[Music] hey everybody its Tony and we’re gonna make keto ice cream I know I know so stay tuned and get ready okay I have our regular sized mason jar not your larger ones but your smaller ones and I have any ounces of whipping cream I usually use the great value of in cream this is gonna be our chocolate mint okay so we’re gonna do two tablespoons of the Month fruit and I used this brand which I got a feeling brand that I know of with monk fruit I lost my tablespoon my regular ones so I’m just kind of eyeballing it here two tablespoons of that and then we have let’s see we have two tablespoons I’m sorry 1 tablespoon of unsweetened Hershey’s 100% cocoa unsweetened remember that that’s very important are they a sweetened what’s gonna make peanut butter and chocolate you know what I changed my mind I’m a woman I can do that so I’m going to add the peanut butter and we’re going to do two tablespoons of this and this is the Smuckers natural peanut butter the creamy we’re gonna do 2 tablespoons of that and there we go all right make sure you use your your uh your scale towards whipping cream especially because that’s a lot of a lot of calories there and then what I do is I add some lilies dark chocolate said that I already have says fifty will see I think it was um no I’m sorry eighteen equals eighteen morsels equals fifty calories so these are the unsweetened I got these from actually a health food store because we have no like stores or you know normal stores are better here oh so there you go and then what I’m going to try this is my first time trying the whipper that I call it as you can see what okay we’re going to whip this up probably gonna take my peanut butter is what you’re gonna do is you’re going to shake this up really well and then you’re going to put it in the freezer for three hours it seems like it’s doing pretty good the morsels are getting in the way a little bit for not really well I really good yeah I gotta tell you guys a funny story though I went to the store to get these ingredients and I have this huge window in my living room this is an older house so it’s got really big windows and I left the window up when my TV’s like right there where you can see if you drove by you can see what’s on my TV you can actually sit outside my house and watch TV as if you were in my living room so I was the store and and look I pulled out of the driveway and I noticed that you know that was on it guess what was on don’t kill me but I watch naked and afraid I watched that show and I wonder why in the world I think of one that’s why I watch it is why in the world did they put their bodies and themselves through all that weather and just starving themselves and all that I think of you know what I when I see those shows like that but anyway so that is the first one as you can see it’s really creamy I would actually use one of these whippers because it actually makes it really creamy and I am sure that’s been turning out great in the and then freezer when he gets done the next one I’m gonna did it 80 ounces there we go that’s that’s basically so two of these mason jars equals one of these 16-ounce fluid ounces of whipping cream so just in case you’re wondering on that so we’re gonna do Cheeta – see – sorry I actually have a little little spinner for the teaspoon I don’t have all the macros down below for you and this one we’re gonna do the peppermint so I bought this peppermint at the health food store it’s called mint chocolate chip and bring it closer so you guys can see it because see that and I’m gonna put Oh a lot we will see how that turns up and then it was a dropper anyway a call for one to teach teaspoons of government so it might be really peppery bourbon I’m gonna put a little chocolate in here I’m eating a pretty much cater anything follow the same recipe like the base of it and then you pretty much end up doing what you out what you want so I’m gonna add some chocolate chips actually I need a way those will weigh these so we have peppermint chocolate chocolate chips and then some whipping cream a lot peppermint I love peppermint ice cream I don’t know about you but I think to make this ice cream it’s pretty optional for you to put food coloring in it I’m not going to I just like the taste of the peppermint so let’s see how that goes but make sure you get one of these I got mine it was like eight bucks at the dollar or health food store and I use it my coffee here you guys haven’t seen my video on my coffee my Kido bullet coffee I’ll link that below for you I use tumeric and some other ingredients that can make your beautiful fruit coffee really tasty in the morning this one’s gonna be really good at screaming that’s oh that actually looks like ice cream already and then because you know what I I don’t ever do videos without really trying it before I try so there you have it these are gonna be so good this is the peppermint one that I’m covering enough right now peppermint chocolate with chocolate chips you know how you have that peppermint ice cream with the chocolate on just drizzle on top oh my lord so we’re going to put these two and the fries are going to freeze them up and see what would come with especially that peppermint one we’ll see in a minute okay you guys we’re done we are finished with the freezing part of this so I’m gonna try look at that consistency just like ice cream and I’m sure it tastes just like ice cream too so we’re gonna try the peppermint one first mmm you know like when you go to the ice cream store and they give you the big cones let me used to where’s the peppermint they this tastes just like it I’m sorry I came on my bike okay now we’re gonna do a peanut butter chocolate and I have to confess I’ve already dipped in this one cuz it was some well you know it was there so okay so this one got got a little bit faster mmm peanut bark chocolate look a little Lily’s on them the bottom there is like a treat when you get to the bottom you know that feeling so you have to make this absolutely have to make this I would put the recipe and their macros down below and totally enjoy this the kids are gonna love it I saw him went crazy over it and he’s not a big ice-cream person but he went insane over this so good so however it evening please like subscribe and share so everyone else in the summer and enjoy this ice cream as much as you do thank you have a good night

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