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howdy guys and dolls out there in YouTube land your favorite little kiddo goofball diamond and today is 781 of my ketogenic journey going from a 311 plate eight pound ball down to a key to cutie who hopefully gets to brag that she’s lost 200 pounds on kita we’ll see how that goes and how long it takes me to get there because I weigh in every day and I also show you what I eat every day usually it’s perfectly kita friendly today we’ll talk about that in a minute got to try some new kita our products yesterday to that I’ll show you and tell you all about here shortly alright guys and also has some suggestions coming yesterday and the first one is a question of the day now here on the video I’m gonna ask all of you a question and I want an answer in the comments come on now let’s make this fun don’t forget to like subscribe share and ring my bell if you’re new here because you’re gonna love me one way or the other or I’m coming in there I can do it look I’m standing behind you right now okay here we go y’all huh chitchat no way are you guys it’s a funny story I went to say exactly to school in two mornings in a row I realized I could not see out of my windshield so I finally decided to stop I got some Windex to clean the windows real good I’ve got one thing to say to the makers of Windex streak-free shine my ass but then I realized it’s been two and a half years since I watched the Blazer so I decided to run it through a car wash then I went and got gas led to the first office and then I started getting messages from Destiny’s Jodie Jay are you okay and then she’s like you finally ran away didn’t you and I laughed it’s so hard because that threatened to run away all the time did they get on my nerves like you know what I’m just gonna run away I’m going away ain’t any it ain’t gonna do it looks like Anthony too much but you know I love my kids too much too but they’re grown and they can handle their own so anyway it was funny no this is an illustration of why I do not wear a lipstick very much on my channel you see on even my lips look I like it I like it too but I can’t narrow Mitch hit the right I miss my lips but when I paint my nails I’m gonna cut my fingers Tina they just checked this morning 0.5 ketones 79 blood glucose I’m not upset with it we’re meals without the ice cream and chocolate syrup just see what happens let see how we go this is sausage cheese eggs and sausage so happy that bite was so hard it softens up after just a few SEC just a few seconds but it’s really good especially if you freeze them cuz I have to be honest I’m pretty sure it’s the sausage just ate several hours ago ketones 0.2 glucose the nanny tube yeah that’s also just spiking me and lowering my ketones huh well damn I’m at the post office I ordered these things off Amazon with gift cards somebody got sent and I’ve got some mini chocolate chip cookies from Heinicke I’ve got some diabetic kitchen cinnamon pecan granola cereal and some pea donut granola with blueberries cereal kind of stuff I already know I’ve been kicked out of ketosis because it’s a sausage today I’ve already checked my ketones so I’m probably gonna have to wait a few days before I can really even try these and see if they affect me or not this one bowl of this and later one bowl of this if I can have it all by the way this one is the diabetic kitchen it tastes kind of like honey nut clusters it’s the low carb keto granola it is not as good as a diabetic kitchen but it’s not bad it kind of reminds me of it like a more punchy raizy but raisin bran okay what do you mean what are you complaining about in there huh what coming up hey I’ll hold you in a second you can’t have my cereal just hey baby Britney yes check that out thirty five hundred and three subscribers I am so so glad to have all of you here with me on my journey you’re like friends and family and I couldn’t do any of this stuff without you guys much love all right you guys so I Steve all happy they’re lucky but honestly I just got a terrible blow to the ego and I’d really like to kick that dude’s ass I also got a little more disappointment when I got home so anyway I had two appointments today so I put my makeup on before I took my grandson to school that way I didn’t have to rush around and do everything once I got home for the two appointments one is the doctor’s appointment one is kind of some kind of interview they didn’t really explain it and I keep asking questions but I’m kind of just told it’s a speaking job don’t know what that means and I think they want me to get there and they want to pitch it to me before I could say no before I even show up so I’m not real sure about it but I know it’s got something to do with the fact that I’m on YouTube and I’m not sure what it’s about so I’m dying and I’ll tell you about that in a second but first let’s talk about the blow to the ego bastard yeah really rude nasty not told you I guess they need flirt with me on time it’s not a big deal to me I like it don’t get me wrong I’d be a little disappointed they stopped doing it but it’s not something I pay a whole lot of attention to so stopped to get gas with my grandson after I took him to school so you know just before us I didn’t have to stop later anyway as getting gas is pumping the gas in the gas tank in the dude writing directly across from East pumping his gas – and he’s like shaking his knob nozzle out and putting it up and he starts talking to me strikes up a conversation seems like a nice fellow why not all right not a hot day pretty it’s gonna be a pretty day I think whatever this chitchat and uh dude asked me for my phone number I said oh I can’t do that he didn’t sy or anything and for those of you who don’t know I’m married been married for 21 years that’s why I said just God just looks me up and down and goes you know you’re not as pretty as you think you are any kids at his car and he leaves bitch I didn’t ask you for your phone number I wish I had just a couple more seconds to tell him off but I didn’t because mmm I wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking about no man I was in my oversized sweatshirt I had my hair my hair wasn’t even combed yet my makeup was on so I didn’t have to do it later but my hair wouldn’t even come yet okay I was wearing my sleeping shorts and flip-flops I was not thinking about a man or getting a man being flirted with but wasn’t thinking about none of that not as pretty as you think you are you know it’s one of those things where you think they’re probably just lashing out and your brain kind of knows that they’re just being a jackass because they got turned down but one way to ruin somebody’s day I mean really all day long I’m gonna hear you know you’re not as pretty as you think you are all day just you know whatever fun ruin my day that’s just fine gonna get home and I’m fuming I’m angry I’m getting dressed I’m fine I’ve got appointments today I’ve got things to take care of I’m kind of exciting excited to hear about this speaking thing so get all the way dressing my little shirts on I’m showing my shoulders I’m cute everything’s washed and clean because it’s that kind of appointment and I’m feeling good good first phone call comes in sorry we have to change it to some more afternoon all right fun 15 minutes later getting ready walk out of do our second call comes in sorry we’re gonna have to reschedule you two in the morning will that be okay well fine just ruin my day I ain’t have to get dressed for night I could have stayed in my damn pajamas I mean I love you guys know and I come to see y’all every day I don’t care if I look cute you don’t care if I’m wearing deodorant or not cuz you can’t smell me now don’t get me wrong I’m wearing together everything is clean just not my point my point is I had to get dressed this morning not like that anyway so you know if I’m wearing pants on video it’s a lucky break or I’ve already had to go somewhere oh my gosh I just what a way to ruin your day you know just evil evil people so I ask you guys for suggestions yesterday on wasting me make the videos better or the channel better make it grow stronger probably by not talking so much but I don’t have that capability so if you’re here you just have to love to hear me speak sorry oh anyway one of the suggestions I got from Michelle was to ask the question of the day and she gave me some suggestions of the question of the day so one of hers that I really really liked I thought we could have a lot of fun with is if you’ll tell me in the comment section below and I’ll ask the question in a minute I want y’all to answer in the comments and tomorrow when I do my video I will tell you my answer to the question and read some of y’all’s on video with your names and everything so if you don’t want your name mentioned you might want to put that in the comment too anyway so today’s question of the day what is the weirdest off scale victory you have noticed the weirdest okay and you’d be thinking about it write it down there below and tomorrow on video I’ll tell you my weirdest off scale victory and oh boy do I have some 34 pounds I got a few okay anyway so tomorrow I’ll answer that question and talk about some of yours and we can all decide who has the weirdest off scale victory and another suggestion I got was to show my way in like a visual which I used to do all the time with my white boards if you’ve been with me for a long long time you’ll know I used a white board and it’s gonna make a reappearance if I don’t mess it up and like smear it off with my sweatshirt so yesterday day of eating let’s talk about the day of eating so I started out strong with the Solstice like okay so we’re not gonna have any of that ice cream today just to make sure it’s not that well when I check the ketones everything and my blood sugar I was thinking well there’s the sausage sure that dad was kind of a difference there you know and I was a little concerned about it and I decided not eat the second sausage for the day but when I checked my post office I had gotten to those cereals and I was like well we’re gonna just try these for dinner so I did not do my macros on them because I’m not sure how my jet eight of them I’m pretty sure that my total carbs were actually quite high net carbs not so much but my total carbs were probably quite hot because the serving size of those cereals is about 1/3 of a cup I’m pretty sure I had a cup of each or about a cup of each I didn’t measure I was just wanting to try them and see how it worked out for me but you know what I’m not mad at now all right before we even go there right here’s the TMI portion of this video okay I had some good potty breaks yesterday which is diet related I’m so sorry if you’re sensitive but anything that comes in must go out and that does affect your weigh-ins does affect your diet does affect everything okay so have some good potty breaks history and as a result my weight went down so I cannot tell you for sure that those cereals are gonna be for me you know what let’s check my ketones because that was just today afternoon was about 10 p.m. what son it’s 11 a.m. so that’s 11 hours bastard no 13 13 hours bastard so sorry um so maybe I’ll have ketones if I do now you’ll see it tomorrow I should check him man yeah okay yeah we don’t always time got you so as a result my weight did go in go down visual so yesterday I waited at one eighty four point for today one eighty point four down one ho pound again don’t forget to like subscribe and share and ring that Bell say anyway how many times am I gonna say so anyway in one video don’t hit that dislike button just because I keep saying so anyway or because I keep talking because that’s just part of my channel that’s what I do so anyway somebody wanted to add yet what they actually one of the suggestions was to go glide more often I would love it to go live more often there’s a reason I don’t do it now this room at in the evenings when everybody’s usually home so that they could watch a lot has to gamers in it one my son who actually has Tourette’s and when my son-in-law who gets Tourette’s when he plays video games so there is no telling the words that could fly out of their mouths and I don’t want to get a bunch of hate for it so a lot of times if I go live it just happened to be a very quiet night when they know about here um plus we got kids and babies and all that stuff sighs my household isn’t usually very very active is it’s really early in the day right now everybody y’all didn’t see that perfectly six all right so anyway this time day everybody’s at work or school or they’re busy would put something else in there no really what the hell oh I’ve been talking for 10 minutes maybe that’s my body’s way of saying to hell it could be you never know so I don’t I want to go up I really do I love doing lives the thing is a lot of people when they come into a live are new to you and hearing these two juggernauts back here just raised pure hell and cussed like Satan that might throw some people they might not like me for that but I would love to do it okay what oh I also have another question for you what would you like to know that you can ask any Kido question you want to you can ask any personal question you want to I am an open look folks if you want to ask me anything you want to ask me about sex or whatever I answer it I ain’t got no problem with it I’ve never been a shy quiet reserved person although I’m somewhat conservative in certain ways but not really it’s kind of weird I don’t know how to put it but anyway is there anything you’d like to know about me I will answer all your questions on camera without these so Guys and Dolls remember if you need help with keto I help anybody I’m not joking man woman weightlifter losing weight maintaining weight trying to get healthy some disease you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of I’ll help anybody my contact information is in the description below I will help anybody feel free to ask I’m don’t forget you can get some Shastra bracelets you can get some performance nut butter you can get some discounts on keto products you might want even though they’re not necessary to do kit if you want them and you can afford them there are products below with discount codes that you can get I also have a website called key to Diamond calm I wrote everything out plain simple and free and there’s a playlist on the front of this channel so check these out utilize these links utilize the PayPal button utilize the tea Springs t-shirts that is on go use all that I didn’t put it there for my health okay maybe kind of sort of a little bit check it out much loti I talk to y’all later [Music]

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