I started the KETO Diet VLOG  (Cleaning Refrigerator, Grocery Shopping & Keto Friendly Biscuits?)

I started the KETO Diet VLOG (Cleaning Refrigerator, Grocery Shopping & Keto Friendly Biscuits?)

[Music] [Applause] hello guys so I just decided to go on a keto diet so I’m about to go through my pantry and see what I have what I want to give them like what I want to throw away all that kind of stuff so you’re not necessarily going to be looking at me oh good looking at me in this video I’m a little sick so that’s why my voice sounds like this hey guys she’s so hyper right oh my gosh vlogging I forgot how painful it is to your arms to keep this nice ankl I’m trying to turn on my lights yeah I’m FC so alright I just been drinking some water I always eat my water out of this little bubble Cup it keeps the water yeah yo I know you actually see my Christmas tree I’m probably like girl take that down listen don’t do me dumb okay I’ll take it down when I feel like taking it down you come take it down for me but um let’s just take a look at what’s in the fridge wait let me see if I have some inappropriate weird stuff in here okay no I do not okay stole what I’m looking for is to see what has like a lot of carbs in it I love zesty Italian I’m just really going through all of these and ingredients this is just Carly I don’t know why I mean looking at this ranch um see ranch looks like it’s good one percent carb so with carbs you have to stay below 25 or so so that’s fine but this honey mustard oasiz no no no just it six grams of sugar it’s a no for me dog so I’m gonna just put everything that’s not on the keto diet down here all right I should condiment I should probably throw these away I know that’s like but yeah this is how I roll I broke this don’t ask me how or why Wow I have some old-ass women’s okay I feel like y’all gonna judge me in this but that’s okay they were some organic lemons and I completely forgot that they were even in here so to trash they go I’m gonna take my trash out in a minute okay okay hi sky hey baby alright so you’re just gonna continue I have some jalapenos yum-yum I’m trying to keep stuff like that the top so that I’m like inspired Dijon mustard I’m not even a big dish on mustard fan like I don’t like the taste I’m just gonna put that down there do-do-do-do-do Oh somebody said you can use that fredo sauce first of all I don’t make this stuff I don’t even know why it’s in here but I hate this like canned Alfredo ya know 20:19 no man throw that away hey okay no ma’am you need to learn how to make your own pasta that’s nice and fresh out of heavy cream that’s not gonna work what is this I already know is sweet nope we’re just gonna trash that Cosette it’s something I even eat now my jerk seasoning so I’m gonna just try to organize all of this this is what my refrigerator looks like if you guys actually care 90% of this stuff is bad so I’m about to clean all of this out because honey we can’t be doing it Annie I need I need I need I need I need it’s easier so long as we don’t tease bitches I’m done with these bitches dust off these bitch okay so these are some of the things I’m gonna throw away in life a second have carbs or sugars and all this this is acai like packy I don’t know what’s in it so I’m just like to start it out these right here was from a party I don’t even drink this but I’m gonna put it in my pantry for other people but I just wanted to get that my refrigerator because it’s just taking up too much space so this is what my fridge is a lookalike sorry y’all I know it’s gonna look so empty a grocery so i’ma let y’all see after I get groceries but just some cream cheese butter and sour cream like I’ve literally checked all the labels on this stuff this stuff is good this stuff is good and it gets a little hazy down here like all it like let me actually put this down here tartar sauce I don’t know why I have this I don’t really eat tarnish on like that oh this stuff have like 2 grams of sugar so unlike 1% carb so I’m just like I’m gonna put it right here since I don’t really know like all my dressings pretty much have that so I don’t really know how that works but that just got empty huh say cheese 1 Scott trying to get get my car I eat out of cars and trying to give away that was you doing me yeah mommy yo actually um these are just chicken wings I take them out let me just show you guys so you guys don’t think this is weird so I buy in bulk so I bought a lot of like chickens and stuff and then I just put them in Ziploc bags I have a salmon over here and chicken y’all this is why I wanted to go on the keto diet because I feel like my lifestyle it’s kind of kid kiddo like Loki so um I just have some ribs and stuff down there and then some turkey burgers ground beef like I put it like my bad foods down here so like I can keep them if I change my mind but if I continue to go on the keto then we can throw that out there chicken breast and they just I mean actually chicken tenders and I just put like five of them in the back cuz ya’ll it’s just me so I’m like I need to individually cook like this is my salmon y’all can’t even see it cuz it’s like so frozen but it was fresh but you know frozen because your girl lives by herself and I can’t eat all of that so I’m to put on so most of this away I have frozen grapes I’m gonna put these actually back in the freezer I literally haven’t even researched keto enough to know but anyway so I do have lots of cheese I’m trying to see how I think I’m gonna put the cheese and stuff all in here this is where I had my frozen grapes so now I’m just gonna like wait this out I don’t know where I got this from I think homewards either way I’m just gonna put my cheese’s in here so that everything is kind of confined because I don’t want everything just floating around on my fridge later y’all got cheese everywhere right cheese more cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese hey there we go so I’m just gonna put this in the fridge edit that it’s needed so boom we also could start already what’s good put my lemon back in here cuz I love lemon water in the mornings have my lemon water right up in this thing like what’s up Graham so I also cleaned out my pantry now I know all this stuff is not keto friendly I am keeping it because I’m not I’m not saying I’m going on keto forever okay I’m just doing it for the first third a see how I like it we got sugars over here so like this is kind of like the no area but all of this is stuff that is good and I do organize my seasonings and stuff like my main seasonings on here within like a shoe rack so if you want to do that I highly recommend it because that’s how I do it and it’s very organized and I got some bad stuff down here as well but I decided to go ahead and cook I feel like this is gonna be so easy because I do have an air fryer you guys if you don’t follow me on Instagram then you don’t know but if you me on instagram girl you already know assist got an air fryer and I just got done frying chicken that’s why it’s dirty and here is the chicken I’ve already eaten some y’all it is so freakin crispy this chicken is so freakin crispy and it was an air fryer all I did was put some mist – on it let me show you guys that Mase – baby this what gives it that look that like Diana look like some good grilled chicken look like this mister – right here is so fired so yeah I think I have a ranch ranch okay hey guys so I’m doing the Walmart pickup service right now so I’m just adding stuff to my cart and watching some videos I’m about to get some almond butter and I just need I’m trying to understand this whole Nick carb thing because this I don’t understand okay net carbs are what you’re left with after subtracting the grams of fiber per serving from the total carbohydrate amount per serving for example if an item has 20 grams of carbohydrates and it contains eight grams of fiber then the amount of net carb the item contains is 12 grams I’m just shopping you’re trying to give me some groceries here my groceries this is what I have so far oh this is the next day good morning good morning good morning I am you know my throat is not getting any better but I went I actually did the Walmart grocery pick up and I’ll link it below if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about I actually did that and got so many groceries to start off my keto diet so I want to show you guys all the stuff that I got I spent about not I didn’t spend $200 but was like almost $200 so what am I do I’m gonna take everything out and I’m just show you guys what I got so this is all the stuff that I got so I just got some pepper jack cheese some bacon and I got some like hot link sausages which I think are gonna be so good I don’t know I picked up this just Jimmy bean things but I think this definitely has I don’t know I think he only has eggs in it I think this should be fine you this one is good for keto it’s good for keto it’s not much not much carbs so yeah got some vegetable stock and some chicken broth I got some almond flour which people say it’s very very very very good I like to use it on keto I saw a nice recipe using that so I’m height avocado all which I’ve never tried before but a lot of people were talking about it and I just got like two big things baking soda you know for other type of projects I got some baby spinach some asparagus tips which I love asparagus shop I picked this up this pasta zero I have no idea what this is but of course you can’t have carbs while you are on the keto diet so I’m gonna see how this is I was gonna get zucchini noodles but um I don’t know opted to get this I am gonna get some zucchini noodles but I want to get the little thing that just spiral them so I could just get a zucchinis I got some cucumbers bell peppers some turkey burgers I honestly have no idea why about this because I already have some turkey burgers but yeah I got these pesto spirals which is basically the zucchini and carrots and it’s just like instant pesto this doesn’t it’s not high on carbs so I was like yes some Brussels sprouts this is rice veggies which is cauliflower rice cauliflower haven’t actually never had cauliflower before so this should be interesting I got two things of a shrimp some sirloin tender steaks coconut oil oh yeah I love some sun-dried tomatoes why central tomatoes are to be nice I love them like that’s my this is literally probably my sweetener like I heard a lot of people talking about almond butter so of course I had to go pick up some to see what the hype was about cuz you know I didn’t want some sometime soon some white chicken I’ve seen this recipe where you can make pizza crust out of chicken and Parmesan cheese so i’m hype for that and i got some tomato sauce to go with it and I also got some pepperoni and I got some banana peppers am i referring so I this is my favorite pizza triple Ronnie banana peppers yum yum yum of course pepperoni doesn’t have any carbs in it we got lots of butter cream cheese sour cream pistachios all this mozzarella cheese and a half and half and some heavy whipping cream and also avocados a Billiken gonna want some kind of sparkling sometimes I got sparkling water and I heard this brand was really good so I’m about to go ahead and put all this stuff in a refrigerator and then I’m gonna show you how I want my refreshing on refrigerator don’t look like because this right here ain’t it sis so let me go ahead and pack this fine fool I forgot to tell you guys about these stuff these Joseph’s like pita breads and these flat breads yo these are very low on carbs well I don’t know if this brand is this is not what I asked for damn this is not what I asked for you know I know they substituted something but I honestly did not know what they were substituting like this is annoying so this is like net for carbs this Peterborough’s net for carbs per Peter so like you’re only supposed to take it about 25 carbs a day or less so definitely want to count them if you can incorporate stuff like this but you have to be very proportionate with it so these are for net carbs I got some eggs I don’t know if I said that okay [Music] lovely clean I like you so this is my fairy Jurado eggs and stuff essa top and we got our greens waters basically greens waters and then some half-and-half and milk and stuff you’re a little dairy there then you got your meats and cheeses and still I got nothing down there but this is cool like it’s a minimalist lifestyle okay you don’t need a lot of stuff especially it’s just me y’all it’s just me but then got all this stuff in the freezer just through those things in there so we good I think I make the steak with the cauliflower today not sure but I kept the steak out cuz I feel like I want some sake I haven’t had steak in a minute so we’re definitely gonna eat on that so now I’m about to indulge on this meat lovers like with real eggs so I should cheddar cheese and bacon just gonna be good with my sparkling water so let’s get E hey y’all so today is a new day I don’t even know what state this day was Saturday yes so I’ve been eating on keto I’ve been doing the keto diet and I’m gonna post a few pictures so that you guys see a few of the meals that I’ve made and have been cooking and all that kind of stuff so I do post them on my Instagram stories but I’m just gonna show you guys here but I’m actually about to make some cheddar Bay biscuits right now and I’m kind of excited they are keto friendly I’m about to look up the recipe right now I’m gonna put the link below so y’all can check it out if y’all wanna make up but yo girl is exciting okay so this thing almond flour I did buy some almond flour almond flour dried parsley flakes we got that public Frances el cheapo but about five baking actually need baking powder and cheddar cheese what the hell so let me go to the store y’all and then we can make these cheddar babies Hey yeah girl got some cheese and I got some baking powder so I’m ready to go almond flour parsley but y’all I went to Trader Joe’s got some more stuff cuz I was on that side of town I was like I might as well go ahead got me a lot of these laughing cow cheese’s so yummy come on focus I got some of these crunchy okras I love them they have about they have 19 grams of carb but 11 grams of that is actually fiber so comes down to what like eight or something yeah so and that’s the whole bag the services so I’m probably gonna only eat like two or three of these a day or so so not too many it’s not gonna be too much here and I’ll get some fiber out of it so that’s cool I got three bags of those I got some berries we got raspberries blueberries more cheese lime sources some more asparagus coz that asparagus sucked that was out that asparagus I had yesterday was popping and then I got some blackberries down there st. that’s everything that’s in that bag and I just got a bunch of sparkling waters and a bunch of like peanuts and cashews look at these cashews I found y’all that’s gonna be so good I can’t wait but I got all these sparkling waters that are like Trader Joe’s brands so I want to try these out to see if they’re actually good so I’m gonna be drinking one of those today with my meal but let’s get these our biscuits ready are you ready sky are you ready to cook these biscuits baby yeah mama don’t take it personal personally I’m surprised you call me after the things scratchcard on these bitches yeah skirt down they do it for three yeah you know he was it more than summer thing I said God you took it well told me you wouldn’t cry over spilled milk you give me another Tower return of the vine we just need a power tool so we can do what we do I’m gonna make it do what it do baby [Music] [Music]

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