Keto Diet:  My Experience with the Keto Lifestyle

Keto Diet: My Experience with the Keto Lifestyle

– Hey, friends, it’s good to see you. Welcome back. Hello to you new people too. I’m Courtney. I’ve got Phaedra and Nyx
hanging out here with me. And today I’m going to do
a sort of health update. You guys had asked me to talk more about the keto lifestyle and keto diet, so I said I would talk to
you about what I was doing. Just to give you a
little background on me, I have a degree in anthropology so I am not a dietician,
I am not a doctor. Please do not construe what I
am saying as medical advice. If you are considering doing this, you should talk to your doctor. Okay, so now that I have my
disclaimer out of the way, I also feel like I need to do some sort of like a trigger warning. I’m going to be talking about my weight. I’m going to be talking
about the keto diet. I’m going to be talking about
my unhealthy eating habits. I’m going to be talking
about BMI, body image. I’m going to be talking
about all this stuff, so if this is stuff that might upset you, you may not want to watch this video. So to understand how I
ended up starting with keto, you need to have a little
bit of backstory on me. I would say about four or five years ago, Ray and I started going to the gym and started lifting weights
and hired a trainer. And the reason we did this is because I was watching my grandmother, who was about 90 at the time, and she had lost so much muscle tone that she couldn’t pick
up my nieces and nephews, her great-grandchildren,
because they were too heavy and she just didn’t have the strength. And I decided that I didn’t want to be like that when I was older, and the only way I knew to stop that was to start weight lifting. And I also wanted to improve
my health and get into shape and just feel better about my body, because I didn’t really feel
that good about my body. So Ray and I started seeing the trainer for a couple of years. We started lifting weights. We put on a lot of muscle, we toned up. I didn’t lose weight, My weight went up. My weight kept going up and
then finally started coming down but I didn’t ever get
below what I had started at when I started lifting weights. So I kind of got depressed and just … I don’t know, after I got Nyx last year, I just kind of stopped
of going to the gym. Because I was like, it doesn’t
make a difference at all with my weight. Yes, I’m stronger, yes I
can do more, which is great. I know it’s good for my health, but I’m just kind of
frustrated at this point, and I’m not seeing any progress on any of the other
areas I want to work on. So let’s see, around April of this year is when I started the keto,
and I only started it because one of my best friends, Jesse, said hey, I’m trying this new diet. It’s actually working for me. I know you’ve been frustrated
with where you’re at, do you want to try doing it? Here’s what you need to do. And in the past, I had
always avoided Atkins or anything like it
because, in my opinion, it was just too much meat. I didn’t want to eat all meat-focused, and Jesse was like, no no no. Keto is more focused on
fats and that’s what’s going to keep you satisfied, so I
researched how to get started with it and Dave said
he would do it with me. So Dave and I started doing this. So keto is really basically
a low-carb, low-sugar, high-fat, medium-protein diet. And probably for the first month or so, I was very strict with it. You know, I made sure I
was staying in ketosis. I had little strips to
pee on, all of that stuff. And I didn’t really start
seeing any weight loss when I started keto until
about my third week. The big important thing that I think I did was in that first two weeks,
I broke my sugar addiction, and I was very addicted to sugar. I always craved sugar, all the time. All the time, it didn’t
matter what time day or night. I could always eat a
cupcake, or some ice cream. I just always wanted sugar. And so breaking that was a really really important thing for me, and I’m sure I was a total bitch until I broke that. Ray was like, yeah, you’re getting cranky. I also feel like I should tell you that I had a very unhealthy
relationship with food prior to me trying keto
because of my sugar addiction where I crave sugar all the time. But I would do things like, where I would try to just eat 1,000 calories a day for awhile, which was basically starving myself. It’s not healthy; you shouldn’t do that. Again, unless you’re
under doctor supervision. And I wasn’t happy, I didn’t
see any results with that. In fact, that probably
screwed up my metabolism worse by trying to do a very restrictive diet. I also would comfort food or binge eat, just because it would make me feel better. And so, again, that was a terrible, terrible thing to be doing. You’re so silly. So I’m sitting here rubbing Nyx and I found the spot, so
she’ll kick her little foot as I’m rubbing her chin,
which I wish you could see. It’s really cute. Yeah, so once I broke that sugar addiction and basically I did
that with the keto diet. And also, my medical
marijuana kind of helped fix some of my bad eating habits, because it stopped me from overeating. Between the two, I’ve stopped overeating, I’ve stopped binge eating. I’ve stopped comfort food eating. So I think that that’s great. I also noticed that once I
quit that sugar addiction, that basically I started
craving vegetables and salad all the time, which was wonderful. Before, salad would be
kind of bland to me, I could only make it really enjoyable if I added cranberries or candied pecans or something with sugar. And now that I’ve broken that, I’m like, eh, I’m fine without it. So really I was probably
only in true ketosis for maybe a month. Ever since then what I have been doing is what I would call
a low-carb, low-sugar, high-fat lifestyle, where
that’s what I prioritize. And I’ve had to incorporate
more meat into my diet than I’m used to. But basically, I have
retrained my eating habits which I absolutely needed to do. It has been very life-changing
for me, obviously. And I really do feel like at least for me, the full fat is key because it keeps me feeling sated much longer. It’s also been really
really good for my hair. My stylist, Cliff, said
that my hair is growing faster now than it ever has. And my hair does not, in my opinion, grow particularly fast. But I feel it would grow
about I think on average, like half an inch or whatever a month. Whatever it was, it was doing
whatever the average is. And now it’s not quite double that, but it’s at least gone … I think he said like 20 … Like 25 percent to percent faster than it has in the past. And I think it’s got to be because of all the high fat in my diet. Well, and the quality food. When I told my general
practitioner doctor, my G.P., that I was doing the keto diet, because he was like,
oh, you’ve lost weight. That’s great, what are you doing? And I told him, this is what I’m doing. He was very skeptical about it. He wanted to do blood
work just to make sure. He’s like, I want to see
where your cholesterol’s at, because this is such … He doesn’t like the diet at all. He was like, I don’t really
like this diet at all. He’s a big proponent of
the Mediterranean diet. We did blood work, and I was
very happy with the results because not only have I gone down … I think I was at 161 when I started keto and I’m down to like 140 now. So not only have I lost weight, but all of my cholesterol
is in the good ranges. My good cholesterol is high
in all of the best ways. My other cholesterols are
the right ratios and balance that they’re supposed to be. And my Framingham test score thing, I have less than a one percent chance of having a heart attack,
which is excellent. So for me, losing weight with keto has been good for my health
and taken my risk score way down for problems with
heart attacks or whatever. It has been good for my health, which is one of the
reasons I was doing it. My BMI is finally out of the obese range. I had been in the obese range
for I don’t know how long, but a long time. And that’s not healthy for you. So I think obese is a BMI of 25 or higher, and I think mine was always higher. I am just now into the healthy range, I think I’m at 24. Basically, doctors want to see a score between I think it’s like 18.5 and 24.9, that’s the BMI range
they want you to be in. So for somebody who is 5 ‘ 4 like I am, that’s basically between
a 108 and 144 pounds. I think that’s the range. Yeah, so at 140, I’m only four pounds away from being overweight again,
but I’m okay with that. I’m pretty comfortable with
where I’m at right now. Ideally, I would like to see
myself lose another ten pounds, just so I could be more in the middle of that BMI range since
that’s better for my health, better for my risk of any
problems with my heart. And the reason I am so
concerned with my heart is that my dad has had a couple of minor heart attack incidents where he was able to get
to the hospital right away. But it’s still a heart incident, so I’m very cognizant of that. Just like I’m cognizant of the fact that I have to do breast exams because my grandmother had breast cancer. It’s one of those things that
I’m always thinking about. So yeah, where I’m at this whole keto, or if you want to call
it low-carb, low-sugar, high-fat, whatever … lifestyle is that it’s working really well for me. It has made me healthier
than I have ever been. I really do feel like that. So I’m very happy about that. The only thing I really
don’t like about it is, as I mentioned earlier, I
have to eat a lot more meat than I’m used to. I guess at this point
it’s been a long time ago, but I used to date a vegan for five years so I tried to eat vegan
and I tried to switch and adapt to that. But it didn’t really work well for me, because of some of my health issues and some of my allergies. I’m allergic to soy, so
I’m allergic to tofu, I’m allergic to most of the
vegan meat alternatives. The ones I’m okay with usually tend to be the ones that are made of mushroom. Mushroom or pea protein are the two that I’m usually fine with. It made it very difficult to do vegan because I just couldn’t
eat a lot of things. Anyway, because of that,
I’ve kind of given up on it. As I mentioned, for keto
I’ve been eating a lot more in the way of meat. And I seem to be craving it. There are times that I just wake up dreaming of meat, and it’s just bizarre. My doctor says it’s that
I’m probably craving iron because I go in and out from being anemic, so sometimes I need to take iron pills. Sometimes I don’t. Yeah, I think that’s
what it ties to for me. What are the kind of things
that I eat in a typical day? Pretty much every single day I
eat at least half an avocado, if not a whole avocado because
one, avocados are delicious, two, they’re very high fat. They keep you feeling
satiated for a long time. They’re great in salads,
they’re great in a salsa. They’re just delicious, so I eat a lot of avocados. I eat a lot of almonds and macadamia nuts just because they’re healthy and again, they contain a lot of good fats and I think almonds contain omega 3 … No, that’s walnuts. Anyway, they contain a
lot of healthy things that I need in my diet. I also keep chocolate
dusted almonds around as a more sweet snack in
case I want something sweet. I eat chicken thighs a whole lot. That’s kind of become my staple meat. If I’m going to eat a
meat, I eat chicken thighs because it’s fatty. I eat a lot of cheese which is great because I love cheese. A typical lunch for me would
be cheese and deli meat that’s sliced, rolled together. So I basically would take a bunch of meat, roll it up, and then roll a
slice of cheese around it. Or alternatively, you can do string cheese wrapped in meat, just the other way if you want to do it like that. But either way, those
are really easy things that I eat a lot. Another thing I have
when I’m craving sweets is the Breyers CarbSmart ice cream. It’s “CarbSmart” so it’s healthier. A healthier alternative
to traditional ice cream. I also do a lot of
low-carb, low-sugar baking. Like keto baking or keto
medical marijuana baking, if I’m going to do that. So that’s pretty much what I do to kind of curb my sweet tooth is
I just do keto baking. And when I shop at the grocery store, because people asked about this, I think basically you would say I shop around the outside of the store. Because I go around the
outside to buy my veggies, my salad stuff, and then we
buy hormone-free, cage-free whatever ethically-raised meat. At least that’s what
Ray says he buys, so … We go around the outside of the store, get that stuff. I try to drink at least
70 ounces of water a day, just for my skin. I do feel like my skin looks better because I’m doing this. That is why I’m sticking
with the keto lifestyle, or better known as the low-carb
low-sugar high-far lifestyle because it’s working for me. My health is better now
than it has ever been. I’m so happy about that. I’m really glad that I was able to lower my risk score for a heart attack, especially since that runs in my family. So yeah, anyway. I hope this helps answer your questions. Please let me know if
you have any questions in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching
and I’ll see you next time.

35 thoughts on “Keto Diet: My Experience with the Keto Lifestyle”

  1. i lost 35 lbs in 4 months on keto, but i was going at it hard and eating the same thing everyday. im not as strict now, and basically ditched it, but im starting to go back on slowly. i try to moderate what i eat, but im on a more high protein lower fat low carb keto plan.

  2. I’m doing keto as well, and I have lost 30 lbs so far. I eat a lot of eggs. Deli meat cheese wraps are a great thing! Your skin looks fantastic, and your eyeshadow matching your hair is perfection!!

  3. I’ve tried being keto vegan and it’s really really difficult because it leaves you with basically nuts and veggies and oils. I lasted a couple weeks on it and it wasn’t fun. I just prefer easy low-ish carb and weight lifting plus light cardio, rather than never enjoying pasta or ramen or smoothies, etc.

  4. I’m so glad you found something that makes you feel better! Dieting is such a personal thing, and talking about it is brave because you are making yourself vulnerable. Thank you for sharing this! You look beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also struggle with sugar addiction but, I think, on a much higher level than you cause I get physical symptoms like shaking and muscle spasms(I am insulin resistant)… I also struggle to completely eliminate bread because in my country bread is a huge part of the cuisine and culture… I keep trying and trying but I just cannot seem to eliminate sugar and bread, I did manage to cut it out by atleast half but I still don't see any results with my weight. Also a lot of recipes I find online call for exotic fruits and vegetables which cost an arm and a leg here… for example ONE avocado here costs around 2-3 euros, and the average monthly salary is 300 euros.. do the math yourself.

  6. You look fantastic and are glowing…not the weight loss alone has made you look great…you look like you’re feeling better too! I hope that’s true!

    I’m working on my own health journey, and it can be tough! Good for you that you’ve found something that makes you feel better and have more confidence!!!

  7. I started keto one year ago tomorrow. For the first time since my brain aneurysm rupture, I don't have to nap in the middle of the day 💜

  8. I'm so happy for you, Courtney! Sounds like you've had a challenging, not always so good relationship history with food. I'm glad you lost a good amount of weight, but most importantly your health has gotten better most of all. I have always wondered about the Keto diet as recently as 2 weeks ago. I didn't understand what it entails but you explained it so clearly. I'd like to try it too. I struggle with my weight and often it's the source of my unhappiness. I'm a bit overweight and then I lose it if I unintentionally miss many meals (I have a heart condition, so often I am asleep at odd times). I'm fatally allergic to any kind of nuts, so that will be a minus, should I try the Keto diet.

    Apart from all that, you look amazing and yes I do notice your weight loss immensely. It's definitely the diet making your hair grow so quickly. Good job❤️🖤❤️!!!

  9. I started keto in July to lose weight. Hubby started late August. We've both lost 25 pounds, and hubby's A1C went from 12 to under 6! My triglycerides are still waaay up, I'm looking at medication this year since they've been elevated a long time and nothing has lowered that score, although my overall levels are decent for someone still over 200 pounds. I caught an enteritis just before Thanksgiving, could only keep down rice for weeks, and then got a cold a month ago. I've been caring for hubby after his spine surgery, so I haven't been able to just stay in bed, and it's been freezing cold here in L.A. Add to it my fibro and I'm just not healing up. I get premade meals from Factor 75 that are fresh and keto, and I got an Instant Pot so I can make quick meat. Right now we're in a modified keto, but hubby responded so well to the diet, he is willing to go on it again to lose the rest of his weight. Being basically diabetic, this diet is for the rest of his life. I'm with you, the Mediterranean diet is "too lenient" with carbs, even healthier options will prevent weight loss. And unless I'm strict with carbs, no ketosis for me!

  10. I am a longtime Keto/Paleo/wheatbelly fan ! So glad you feel happy and delightful

  11. I'm glad this worked for you. I've never found fat satiating; meat and dairy on the other hand I find super satiating. Thanks for sharing your experience

  12. My mom and dad are on their 7month of Keto. My mom lost 55 lbs and looks so great, so proud of her! She's even off her diabetes medication completely 🙂 xo

  13. I am confused don't you claim to be cruelty free? you know that eating meat isn't? please don't take this as a atack or something but this is seriously contradictory 😔

  14. You looking great. I am trying to cut off white sugar instead of coconut sugar. I will need to learn more about keto diet. Thank you for tips.

  15. now a year and a few months ago i was diagnoised on the low end of diabetes 2. my doctor said go low carb. i paid out of pocket for a nutritionist and it was hard finding one specializing in diabetes. since then i've had to eat more meat. i was vegan for a few years… was an adjustment but adding the lean meats were necessary to my diet. i've seen have it not only managed it's on a a pretty good level for even good people… that plus realizing that bread and fruit have carbs too and a lot of american drinks that aren't water and not even soda like juices and new age y drinks and smoothies and the like are heavy carbbed i feel you adjusting to more meat is a lot.

  16. I met my husband through keto!! I stopped for the past several years and just started again this year! I’m a week in and back in ketosis and feeling great. I also started doing my 3x a week dance fitness routine to help my core and body get back into fighting shape postpartum and loving that, too. I’m glad the keto diet works for you, too!! It definitely kills off my sweet tooth.

  17. I'm on keto too. it was recommended by a specialist in my illness. it is a keto paleo mix (no preservatives allowed basically) and it is one of the only things i have found to help me. i have severe ME & fibromyalgia xx

  18. I did keto for a short time and it worked out very well in a lot of ways; I do very well with a high-protein, high-fat diet and I lost a LOT of weight for only a month. My problem was I was going through so much stress that I never got out of keto flu and I was only eating once a day by the end. However, I don’t really crave sugar anymore, ever, and I still don’t eat as much carbs as I used to. All my cravings are meat-related now, my skin is better, my digestion is a lot better… I’m gonna go back to it.

  19. Love your makeup. You look wonderful! Lifting weights is so important I have to get back to it. It isn't meant for weight loss as you discovered. Keto is OK for short term depending on one's health issues. Glad that you have had some good results.

  20. I love how honest you are with everyone about your weight and BMI. Most people wouldn't give out those numbers. I've been noticing how much thinner your face looks and am impressed with how you've incorporated this meal plan into your life. I always felt the diet wasn't for me since I can't tolerate eggs and I eat very little cheese but I think it would just take some tinkering.

  21. My mother in law does keto with great success. It's not for me because I don't think it's sustainable with my lifestyle but so many people have great results.

  22. Thank you for sharing your experience with keto. I have many friends who had great success on that diet too. Like your GP I am more a Mediterranean diet person, just because I prefer that food better, but I totally get keto and why it helped so many.

  23. How long did it take you to get in ketosis, per the keto strips? The ones you pee on, correct?

    You look so gorgeous here, by the way! Looking up this tutorial next.

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