Keto Kids Lunchbox🍎Brylee’s 5th Grade Lunches

hello welcome to my channel my name is Kristy today I’m going to be showing what I pack in my 10 year old daughters Kido lunchbox she was diagnosed over the summer with hypoglycemia and her doctor said a low carb diet was the best way for us to treat that so this is Briley again she is 10 and in fifth grade so to see more videos like this make sure you subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram for sneak peeks okay Briley’s lunch for today consists of two strawberries we have half a quest bar here again this one’s her favorite it is the mint chocolate chunk we have half a container of yogurt this is the two good yogurt since it’s lower in sugar this one is the vanilla since it’s plain what I did was added a few chunks of the lollies to it I just ordered this off her site I’ll have this linked below if you want to check it out right now she has a new one out for the season I think it’s pumpkin and then I’m adding a Powerade since I feel like she needs to get in some electrolytes she probably won’t drink this whole thing this one I think’s yeah the fruit punch and then over here I added in some little cucumber sandwiches so what these are is I just lost a mini cucumber and I put cream cheese on both sides and in between that I put some turkey I added some seasonings and a little bit of salt and then just put these picks in here to hold them together so they’re just basically like little cucumber sandwiches for her to snack on I added in one of these little Eva teaspoons I picked these up at Dollar Tree they’re in the wedding section that way she can eat her yogurt with it and I won’t have to worry about getting a spoon back and then just a cute little napkin I always pick these up last cm on sale these little cocktail napkins it’s just a way for me to dress up the girls lunchboxes okay it’s Tuesday so we went with sort of a Taco Tuesday theme for brollies lunch today we have one of these waters this is something I picked up at t.j.maxx these are the Wonder welt waters with a dash of organic watermelon you get six point seven five ounces over here she has a container full of the quest chips these are the chili llama and she says these are a little spicy so just in case you’ve not tried these in the past you will know they have some spice and kick to them I did give her a serving of almonds for a snack she has a quest bar in the chocolate chip cookie dough I just picked these up at Sam’s you get a bucks at 14 this one and the cookies and cream or what’s in them for like 20 dollars so that’s a really good deal and then I gave her a little container full of sour cream and with her wraps today I made a quesadilla and just went ahead and filled that full of cheddar cheese cut it up I’m letting it cool before I put the lid on it and then she can just dip it in her sour cream she also has a cheese stick I picked these up at Walmart in the huge bag of like 48 because Preston and Brawley both eat on those so that’s what lunch looks like okay lunch is pizza and this is the real good pizza these are small like individual servings but there’s two servings in here it’s sort of small you can see two pieces like this which is half this pizza as a serving this has a four total carbs per serving this has 260 calories 16 total fights for total carbs and 25 at protein this’ll be the first time that she eats it if it’s any good I will keep you guys posted I think they’re also available in other flavors other than just pepperoni I did give her some ranch to dip it in along with some pink salt on everything plus she can dip her veggies in the ranch they’ve not got any ranch this year so they’ve got cucumbers and celery both girls got this lunch today this is the only variation right here so I’m adding one of her quest bars as you know Brawley gets a snack in the middle of the day because their lunch is so far away so I’m adding one of her favorite quest bars these are her absolute favorite can’t find them in any stores though I always have to order like in bulk online and these are the mint chunk and then I’m adding one packet of electrolytes this is the dr. Price’s electrolyte mix and she can put that with a bottle of water at lunchtime or after PE or something like that but I always like to throw one of those in there I also order those off Amazon and I’m giving her a Powerade it has been in the nineties here for about the past week so when they’re outside and stuff they’re playing and in all this heat I just like to throw in some stuff that has some extra electrolytes these are the Powerade zeros no sugar or anything so she’ll be taking one of those and I think it’s the fruit punch you know fruit punch so that’s what Bradley’s lunch looks like for the day so this is lunch for Brawley today this was pretty simple I actually through the majority of this together last night so I already had the egg salad made up I went ahead and put that in a container last night this is just plain egg salad nothing but mustard mayonnaise and a little bit of pink salt and several eggs stir it up because that’s the way brother likes it just plain so I put this in the container last night cut up her cucumbers last night and went ahead and salted those this morning so all I had to do today was put some of her pickles in here Riley is obsessed with these atomic pickles from Aldi they a hard spicy but she loves them so she asked for a few of those today I put those in there then we had two leftover quest bars just pieces at the end so what I did was cut those up for her so that she can just eat the rest of that for her dessert today at school I had it in a cheese stick in case she needed a snack then the little spoon to eat her egg salad with I get these at Dollar Tree in the wedding section they have the little spoons and forks and the cute they fit in their lunch perfect and I don’t have to worry about getting them back I’m also sticking her an electrolyte in here mix and she can just do that in her water bottle at some point today but she likes him I think the lemon lime is her favorite and we’ve been out of that one for a while so we need to get some more so this is what brollies lunch looks like for today oh and these were the bracelets I keep telling you because what she is obsessed with making right now so rally got all of her favorites for the day for her lunch she’s got her turkey and cream cheese at pinwheels on her low-carb tortilla wrap that I pick up at Walmart over here she’s got her atomic spicy pickles from Aldi I did cut up a half cucumber and right here these little picks a lot of you guys have been asking where I get these little picks from these are just ordered off of Amazon they came in a full kit of things that I had got and they came with several this one’s just a little bunny then up here she’s got some cashews she gets more carbs than the rest of us so cashews are fine for her and then I put two little gummy bears in here that’s those sweet treat you know low-carb gummies that they have at like Whole Foods and places like that she did get a few blueberries this was all that was left gets a snack during the day so she’s taking a quest bar she’s also taking her Powerade for some extra electrolytes these are just the Powerade zero sugars and of course her hydro flask which she’ll fill up with water throughout the day I swear Mira is hilarious this is definitely her favorite spot look at her she is always in the spot I’ll have to take a lint roller to it and check out mr. Quincy here laying on the bed I put his bed up here so he can light in it and he always lays on mine or Chris’s spot he doing buddy can you tell them huh tell him it’s almost time to go to the groomer take just a couple more days I’ll probably go pick him up while I’m staying with him who are who am i kidding I’m gonna stay with them we’re doing an Express um so that he’ll be the only dog there no after talk oh are you sure so you know I’m just got too much hair in my face so he’ll be the only dog there and we won’t have to worry about him getting stressed help my gosh is he not just he’s absolutely the cutest thing Kranthi we tell him all the time he has Gary Busey hair look at me there you are if you are CEO or did it express the he’ll be the only dog there no anxiety and I get to sit right there so you can see me and we’ll be in and out really fast okay let’s go yeah tell um BA hey I gotta go now I gotta go now thank you so much for hanging out with us and checking out brollies keto lunchboxes I will see you in the next video and I hope you have an amazing day bye

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