Kahk Gluten Free and Keto |  Eid Cookies for weight loss and food sensitivities

Kahk Gluten Free and Keto | Eid Cookies for weight loss and food sensitivities

hi this is aya hello and welcome to another episode from be nourished Ramadhan is about to be over a night is coming and this is the time for me to make you my gluten free recipe for tak now I don’t believe in kids missing out on anything because of food sensitivities so today I’m challenging myself to make a gluten free dairy free and grain free cake recipe that actually turns out amazing it’s also great for those of you who are like on a keto or low-carb diet now it’s still a super high in fat it has a lot of ghee but when you eat a lot of fat not combined with a lot of carbs you can actually still get away with it and so if you eat it in moderation and you eat it very low in carbs even if it has a lot of ghee you can still not have a very dramatic effect on your weight loss dream recipe that I’m using uses almond flour and a little bit of tapioca starch I did try it without the tapioca starch and it still worked out it just comes out a little bit more humble and so if you’re trying to lose weight on a keto diet or a low-carb diet I would just use one tablespoon of tapioca starch to make sure everything is held together and skip the rest of it as a disclaimer for everyone this is not an open invitation to eat the whole tray making a healthier version of the CAC it’s still it’s still a dessert it’s still high in fat it still has a lot of sugar and so you really want to be careful start by making your yeast mixture tablespoon of yeast spoon of sugar and four tablespoons of any warm non-dairy milk that you prefer and then we’ll use two cups of almond flour and third a cup of tapioca starch [Music] and we’ll add half a teaspoon overly heated CAC and half a teaspoon of MATLAB and those you can basically get at an Arabic or Egyptian store it’s not something that you’re gonna find in just your regular grocery store a tablespoon of sesame seeds in the middle and then half a cup of boiling ghee [Music] start mixing everything really well with a spatula and then start adding your yeast mixture I needed about three tablespoons of the yeast mixture sometimes depending on how fine the almond flour is you might need more or less so just kind of like stay tuned with how your dough looks like start kneading once again with your spatula and maybe you can use your hands at this point [Music] knead the with your hands for just a minute or two until everything is very well incorporated and everything is soft and easy to the touch and start shaping your into circles and putting the decorations that you want on it [Music] [Music] cover your and let it to poo for about thirty minutes to one hour and have your oven warm at 350 degrees put your in for about 20 minutes keep an eye on it you want it to come out just slightly golden [Music] once it cools down put it in a plate and put your powdered sugar your stevia your monk fruit or whatever sweetener you are planning to put on top [Music] amazing this is like God [Music] it’s yummy the last thing that you might want to look into if you’re trying to lose weight and really really watching your intake of carbs and sugars is the powdered sugar on the powdered sugar on top so some ideas that I had you can basically sprinkle some stevia on top or you can use some stevia in the mixture itself to give it a little bit of sweetness and then skip the powdered sugar on top it’s find on Amazon some low-carb ki – friendly powdered sugar substitutes I’m not saying that they’re super healthy but powdered sugar is not healthy either so what I’m trying to achieve here is not really a healthier recipe I’m trying to achieve a recipe that works for those of you who are like on a keto diet or a very low carb diet so I did find a few options that use monk fruit and alcohol sugars I am NOT a big fan of alcohol sugars just to put that down but again we’re talking about something that we are going to eat once a year and so and we’re going to use like small portions we’re not going to eat the whole tray so I think it’s going to be perfectly fine to use it for that one day if you’re trying to like not break your keto diet or like not have any sugar now I will share the links for those options in the description of the video below so if you’re on a keto diet low carb diet and you don’t want to break your diet even for AI day then make sure you check those out and use them instead of your powdered sugar have a happy I eat and I’ll see you in another episode or if you’re not being too picky and you want to enjoy yourself a little bit and I eat then maybe just put a light coat of powdered sugar and then hopefully if you don’t overeat and you watch your portions it’s going to pass I hope that you enjoy this recipe if you try it please let me know how it turned out post me a picture and give me a feedback now of course as usual don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so that you don’t miss any of the coming videos and if you know a friend that will benefit from this video make sure that you share it and like the video I do hope that all of you have a great I eat and you enjoy yourselves watch your portions even if you’re using my recipe you still want to be careful with how much you are eating other than that enjoy your time and joyride and I’ll see you in another episode

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