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hi everybody welcome back to my channel don’t make a shit-ton if you are new my name is dominga and if you’re returning what’s up guys I got a grocery haul for you okay so if you are new to my channel I have been on keto for the past two years now before keto I lost 50 pounds then I went all the way back up and then going back down again lost 50 pounds with Kido Kido helped and then I went down to like 60 pounds now I am trying to get into the Air Force I have a lot of videos on that so I’ll just start off with that and that’s basically what my channel is kind of my lifestyle military my faith keto art visual film everything so that’s kind of my channel kind of a mishmash of different things but I am going to go over the keto grocery haul that I just did I just went to Walmart you can kind of go anywhere for keto there’s different places that will have products that I’m showing you and then sometimes they won’t but you can always find them online so make sure you look in the description box you might see something that you like down here that you can get online okay let’s start my Walmart set up the grocery produce aisle is like right there right when I walk in so I go there I just pick up some zucchinis these zucchinis I like to make like zoodles with it I also like to just dice them up put a little butter and then put them in a skillet like that then I went over and got some cauliflower this cauliflower I love making like the cauliflower with the Franks red hot it’s kinda like chicken wings which you can have chicken wings on keto but this is just something else you can have like your vegetables with it I don’t do too many vegetables I’m kind of wanting to try more like carnivore diet so that may be a different video if you want to see that leave it down in the comment box below maybe I’ll do a carnivore video but yeah so I didn’t get too many vegetables another one that I didn’t show here because they were not in season is avocados who doesn’t love avocados avocados all right so get yourself some avocados then I headed over to the beef section ground beef I got myself some grass fed ground beef I also got some steak I tried to do the steak with like a little bit more fat or your cuts but this one was pretty good for what it was it wasn’t too expensive either and I went over to the bacon and I always do the uncured bacon grass-fed uncured that’s what you’re looking for if you want to get the highest quality bacon then I these aren’t really like organic or anything like that he’s just really good this is like the Jimmy Dean hot sausage like breakfast thing it’s they’re really good if you haven’t tried them you might need to try them they’re good like you have some of that some eggs some really good okay then I just got some salami I like to have like salami and cheese kind of just like I don’t do snacking that often I try not to but if I like just really need something small then I’ll do something like that just some salami and cheese speaking of cheese I go over to the cheese section and my favorite they didn’t have it in here I didn’t see but it’s the do blender Irish I don’t know I’ll put a photo up I’m not I forgot what it’s called but it’s really good they didn’t have it today the other one that I actually got was a extra white cheddar it’s really good to me my dad’s like one of our favorite cheeses and just to let you guys know a little thing about cheese is the bigger forms it comes in the more natural it is so like if you you guys seen those like huge cheese blocks that’s gonna be like the most natural and then like the blocks but then when it starts getting shredded they have to make sure they put more like preservatives in there to keep it fresh so they’re gonna have more things in them that you kind of you don’t want all right so that’s just a little tip a little tidbit about cheese right there you want to get in a little bit bigger forms not as small and diced and sliced yeah then I usually get a philadelphia cream cheese this is great for baking or anything really y’all know what to do with cream cheese I literally just get Philadelphia original cream cheese it’s the best it’s like less than one carb it’s good if you guys have not seen my top five staple keto foods definitely watch that this is one of them it is the Starbucks coffee the blonde roast and it’s like a cold brew it’s really good I don’t know why but I really like this coffee I add a little bit of heavy cream a little bit of like either a stevia or Truvia or some sugar-free type of syrup so eggs eggs eggs it’s keto and eggs synonymous I love eggs I don’t think I’m ever gonna get tired of eggs I tried to do the organic eggs range cage-free all that stuff I’m actually really blessed I have like a little egg farm by my house I didn’t even know it was there so I would look and see if you have one before you go to the store and buy one I get the Omega 3 brown eggs when I go there but at the grocery store just eggs it doesn’t really matter but I try to do like the cage-free organic ones too heavy cream I like the horizon brand but again it’s heavy cream you want to make sure that you’re getting something that’s not going to mess up like your hormones and inflammation and stuff like that so I do do the horizon organic one just look it up you can research all this at another you can research all this so sour cream I don’t do sour cream too much just sometimes if I’m making like let’s say tacos or something like that then I’ll do some sour cream I really like jello you can do jello as well I like the no sugar it’s like no artificial sweeteners or something like that no sugar and 10 calories those the ones that I like lime is my favorite mayo I do like mail you could I like best foods mayonnaise so that’s the best for me I like it and this is a woman like the real eggs cuz you know everybody needs those real eggs now I didn’t get any of the olive oil but if I do it’s like the extra-virgin olive oil or I do do coconut oil and avocado oil is good for high heat so all those oils I like ghee is really good it’s like the best quality think of it like butter but it’s like the best quality it’s the top tier of the top tier you know so I do and then I already have some so I didn’t buy any but really good you can also do the butter like the carry gold carry gold butter really good I like the do blender cheese from Carrie gold as well xanthan gum is good for cooking I believe it’s kind of like a yeast like it rises I don’t know my mom uses it a lot so tell me if you remember what xanthan gum is for it’s like for baking and stuff flax seed and chia seed I don’t really use those too much sometimes I do like I’ll make like a chia seed pudding but not too too often stevia in the raw I really like that if you like kind of like the powdered granulated sugar so stevia is really good at trivia is also good and swerve as well that one’s a good one as well so those three are kind of my three go twos if I have if I need granulated sugar for like baking or something like that nuts I don’t eat nuts too too often but when I do like almond I like those probably my favorite cuz I like peanuts and I like cashews but they’re gonna be higher in like calories and fats and they’re just they’re not as good as the almond spices I do pretty much all the spices this is my favorite steak seasoning it’s really good ingredients for like all whole really good really nice and then for everything else I just use a lot of like Himalayan pink salt and then I’ll do some garlic powder some onion powder stuff like that chicharrón is pork rind pork skin to my favorite I love them max if you guys have not tried it if you like BBQ chips try Max BBQ pork rind is so good so that I really like those I also like other type of pork rinds so I don’t discriminate um these are the Taurani they’re like for your coffee it’s really good if you kind of like Starbucks coffee you know they put the pumps of the syrup this is really good they’re sugar-free my mom just actually got some sugar-free or they’re sweetened with stevia I believe really good we just tried some of those so they’re for coffee you can also bake with them cook with them mustard I do use mustard sometimes it’s just one of those condiments that I around because it’s like no carbs no sugar no it’s really good okay mustard mayo easy um fish I like to do fish my favorite is like polka bowls with no rice you just get all lettuce oh so good okay but also for my house I like to do tuna I usually do like the chunk light tuna another thing I actually did not mention is almond flour and coconut flour really good for baking I like to put my almond flour I mix it in with actually the tuna and I make like tuna cakes like crab cakes but tuna really good and I put it like with some oil on the pan and let that just an idea okay Frank’s redhot I really do put that stuff on everything um my favorite is with the cauliflower you put some Frank’s Red Hawk on that it’s like really good kind of like chicken wings even though you can have chicken wings but this is really good with it apple cider vinegar my favorite is the Bragg’s brand it has the mother that’s like what you see at the bottom you think it’s gross it’s actually really good for you that’s all the bottom stuff on there if you like turn it and see like little things floating you want that so I do the Bragg’s version cuz it has a lot of the mother it’s called mother has a lot of that in there ranch and there’s like sugar in here so not the best best but you know sometimes you just don’t want regular or broccoli by itself you want to dip it in something so ranch you know I also picked up some empty sea oil I haven’t had that since like the beginning beginning of when I started keto but I thought I’d just add it in there see how it is and then I also I’m gonna try these little apple cider vinegar pills it’s just apple cider vinegar cayenne and maple it’s basically I don’t I don’t think I would consider it keto but it’s basically just like if you were to take apple cider vinegar by itself or I don’t know if you guys never tried the what is that it’s like a detox some kind of detox people who are doing a while ago and they probably still do it but remember my dad used to do it was literally apple cider vinegar lemonade cayenne pepper and maple syrup and it was like some Oh what was it called I’ll put it here I’ll remember later but yeah so that’s like that in pill form just because I got back on vacation and I just need to restart you know my body needs to get three vamped all right because I gained like a couple of pounds okay so I’m getting back into it now so that’s why this hull is kind of big I did spend a lot more than I usually do but this is for my mom me my uncle my dad so like you know it’s a good portion none of these items aren’t going to be used in one day it’s gonna be over a long period of time that we’re gonna have and be able to use them so I just wanted to come here show you guys my grocery haul if you have any questions leave them down in the comments below that wasn’t like the complete list of what I get for quito but that’s like a good portion of it and I wanted to just show you guys some items that you can buy if you’re not sure with Quito if you’re just starting out so definitely let me know if you have any questions in the comments below I can answer them or if you have any of your own items that you buy that are like your staple items for Quito I will see you guys on the next video let me know what kind of videos you guys want to see me do next and I will see you on that video alright guys see you later

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