#keto #ketodiet #lowcarb  WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON KETO | PHILLY CHEESE STEAK WRAP 中中

#keto #ketodiet #lowcarb WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON KETO | PHILLY CHEESE STEAK WRAP 中中

[Music] I’m sorry I seem like a shady dude when times are hard for your family paying your lady dues you come so fly man die happy family is daily news me running baby shoes hey welcome back to my channel it’s me bossy and I’m here with another what I eat in a day please forgive me if y’all here tvs and tablets my son can’t find the remote to the TV to turn it down and my other son I don’t know the tablet it ain’t turning down no more so I don’t know if y’all hear that background noise please forgive me but today we are going to be doing another what I eat in a day now this what I eat in a day breakfast portion it’s gonna be a little more simple so my husband let me show y’all what I got what I’m gonna be having but my husband was gracious enough this weekend he spoiled your girl so he bought me some you know he don’t stuff as well as some shoes and stuff you know stuff let me show you what I got so he got me some celebrate from Hobby these were 399 for each peg so he got me this delicious seating for carbs for per slice golden wheat 3 grams of carbs per slice and sweet oh I think I’m gonna have a piece of this one it’s three carbs for one slice so I might just flooded in half I pray I won’t be going over my corpse today at all I’ve tracked out everything I’m eating so I might even do two pieces so we’ll see I’m gonna also make for breakfast a piece of some fried cheese fried cheese is bomb got this from sprouts you can actually fry this cheese it does not melt and this is the Mediterranean grilling cheese I don’t know it you know I haven’t tasted this one I hope it’s good it has like seasonings in it it’s less than one carb and 100 calories I’m gonna have some scrambled eggs and a couple slices of bacon so it’s just gonna be a real basic breakfast this morning so first I’m gonna start with adding some avocado oil to the pan and I’m just gonna spread it around and I cut up the entire block of the cheese but I’m only gonna be fine of two pieces and I’m gonna put the rest away and I just cook it until it’s brown now once I got browner than the other but I like it like that so I’m just mixing on my eggs now and gonna go ahead and cook those up and put them on the plate and after that I’m just going to go ahead and ready to do my toast now I took the booty break in college or the end of the bread and I cooked that little bitty piece burned it so I didn’t use it so I just use one piece I couldn’t do the burn and so here is my breakfast my eggs my bacon and my piece of Sola bread with my fried cheese here’s my breakfast my fried cheese my piece of toast my crispy burnt bacon almost and my egg and I have my hot sauce along with my water bottle this is the coldest water water bottle and check the description out if you want to check it out I love this bottle and use the cold ship for free shipping so yeah y’all this is what I’m eating for breakfast let’s try this cheese since I’ve never tried this one this is some good cheese I can see this with some marinara sauce and like as a cheese stick this is really good so mm-hmm fried cheese alright y’all so I’m gonna finish eating but I will let y’all know this entire breakfast is about 300 calories and then my dinner I’m gonna try to make my dinner big enough to where I can get even closer to my total calories for the day and this total meal also is a total of four carbs so if you’re wondering I’m gonna sheet see y’all later so welcome back now this might seem a little confusing but um this is gonna be in the same video where you guys tell me eat my like cheese and bacon and then I have toast to I honestly can’t remember but I lost the clip that I initially made for that part of the video so this is a completely different day hence the hair so you guys I do apologize I’m so so so sorry but this will be two separate days but the first day you’ll see what I hate for breakfast and this is what you’re gonna see what I’m eating today um for dinner now this is a keto friendly meal it is on more of the dirty keto side because of what I’m one of the items I’m gonna be showing you and using so I am gonna show y’all this so here we go so I’m going to be actually making a keto slash low-carb friendly Philly cheesesteak wrap so I have my provolone cheese my seasonings I’ve got some cayenne pepper onion powder black pepper some Himalayan pink salt my steak um and this is zero carbs if you are wondering I got this from Price Chopper the cut the carb wraps or for this entire huge wrap [Music] [Music] so I’m just gonna go ahead and add my veggies to the Kerrygold butter and I’m just going to cook these until they are nice and soft and translucent and then after that I’m just gonna go ahead and start adding in my steak Holmes and I used a bout of a leave six or seven sheets yeah and I’m just gonna cook that up in seasoned it as well you guys you need to season this meat because you know I had no taste to me so season is up good just using it however you like and I’m just gonna cook it until it is nice and brown and then I’m just gonna move everything to the middle to prepare to put my pull on cheese on top you can use any cheese but I prefer provolone cheese so I’m gonna put three slices and I think I might even add another slice at the end so yeah and I’m just gonna let that cook up until it’s nice and melty and get ready to roll this [Music] [Music] all right yeah so yes on my food I’m about to eat I just need a drink parched my job since this is a different day from what I ate earlier in the video I did have earlier today I didn’t want to just mention study I don’t think this was all I ate I did have some too good younger with some salt or NOLA and I also did have some hi pickles or whatever they’re like in a little package I forgot what they’re cops snack pickles I don’t know I can’t remember I mean anyway you can also make this with cheese if you want but I didn’t and I added jalapenos cuz I like hot and we I didn’t bring the spoon so I got my my fork but we’re gonna put a little jalapeno ranch I mean the jalapeno ranch chipotle ranch see not even saying it right here with us yeah this is so good keep in mind you have to season your meat before it it tastes really good because when the first time I ever made this because this is my fourth time making these I barely seasoned the meat so you guys if you want to try it I highly suggest it it is really really really really good yeah so this will be the end of the rest of my what I ended that video and I’ll see you guys in my next one I promise next time I won’t delete any footage and we won’t have this problem again Oh so yeah I’ll see y’all later

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