I ate with DR. BERG & THOMAS DELAUER for a DAY! * Keto DESSERT?!

[Music] [Music] well I ate with dr. work in Thomas de Lauer for a day here’s what happened I’m pretty shocked [Music] now before I go into showing you guys what they eat I’m going to show you what I eat that is very similar to what they eat because we actually talked about it you know we talked about some of the eggs that they eat on how they eat it you know how they cook it that sort of stuff I’m in our building three it’s actually organic pasture-raised everything I have probably about 50 people looking at me and that’s okay so I’m gonna show you some really delicious stuff that I’m gonna get that is super big I mean you’re not it’s actually a vegetarian restaurant but it’s so inter curious all my options right here you can see the hall ones you whatever it was spinach mushrooms that’s a killer the one doctor would definitely at that I really think someone’s gonna sell our but obviously this is not but there’s no meat on here this is a full vegetarian if you’re curious if I’m gonna get a meal here yes I will get a meal because dr. Berg does two meals a day almost allow it does about two to three meals a day depending on what the day looks like but let me show you real quick what dr. Berg will eat okay we’re at the VIP dinner with dr. Burke and what do we have here doc a little dessert this is marshmallows and no just kidding this is another cream unsweetened berries and nuts that’s awesome so again this is keto friendly cracker right this is keto friendly I don’t like to do a lot of whipped cream just a little bit yeah yeah it’s totally fun yeah it’s dessert New York you’re actually seeing him witness so like what you hear him say is what you’re seeing here guys try it out be smart and enjoy it that’s right Joe as you guys watch them they basically made berries with whipping cream and walnuts it was like a delicious dessert I didn’t actually have it but they enjoyed a super should we get berries walnuts wooden frame very simple I’m here with another amazing Kido youtuber Malika what do you have here for us okay I’m eating God and tons of vegetables that’s basil and ladies and of course artichoke hearts oh that’s like huge one forgot help I love our choker yes okay I need more of that then oh yeah wait man I’m really excited this can be a delicious meal I have again chicken thigh with some mushrooms and everything but man it’s all it’s a fun Tito event isn’t it it is so much fun it’s learning I’m having a great time meeting other youtubers oh I know I know it’s crazy guys checker can check her channel out what it what is it like help now I wake up okay links below guys check it out it’s time to chow down alright alright so again we are here with Thomas biggest question is what in the world did you just eat what does Thomas see today that was like three doughnuts I broke a like a 4243 our FAFSA can keep track that’s a long fast day so I earlier broke it with a little bit of chicken it’s pretty straightforward yeah this tonight I have a little bit of Brussels sprouts I had some spring mix oh yeah so they brought me some cauliflower and a little bit of color yeah nice and nice and simple what’s the number one food that you love on keto tough one as my wife makes him pretty darn delicious what I would I’m still I’m still a sucker for my macadamia nut butter oh that’s dangerous that is that is appreciate it man but again you guys know his channel see you guys next time so here’s the desert delight teeth and dr. Burke does drink tea especially when he fasts this isn’t the dr. Burke fasting tea but this is a really good team and he loves drinking the tea and he’s fasting so here’s the meal it’s super simple it’s almost like a snack meal all right so here we go we have two organic pasture-raised eggs some broccoli a lemon and some tomatoes with the desert delight tea so at dr. Burke’s house we were actually prepping some food to eat and then Karen miss Berg she was at Logan do you want dr. Berg pull those little legs I was already bout to have my second meal and she showed me the bowl that dr. Berg uses to make his meals and she says he makes huge epic salad salmon broccoli tomatoes all in this big bowl feels like wow that’s got to be delicious took that picture and hope the seizure happened within an hour I was on the way to the gym again I was in such a good mood I felt great and so I thought couldn’t talk but it was like the words right here and she thought I was playing a joke you know just kind of messing around and she started laughing and boom all of a sudden as I was driving I just had a random seizure for the first time in my entire life and I drew up half of half a mile unconscious in the matter is I was in it it was actually a good thing that I was on the phone with her because nobody else would have known what happened what would have happened or any of that sort of stuff so they immediately called the the ambulance and everything they came by everyone was clueless as to what happened it was like we have no clue what just happened at all and I don’t remember any of this so all those pictures I don’t remember any of that stuff the only thing I do remember is going to hospitals so living right after that I went home I started just typing the ketogenic diet it’s weird then dr. Burke comes up and so [Applause] [Music] [Applause] like three in the morning that night just looking up the ketogenic diet I saw massive benefits of losing body fat and developing lean muscle and it led to an about a 16-8 intermittent fasting window to two meals a day eating a high percent organic grass-fed meat again I would do a morning coffee with you know no butter no oils are you like that and imma do faster workouts and on the break case with Fido survivor on duty no here fast and doing this and that so [Applause] man conference is done that was absolutely amazing what did what’s the biggest thing you got out of it this was a intense this was like most intense conference of Summit speakers over-the-top people all of them fooled the success stories I mean it’s just mind-blowing gunman it’s just it’s hard to even comprehend yeah I would do you think I mean I thought it was so cool I had like four people coming up crying and I the one other forget is like somebody came up and like I didn’t even want to do Kido I came to this thing and like I was just interested and then when you finished talking I was like I’m doing Kido forever I’m like wow wow you made a difference with that person gosh I mean it’s crazy but I mean what is one thing that you may have learned that like dirt like during this event that you didn’t know before whether it’s Kido or non Kido or there was there’s a lot of things that I got actually really good tips with Ben Bickman had a really good presentation regarding key towns and he’s like a master key Tennyson you basically everyone said the calories in calories out but you’re basically here in ketosis your fat is very inefficient where’s that mean in addition it’s weird that’s a concept that I didn’t even think about in addition that means it wastes a lot of fuel yeah now the person with a slow metabolism their their system is very efficient you don’t want an efficient fat system you want to burn and be sloppy and waste a lot of ketones in fact you’re breathing out ketones you’re peeing out ketones you’re breathing up back and you’re peeing on fat there you can so you know the point is that that’s a really good concept to kind of think about but ketosis does that hands down you can actually reverse diabetes at ninety days I mean come on and then for people to say oh I don’t want to do ‘quite if ketosis because I like I’m a diabetic are you ready so that was that was just one of the many takeaways yeah yeah altogether yeah I would say that one one of my takeaways was like you know people think and I understand this statement and both will say like keto is not for everybody or they say like everybody’s different and I understand that but if you go into it saying I will make it work then it will work so it’s almost like you got a really rear edge astir your mind and again when I started keto I was like this is weird but hey I’ll make it work I don’t care whatever it is because I’m doing the opposite so people say well doesn’t fit me in my lifestyle trust me I know what it’s like to have the complete opposite lifestyle doing absolutely no keto to fold keto so it all comes down your mindset but with that being said we’re actually headed out to dr. burns new place that you guys have not seen before I’m gonna show you guys just a little bit of it and then we’re gonna eat put the speakers and hang out and go from there so man dr. Burke thank you so much you’re welcome it was a lot of fun see you guys there we’re down here in Austin there’s actually an event today called the bacon feast there’s music it’s just hanging out and there’s free bacon dr. Berg is a big bacon fan we’re gonna see what the heck this is all about [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] three bacon I don’t say much about that make your bacon fest a follow so nice to them it usually cost money they got me in for free just to shoot them some footage and get bacon so that’s pretty awesome right there so how did it how does dr. Burke and Thomas Lauer do they’re eating windows well dr. Burke usually does a 16-8 intermittent fasting queso at lunch and then a dinner Thomas de Lauer actually does more like he changes it up a lot so for example he did a 48-hour fast as you guys heard and then he just did probably about three meals then one day he’ll do one meal and then the next day he’ll do two meals he’ll do a 20-hour fast and then a four-hour fast so it’s like constantly changing dr. Burke six to a 16-8 so I’m kind of in the middle between both of them on how they do their meals and their times and all that sort of stuff but we’re here at the u.s. crop therapy let’s get freezing up I’m ready so it was actually really crowded at the crown so I couldn’t get a session and that’s okay we’re actually going to go grab some groceries then we’re gonna go to the family’s house for dinner I’ll show you what dr. Burke I’m gonna make a meal that’s basically a split of dr. Burke’s and Thomas L our put together for an epic finishing of a full day of eating with dr. Bergin Thomas Lauer you know what let’s go adventure again here’s the walnut so I’ll show you guys what I ate at dr. Berg’s house it’s so freakin good it was meatball kabobs something like that oh my gosh it was so good yeah one of my best feelings ever and they ate the same thing as well which is really cool but I’ll say this dr. Berg deathy ate more spinach more vegetables than Thomas did but they ate about the same amount of meat and they both had about the same amount of food so everybody had a dessert after that meal I didn’t but it was fun we had a lot of sparkling water as well they both loved that so we’re at all we’re gonna cook eat and you’ll see an epic Meal well check this out I won’t always comments like how did you make that cauliflower how did you make that those brussel sprouts I don’t make it it’s my mom but check this out there’s the bacon wrapped with asparagus and then look at that that is the most epic cauliflower in Brussels sprouts everyone wants to know how my mom makes it geez look what my mommy here this is so epic – bacon-wrapped Wow he’s huge I didn’t know that is pork gross is what that is that’s insane so here’s a little meal that they both love so dr. Berg loves his bacon okay and then Thomas loves the steak and then dr. Berger loves the salmon so it’s a gist it’s a it’s a combo of both of them super delicious here at the family’s house Ben and look at this this steak was cooked medium-rare which is perfect so check out that meal I’m gonna eat it so those that are curious this is my defender shield calm I’ve had these before bed every night it does absolute wonders for my sleep secondly this is an aura ring so this is gonna track my sleep at night and it tracks my calories it tracks my heart rate activity levels everything so this is also amazing thirdly guys I have my book right here I’m looking at my book and I gotta say this guy’s it is so I don’t know what to say I don’t know what to think I know and I don’t know I know that when my book is launched on that day I believe I’m gonna be crying crying tears of joy because of the journey that I’ve been through not only from what you read in this book but just writing this book is so much more difficult than what people actually think and I just it’s gonna be an incredible day December 3rd I hope you guys save your dates for that that is when my book is launched with that being said guys that was it dr. Burke full day of eating and Thomas de Lauer delicious so much fun hanging out with them such genuine guys absolutely what you guys see on YouTube is they’re just I mean such cool guys I mean socially personally everything awesome people so with that being said guys if you already feels for using the program I gotta give a shout out to my client on here who put on lean lean muscle getting lean and seeing results and if you’re ready guys cook dr. Burke for 25% off all fusion the in programs I’m ready to work with you so with that being said you guys know what time it is some do nothing but dominate you today you guys have a good one see you next time [Music]

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