maple syrup as far as the flavor that’s caramel but there might be well it tastes like I’ve got coffee I have iced coffee I like it well I suppose we should say this too we will put at the end what what our favorites are you won’t just finish this because it’s not right good yeah it tastes like German chocolate frosting if it was stiffer hmm does it’s about the pecans and the I guess you know kind of coconutty yeah I can see that yeah like if you made German chocolate frosting into like almost like taffy mm-hmm okay so that was the fat bar we have no idea how much this cost we will put any we’ll put a link to where all the discount codes are sometimes there are discount codes sometimes there are not discount codes but we will put a link to where you can see all the products so so far well this is a real product I was kind of I do like that one all right next thing this is some kind of cheese thing and talk and talk it and talk it it’s a brown IM takt almost like a Native American sounding name and takut 20 cheese lovers lover spicy you’re gonna have something 100% real cheese says 4 grams of total carb must be the flavorings because generally I would do it right where would you get the for Clark’s room so if the serving size is a half container so that 4 carbons is if you eat the entire container so it’s got buttery cheese which is just milk cornstarch is at the very end ok so that’s probably where you’re getting in the carbs from it is at the very end so there’s probably not a great deal of it but I’m assuming that’s what’s making but they’re right it’s um yeah and you’ll notice as we go along we will especially we see something that looks odd we’ll kind of talk pulling it out and try to figure out where the carbs are from okay so these look like metal cheese nuggets or cheese balls and I need salt yeah they do I need some salt mmm there’s a low kind of a low learned low burn would you write the Priory no salt they could use Morse 200 it needs some salt there isn’t any there isn’t any salt not bad okay alright we have a lot of cheese products are not my favorite that we’ve received you know but yeah they’re not super spicy you can fill it on the low burn a PDF all right so now this is a product from Ultima Ultima replenishes so like electrolyte sticks yeah that’s what they are electrolyte sticks and this we receive these before in fact we’ve purchased them good the box that you’re taking to work oh yeah yeah so like Sarah said we just we have got these before we liked them well enough that we purchased I don’t know what the difference is why they’re still goes again but you know that’s fine we didn’t create the box but this is a exacter and again it’s an electrolyte supplement so i’m kind of like as it is without the caffeine just you know to replenish you like Gatorade only not sugary and stuff so it’s sweetened with stevia and colored with beet juice so you add one stick pack to 16 ounces of water and then shake it and drink it again this is just a sample pack it’s not it’s or and then raspberry this is women that’s raspberry but this is a sample pack just like this we have order these before they come in a box so you get a lot you know you can write more than two and I can’t remember how many you get in the box but I think it that’s a variety pack – as far as flavors alright so let’s open all right so every month just about every month we get some kind of meat product I don’t think we’ve ever had a beat you there some kind of stick built on jerky something yeah yeah we get Sunday pretty much every month and so this month is no different this is from Brooklyn built on lemon pepper it’s live and pepper grass-fed no sugar air dried beef air dried this is it’s better than jerky we’ll see it’s got two carbs to car okay I’m assuming it’s probably from the lemon you don’t want to oil in the lemon juice yeah and it does have just a bit of onion powder yeah so for two for half the package is two carbs so he ate the whole package it will be for carbs okay all right so that’s just something to keep in mind so this actually has a resealable bag and I don’t want though a lot of the time with the meat products we don’t we won’t eat them because you can’t reseal them this one has a it’s beefy it’s not super strongly flavored ghazini to it yeah hmm jerky ish yeah hmm no after I like this longer you chew it then more flavor you get yeah lemon and pepper it kind of sticks with you almost like celery didn’t you feeling it true enough now Batman planets some Willy Wonka kind of products but you never lasting Gobstopper I’m a random well of useless reveal information all right so the next product oh these are cookies good thing I brought me there many cookies and any cookie low-carb snacks from a company called high key that’s to knit carbs the serving size is a six pieces and there’s 12 mini cookies in this bag and a lot of times in Aikido crate because this is a curated product when you order it if you were to order it from Heike the company or find it on Amazon or wherever they sell their products a lot of times this is not what you’re getting this is like a mini size yeah a lot of times it will be like a bag you know so in this you know you’re getting a sampling basically of what you get sometimes I mean sometimes this is the serving size but a lot of times you will get a bigger bag if you order from the company yeah and we’ve never had anything I don’t think we’ve ever had anything from them nope so – net carbs for six cookies it’s got a resealable bag carry thing yeah so you can open it don’t want stale cookies yep how many gonna have you can have oh you know I’m just a six serving for serving I’m on the server I just okay yeah so that’s what they look like like little like little miniature boys there are many cookies yeah Tomomi um cookie crisp cereal mmm yeah it’s good Famous Amos had some little mini I’m used to okay oh oh they’re really good yeah Wow that’s what they look like nice chocolaty flavor on the chips oh that’s really good that would not note those are keyed oh my kids stay here mom you want some of my snack pack and that would be good Wow I like those food obvious on the wrong dude those are really good to grab the net to in that car Wow yep those are really good those are good that’s my favorite so far we’re gonna have to check to see how much those cultures sure to thumbs up yeah yeah I guess full disclosure a lot of times really we all have favorites but then we when we look at the price right that might be a little bit too steep for what you’re getting because I mean we eat snacks products and diet products if you will are always more expensive yeah them junk food yes and so we we eat snacks and I guess we should also say this you know this box will last us I might almost almost the next gear so we don’t we don’t just snack him you know in fact we will close this box and then we will you know I’ll take some from lunch here and there but we this will last us the entire month if not even longer sometimes it some of it gets up the Box gets flown away and then in Turkey yeah all right so let’s get this in the bag so these this is from ping good good Oh working to make note that was CJ laughing that was you being bubbly Himalayan pink salt and vinegar so these are flavor chicharrones okay just like our own roll your tongue roll your R’s with Latin legs used to be out on the Food Network Verona’s move – he’s moved on to bigger I still like to watch all right these are salt and vinegar did you say that I think so Himalayan pinks so they’re pork rinds right no sorry I’ve got pork rinds the teaching of wrongness yes those are really they got some kick some flavor I mean as far as the flavor that my favorite kind of flavor I love vinegar love it I love vinegar but a little bit mix try a little bit that’s strong these are gonna be eaten by Sarah but I will say this there will be no doubt that the salt vinegar you sometimes well at least for me sometimes I miss just strongly flavored things yeah and salt and vinegar happens to be my favorite song about a chip chips yeah so I really enjoyed yeah there will be no doubt as the work on your eating they are good and the bag is pink so it should be for me right sure I mean I like did you like them I’m not going right just one all right let’s see so we just did a bag oh I didn’t see these I mean these are from curly girls it’s candy pearly girls and they’re talking before and this is chocolate caramel I think we’ve had their toffee pinning on where you’re from yep but curly girl candy it’s sugar-free and I’m gonna give it to Sarah yeah we bet there we had their chocolate talk it’s been a while yes with the better may be able to mitigate says maltitol free yeah that’s good multiple and it sweetened with urethral tall that’s it so see for 1 ounce is the serving size and there’s two servings in the container it is 5 5 carbs so we have 9 total minus 2 4 fiber is 7 and then the sugar alcohols is 2 so that’s 5 o’clock okay bottom net carbs yeah so there’s 2 serving sizes centers Oh very new visually rap so we thought there in dude so that’s what they look like the way that’s what they look like so for 3 and a half I guess there’s an odd number in here but you could eat three of them basically for five cards no so yeah you’d have to see you know I guess it depends how important I still wouldn’t recommend eating all of them in one sitting yeah intestinal distress but uh yeah I’m gonna try one and you see it’s just like 30 there’s like a candy store I mean wrapped you know like if you wanted to seize or somewhere tasty they’re chewy with the caramel that’s the continued team oh it’s stuck to my friend Keith aloo but I bet mine in half just threw it in there like men do and savoring mine that’s what uh that’s what next week that’s what the next piece is war that’s your idea so many way it’s dark sweet and yes it’s very dark yeah that’s a dark chocolate this drove over time I just dropped one of my coffee well I guess you have to yeah well that’s just like licking it yeah kind of a coffee taste to me that’s true that’s what that is it does kind of taste like coffee without dropping it in your coffee okay it’s really coffee now no this is my favorite yeah yeah alright so this is a IQ bar brain plus body Wow and I’m expecting a lot and this is it’s a lemon blueberry bar I’ll give it to you soon okay aside from all six brain nutrients four grams total net carbs it’s 4 grams of carbs for this bar and the six brain nutrients are in case you’re interested lion of Maine MCTS Omega threes flavonoids vitamin E and choline product I’ve take a brain supplements on the time Bob that that’s a good idea for there in a bar Jimmy there no levar kite I can definitely taste the limit let’s see my shirt people this yeah so that’s what it looks like I probably unwrapped it I can taste the lemon it’s fat flax seeds cumin green it’s got little protein crisps in it which is P protein P starch and rice flour and it’s got an interesting texture mm-hmm that’s what I was telling about this like it has little like bits that’s why I was wondering that she or something and it’s got flax seeds and that’s what kind of crunchy yeah so I’ve always been partial they’re kind of naturally crunchy kind of stuffing listen no it’s not like a Renault lebar though no there’s still there’s still softness to it and it’s not very sweet no it’s not very sweet but it’s not it doesn’t have the moisture level as the first one that we tried because it one it’s dry enough that you can you can break it and it’s not like right you know yeah so this is from better than good snacks that’s the name of the company salted caramel veggie protein puffs hmm it’s got two servings of fruits and vegetables well for carbs for mm-hmm gosh you’re gonna cane sugar brown sugar okay so that is something to be noted that the keto great they do advertise that there’s no super lows no maltitol or mannitol but there are some time with some otters in here you have sugar in them some time now is sugar it’s not necessarily a sugar free box right out so you do need to be aware of that it’s not often or it’s not I wouldn’t send everybody’s product every box but some desks or something to be aware of oh okay that wasn’t why I’ve thought I thought they were gonna be like chips or something you want a cup so these are that’s what they look like I don’t know you can eat the entire packet for pork are you doing establish yeah yeah but here but that might be pretty good before car well of course they’re good gotta have sugar they were you know Charlie yeah but they have sugar so I mean you get into the kids and they you know they kind of pop because of the sugar pill turn around so yeah yeah we can pop off on the kid no probably like it no you’re not bad no I mean they taste good there’s a good alright bar okay MCT bar this is cocoa flavored to net carbs and it’s called MC t you are MC t bar caramel one yeah I think we did too there we good yeah so what I like about this sorry go ahead would restate them okay I don’t know if you can see but it Scott it has chunks of fat it has chunks of the coconut oil so I don’t it just was really satisfying yeah I’m looking for something yeah saline we so we have done the keto crate before we went to Hawaii so we had a box and it had several of these bars not just this company but from another company and actually they came in really handy on the what was that how long is up here for about six hours I’m not sure what it Alexa think you were talking to her I’m sorry sorry Alexandria Alessandra it’s trying to buddy and I just I don’t know why we we didn’t say anything about her name we can’t say her name because she’ll start talking yeah anyway so how is it good yes random then she started talking like that airplane airplane anyway it was a long flight six hours in these came in handy mmm-hmm I just when you eat that it’s like the MCT oil is kind of burst in your mouth I don’t know it’s just it’s yummy if you if you’d like things that are you know kind a little fatty and it’s just satiating I don’t know I like it though it’s like eating something with butter on it that’s a very good good thing very good so that I like that particular Brandon bark the MCT bar we’re going to definitely look at it for ourselves yeah and if they’re not too cost-prohibitive we may look at mine some of the gorillas just a hack song that brand so that’s the last thing in the box although there is something that’s in the box um scoot out I think that’s how you say it but maybe maybe if it’s French I might maybe I’m not saying oh it’s sea salt something what is that SEL de Mer but what is that sea salt they look like pumpkin seeds they are from Ontario Canada oh-hoh so there are a lot of french-speaking individual look at that so we were gonna cut that in fact we earlier but there’s some kind of little fancy ham tab here I’ve never seen that on the US product look at that one out that Canadian ingenuity so it’s a little tab that is slick Wow Canada go Canada although I think I don’t think that’s it to the seal it now did you do it wrong I think I did it wrong we opened up the outer layer yeah it’s still okay oh no it’s not are you still okay Wow so I did it wrong yeah okay I guess we should have read the instruction so I thought they look like they just look like pumpkins salting how are they salsa the sale demand look the nutrition so how big there’s a lot in there a third of a cup is the serving size and that’s a pretty big bag mm-hmm I don’t know if that’s the actual value but that’s pretty odd seven total fiber but I’m sorry seven total but five fiber so it’s two carbs for 1/3 of a cup that’s a lot on your salad yeah I don’t know I’m feeling it yes I broke this the I didn’t open it right we’ll put a clip on yeah all right so there’s something in here from somebody to Sarah I don’t know what I don’t know what that is what’s that Sarah from the tooth fairy I heard your conversation about never getting money from me as a child and here’s your money with interest love the tooth fairy yes don’t forget to brush and floss daily how much did you get I’m thinking back when you were a child oh I got like no I got $23 a lot of money yeah Wow I guess thank you tooth fairy because you were so deprived was a child so my youngest daughter lost her tooth yesterday and we were scrambling around CJ and I for money to put under her pillow and I was bemoaning the fact that the Tooth Fairy never visited me yeah I grew up in a religiously restrictive household and the Tooth Fairy was not to be believed in so I went well I lost all 20 baby teeth of no money the sky was bemoaning to CJ and the Tooth Fairy must have heard me no I don’t have to put the chicharrones under my pillow now no something special all right so that is the a neato burrito wait wait wait we got to talk about what our favorites are all right so I think my favorite would be mini cookies the one so from that for you okay so we both like the mini cookies what else did you like I like that you cheer Onis the salt and vinegar I really like the MCT bar one the buttery bar that one yes okay sweetie so that’s Sarah’s favorite the cookies the pork rinds for Franz and the candy bar brand I think my favorite would be you know what I think I can well.alright kind of like it yeah and this was pretty good yeah first of all please write mine I didn’t think my favorite would be the fat bar F a TT and then the MCT bar and then the cookies that would be my favorite yeah so you have to check out these alright so that is our Quito crate for this month we have something new we want to do we just started we mentioned this in a couple of videos ago that we set up a patreon account it’s a total totally voluntary thing it is a way for you to I guess kind of support our channel if you choose to do so we any money we get will go back into the channel and help us continue to make content mostly buying ingredients mine ingredients also maybe equipment as we need it so but we do actually have four patreon of them as ass that we don’t say our name but we want to give shoutouts and so our first patreon was Lily D so thank you then we had Susie and then sherry page so thank you very much for subscribing to patreon support in our Channel we really do appreciate you we’re still trying to figure out how we can do special things for our patreon and come up with different levels but we do appreciate you that you reached out and helpless this again was our Kiev crate segment for the month this is actually our Kela conversation segment which we do every wednesday so if you’re new here we do kyoto conversations on wednesday where we talk about relevant Kido topics or sometimes we do unboxings we think it’s a relevant topic and then we also do new recipes every Sunday from time to time we will do what we eat ov IDEO z– we got to kind of get back into that and but consider subscribing we’d love to have you as part of our keto family we think that we get together we can all help each other be strong on keto and you have success and so consider subscribing we hope that you have a good rest of the week and we will talk at you later bye bye hey PC you [Music]

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