Keto Chow  Facebook Live for August 27, 2019

Keto Chow Facebook Live for August 27, 2019

oh okay you’re gonna start seeing Whitney Houston song you heard it I totally heard her what are you talking about that really good I mean I can yeah oh crap the lights look off the lights I gotta turn on the lights okay everybody watch Chris turn on the light now so I can have a shiny forhead plugged in 2 times oh here we go focus yeah there we go like on this TV you can see my wrinkles so much okay ha ha hi Paula sorry that’s how it kind of dorky in a regular voice that’s right you guys can hear us okay maybe alright well um you sure share all your things I will share all the things we are this week rocking wireless microphone yeah he told me Wireless so I assumed he meant no wires but guess what they’re wearing this with wires they’re Wireless to the camera how about that so yeah the camera doesn’t know it has pliers so the camera does not know how’s worried except for the video cable coming out of it and the power cable going to it hey hello from Arizona again crap Kristi’s on I mean hello from Utah to Arizona Kristi I’m wearing my leggings yeah you can’t see him Rachel’s here too Rachel what’s up family I was watching today Rachel doing her the the waffle recipe chuckles no no regular waffles and I just think it’s so funny when that it’s so easy Rachel can do I think she’s just really really hamming it up so just like I can’t cook cuz I can cook just fine yep I’m nice I can cook too but today today today okay sad sad news I lost my diamond out of my way oh yeah that’s right so a wearing a silver ring that’s not my wedding ring because I kept cutting myself with the Bronx so we need to go get a diamond nothing to do with you yeah well it’s funny they they offer a warranty on it if you go in every year and have the prongs do yeah what the heck why don’t you do stuff like that I don’t I don’t know of anybody that actually goes in and does that well thank you for saying my braids with you I did a lot of French braids today only one two three four five six oh oh yeah because every all the girls one of their hair done yeah not that I didn’t want to do any on the niece’s though cuz I was being lazy yeah it’s terrific and nobody asked me to do it because adaptive incompetent adaptive incompetence Paula said six months Oh every six months so you’re supposed to get your ring fixed that’s smart hi Amanda yeah that’s probably true so what else are we gonna say this morning while you’re sharing I made meat candy today I ate the brisket it was a delicious I would you like a couple little pieces notice well I’m still really full yeah Katherine says why cook on their keto Chow now that’s the thing I don’t need keto chat for all my meals unless I’m doing a crazy experiment unless you’re crazy I am yeah I mean when you know people a lot of times wills you know poopoo on keto Chow and they’ll be like oh why you’re trying to like replace all your food and blah blah blah no this is just for the Brit meals when I don’t have time to cook in a mess so right Nicole wants to know how long does keto she’ll last in the fridge six days yep up to say days sometimes longer or sometimes shorter if your heavy cream is going bad that’s true but if you make it with if you make it with last longer yeah but yes we did have Buffalo Wild Wings today yep so to jump he went with his center oh I thought he said did you have fellow wildlings and I can only see part of the sentence behind the camera so oh sorry that’s okay I can see under it I can just answer questions wrong and you’ll describe problem well the problem is I’m still sharing it and yeah my my chrome the the video is acting really weird so I hope you guys aren’t having yeah tell us if it’s weird cuz we’ll disconnect and start again cuz we love doing that yeah somebody wants to know why avocado oil because it doesn’t have a taste it doesn’t have a strong flavor and it has a really good body if you want to but it’s kind of strong how’s it taste I’m taking off my shoes and coconut oil is pretty strong too Heather how are you yeah so so I had some me time today because and by me time she means not me time I had some me time so my brother and sister-in-law went on a little trip and they said do you want to watch my babies and I said sure so I took one of their kids to school because you know school but there are two year old who’s so adorable she hung out with me today and we just kind of had a good time I rested I got rejuvenated I got some toddler loves and toddlers are the best for saying how awesome you are so I just got a lot of props today oh is that the right thing does she really talk that was so great I’m like oh I didn’t I didn’t listen to tons of hate today it was really nice yeah yeah they’re whining I heard a little bit of whining but it was all that’s true you know waiting from adults it was whining from a two-year-old son okay but sometimes you need to take care of yourself and sometimes we forget that until we have a situation like that everyone said well a kid would stay home sick from school and I feel so bad that they’re sick but then when I could just relax and be with that kid and snuggle on the self and watch a show it’s like okay even though this kid is sick and I’m sad it’s kind of nice to just veg for a minute so no kids were sick it’s just you know in the past I’ve had that happen and yeah so I got a ton of laundry done dishes counter cleaning organizing hanging out with the two-year-old was a good day for me well yesterday we did the same thing and tomorrow we’ll do it again hey Mike he’s watching it in the car Oh Mike that’s the wrong way to do it hopefully you’re not driving he’s a truck driver he drives oh okay I’m pretty sure that’s true oh you know what I am done sherry I am I’m ready to engage already ready okay guess what don’t it uh plan for the week is cookies guess what our printer is out of toner so Miriam is using her tablet I bought that on Kerry Brown’s request ooh there’s lots of fingerprints on the back yeah it’s like it’s not a tablet it’s like a piece of paper that’s a big it you reader it’s cool though cuz you can put like books and stuff on it and then write in the thing and erase it say what yeah as cool as a tablet but then it’s a no cooler than have had a paper so I was like but it’s like it’s very limited deliberately and what it can do yeah so that’s that’s our paper for tonight hey it works yep so cookies and creams on sale cookies and cream is on sale it’s ten percent off which means instead of being $64 it’s 57 60 I think I’m not sure actually but it ends up being like two dollars and eighty three cents a meal so Jillian says she just discovered us on Sunday Oh Mike says there’s no sound can you guys hear us okay let’s see missiny sounds like they’re sound to me you guys hear us okay huh we’ll try okay so there should be sound it’s I can see it on the camera you can see the sound moving up yep I can see the sound levels on the camera like this don’t do that ah you’re so weird okay okay dorri got two two bags of cookies and cream okay everybody’s saying that sound but their sound mic it’s just you it’s not me turn it’s you turn that up your volume friend yeah or you can always copy here type in turn up your volume Mike okay turn up your volume he’s probably like already did that you try turning it off and back on again are you sure it’s plugged in okay hey you put Ike dang it okay Kathy wants to know what is keto ciao he said words and lips are synced Katharine said that what is keto ciao keto Charles and meal replacement shake okay you want to go back it’s delicious okay yeah add your own fat and so then it’s customizable to you and what you need fat wise yeah so the basic premise is I started a keto diet I wanted something that was easy to make for the meals that I wasn’t like making a masterpiece you know the meals where you’re just she was the IT Crowd there Michael is the IT Crowd no Nora Nora she there you go somebody I put the camera in the wrong spot and I totally can’t see you actually cool because we’re looking at the words and so then we look like we’re looking at you guys so the words the problem is it’s just a little bit yeah anyway so I made this it was a recipe it was a recipe for a meal replacement for just when you don’t want to worry about the the meal it’s just simple stuff it fuel but it had to taste absolutely amazing because I use it for the majority of my meals is amazing and it’s I mean you can actually still get the recipe the original recipe off of our website you can buy the stuff to make it on Amazon if you want to I think the version that we make tastes better because we have super high quality ingredients and that comes from well I use it for most of my food so it has to be really good but yeah you mix it up with water and the fat of your choice mm-hmm what are some of the fats they can use avocado oil butter heavy cream whatever else you want to try bacon fat they said that they had their first shake today and it made them have diarrhea and a cramp beat tummy we’re gonna talk about that yeah we are we’re gonna bring that we’re gonna bring that up and truther okay so hold on for a little bit yeah we’re gonna get to that because it does happen and we got some some things that can explain why that might happen and what to do about it so cookies and cream is on sale okay yeah it’s on our website 10% off the recipe challenge is over it’s over we have the winners but I want to tell you about the finalists really quick hey hi feet I’m just saying hi to the kids feet high put your face in here this one i braid in here too yeah yep you can’t just walk back and forth in the background to put your feet I mean face in yep okay so the finalists are also we had sweet recipes and we had savory recipes because we got so many good ones we had so many good ones that we decided you know what we’re gonna do six so we did three sweet and three savory so okay so we got the so we want to tell you who the finalists are and we actually want the finalists to compete or participate in another holiday recipe challenge with our chefs if they would be willing so we’ll talk to them about that I think some of them are around here right now I think so okay the finalists are paula cinnamon rolls yep Joe chocolate toffee cheesecake Josh chocolate toffee walnut brownie bar Sarah spicy taco fajita soup Joseph Quito Chou chili Mike main style clam chowder yeah and I so we would we’ve made these and took them to the Quito meetup that we did on Saturday yep and then let people vote which ones they liked the best and yeah it was great it was really great it was so awesome and we love them they’re great recipes and I’m sad to say that they’re gone oh we finished off I had the last of the keto Chow chili yesterday for dinner you know what I did before we even judged them a bowl of the top or the fajita soup and of all of the chili so I wasn’t so I had like five cucumbers yeah at the Meetup yeah so it’s just fine okay well do you want to tell them our winner so we decided we’re gonna do the three hundred fifty dollar gift certificate to keep for keto ciao and it’s any of our products it doesn’t have to be he dojo and we have a savory and a sweet well that’s why we did six so so you want to hear you can do that one so I’ll do this one you do that one Sara do you like spicy taco fajita soup yeah it was really good it was really good yeah and we’re gonna post all of the recipe oh yes I may want to know that finalist yeah oh then we’re gonna post the winners also we just haven’t quite got them ready we have to have the pictures I actually have the post written we are with the recipes and their permission to share so we’ll share theirs their pictures in their recipe and then we took our own pictures of those recipes as well yep so so they’re too young one little savory of the savory and Joe Joseph Stauffer chocolate toffee cheesecake is the sweet can you see it okay yeah so I I actually didn’t try that one because it’s because it had walnuts in it Joe was delicious so I do have to say I so I made I cooked rather this as well as the keto chili the keto Java chili there so that both of them were absolutely fable to have all six of the finalist recipes so you can try them yourselves because we just think they’re wonderful I like I like this one where is it there it is here we go I like this one but quite frankly I thought the keto Chow chili was stupendous if it was up to me Joseph actually would have won both but recipes yes so the main style clam chowder Mike did awesome he took some fish pills and squeeze the let’s give it a stronger force really good I really liked it but I’m loving clam chowder so anything that’s clam chowder I loved but yeah I’m gonna definitely do that again we could do that once a week we could do the chili and the we could do each of these soups once a week probably never get sick of them because they’re Haley Haley texted me while we were at the meetup she’s like is there any more of the tacos chili left I was like yeah there is good so congratulations and the cinnamon rolls were kind of hard but they were a lot of work really good one that was kind of interesting when we post the the recipes the first reaction will be why is there sugar in this and we’re not talking like sugar substitute there’s actual sugar and actual yeast in the cinnamon rolls the sugar is to kick-start the yeast and get it going so it can proof but in theory all of the sugar is consumed by the by the yeast if it doesn’t then there’s like an extra three grams of car in the cinnamon rolls but as far as we can tell it does eat it and everybody ate the brownie bark Miriam really liked the brownie brownie bark was really good mm-hmm well once again walnuts really walnuts are my thing what a way to ruin a perfectly good brownie sorry that you’re wrong and broken they’re not even good they were really good they’re just bitter no no no and they give me cankers okay that’s enough about brownie bark was delicious and you could put any other nuts in it it’s true so it was I’d put almonds or peanuts because cashews have too much sugar for me although they’re delicious yeah okay pecans what do we got now okay well I want to talk about all the recipes real quick oh you’re good well okay the Cheesecake was good chocolate ah oh yeah we did talk about the recipes that’s all the recipes yep so anyway it was so fun we’re so excited hi from Boston and we’ll be sending you guys your winnings and we’re so appreciative everybody Laura keeps on saying pecans Lauri yeah was it it says walnut on the recipe thing does it yeah I’m not a big fan of pecans either I mean they’re fine we could have made it with pecans by accident but it says walnut on the recipe Oh well either way I think the elements are better no okay next Oh face it’s hi from Illinois cuddles one more truffle moment I know you keep talking chuckles are all the rage they’re so hot right who’s the the only thing the only thing hotter than the Kido is Charles okay so I’ve been making the last two days Tahoe pizzas with Kyoto chow chicken soup I’m just doing two eggs a cup of mozzarella what’s the truffle what the heck there are people asking what kedo chow is so what’s the chavo eggs and cheese in a waffle maker it makes this look so most people are using this little tiny of a little waffle maker called a – here share this link okay and I share the link for the – again which I’m getting two more for my birthday so we have for now yep because we have six kids and everyone has to eat at the same time well the cool thing about the Charles are that they I mean the little waffle makers they cook pretty fast but the bad thing is you’re only cooking a little bit at a time so last night I made a whole buttload of pizzas as what it was so I’m trying to say this I used a cup of cheese two eggs from our backyard chickens and half a scoop of Kyoto Chow chicken soup to make the truffle pizzas and I just mix it all up made the chalk balls put them on a cookie sheet put rao’s marinara sauce on it mozzarella cheese on the top and little tiny baby pepperonis and they were so cute yep they were really good the kids kept on know the recipe does say pecans this is becomes but the title says walnut well and Joe posted the link but I don’t know if it came through so I reposted it okay so there’s there’s his recipe there’s his recipe right there cuz he posted it on his site yep and he also posted and will post was catalyst the other ones on our site we actually have them almost ready we could have had him ready for tonight but I stayed home with the toddler instead that’s right yeah so you’ve been making the chiapas that’s actually so we had that for dinner for breakfast yep and then they had it for after school because there were some left because I just cooked for like two hours last night I just stood up and made pizza truffles uh-huh and they’re super easy Brenda says she feels like she falls off the wagon every other day she had that cantaloupe for oh well guess what you can be back on right now yep and I think it was Ken berry or he was can very who said the best way to deal with a cheat day or or falling off the wagon or anything like that just act like it never happened act like it never happened it’s like just move on it’s like okay so you didn’t do very well today with Kido well don’t let that don’t let I messed up today become a well I might as well just today is ruined I might as well just go for it right then yep fix it and well today is ruined so I might as well cheat this week and that becomes a month and then the dryer sings a song saying that it’s done do you do dryers done that’s true okay next so Charles let’s see oh yeah and you found out there’s gonna be a talk there’s a taco one oh the – yeah I mean I taco bowl a bowl one in fact Dory from colorful keto Dory our friend who’s in Canada she made taco bowls today oh did she really take taco salad oh okay this looked really good alright that’s fine just toss it off this week we’re giving away tickets to the my gluten free World Expo that’s in Sandy Utah yeah if anybody lives close by and they want tickets to those we had a really fun time at the nurse – Expo this year mm-hm it was kind of small and half the stuff wasn’t Quito but it was all gluten free yeah it was kind of fun to you know to talk to people that are really close to where we are and it’s like oh they love quito stuff because it’s always gluten free so they were super receptive to us and it was really nice yeah when we had one persons who that one person represented nearly half of the sales we made she showed up and she’s her daughter yeah she had a handicapped daughter who doesn’t deal with textures very well and doesn’t deal with other with different foods yeah yeah the mom let her try this happened yeah she let her try it and the daughters like oh that’s really good I like that a lot and so the mom bought a whole bunch and then tried to buy some more and her bank thought that her car got stolen because she was ordering so much weird stuff so she actually had to call them up and get her car to unlock so she could order more that happened sometimes Lord travelling so yeah it was fun so this my gluten free world Expos will be fun – it’s in September September 21st you wanna put the link in there sure so how are we giving those away we’re gonna just do a giveaway on our Amazon or Instagram Instagram and Facebook probably okay I think tomorrow well it’ll be this week tomorrow or the next day we’ll just do like two days okay we’re giving away a bunch of tickets Jillian says her daughter her daughter her doctor big difference between daughter and doctor giving her three months to lose weight and get her high blood pressure under control she re quit the meds cold turkey wants to the side effects ouch it’s hoping kiddo Chad can help you through the challenge I hope so too if kiddo child can’t a ketogenic diet whether you use key to or chours not will probably help you really a lot yeah like I can’t recommend it enough keto Chapman certainly makes it easy but but it is still too hard eat bacon and eggs dude a steak yeah rice cauliflower broccoli simple simple is fine and I would stick more to the bacon and eggs personally bacon eggs I could have that every day I mean for breakfast yeah totally when Heather says carnivore and really if you want to really go nuts carnivore is a good way to go yes now who was it Sandra who said it Mary wants to know if there’s a keto friendly maple syrup there’s several yeah nature’s Hollow has one mm-hmm and there’s one made by LeConte Oh Chuck zero has one I think yep today I was watching the two crazy key toes Joe and Rachel and they were making the perfect keto waffle where they they actually used vanilla keto ciao I’m posting the link right now oops I’m caught I’m trying to copy the link but instead I’m pasting but Joe actually put I think it was LeConte Oh maple syrup yeah so it kind of makes a yeah Rachel’s like you could totally make cha like the smaller ones out of this and make my griddles she’s like the breath goose and it’s just back it’s pretty funny I never liked those to begin with but I like chocolate malt I never liked waffles or pancakes because they just taste so trying to get a waffler pancake consistency has not ever been super enticing to me anyway yeah and adding the cheese really really yeah mm-hmm yep okay what were we saying oh here’s it one question did you read this someone asked about white wine on keto is that something people can have okay so there are wines okay I don’t speak from personal experience because I don’t drink it’s yeah it’s a long story but there are people who drink wine on keto and they prefer the dry wines mm-hmm which okay when you say dry wines once again I don’t drink so it’s like okay whatever that means but people who drink wine know what a dry wine is but above and beyond that there’s a thing called the oxidative priority you want to talk about that for a bit yes I know that yeah you do you’re the smart one who knows all the things but I know oxidant you know oxidative fryer because I heard Maria Emmerich say that talked a couple times and it’s great so your body burns certain things first when you take them in the very first thing your body will burn is alcohol yep that’s because it’s a it’s a poison and so your body’s trying to get rid of it as soon as it can so it can’t burn fat it can’t burn protein it can’t burn anything else until it burns the alcohol first so it doesn’t matter what kind of alcohol it is if it’s dry wine or vodka or anything if it’s alcohol it’s gonna burn that first yep then it’ll burn exogenously tones well not just exogenous any yes Dodge’s ketones and keep but her points one of the points that Maria was making is if you are taking exogenously tones those are going to get used before your body burns fat before you make ketones the stuff that you’re taking will be burned first so yeah and so another thing I thought about exogenous ketones is if you’re trying to lose weight you may not be able to lose lose weight as quickly if you’re taking in your sahjhan as ketones so that’s just I thought about that and so alcohol then ketones then protein oh nope glucose I wrote it down wrong then yeah glucose is next I just let that out that’s okay yep glucose then protein then carbohydrates no then fat when do you burn carbohydrates glucose glucose is carbohydrate sure is well I apparently don’t know what I think I know I looked it up and I wrote it down and you read it it’s it was good yeah well I’m wrong I don’t know anything what the heck you just got those to swap carbohydrates then protein well and the reason why it does that is it’s based on our ability to store things as well you can’t store alcohol at all you don’t want to ketones you can’t store either they’re actually water soluble any ketones that you don’t use will get excreted in your urine or in your breath or actually out through your skin sometimes as well and you can’t really store much protein you can’t store carbohydrates more than a couple of grams in your liver some in your muscles and like a teaspoon or so in your blood there’s not much storage there either you can you can take some glucose and convert it into fat denovo lipogenesis I think is what it’s called but you can’t really you can’t store it very much whereas fat you can store so that’s the last thing you’re going to burn everything else neat has to yeah you’re gonna burn it off and if you’re eating any amount of fat well and this is one interesting thing that Amy Berger talked about in her most recent presentation that we saw about you know she says just so you guys know there are people for whom a low-fat diet actually works she’s like Shh you know because we’re at a low-carb conference and it’s she said you know we’ve a lot of us have tried low-fat diets but the problem is we weren’t low-fat enough if you’re eating any amount of fat while you’re eating carbohydrates your body will store that fat away because it has to take care of the carbohydrates you can’t store those so any fat that you’re eating is going to get stored whereas the carbs are going to get burned so if you do like insanely low fat like no fat at all and your insulin sensitive and all that sort of stuff you can actually you can lose weight and you’d be fine but the problem is if you do high carb and high fat you have to do kind of one or the other so I activated a priority so anyway Kristen’s gonna share a link from her talk talk maryam rick scott yeah with it in the right order and correct yep let’s know what Maria says she knows a lot more than I do anything this is from a low carb Denver that happened earlier this year oh yeah was it doesn’t feel like once it’s passed it was here it was March yeah so and she’s actually given that presentation a couple times it’s a really good presentation it’s just good to get perspective because I think I think we just kind of forget and think well if I have this then I’m doing really good because I’m keeping my macros that this is so thing but then sometimes you might need to – the fat a little bit more or you might need to lay back on other things or you know we need to remember like that alcohol thing I don’t drink alcohol but a lot of people do and if they’re trying to lose weight or they’re trying to you know get this metabolically healthy they’re gonna you’re gonna burn the alcohol first and so that’s just one thing to think about yep so that was that question okay now people have questions about the whole diarrhea and thing we might as well just jump into that right now jump into that do you want me to talk about it or do you want to talk about a messed up last time okay so some some people report when they try keto chat for the first time they’ll drink one they’ll be like okay this is gray and then though some they’re like something’s going on in their tummy who’s like having issues most people that that happens – they’re starting a ketogenic diet for the first time they’re actually introducing themselves to keto with keto ciao there are some that are they’ve been doing keto for a while and for whatever reason they’re having issues most of the time if you drink a keto Chow and you immediately have issues [Music] almost every time it has something to do with the type of fat or the amount of fat that you’re eating either you’re not used to that much fat or the type of fat that you’re using just isn’t agreeing with you so there’s a couple things you can try first and foremost you could you could try and this this is kind of an interesting way to do it we had someone who they started making their keto chat with just water no fat at all and then they would eat fat yeah yeah and and they they were like yeah when I do it this way I have no digestive problems at all most people don’t have digestive problems but for the lucky few that do you know having your fat as like food well that could help out and you just make a couple fat balls sort of thing other people or have some brisket or have some brisket but that comes with that comes with protein makes your hair light it does kind of remove the whole easy meal prep thing yeah if you’re eating keto job and that yeah yes and Rachel says they lovingly refer to it as bathroom pyrotechnics yeah and now for some people they might be adding MCT oil and MCT oil is notorious probably given Frommer’s artless but for other people they’re not using MCT oil they’re just using say heavy cream try using less heavy cream or try using a different fat entirely like butter or if you’re using butter maybe that doesn’t agree with you maybe try heavy cream or maybe try avocados you can even do coconut oil with the same mixing technique as butter where you’re using warm like a pina colada can we did vanilla with some pineapple find out who little drops yeah put the pineapple oo drops and coconut oil yeah it was yummy so that again yeah the the thing to do is if you have bathroom pyrotechnics as Rachel likes to call it try a probiotic try less fat try a different fat also depending on how many times you’re trying to drink it a day if you go from not keto at all to all of a sudden having it three times a day or even just having it three times a day it’s a it’s a little hard on your system just because you have to get used to it I think when I’ve been drinking keto Chow for almost five years now and if I do it two times a day which is what I typically do Oh someone wants no fat bombs or get to that just a second nothing well there are dumb questions don’t you think no don’t you think it’s about time you audited my return and don’t you think it’s morally wrong to give me a warning was when I was in fact speeding those are dumb questions okay if you drink it two times a day you don’t have a regular meal keto meal you’re probably fine yeah if you drink it three times a day then might not be that’s I was getting even though I’ve been doing it for like five years if I go from two a day which is what I normally do to three a day every time but not me because I don’t have bathroom problems yeah and oddly enough my dad when he does it three times a day he yeah he has to add psyllium husk in order to be regular cuz it actually stops him up okay so what’s a fat bomb what is a fat bomb I have something that’s a really good question actually burgers today I don’t see any so you look pretty honey a fat bomb is essentially like a little it’s usually a sweet treat that has a lot of fat in it it’s used a lot when you’re first starting off a ketogenic diet because that’s true a lot of people use them especially when they’re first starting off keto because their insulin is still high so they can’t access stored fat but they’re not eating carbohydrates so they need energy from somewhere and you want that at somewhere to be fat and so if you have to have a snack it’s best to have something that’s really high in fat so that you can be satisfied and not be hungry so you can eat it it won’t raise your insulin like eating a whole bunch of peanut butter will but some people do use peanut butter and fat bombs but typically they’re made with things like coconut oil coconut oil butter some erythritol maybe some peanut butter or another nut nut oil nut butter rather maybe some cream cheese a little bit of like like one or two blueberries that you’ve all mixed together there are a lot of different fat bomb recipes out there just look up that be bombarded yeah we have a bunch on our website that have keto Joey in them yep we do indeed I just got a text message what does it say Audrey bear just sent me a picture Oh okay let’s see that Jen so so Nora asked what’s your favorite sweet flavor Jen said salted caramel is my personal favorite it kind of for me it depends on the day yeah it’s what I’ve got mixed up honestly I don’t have mixed up because I don’t want that and I want what’s not mixed oh is that what it is I I personally like them all well the only one I don’t really like very much is mocha and that’s just because I don’t like them I don’t like the smell of coffee to me it smells like burnt toast so and then we said that in our an Instagram live just before this and one of our friends said it does smell like burnt toast but I still like it it’s like okay and to each their own and somebody wanted to know can you use keto chat with coffee and I said a lot of people do that some people add keto ciao to their coffee and some people add coffee to their keto ciao so you can use it pretty much however you want it makes it like normal and add it as creamer or you can mix it as the powder into your coffee yeah yeah a lot of people do so so Missy wants to know should I be lowering the fat I’m using or tray without fat to see what my tummy I would try lowering the fat try try different things and to see ya know for a couple days but the other thing is only change one variable at one time why are you looking at me because otherwise you won’t be able to identify what it is and so if you decide to change your fat and lower the fat you won’t know if it’s the lowering the fat or the changing the fat that matters yeah Chris does this all the time like oh I like to change multiple okay when you feed a baby food okay you just give them that food for an entire week and make sure they don’t get a rash on their mouth or they have bad diarrhea you’re just a whole week and then you can introduce a new food the next week I only have time to change change one variable at a time that is my expert advice yep okay okay oh let’s go into this not losing weight / bad keto ciao and then we’ll finish with that one okay okay so we’re just talking about this you know with the diarrhea you change your fats around some people say they’re not losing weight or fat on keto Chow so what can we do about that what can they do so the the big lever that you can pull on keto with keto Chow is how much fat you’re adding so if you’re not losing weight there’s that two things that really cause that to happen number one you’re getting too many calories try recalculating the number of calories that you need and try lowering it mm-hmm now the alternate the funny flipside of that is if you’re not getting enough calories so your body knows the difference between starving and not starving it’s pretty smart if if you are if you if you’re the the caloric deficit that you have is Smallin just small enough that you can slowly lose weight and you can use the stored fat that you have your body will go okay you know what our insulin is low enough we’ll start using the storage and that’s fine we’ll keep things going we’ll keep growing hair we’ll keep making fingernails will you know all this stuff and it’s not that big of a deal because you know we’re just getting a little bit less but we can make that up with storage that’s fine but if you have way too low you know we’re talking more than about I’ll never recommend more than a 15% deficit because your body identifies that and says wait we’re starving hold on to everything that we are we ever going to get food again because holy cows saving all of it so when that happens it’s basically it’s like we don’t know if we’re gonna have enough money to pay the electric bill so we’re going to turn down the thermostat and not run the stuff as as much so you stopped growing hair you get cold you your your metabolic processes processes prosthetics butts this is everything that’s going on in your body gets turned down to account for the lower amount of energy coming in so instead of you know you lower your cow and your body’s like oh okay that’s fine you know we’ll keep this up here and we’ll burn stuff and there will be a deficit no your body says we’ll screw that I’m going down here and you’ll lower it some more and it says well screw that I’m going down here and that’s why you hear stories about like the biggest losers people who are on Biggest Loser they they’ve done Studies on their metabolism and a lot of them are burning like 800 calories fewer than they were when they started despite the fact that they weigh the same amount now so it’s interesting what you what happens with with our metabolism so yeah if you’re not losing weight on keto chow try lowering the calories but also try raising the calories and you do that by adding more fat the cool thing about doing it that way is you’re still getting the same amount of protein you’re still getting the same nutrients the only thing that’s changing is the fat and that doesn’t impact your insulin so you you add a more butter and it can crank your metabolism in the overdrive all this and your body’s like oh I’m getting what I need I’m happy about this maybe we should start growing hair again and there’s a was it richard morris of two Keanu’s was talking about how a lot of times when people go into caloric restriction they’ll always some lose all any hair follicles that we’re getting ready to go dormant well all of a sudden just say that we’re done and stop and drop and then when you go off caloric restriction all of a sudden you’ll have like this halo of small hairy growth that’s just all coming out at the same time it’s like pregnant women whose hair just starts growing like crazy yeah but let’s see somebody said oh dang it close that oh my gosh I don’t want to see Joseph and Joel well he is the perfect keto waffle recipe on another tab do you want to know who won the the contest on this again anybody’s coming in late just offer chocolate Tommy cheese game and Sarah the young spicy taco fajita soon we will have these posted yes we will so let’s see what’s the last one oh it’s really awesome okay I just want to say celebrate your non scale victories yep does not everything is a scale victory not everything has to do with weight loss I saw it sorry fat loss don’t you get so fixated on the number of the scale when you are doing awesome remember how awesome you are remember the fact that you don’t have to get a seat belt extender for the car or an airplane or buy a second airplane seat for years my mother had to buy two airplane seats because she couldn’t fit in just one and that it was the biggest deal ever when she got to buy one airplane seat for herself this is the best day ever celebrate those days yeah celebrate when there was someone who they said my weight goal is to be able to clip my toenails and breathe at the same time yes with someone who had a set of twins and a set of twins in her belly and I was eating like I was having a set of twins I didn’t clip my toenails very successfully for the last month of my first pregnancy Chris shaved my legs and it was awesome I forgot about I painted your toenails yes you did oh yeah my toenails and shave my legs wow this is the best husband on the planet the only husband you got well that’s okay don’t still be the best all right works good for me okay cool so anyway sometimes you you know just celebrate the victories that you have celebrate that you feel good celebrate that your brain is functioning properly celebrate that your blood glucose is stable that you’re off medications mm-hmm I mean that’s huge don’t just focus on a number I want you to remember how awesome you are and get to the point where you don’t have to take insulin anymore if your type 2 so that if there’s a zombie apocalypse you won’t die because of in a non availability of insulin just made everybody who has to have insulin sad I know there was a book called a last Babylon really interesting book one of the one of the one of the big plot points was there’s a person who has to have their insulin and there’s no insulin to be had because there was a bomb or something and they also have to seek out a source of salt really interesting oh yes because salt is crazy important just so you know so speaking of salt today I had my little toddler that I’m babysitting and she was like chewing on a pencil because you know she wanted things you’re not supposed to be like no no don’t eat that don’t eat that and I had a thought well maybe she wanted some salt so I said do you want some salt it’s just like yeah of course their tiny voice so I brought her over some little real food and I just poured some on a plate and she’s like mmm she ate some salt and it was great and then she had to drink water and it was awesome so just say no Joe says that they’re going to do a three-month of increasing the calories by 20 to 50 each week for three months to see if they can speed up their metabolism oh okay make sure you get a RMR with the whole face man holy SS were cute Cheryl wants to know are we both doing keto and if so why yes I’m doing it because I screwed up my metabolism for there for 37 years I’m doing it because I don’t want to make more than one meal a day just kiddin no I jumped on because I got sick of making three meals a day because our kids were eating crap Chris was eating keto and I was eating paleo they weren’t that actually our kids were eating that bad they were just also eating rolls yeah then they still occasionally do that but yeah yeah but I stick with it because I just like the way I feel yeah and and mine mostly is mental clarity like of course you’ll always go on for weight loss that’s I mean I don’t know how it started weight loss but man what I can just think so quickly it’s so nice less inflammation yeah oh yeah my legs I have bad varicose veins from my last pregnancy they still swell sometimes but they were just hurting all the time all the time so they don’t hurt anymore it’s amazing so cement the quatre co I’m assuming that’s how you pronounce it pretty clear on like oh you’re like wants to know she says she’s new and wants to know is it okay to use key which I was a snack I wouldn’t I wouldn’t if you mix it up right with the right amount of calories for you it’s going to be a third of your daily nutrients now you could if you make it into fat bonds you could have it Isis yeah but not the whole thing and if you could if you sorry Joseph just said something that totally got me sidetracked but you could mix it up with no fat and use it more like a protein shake and they would have all the vitamins and minerals there are people to do that but generally speaking it’s better to use it as a meal but we’re talking like an actual meal no she said I was close care to Co quesadilla no in that case Adia maybe quesadilla anyway no she is not from Argentina she wouldn’t I know but I would say it I’m not from Argentina either but I like saying quesadilla it’s just saying but what was I talking about I don’t Oh using it as a snack yeah it’s probably it’s not really a good idea to use as a snack just because then you’re gonna be having a lot of calories from the snack and a lot of calories from your regular and then you’ll overeat yeah um I did today I did chocolate mint and I heated it up and I had my little pizza cha ‘fl and I just had half the chocolate mint and then my pizza that’s why there’s chocolate mint in the fridge is a chocolate it was chocolate mint but then I ate the other half later and why is there a half drink chocolate in the fridge we made it for the photo shoot I told you about it this is a new one I think okay ask some of those children okay Julian wants to know about true Lemon it’s delicious okay what is it is it true lemon that you use is like let it’s just like lemon or orange or grapefruit it doesn’t have sugar in it it’s just like the lemon would be personalized yeah and so you just add it into anything I want and it’s nice because it doesn’t have any calories in it or sugar in it so I just put that in like my I use it in the soda water a lot I call it soda water lots of people will call it filter yeah um carbonated water yes whatever you want to call it that I’ve been doing that a ton because it’s just a little bit of flavor and then you have the fasting drops and the fasten’d drops make it a little salty so I like to do that a lot actually Shh I know so anyway they’re they’re great little packets and you just get him on that Amazon or wherever yeah she throws them in her purse I have them in my purse and our friend Emily sent the grapefruit and the orange was really great freeze really good it’s really good it’s like and you can just have it in water and just have that’s it with your you know Kyoto jaw drops and it’s just yummy yeah like Carrie wants to know difficult lots of weird stuff talking about taking she says what if I take a few sips when I have a craving in between drinking the whole bottle I mean you can do that personally what when I started keto what got me through everything was diet root beer with a little bit of heavy cream in it just that little sweet treat yep that and cheese sticks string cheese sorry I’m trying to yes she’s cheesy sticks Jesus yeah string cheese helped out a lot too I need to put my phone on stinking silence stinking shot op you shut up phone hey we said bad words we don’t like to say shout out there it’s to go it’s done though I do say sometimes at work okay so what what totally got me derailed was joe said let’s do seven days of savory I’m nervous no I have to look at my schedule and see what I can do that but I could totally do that the thing that I like the most about the savory flavors of quito Chow is that when I mix them up nobody steals them yeah they’re all mine I mixed up like I think it was like 18 a couple weeks ago and there were six meals of savory and I got to eat all six of them so I was really happy okay what about mixing it with that smart was this smart coffee oh sure you could do that yeah no I don’t know which smart coffee you’re talk to it’s a good smart coffee or bad smart coffee yeah so if it’s no no the ingredients in that but if it’s a good product dense but yeah I don’t know of any reason why you couldn’t mix it with any coffee it’s one of my other favorites yeah and Joseph says that’s what happens here let me cuz I’m assuming that Rachel doesn’t like the savory Oh because she’s such a sweet savory czar fine that’s the thing the savers are fine but those sweets are just so yummy you guys it’s true okay so it was that’s it okay that’s the end of the list that’s the end of the list of the paper all right no singsong um no that’s okay okay all right well thanks everybody for joining us some people think it have some pickles Oh elevate yeah I’m not familiar with but right well thanks everybody and have a good night bye oh you’re supposed to thing um Kito ciao it’s more than a complete meal it’s more than a frozen complete meal okay what’s the worst part of doing keto the meal mint children Wow don’t worry every range your body has two options when it comes to burning energy sugar or fat and Michelle Obama hates both of them keto is a high fat ultra low carb diet designed to get your body burning its own fat instead of burning sugar it’s not witchcraft it’s science but it is as exhausting as it sounds especially when you live in a house made of sugar and carbs to prep new keto meals you have to find a recipe lie to the star not find everything Oh order more ingredients online wait for the ingredients to arrive cook your meals take one bite mmm immediately throw it into the garbage congratulations you just spent one week making food you hate what you really need is a quick customizable and easy keto meal replacement for when your other food options aren’t ready introducing Cato chair it’s the fully customizable meal replacement that makes keto easy it doesn’t matter if you’re a wee witch keto Chow makes it easy to get the right nutrition thank you before seed Ocho I never used to get attention from nights like this it’s just I have no interest in him it’s just nice to be wanted that’s an old picture with the flick of a wand keto Chao takes just seconds to prepare simply add the fat of your choice oh not you hustle add the fat of your choice a scoop of Cato chow water and shake [Music] Oh Joe has as low as a half gram of net carbs and gives you a third of your daily nutrients including electrolytes vitamins protein and more meaning you don’t have to weigh measure and track food and take like a crazy person so if you feel like keto has been a curse but one magical results click the link to order your keto Chow sampler pack today we’ll even throw in free shipping and a free blender bottle and if you don’t absolutely love it a full refund if you’re thinking to yourself which please this can’t be real it is just trust the thousands of five-star reviews on Facebook Amazon and Google shopping like this one as someone who is not willing to weigh measure and track food intake keto Chow help me reach my goals effortlessly and was key to losing 50 pounds in four months Beverly J and check out all these other satisfied customers do you have to have keto Chow for every meal no I can still have all the other keto foods I love like eggs bacon sausage steak Gretel cheese so many in fact it’s hard to keep track of them all where’s your brother what’s your closet just use thi when you want an easy meal you don’t have to think about like when you’re out and about when you’re on the run Kito child comes in 18 delicious flavors and in a third party blind taste test with five of the leading keto shakes keto Chow outperformed all of the competitors and appearance flavor texture and overall impression it’s a by oh it’s even more delicious than the revenge body you get from using it you hear that Wizard dad she looks hot you fool so or your keto chat today and replace meal prep night with something way more fine not him which how do you know she’s actually a witch or she’s trying to eat you well look it looks like a with this looks nothing like her they say a drawing at ten pounds hey head over to Quito ciao XYZ order your Quito ciao today

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