hey friends it’s Debra and welcome back to the channel so today I’m just gonna do a quick little video I wanted to share some things that I purchased recently I wanted to show you some things that I’m really loving if you don’t follow me in Instagram then you don’t know about them and I really wanted to share some of these because I some of these I really love so if you want to see what I love keep on watching but you know the drill before we get into the video do me a favor click on that little red subscribe button down below subscribe to my channel become part of my journey I would love it also don’t forget to click on that notification bell that way you notified every time I upload a video and don’t forget I don’t mind if you share my videos if I can give one person motivation inspiration some kind of a meal idea that would mean the world to me alright friends so the first thing I want to talk about is this electrolyte powder this is something that’s new to me I’ve been using it for two weeks now it’s from key nutrients it’s a lemonade flavor if you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I typically use the ultimate replenish err these are really delicious I really do enjoy them the key nutrients they have a little bit more if you want to take a look at the macros on the back they have more sodium and then they offer a few more supplements back there also this jar this jar is twelve point seven ounces and it was under $30 I want to say twenty-seven twenty-eight dollars or this large one from Altima is a ten point eight ounce this one is I believe thirty-five thirty-six dollars they both are flavored they both are sweetened with stevia so I definitely want to get an electrolyte that has no sweetener that way I can take it when I’m doing some of my extended fast so um yeah if you’ve been following you know I’ve been using the Ultima this is the the newest one that I’ve had is a blue raspberry a lot of people have asked me in Instagram is it as good as the raspberry I don’t think so I prefer the raspberry over the blue raspberry but this is not bad I’m actually have some in a little bit because I haven’t had my electrolytes – oh the other thing I did want to mention I did tank key nutrients and my Instagram stories and I said that this tastes really salty and they did reach out to me and they said that when you’re dehydrated that this does taste salty and it was funny because I had just come back from a walk with my dog and it was hot out and I was really thirsty so obviously it was very dehydrated so it had that salty flavor but then I’ve been using it and haven’t been as dehydrated and it’s not as salty so that’s really weird so keep that in mind I had never heard of that before and I thought that was so nice that they reached out that they responded to my story so the next item you guys have seen this before is well I absolutely love my nut pods actually love them I currently picked up the are recently picked up the caramel one I’ve never tried it but I thought it would be really delicious with my favorite coffee which is the Dunkin Donuts caramel coffee cake I absolutely love this so I can’t wait to give it that caramel a try I’ve had hands on that many many many times before and I absolutely love it now sticking with a salted caramel flavor the next item is the perfect Akito salted caramel keto collagen I absolutely love this I’ve shared a video on this before I’ve done many many posts on this before I love this with my coffee and then the better stevia coconut it is so delicious I still love it collagen is such a big thing I can tell in my joints if I don’t take it regularly definitely can tell and right here so um I Charlie recommend a nice item this next item I’m currently enjoying a lot it’s the stir liquid water enhancer I love it this is the coconut pineapple I love anything coconut anything pineapple there is one carbon here for two milliliters these are your ingredients this is much clean ingredients than most water enhancers so I’ve been enjoying that I love that with some ice lots of ice lots of ice I’m a nice girl okay the next thing I did purchase was the choc zero the coconut bark I took go ahead and open this one to have one and to show you guys that they come into the Chile rep like that I also have a video on these I absolutely love the coconut bark absolutely love it recently charge zero had a nuts for nuts sale so anything that had nuts in it was 20% off on their bundles so I got this bundle so I’m stocked up for a long time now and I love it they’re individually ramps you could take them on the go through room in your bag and you’re good to go the other item that I did pick up from choc zero is I picked up another bottle of the chocolate syrup I absolutely love this my husband loves that everybody that comes to the house this is the option that they get it’s really good I absolutely love this syrup here are the macros so it is one tablespoon and there is one car per tablespoon there are your ingredients everybody is different and reacts differently to all the different types of ingredients so absolutely love that the other one that I did pick up is the peach I don’t know exactly I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do with this yet I have a couple of ideas but I obviously will share them with you on over an Instagram or on my Facebook page what exactly I’m going to do with this but this is a limited edition once it’s sold out its sold out for the season and who doesn’t miss peaches on keto right alright so next are my favorite chips these are from quest these two different chips will always be my pantry I absolutely love them the first one is the chili lime flavor so good he has a little tiny kick I mean I’m the person that really loves everything like flamin hot this has like a tiny kick but just enough it’s the bus thing out on the market for me the next item is the loaded taco have you guys turned these these are so good I love them oh my gosh the recently Quest had a sale it was by five loose items it was like on their bars or chips and get the sixth one free so I picked up three bags of chips to have in the pantry these will last me a long time I usually only ate half a bag at a time comment down below let me know if you’ve tried the new loaded taco flavor they’re so good a lot of people say they taste like Taco Bell tacos tell me if you think that’s true alright so I have spoken about lollies low-carb granola they recently just changed your name to lollies cookie clusters they’re granola is so delicious they recently had a sale I believe it was by two bags get the third free or buy three bags and there were all $10 something like that and then you can use a discount code I do have a link it down below use that code you’ll save yourself some money on this this stuff is so delicious peanut butter macadamia nut I love I love the cinnamon pecan I also love and then I’ve heard that they’re coming out with pumpkin spice I believe the first week of September so keep your eye out on that keep your eye out for that hopefully they’ll have a little bit of a sale and usually you can use the discount codes along with the sales so don’t forget I have a link down below if you want to try this if you want to order it I’m telling you you guys are not gonna go wrong with this I’ve showed this in a few videos before I’ll go ahead and link those down below this peanut butter macadamia I really want to use this in the fall maybe make like an apple crisp I think that would be really good because of that peanut butter it almost reminds me of a a caramel apple that has peanuts on it it’s just missing the Apple that’s why I’m thinking like a apple crisp would be really delicious with that cinnamon pecan how the ideas aren’t endless with the cinnamon pecan so I wanted to share that with you also make sure you keep your eye open for that pumpkin spice because I’m all about the pumpkin spice right now and speaking of pumpkin this is the last item that I am showing I did which is that pumpkin mini waffle maker so super cute it’s so stinking cute let me show you the back I just uploaded a video a couple of days ago showing you some pumpkin spice chapels and I use the Maker I do have another one coming from Amazon I found this at a local retailer heaven decide if I’m gonna do a giveaway yet on the other one or if I’m just going to keep it and have some fun with it let me know your thoughts down in the comment section if you want a giveaway comment giveaway but guys alright friends so that is everything it’s like I said it was just gonna be a quick little cuter haul on some things that are absolutely my absolute favorite some rabbis and then obviously a couple of the new items there don’t forget to comment down below let me know if you guys want to see a giveaway on that next little mini pumpkin waffle maker thanks guys thanks for watching

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