Indian Keto Diet Recipes: 3 Best Recipes Keto Roti, Puri & Uttapam for Ketogenic Diet in Hindi

Indian Keto Diet Recipes: 3 Best Recipes Keto Roti, Puri & Uttapam for Ketogenic Diet in Hindi

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Hello Friends, welcome back to my channel Vibrant Varsha.

Today I am going to share with you 3 Keto Recipes.
The first recipe is Keto Roti
So let’s start with How to make Keto Roti / Bread.
I have taken here Nutroactive’s Keto Atta (flour).
It only has 5% Net carb,
you can purchase this atta online.
I have shared its link with you in the description box below.
I have used Himalayan pink salt in it
You mix some warm water in it
and make the dough,
use as much water as you need.
Add enough water repeatedly to make a soft dough.
Keto Atta have Flax Seeds,
Peanut, Almond & Coconut flour.
Keto Atta have only 5% net carb,
so this is the best Keto Atta
whose roti/bread we can serve on a daily basis
in Lunch or in Dinner.
Serve with any curry recipes like Chicken curry
or Paneer curry
or any other curry recipes.
See our soft dough is ready.
We can make two Rotis/Chapatis from it or we can make one roti,
it’s up to you.
I have a cling film, so I have used it.
Instead of this, you can also use parchment paper.
I have slightly greased it with oil,
then with a rolling pin,
roll it,
with this, you can make very thin roti/bread.
Roti is ready!
A Pan/Tawa is hot, then bake it.
You can have Roti with chicken curry, fish curry
or paneer curry
or you can eat with any vegetable
that is allowed in Keto diet
in Lunch, Dinner or in Breakfast.

So here is our Keto Roti ready.
You butter it or add ghee
or oil it
Our second recipe is Keto Puri.
If you eat the same type of food every day, then you will be bored,
then something must be in a variety
and we Miss Puri/Poori a lot in Indian Keto Diet.
If ever you want to eat Puri,
then we can also make Puri.
To make Keto Puri, I have taken here
NutroActive’s Keto Atta.
I have taken 1 cup, Keto Atta.
A little bit I am putting this carom seeds.
Carom seeds are completely optional.
I have used Himalayan pink salt here.

To buy Nutroactive Keto Atta & Himalayan Pink salt
I have given the online link in the description box below.
To make Puri, put oil on the gas to heat it.
Now take a little warm water
and pour it little by little to make a soft dough.
I am made two portions of the dough
and will make two puris.
Take some flour for little dusting.
I have used Keto Atta only for dusting purposes.
Our oil is hot, then put the Puri into it.
So take our Keto Puri is completely ready.

So take our Keto Ajwain Puri is ready.

Today’s our third recipe is Keto Uttapam
or in Marathi, it is called as Keto Thalipeeth.
I have taken Nutroactive’s, Keto Atta,
1 cup,
then add salt.
Here I have used Himalayan Pink Salt,
then add little chopped tomato,
little chopped onion
and coriander leaves little.
You can also use Capsicum in this, optional.
Then add little red chili powder.
It depends on you whether to put it or not,
it is optional.
Little Cumin & Coriander powder,
little turmeric powder.
Mix all the ingredients.
After mixing,
you add a little water to it.
I am making two portions of this dough.
A little greasing has been done to cling film.
Like we make Bhakri/ Flatbread
like Jowar or Bajra millet,
in the same way, you make it by hand.
You can either make with a rolling pin,
but it will break
because it has onion, tomato…
So the rolling pin will not make you roll well.
That’s why we will make it by hand only.
Tomato onion popups are starting,

so does the same in uttapam.
In uttapam, we are putting on the top,
but in this, we cannot put on the top of it.
That’s why I put it like this.
Our griddle pan is hot,
like I said in Marathi it is called as Thalipeeth
or in South Indian, it is called as Uttapam.
I put some oil in it,
you can also use butter, oil or ghee in it.

Then after being a one-side cook,
you flip it.
And both sides you can use oil or butter
or ghee.
So take our cute Keto Uttapam
or call it Keto Thalipeeth is ready,
who is also crispy & tasty.
You can have it at Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
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