Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip (Whole30)  | Thrive Market

Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip (Whole30) | Thrive Market

What’s not to like? Buffalo sauce, good.
Chicken, good. My homemade cream cheese, good. Hey guys I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen and today
I’m gonna show you how to make a buffalo chicken dip. One of my favorites, and it’s
Whole30 and Keto, but before I get started be sure to like, comment,
subscribe; and if your wonder what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market that
sells non-gmo and organic products straight to your door and you can find
all the products that I use here today at the Thrive Market .com/prepschool. So let’s get started, I’m gonna start by making my creamy base. I’m not
gonna use cream cheese even though it’s keto and you could do that, but I want to
keep it Whole30 as well. So I soaked some cashews, half a cup of cashews in
cold water overnight. So you got to think ahead. You gotta think one day ahead if
you’re hankering for some buffalo cauliflower dip. That’s not what this is. Alright so 1/2 a cup of soaked cashews. I drained them, I rinsed them into a high-power blender; and then
alright this is where it gets a little tricky. Canned coconut milk. So there’s
ones when you shake them and they’re like really watery, and then there’s
ones when you shake them and it sounds thicker and they don’t move around.
That’s the one you want, and there’s Native Forest, and Thrive Market sells it.
That’s the one I use for this recipe When you open the can, it has a really
thick top creamy coconut layer that’s right here, and reserve the liquid. I can
add a little more if I need it, but I want that thick creamy top part, so. Not
all coconut milks are created equal, that’s just the truth. So you add that
part to your blender. This is just like cream cheese guys, just like cream
cheese. But I wanted it to be creamy. I’m adding buffalo sauce; it’s just delicious.
Garlic powder. I’m gonna do 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 a teaspoon of
pepper. There’s salt in the buffalo sauce that I’m gonna add and in the Whole30-compliant ranch dressing, so I want to make sure it’s not too salty.
Okay and then Whole30-compliant ranch Ranch, man this is such a Midwest dish. I
love it. Ranch dressing, shredded chicken, buffalo sauce – great for the big game, the big day. Great for your wedding day, the best. Dip in to some Buffalo dip in a white dress. Put a lid on top of your blender, and
then you want this to be smooth and creamy; if it looks a little too chunky
or it’s not blending up, we can add some of the reserved coconut liquid in the
can. I’ll show you, start it off slow and then so this blender has a super wide
bottom – it’s me in college, a little bit of a white bottom. Okay for realsies,
she’s got a bit of a wide bottom so it’s spreading out more than I’d like so
I’m gonna add just a smidge bit of liquid. Give me some of that liquid – whoo, woah, woo. Alight so if it’s a little too thin,
or it’s not blending up, add some liquid. Let me take a gander; well it’s great
just nice and creamy. It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s smooth – so that’s ready to go.
Clean bowl. Grab a bow,l I have one rotisserie chicken that I shredded it up.
Make sure you check the ingredients, sometimes they brine it. Sometimes they
put salt on it. You just want a rotisserie chicken organic, with only
salt and pepper. If you can’t find it, you can always roast some chicken breasts.
You can roast a whole chicken and shred it up, this is just a quick easy shortcut,
and you know I love rotisserie chickens to be honest. One chicken, shred it
up and then I’m using Noble Made by The New Primal, and it’s their Medium Buffalo
Sauce. They have mild, medium, and hot. I like a little spice in my buffalo dip,
and really like this one. I think it’s delicious. So you need about a cup of this. That is a little more than half the bottle, I think. I can always add more; and then I’m gonna add my creamy mixture – my creamy coconut cashew mixture, and you can make this a couple days in advance. Do this
portion, mix it up, put it in whatever you’re cooking in – like your pot, your pan,
whatever, and then pop it in the fridge and just bake it off right before you
need it. A 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes until it’s bubbly around the
edges. Alright mix this up a little bit more buffalo sauce. If you have tiny
little rotisserie chicken, maybe you don’t need as much sauce. You got a big
jumbo mama jamma, maybe you need more sauce. mm-hmm. You can put this in an 8 by 11 oval baker. You can put it in a cast-iron, whatever you want – whatever you want. But I, whatever I’m baking it in, I want to
serve it in that. So something nice, something fancy. I just want to put it
in a flat even layer. It looks good just like this, it’s not even heated up. Okay
so like I said pop this in a preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes until it’s
bubbly around the edges, and it’s ooey and gooey and I’ll show you what I like
to serve it with. Looks so good! It’s spicy, its creamy; like I said before if
you don’t want to use coconut, that’s not your thing, you can also use mayo and I
have two different videos of homemade Mayo an immersion blender and then just
a regular food processor. English cucumber, just dig in there. Come here
sweetie, come on. Oh gosh, she looks steamy; this
is really delicious, it comes together quickly. It is spicy on the end
though; she snuck up on me that medium. Maybe mild next time Meg, maybe mild. I
hope you give this a try you can find all the products that are used at Happy keto, Whole30, game day cooking. People go nuts for this, I feel like
people eat it and go “whhaaaat is this?”

5 thoughts on “Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip (Whole30) | Thrive Market”

  1. That would make bomb sandwiches! pickled red onion, cilantro, thinly sliced jalpeno/cucumber etc. on a toasted baguette! I refuse to go forward into a breadless future. Please don't judge. Also, funny stuff from Meg, as per usual. Bloopers reel? Noum sayin?

  2. Don't know what whole 30 is, but..
    I'd toast a good french roll, or sourdough, or 'artisan' bread, apply dip to toast, put in broiler to top off.
    Coleslaw on side..

  3. That buffalo and coconut combo looks like it would work with a slew of different types of roasted vegetables. I’m gonna try that as I’m meatless for the past year.. thanks!!

    Edit: by the way, I like watching your sub #’s grow. You go girl with your fat bottom blender!!

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