Keto Gratin Dauphinois  – Low Carb Potato Dauphinoise Julia Child style Low Carb Gratin

Keto Gratin Dauphinois – Low Carb Potato Dauphinoise Julia Child style Low Carb Gratin

hi my name is ginger and today we were making pretend a few hours I adore potato dough villas who doesn’t it’s one of the simplest recipe ever really it’s cream sour cream or creme fraiche and cheese usually Gruyere and thyme thyme is the kind of spice that you use but what’s the problem in Quito we can’t have the potatoes so what can we have with it well specifically the recipe you’re about to see is made with radish yes unsuspected by radish well she’s really really low in car but it’s around 2 grams per 100 gram and once cooked it actually loses the kind of spiciness so it’s really really similar to potato but here’s the thing here’s the tip that I’m gonna give you so that you so that’s why I’m actually talking to you and wasting your time is that we jump into the recipe because here’s the good thing that you might need to know I’m calling this brought and a few others because I’m making it with radish just so you know you can make it with turnip you can make it with sweet sweet or rutabaga I think it’s cold in the US you can try and make it with cauliflower action you have heard when you make cauliflower steak you can make it the same way you can make it with courgette but that would actually get more the courgette flavor so to keep the potato feeling like turnips sweet rutabaga that would work as well but we’re doing radish and oh my god if it was good I made two portions and the first one I tried and my husband tried and he really liked the second one my husband with scarves actually asked me for it so you just had that so that’s how good it was so without further ado I’ll get you into the recipe not before thanking my absolutely lovely patrons you’re the reason I can make these videos and I’m so thankful for that and hey if you wanna join us on patreon and support my project where I make 2k 2 videos per week hey here’s the link but thank you so much Lawrenceville oh gee Patsy cat Laura and Sharon thank you so much guys and here’s the recipe for the amazing what anything was [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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