[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna want it to do a what I eat in a day video and show you guys what I’m gonna eat today and I also wanted to show you some simple things that I do in my day little daily routine things that I do to try make myself feel better as you guys know I’ve had some obstacles to get over this year with regards to my health in the past I’ve been dealing with things like mana and adrenal fatigue and colds and flus and bronchitis and that kind of stuff I’m not a doctor so this is not medical advice I just basically wanted to show you some meals I’m gonna take you through the day with me and show you the kind of things that I eat to make myself feel better that I feel like make me feel healthy and strong so there’s just kids I have mentioned this already a few times but I had to stop drinking coffee last year for a few health reasons so normal coffee for me unfortunately I drink green tea green peppermint tea every morning to help me to wake up to help me start my morning and also I also drink lots of water in the morning so when I feel like I’m ready for some breakfast on a sick day or when I’m noting the best or I’m just trying to be extra healthy I’ll make my special smoothie recipe has definitely evolved over the cup the past couple years and I’m really happy with it right now so I want to show that to you and it just really makes me feel so healthy and ready for the day and it’s probably my favorite breakfast to hauser I wanted to show that to you guys pretty quickly this recipe is nutritious but it’s also really simple I use frozen berries I love using berries as the main base for my smoothies you guys probably have realized that it’s much cheaper to use frozen berries so that’s why I do that and they also taste better in a smoothie one cup of blueberries is what I use with about half a cup of raspberries I love raspberries and they also make the smoothie look prettier when it’s blended I cut open an avocado and at about half of that to my smoothie I’ll use the other half in my lunch or in my dinner or I’ll use it in the next morning and my smoothie if I haven’t used it already I just keep it in an airtight container in the fridge I add some cinnamon a load of cinnamon and then I add some greens powder I like this one cuz it’s sweetened with stevia so it makes the smoothie a little bit sweeter and it’s got like an SAE sort of a flavor I got this off of Amazon I’ll link up below for you guys so I just add a scoop of that and then I’ve been trying a new protein powder yay for me this is also a plant-based one I used the vanilla one and I think it tastes really good actually it’s also sweetened with stevia I had half a scoop of that and I add some baby spinach a handful – just a small handful – of that with about one to one and a half cups of water to blend it you can add as much as you like some ice cubes to make it nice and cold smoothies are so much better when they’re nice and cold and fresh it’s really good then I add some collagen protein powder I use this one it’s vanilla flavor and it’s also sweetened butum it’s also sweet and slightly with stevia I find this is the best one for me for smoothies I’ve tried a few and I didn’t like them in my smoothie he said this is the only one that’ll lactam a smoothie this stuff is so saline so I only add half a scoop of that and also got this on Amazon I’ll link it below for you – oh and a little tip I always add the collagen protein powder last and then I blend it straight away it also tends to get a little bit lumpy so just blend it right up and when I blended it goes this Prettyish purpley pink color from the raspberries the smoothie is so creamy and delicious it’s super nutritious and tastes really good and i love it it’s also very filling so I take awhile to sip on that [Music] okay I’m just gonna head straight in to lunch I’m hungry so I’m gonna show you but this is one of my favorite lunches at the moment oh my gosh I’ve been loving it so I’m really into salsa at the moment it’s been adding it’s also into everything so I made a salad and I could incorporate salsa into this one was inspired by my sister she like got me hooked on to the idea of having salsa in the salad let’s make that okay the salad bowl you guys this recipe is also very simple and easy I have been loving to use sprouted grass lately so I add a cup of that sometimes I just use normal brown rice as well so obviously you can do that as always I pre cook the rice and add it to salads things like this so it’s just really easy to just throw it in then I’ve got some pre cooked black beans I’m using about half a cup of that and I just keep these in the fridge I’m chopping up some cucumber I love cucumber it’s always been my favorite and a tomato and I’m using half of an avocado Rob already paid the other half of my avocado from this morning you really have to keep an eye on your avocado in this house all it will just be gone be gone if you don’t want to get eaten you got to keep your eyes on it so I’m opening and you are now cutting it up into pieces and let’s open it let’s cut open alarm you know how we do it you always gotta have a little squeeze of lime on the top I’m adding some baby spinach to my salad bowl and also some shredded broccoli and carrots that I’ve been buying oh my gosh it’s my freaking favorite thing at the moment so good it’s amazing in salads then the chopped cucumber that tomorrow we’re getting lots of veggies and this one I love it and some that avocado on the top and the lime juice squeezed over and oh yes my coconut aminos mad or obsession it’s like a healthy soy sauce alternative I just use a small amount of the rice salt and pepper yes yes yes and the ingredient of the moment my new friends cells that I use this one that I’ve got at Trader Joe’s it’s just a cheap one but there’s no sugar in this one I usually start by adding about two tablespoons and then I used to go back for another two tablespoons so I really love the salad bowl super feeling super super tasty and it’s got salsa so I mean you know it’s gonna be good so you guys know that I have been just meaning using audible for a really long time I’ve mentioned it to you in so many videos so I’m really excited about this partnership I’m I just like to thank cortical photography on video I listen to books while I’m making meals while I’m working out while I’m driving you know so I can multitask I’m doing two things at once how I’m the secret of probably my all-time favorites is because they really get my mindset in that right place I feel like when I start feeling depressed and anxious and sick and all those things I go back to those books and a great husband so much so just to show you guys these are some of my favorite books on audible that I have downloaded to my phone right now I just got pretty happy by Kate Hudson Tania and there’s Oprah one what I know for sure is one of my favorites I’ve listened to it so many times before our work week I’ve listened to that one and why doesn’t all of these the power I’d listen to so many times these are all of the books that I have but not all of them are downloaded to my phone so you can see I’ve really been using this for a long long time and the reason that I’ve been able to build up such a large library of books is because I’ve had it for like five six years every month when you’re on audible you get one free audiobook plus two free audible originals from exchanging lists so I’ve actually arranged with audible that you guys can go to www.hsn or you can text little Jane to 500 500 to get an exclusive 30-day free trial plus one free audiobook of your choice you guys know that those books have really helped me a lot so I just wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to them if that’s something that interests you [Music] [Music] [Music] so I’m gonna make some thinner now I’m gonna show you some things that I’ve really been loving I’ll make something similar to this so it’s not the same thing every day I’ve showed you guys lots of recipes that kind of like this but this one’s different that it’s very simple very easy to make it’s fluid full of nutrients very nutritious I start by chopping up about a half of an onion and adding it to the pan with some avocado cooking oil spray and then I get that on the stove this recipe that I’m gonna show you serves about two then I chop up half a red bell pepper it’s about a medium-sized one and about one cup of cherry tomatoes chop that all up and once the onions are but caramelized add the other veggies to the pan the bell pepper that tomorrow I’m also adding some sliced button mushrooms about one cup of that and some pre cooked lentils you can cook these yourself and then save them for meal prep like I did or you can just use precooked ones that you buy at the store I’m measuring that out and adding about two cups of cooked lentils to this recipe and then for some spices gotta add some flavor one teaspoon of onion powder one to two teaspoons of dried oregano and some salt and pepper and get that all cooking together it’s very quick to cook and make so I’m gonna serve this with zucchini noodles which is spiralized zucchini there’s a few ways to heat these up actually one of the best ways is to either microwave them or steam them usually I steamed them but when I’m lazy which is today in the microwave they go I use about one to two cups of the zucchini noodles per serving oh and I forgot to add the lime juice to the lentils a little squeeze of that give it a quick toss it really brings out all of the flavors that is why I use lime juice on everything all lemon juice whichever one you have and then time to serve it up so I serve half of the Bolognese with the zucchini noodles and then on top I’m adding about a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast that’s optional it has a very slight cheesy sort of taste which I love so that’s one of my favorite my current favorite dinners and it always makes me feel very healthy like I’ve gotten so many veggies and but it still is freaking delicious all of these recipes will also be on my blog for you so I’ll link that below for you guys if I’m hungry for something a little Mole I’ve really just been snacking on apples and almonds mostly lately I feel like it’s such a classic easy snack it’s very very simple apple and almonds you just really can’t go wrong with this kind of a snack this is basically just a simple daily routine to get better and some simple healthy meals but I really feel like it helps me just having a routine it makes me feel like I’m taking steps to get better and to get healthy and I will say that just doing these kind of things on a daily basis really has helped to improve my whole but like I’m getting stronger and healthier every single day doing these kinds of things and yeah I just hope that it can be helpful for you if the health is something that you’ve been struggling with or if you’re just trying to you know develop and start a healthier lifestyle anyway I really hope that you guys did enjoy this video I really enjoyed making it and I hope that you found it helpful don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already turn on the post notification bowl to get notified when I upload and like this video if you did enjoy it that’s about it I’ll see you guys again very soon [Music] you

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