HURRICANE DORIAN!! Keto VLOG – Prepping for the Storm ๐Ÿ’ฆ(Part 1)

just don’t get to back to my channel today we are going to be actually doing a little Hurricane Dorian keto style I’m gonna share with you basically the journey of this hurricane prepping for it and getting ready for the hurricane so I’m gonna take you through this whole thing you as you can see I’m in a hotel now but we’re gonna go right from the beginning and I’m gonna bring you through this whole thing and show you everything that I’m packing in preparing for the hurricane to take heed o through this whole loser just don’t get too full [Music] [Music] [Music] we got evacuation orders for hurricane Dorian which was evacuated today I made my favorite keto pancakes as we’re packing things up and getting ready to get out of here I’m taking the kids to the hotel I think my husband Peter is going to stay with me like 15 minutes from our house just out of an evacuation zone so I have the recipe for these pancakes in another video and I’ll pop a little pied-à-terre [Music] it’s noon on Monday so we have the mandatory evacuation but we’re getting everything ready to go and I’m just kind of cooking some of the food that’s left in the refrigerator so what I did was I made a casserole basically of if you guys have ever seen my green bean casserole recipe where I mixed cream cheese sour cream string beans bake that with some mozzarella on top with some garlic powder really really good I basically made a modified version of that with a pound of ground beef so I ground the beef added some garlic powder to that some seasonings really simple really anything really that you have on hand and then I had some frozen streams so I thought those threw that in there and you can see kind of what it looks like here and what I did was and I’m still adding more of the cheese to the top but to kind of give you an example so what I did was I added cream cheese sour cream and just mix that into it I used an entire bar of cream cheese for this and then just like two huge scoops of sour cream oozes mixed it up and then I added some crushed red peppers that to make a little bit spicy so I’m baking that now and that’s what we’re gonna have for lunch you’re wondering about leftovers so myself my kids baby we went to a hotel about 15 minutes from our house it’s more inland it’s out of the evacuation zone my husband though is gonna stick around here for a little bit until he sees maybe that he needs to kind of get out and head over to the hotel so that’s kind of like his plan I don’t want him doing that clearly I’m trying to get him to come with us just get the house prepared and someone else but you know he’s a guy and I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced that with your husband she doesn’t really want to leave the house so you can only do what you can do right I am definitely getting out of here because I have to take care of and it’s my responsibility so for the leftovers is something that when we put it in there even if he does lose power he can scoop it out and eat it before it goes back so that’s why I did that and it also gets rid of some of the food out of there you guys catch a frog this guy go free once we leave right yeah I packed up smooth food for the because we have to prepare like for the hurricane from the hotel so assuming they would lose power knocks out the generator or whatever I talked with a bunch of food for the kids and in here is a ton of keto stuff so I’m going to show you guys what that is when I get to the hotel [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so last night we stayed at the hotel Peter stayed at our house beautiful weather here perfectly fine the kids did really well last night I’m so proud of them to be in a room you know it’s hard a hotel room one room and so we did great today I went back over to the house with them and I got a little bit of work done and it was still everything was great but then we got noticed that the bridge getting out of our house has been closed today at 3:00 so we left got back to the hotel Peters back there so he’s probably gonna get stuck when the bridge closes whatever it says choice I can three okay I tried but right now I’m gonna show you guys like what I packed as far as ketose snacks being at the hotel I’m preparing for this whole thing I ordered some things off of Amazon so I’m gonna share with you exactly what I got to prepare for this things have shifted with a hurricane it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be as bad as it was for us thank goodness so excited about that but we’re still hanging out at the hotel so that is just one thing I’m gonna watch this video early and there may be a to be continued after this video as far as the rest of the hurricane what happened after it hit and all of that but as of right now I am posting updates in my Instagram stories so go check that out at beauty fit lights um and so let’s let’s go through all of the different snacks that I packed here at the hotel for this hurricane hi Claire bear first we have Legos thanks to my mom she sent the kids a Lego kit to make this little boat to keep them occupied in the hotel right yeah it was a fun you guys did a great job so far okay this is all the food that I packed for this trip assuming that we might get stuck for longer than a couple days so I just wanted to be prepared for Kido I ordered on Amazon these quest protein chips which I absolutely love and I really like I like this flavor and I was like your sour cream and onion flavor it’s great so there’s only four net carbs in an entire bag of this absolutely love them and then I also ordered these chunks okay jalapeno sorry about the kids in the background we limited space here so these homes how chomped jalapeno beef snacks these are amazing my favorite so I got the jalapeno ones and I got the original beef ones so that’s just a mob like some snacks so I don’t get tempted to eat any of the kids stuff you can see I packed like cereals and stuff for the kids and I also crack them in the refrigerator here see I packed them some milk you know that doesn’t need to be necessarily refrigerated but I do it in there and that way I need to I seem to get that for them easily always extra bags large and small bags and then also paper plates and spoons and stuff to be able to do what you need to do their bread is always great for kids because it’s just easy sometimes they’ll just eat that for literally like if they won’t need anything else they’ll definitely need that but I also um you know obviously goldfish for the kids clearly not Quito they’re not Quito they love these chips so and then I just got like the usual suspects like some canned foods for the kids right for myself you know I’ll be intermittent fasting I will be using these but not really eating that much while the hurricane situation happens because I was just thinking you know I need something that would be okay for you know you get your protein you a snap in there that’s fine so um I forgot to pack I had some moon cheese that I could have packed in here and also like I got like these big pepperoni sticks that you can cut that doesn’t move you refrigerate it I also left those behind for Peter so you’ll have something and also for the kids I got them some applesauce so that’s kind of you want applesauce okay so that was basically what I packed for myself and for the kids I have ketones in here too mixed up in German fast about being hungry okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this little video update again follow me over there and Instagram and check out the to be continued version of it to see what happens after the hurricane I’m pretty sure I’m going to be filming that if nothing really hot exciting happens clearly I’m not going to do that but I wanted to shoot this out there before the hurricane hit see you guys who maybe in the middle of this preparing I don’t know something interesting to watch how my own little experience of this has gone so wish me luck in this time you three look thanks guys for watching this one

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