Keto Diet: Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto

Keto Diet: Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto

today we’re going to do a keto diet
review there’s a lot of people wanting
to do keto and they’re interested in
keto and they’re getting success with
keto but there’s different ways of doing
it there’s healthy and there’s unhealthy
ways of doing it so today we’re going to
talk about dirty keto is it a good idea
and what is it so the basic idea with
keto is to cut back the carbohydrates so
low that your body starts using fat more
effectively so when we look at the
macronutrient distribution we have
roughly 75% of calories from fat 20%
from protein and 5% or less from
carbohydrates so on clean keto it would
look something like this and on thirty
keto it would look exactly the same
that’s the macronutrients is what makes
the principle of keto work it’s what
cutting the carbs so low that the body
has to start burning fat it gets better
because it needs the energy from
somewhere if you cut the carbs way back
fats the next best thing why does it
matter then if you get if they’re the
same on the surface with the
macronutrients then why don’t you just
make it easy on yourself because the
proponents of keto say that you know it
they’re talking about doing it clean and
strict but there’s it’s just so
difficult my life is busy I don’t have
so much money
so with dirty keto it’s it’s convenient
I don’t have to prepare as much I can
get some fast food if I’m in a pinch I
can just get some get a hamburger and
and throw away the bun there’s certain
processed foods that I can eat it’s
cheaper and they’re saying most of all
it still works so what does that mean
when we say it works to most people
they’re talking about weight loss that’s
their their goal is weight loss when
they say it works they’re losing weight
well what’s wrong with that the problem
is that we have come so far with so many
telling people that oh if you just lose
the weight your diabetes will go away
and your knees will feel better and your
back pain will go away and your chronic
fatigue will go away if you just lose
that weight but it’s not true because
the weight is not the thing that caused
those we’ve started thinking this way
and unsuspecting medical doctors just
throw this advice out because they heard
it so much themselves but wait does not
cause those things weight is not the
cause of anything it’s the result of
imbalances in hormones and lifestyle and
how do we know this because thin people
are not much healthier it is true the
people who are obese have more heart
attacks and more diabetes and so forth
but thin people still have them thin
people get heart attacks they get
strokes they get cancer they get
rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and and
other autoimmune diseases they get
fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome
and they even get type 2 diabetes weight
is not the cause of any of this it’s the
result of other factors and the diseases
are caused by deficiency in my
experience these are the five top things
that cause disease one is nutritional
deficiencies if your body has to have
something to function and you don’t
provide it your body is going to get
sick and
toxicity your body has a natural detox
system but if you overwhelm it if you
constantly pour on bombard the body with
toxins whether they’re from the
environment or the food or the
combination it gets overwhelmed and you
get sick emotional stress is a huge
component of disease because I’ve done
lots of videos to explain those
mechanisms but essentially stress
activates your fight/flight system and
shuts off your feed breed your healing
system this
disuse use it or lose it if you’re a couch
potato if you don’t use your body for
much it’s going to degenerate and get
degenerative diseases that of course are
sped up by deficiency toxicity and
stress and the final component insulin
is an enormous a huge contributor to
disease it’s involved in probably 90 to
95 percent of all degenerative disease
but it’s not the only cause it’s a
contributing or maybe the major
component of a lot of these diseases but
it’s all these different factors that
create the disease so when you go and do
and you start losing weight the reason
you’re losing weight is you’re reducing
the body’s production of insulin which
is a great thing but you’re potentially
missing out on the other four and if you
do it really poorly then you could even
increase the deficiency and the toxicity
and the stress on the body I bet that
once you’ve thought this through and I
talk to patients all the time and I sit
down and I do a consultation and I talk
about their health goals and after we’ve
talked about it for a while everyone
everyone agrees that they want to feel good and
they want to feel good for a long time
they want to work hard they want to be
able to retire and they want to be able
to do something with their lives in
those years of retirement so weight loss
is not the goal health and function and
feeling good is the goal we’ve just
become so confused that we think weight
loss and health are the same thing but
they’re not so some examples of clean
versus dirty keto would be clean would
be grass-fed organic butter excellent
source of food versus margarine or
something processed some some vegetable
oil that has been harshly processed and
deodorized and bleached etc that even if
the food that it was made from was a
healthy food originally
it’s not healthy anymore because it’s
been destroyed
extra-virgin olive oil versus canola
same thing one is a natural food and the
other is a highly processed food that
has been the nutrition the properties
that the food originally have is not
there anymore and I’ve done did a video
on that very recently on why processed
food is bad so look at that and
understand more about the principles
there because all of that applies to
what we’re talking about today as well
stevia versus aspartame they’re both
non-caloric sweeteners but stevia is a
plant extract and aspartame is a
neurotoxin it’s a synthetic product that
is developed based on pesticide
technology grass-fed beef versus beef
jerky so grass-fed beef is a great food
beef jerky may or may not be alright if
they did it perfectly healthy and they
just dried it with some healthy spices
then it could still be alright as a
backup or a snack but a lot of the beef
jerky will have monosodium glutamate and
preservatives and artificial flavors and
and aromas and things like that so just
understand that it’s not just how the
food was from the beginning it’s what
did they do to it to get it to where it
is now a lot of people want to fry
something on occasion and you could do
that even on keto diet if you did a like
a pan-fried something you could have a
breading with with nuts for example and
you might want to use butter or coconut
oil if you go out to eat and it’s fried
they’re gonna use the equivalent of a
shortening they’re gonna use either
something that’s been artificially
saturated or hydrogenated or they’re
gonna use a vegetable oil or a peanut
oil or something that has been altered
to withstand high heat and then they
don’t use it just once they use it
multiple multiple times and now it gets
more and more toxic in the process so is
there a perfect
way to do it am i doing it perfectly I
don’t think there’s such a thing but the
more we understand the better we can do
it so I do most things organic I do
almost all animal products grass-fed and
organic but on occasion I’m traveling I
go out someplace and then I do the best
I can so are you better off doing dirty
than eating the standard American diet
yeah sure because at least you’re
reducing insulin but then you learn and
you learn and you learn and you get
better and better and over time you
figure out where can I find these things
which one is the most important to get
organic and grass-fed and where can I
source these where can i buy these
things affordably so as you practice as
you learn as you ask for things in the
stores they become available so five
years ago you wouldn’t dream of going to
Walmart for organic beef or grass-fed
butter and now they have them they don’t
not just have them but they have them at
some of the best prices anywhere so the
world is changing and as you learn as
you ask for things that you get better
at shopping you’ll get better and better
and better and will you ever get perfect
probably not but you get better and you
do the best you can so when people say
that don’t worry just do in Quito any
old way then don’t listen to them
because I don’t believe that your only
goal is weight loss I think that you
want to feel good and be healthy in the
long run so please share this video and
let us help people get this message out
thanks for watching

73 thoughts on “Keto Diet: Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto”

  1. great clear video dr sten. your subscribers are are going up so quick. congratulations. i remember when you only had a couple of deserve it

  2. What is carbonic acid and sodium actuate. Can one cup black coffee speed up Autophagy. How much potassium and sodium do we need a day. Do I need 4 times of potassium than sodium for balance.

  3. Hello, I have 3 questions about keto where I have to help me find answers:

    Does vegetable oils like sunflower oil and proccessed chees like kiri kick us out of ketosis? (regardless it's bad effect on health)

    Some time polyols are counted in carbs and sometimes not, why and when do we count them?

    If the product contains sugar, oat, wheat, can we take it IF it is counted within the 5% carbs? If not, so how we can eat avocado, berries, vegetables, which have sugar inside?


  4. Doctor , please tell us about the stem of banana tree. In South india, our elders used to advise us to use the vegitable made out of it so that excess calcium will be dissolved. is there any truth in it? is it a low carb wholesome food?

  5. I’m on Keto for 7 weeks and I’m not losing weight . I’m not eating take outs, I’m not having processed foods except an occasional dip that has no sugar . My insulin is good, my glucose is good my A1C is 5.1
    I don’t eat deep friend foods keeping my carbs limited to green vegetables.
    I’m emotionally stressed . I’m not moving a lot . I used to be having an athlete body now I’m 50 lbs overweight. I’m in school and don’t manage my workouts regularly

    I use no sugar or it’s replacement no cold cuts no fruit even berries , I eat 2 meals , I pen fry eggs sometimes pen fry meat on lard that I make myself , I use coconut oil, butter , olive oil, 35% cream for coffee-2 a day . .
    HELP ! Why can’t I lose weight?!

  6. Nice topic again Doc.
    We did talk about this topic in our group last week, and its indeed a thought some people may get or have , to do the Dirty Keto.
    Thanks for the explanation.
    I have a question though…..when frying Food , is it OK to use the airfryer ?

  7. Sorry, but this is absolute nonsense. I've not seen nor heard of one single person doing keto who eats margarine instead of butter, or anything else on your list except beef jerky. The right brand of beef jerky is NOT dirty keto. In fact, it's really hard to say if "dirty keto" even exists. The bottom line is if you consume 20 grams or less of carbs per day, you are doing keto and you will reap all the health benefits as well as the weight loss from it. To me, doing dirty keto is consuming all these "keto friendly" supplements and keto bars. If it says keto on a package, it's nothing more than "processed" food with many additives. Keto products are NOT needed to do the keto diet.

  8. what are your thoughts on using salt. I've had a mild heart attack several years ago and had a stent placed. My cardiologist recommended lowering salt intake. However, I hear from different doctors on youtube that we need salt. I'm confused

  9. The other thing about keto that seems to be prevalent is the "ketofying" of food. Making say the desserts, etc. that got you fat but now ketofying them. Ketofied foods are fine occasionally or in the beginning as one transitions to a cleaner keto but to me just seems to be more of the same that made one unhealthy in the first place if all you are eating is ketofied food.

  10. Doctor, is Castro oil a week will be good for gut heatlth so that people who are following keto diet will be healthy?

  11. Very reasonable and balance explanation of eating clean to be healthy or just losing weight on dirty Keto like the old Dr. Atkins Keto diet.

  12. Dirty usually means high Omega 6 to low Omega 3 ratio, that causes inflammation over time. When I was keto, i did the dirty part when I first started, but as time passed I educated myself and learned to read labels on the food I buy.
    Now as a carnivore shopping is really simple and doesn't take so much time.
    But since my birthday is coming at the end of this month I will do a dirty-keto cheat and bake some coconut flower pancakes and some peanut butter cookies :))

  13. It's nice to see nearly everything I'm doing now is in the clean list. I'm not a big sugar person but use Splenda when I do sweeten. How does that rate? I'm not a fan of Stevia, it has an aftertaste to me. I'm also in the process of eliminating soy oil from my diet altogether. It's in almost everything these days.

  14. Great Great stuff… Question ?? I am confused about Net veg carbs …. and being told we can eat as many as you want on keto or don't count the very carbs on keto etc etc?? I have been on strict keto for 3 to 6 months but my sugars are still high and i tried omad ….. i think the veg carbs are to much because of my insulin resistance?? i love brussel sprouts though !!! LOL. Suggestions?? Thoughts. Chuck D in Carmel CA

  15. I avoid all the bad oil and all the bad sweeteners i read all the labels and discovered think that we’re not possible eating
    The only thing missing is the grass fed everything but now that you told me that Wallmart sells them cheaper then anywhere else i think it’s the missing link of my complete clean Keto
    Still lost 40 pounds in 8 weeks but as you said i want to be healthy not just skinny
    Thank you for everything you do to help People all around the world you’re the best
    From Canada

  16. .. one thing ive learned from sweeteners is to look out for maltodextrin.. i read it is worse than sugar.. some stevia products may use maltodextrin.. its a no-no.. other than stevia, stick to monk fruit, xylitol and erythritol..

  17. Since I have been watching your videos and applying what I learn, I have lost a lot of weight and feel really good!! I don’t know if I’m keto or low carb but applying new things daily I’m continuing to improve and sustain my new diet and lifestyle!! Thanks again 🙂

  18. I agree fully with your views here. However, sometimes (often?) people go dirty keto for economics reasons. For example, non – GMO, organic food, grass fed food etc can be expensive in some parts of the world. I am aware that in the long term the costs may be higher if we don't go clean keto. But for some (many?), the economic consideration is a more immediate problem. Yet, they need to get better because of some urgent medical problem. A balance needs to be struck for such people in the mean time while these are still real and pressing issues for them. Otherwise, it becomes too difficult or inaccessible for them and wouldn't even try keto.

  19. Going clean keto also makes fasting so much easier. Dirty Keto will give you headaches on fasts because of the toxins you have to deal with. As far as expense, you either pay for better food now or pay for doctor bills later, either way you end up paying.

  20. I dislike the labels "Dirty" and "Clean" keto. These have only been invented over the last few years, primarily for marketing purposes IMO.

    All of these differences are thoroughly explained in comprehensive documents like "The Are and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" book By Drs. Phinney and Volek. Unfortunately, the surge in popularity of the diet coupled with the apparent low desire to do much research before starting a diet has caused these differences to become more pronounced. I've simply resorted to calling the macronutrient understanding "Keto 101," Fat quality "Keto 201." and micronutrient content "Keto 301." Eventually, some may end up watching Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Dr. Dom D'Agostino, Dr. Peter Attia, and Dr. Chris Masterjohn for their Keto 801 courses.

  21. Hello Doc. After like 16 hours of IF i ate an entire coconut i had some mins of left abdomen pain. I read one article that says coconut can clean kidney stones, so maybe it was cleaning and thats why there was pain? whats your opinion. thank u!

  22. Your take on how to do Keto is very assuring. I don’t feel overwhelmed by which food to choose. Yes the biggest problem is eating out and knowing the oils and sauces may not be Keto friendly.

  23. I've been eating 'dirty' Keto for a little over half a year. That is to say that I eat regular store bought, grain fed meat. It is NOT 'organic' or anything. I eat regular cheap eggs, the cheapest I can find. I buy the cheapest bulk cheese. I use the cheapest olive oil and butter on sale. My cup or two of veggies a day are almost always frozen veggies, from the lowest cost provider. I do not eat 'junk food', I can't afford it. I do use Stevia to take the edge off of coffee, but bought in bulk it is not expensive, given how long it will last. (The sugar bowl I filled with my $40., 8 ounce bag of powdered stevia looks to me to be as full as when I first filled it six months ago.)

    I had several health issues before I started eating my 'dirty' keto. Within one month, every last issue either completely vanished or was majorly mitigated.
    Bursitis pain, almost gone, down 90%.

    Knee pain, completely gone.

    Acid reflux (severe), completely gone.

    Acne skin rash, completely gone.

    Constant defecation and hemorrhoids, completely gone.

    Nerve damage symptoms, down 90%.

    Oh, and I've lost about a pound a week. Thirty pounds to go. Dirty Keto for life.

  24. Doc… I do keto to help with chronic pain. Been health nut 26 years keto for 6 months. Can you suggest some anti-inflammatory foods?
    I would like to decrease the amount of pain meds required to function. HELP 😣😣

  25. Great episode Dr. Sten. I am on my 3rd month of Keto and I love it. I’m learning everyday about nutrition and watching this episode has helped me tremendously.

  26. The If It Fits System!!!

    I don't really think it has anything to do with the omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio although that may have a small part in it.

    it's specifically about low-carb products in general having ingredients in it that are not necessarily healthy like hydrogenated oils maltodextrin dextrose things of that nature omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is important but that's not really where the term dirty keto came from, it came from people that we're still trying to do keto and make things fit but the products weren't necessarily clean keto products but they could still achieve the same macros…. for instance ranch dressing has maltodextrin in it
    for instance mayonnaise has canola oil and soy oil in it

    for instance the excessive types of artificial sweeteners and things of that nature
    the highly processed keto treats, it's more to do with the overall ingredient and not so much the ratios of omega's in my opinion.

    Although many of our keto products are high in omega 6 which is shown scientifically I feel we should focus more on that as well

    Nuts in general are super high in omega 6 but I even see keto docs recommending nuts and things but the omega ratios are terrible

  27. I think healthy keto seems very hard.I do less than 20 carbs a day and I think it’s hard to reach 170g of fat a day eating healthy fats.I been doing keto two weeks lost 10 pounds but my LDL cholesterol went through the roof it’s like 279 total,should I be worried and is that normal ?

  28. Hello Dr. Ekberg
    Thank you for this video I've been exploring a keto diet this is all new to me. Previously high carb mostly plant based lots of fruit lots of veggies. Ate way too much oatmeal, quinoa took in minimal meat and no fish. Hasnt worked for me (at all) been very sick eating this way. I will explore this now!

    Off topic I left a comment in a video you did about cold hands and feet. Can you please look at it and let me know your thoughts/opinion.
    Thank you

  29. Awesome video as always. There are others talking about dirty vs clean keto, but they don't explain it as well as you. Thank you Dr Ekberg.

  30. You have a fantastic style when you deliver these important facts. You exude credibility and expertise. I love all your videos and have benefited significantly from your knowledge. Thank you Dr. Eckberg!!

  31. People pay more attention to their 401 KS for their future. Best be taking a couple extra minutes every day to address your Nutrition/Diet=Health Span. I find KETO is way easier on my grocery bill. Not buying all the Carb-age $$$$. Health & function👍👍 get a T-shirt. Enjoyed this Video.

  32. Doctors don,t know anything about diet because they hardly learn about nutrients If you need to lose weight go to a dietitian.

  33. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the World. It is such a positive contribution to my climb back to a healthier lifestyle 🙂

  34. Dr. Ekberg I’m a over the road truck driver so I can’t really cook anything. Is Canned Tuna in what’s supposed to be in extra virgin olive oil bad, or is it okay?

  35. I tried this for a 8 weeks just wanted to reduce body fat however the impact on my brain was really hard, I became forgetful, lacked contraction, could not focus on my work , made more errors. I am an accountant and so a little concern . I am going to do this again but increase my diet, eat more non carb food and see how this works. I did it clean.

  36. Another helpful video. There was one thing I noticed when I did dirty Keto and ran through a fast food joint for a burger and pulled off the bun. It wasn’t satisfying! I guess this whole time I was eating fast food, used to be daily, it was the bun that was filling me up? Another thing I noticed was how sweet foods were after I went on Keto! Seriously, who puts sugar in chili? Blah!
    Nowadays, fast food is persona non grata in my life since I’m really trying to control my blood sugars, and most of it messes it up to much.
    Although…I am happy to say that in a pinch, Popeyes chicken does NOT raise my blood sugar. 😉

  37. I'm not agreeing on Stevia. First, it has a bad aftertaste, but it is not a natural product.
    As far as I know, it's not even allowed to be sold in the EU as a food, but only as a plant.
    The stevia product allowed to sell is chemically transformed with methanol to leave only the sweetbitter component.

    I would rather recomment Erythritol, which is also found naturally in fruits and fermented foods. It's composition is very close to sugar. Manufacturing seems acceptable, as long as its not genetically modified.

    I also found Thaumatin in liquid form very interesting, its such a strong sweetener, only e few drops are enough.


  39. Another informative video, thank you so much. ❤️I'm disappointed in myself as I too have been lead to believe losing weight will resolve disease. I'm going to change the language I use in the future…..reduce carbs is the solution

  40. I am 72 years old. I have been somewhat health conscious for the last 30+ years. Eating wise, I was probably eating 90% right. The other 10% had way too many bad carbs; pastries, cookies and ice cream were my weakness. It finally caught up with me with high blood sugar (272) and high blood pressure (178/99). It scared me and I went looking for answers and I redicovered you and your teaching. I am now on a keto diet and intermittent fasting. I won't go into the details but I am very serious. In the last two weeks I have my blood pressure in check, my blood sugar has dropped in half and continues to decline and I have lost at least 15 lbs. I have experienced some transition effects, but I am going to stick with it till I get my body in balance. Thank you for everything you do to help people change and to save peoles lives. I am six foot four, 220 lbs, strong and active with no other health issues. I avoid prescription drug and take good supplements.

  41. Another fantastic class thank you thank you 😊 my self I have been power learning from you .I feel great the scale is moving the right way.keep it coming love your kindness.

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