Keto Friendly BBQ Sauce | Low Carb Chicken Wing Recipe

hey guys I’m welcome back to mothers BBQ on this video we’re getting keto we’re gonna be trying out a new barbecue sauce that’s keto friendly getting up there in age let’s get going all right we’re gonna be trying out this special barbecue sauce on some chicken wings chicken wings our keto fat is good so let’s just get these seasoned up with just a little bit of pink salt and some fresh cracked black pepper give these a toss so we’re gonna be cooking these chicken wings on the wreck Tech bull’s-eyed it’s a very easy grill to get going my wife loves it she uses it just about every night when she grows up chicken and steaks and stuff so let’s get these things on all right we got our bullseye up to 300 we’re gonna go 325 350 we’re gonna be baking these get these arm all right while these are cooking let’s get our barbecue sauce done all right for keto friendly barbecue sauce we’re gonna start with some butter some apple cider vinegar and what I got here is a monk fruit sweetener it’s an all-natural sweetener from monk fruit that’s from China this is up there on the list of keto friendly sweeteners it’s a natural sweetener so we’re gonna use that and I actually did find that in a local grocery store you know it’s you can use stevia xylose Isleton I think is doing the name of it monk fruit was there and I was like okay it was on the list of friendly keto ingredients so we’re gonna get this all dissolved and that mom for is mom fish the monk fruit sweetener is a one-to-one substitute for sugar it says on the package one-to-one some sweeteners like stevia is like a hundred to one hundred two hundred times sweeter than sugar so we’re just doing a one-to-one ratio here all right we’re gonna get our other ingredients in got some tomato paste I got one can this is a heck is this a six out count six outs can get that in there I’m going to add a little water pinch of salt this is a Himalayan pink salt pepper some garlic powder some onion powder got to add some heat so we got some Cayenne some yellow mustard and of course we got to add some liquid smoke this is a mesquite get that in there that’s it we’re gonna get this mixed up now if it’s too thick add some more water but this looks like a pretty good consistency so far we’ll let this simmer for about 15-20 minutes [Music] so we got about I don’t know 10 15 minutes left on these wings they’re getting nice and golden crunchy Brown go ahead and start coating with our barbecue sauce here give that about three minutes to setup and then we’ll turn them coat them again and I think we’ll be done [Music] all right so there we have it some keto friendly chicken wings it smells it smells like barbecue let’s see what these taste like let’s see what we got it has that barbecue sauce essence I guess I can call it it leans more of tomato sauce but you get the sweetness you definitely get the smokiness it’s got some heat to it from that Cayenne it’s got some heat from that Cayenne I do not not like it it’s pretty good I would eat it if I was being served as while watching the game I will definitely eat this it’s it’s got good flavor I wouldn’t pick it up and you didn’t say this is these are barbecue wings or barbecue sauce but they are wings and it’s got a good flavor all I gotta do is find some keto friendly beer now to go with these keto friendly barbecue wings but you guys give them a try let me know what you think we all got to try when we get up there in age so remember guys hit that subscribe button I’ll see you guys in the next run thanks for watching

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