How to Make CHAFFLES!  Tips and Tricks you need to know!

How to Make CHAFFLES! Tips and Tricks you need to know!

hey guys I’m early tonight sorry I can’t come on at 7:00 I’m doing meal prep the whole starting of school has me all out of my schedule so I figured since I was doing meal prep for the week and chapels I figured I would just show you um what I’m doing so hold on let me see real quick if you can see me just tell me you’re here I’m not seeing comments for some reason oh I had it on quiet mode let’s see here hey hime will you go in and share on the kid Oh friendly recipes page will you share it to the chocolate how you guys doing I’m so excited look look look I have twins twins how many have you made Charles already this week or the week before do you remember was it 2 or 3 weeks ago that we had dr. ken berry on and I was telling him what a chopper was and he’s like what I bet you he knows now right how’s everybody doing hey Helen hey Elaine hey Sharon Angela Amanda I’m so glad you guys are tuning in ok so you know what I haven’t even warmed these babies up yet I’ve got to diffic him early from Michigan I’ve got two different recipes I’m gonna make let me tell you first of all for those who don’t know me or put or for those who are just tuning in I am the author of keto friendly recipes cookbook easy keto for busy people let me just tell you also one very popular recipe is the can you see that the waffles recipe and it is basically a chocolaty because the base is cream cheese so any type of chocolate is a base of cheese or cream cheese so this recipe which if you have the book it’s on page 15 is one that I make all the time in fact go ahead let’s see and get that started right now I always make it hey Connie I’m so glad you love the book okay so that recipe that I just showed you for the waffles in the cookbook I always put in a blender you know why because it’s easy this is my little Ninja Blender and I have anything I haven’t warmed up my waffle makers I want to call them chocolate eggs isn’t that funny let’s see look blend it that didn’t take long at all so I just threw all the ingredients on there by the way if you want these recipes I put the link in this description so you can always go back and get the recipe if you don’t have the cookbook but if you don’t have the cookbook why not it’s like the best tool ever okay so this is gonna be for my more sweet chocolate recipes so while I’m talking chapel’s you know what let’s talk a little bit real quick and sorry it’s going so fast I can’t keep up with the comments if I missed about go back and try and answer those let’s see Laurie said I made my first one and fell in love I know they’re awesome right okay so I have to because I love them do you need to know if you have an old-timey waffle maker could you use that yes I have this ancient one from like forever ago do you guys have one of these you can use these too but let me tell you the difference um hey John can you get the dog the dog 110 sorry about that guys my dog wants in and it’s really hot outside um so can you use these we have the little ones and we have the big one so what’s the difference can you use them you can use both most of the recipes that we post on the website are for the little ones but you could eat easily double that recipe if you want to and use it in the big waffle maker okay so the big one it’s gonna make your crust hey Susie it’s gonna make your crust a lot thicker than the little ones I am personally in love with the little ones you know what let me start warming these bad boys up I’m gonna go ahead and turn them on plug them in okay the reason why I like the little ones is because they make the perfect sandwich size really small the portions are good especially if you’re worried about portion control you can just cut the big ones up but I think the biggest difference for me is the thickness of the waffle or the chocolate so hey Diane I can see why you would use the big one in some of them but most of these ones I really like the thinner crust okay so as these babies are warming up here’s the other tool that I got to tell you about I have a couple of these one tet1 has tongs on one side and one is just this this makes it so easy to not only lift the lid when it’s hot but also just to pull them off you can use two forks as well but I do love my handy little tools so the difference there’s sweet chuckles and then there’s savory chuckles so my sweet chocolate and most of my recipes hey Sharon you’ll see that I use a cream cheese for the sweet ones sometimes I will use mozzarella for the for the sweet ones as well because mozzarella is the cheese that can take on a lot of flavors and has a milder taste so you don’t taste cheese when you want something sweet okay so I hear these things warming up it doesn’t take long so the cheeses that I use so you can use if you’re strict keto you want to your own cheese because there’s fillers and starches in the pre-shredded cheeses mozzarella is what I have I love cheddar I just made some chips using this one parmesan from POSCO by the way they were really good that recipe is also in the link crispy oh my gosh sometimes we’re on keto crispy is something I really really miss hey Jill oh I’m so glad you love the book Oh Paula Paula says you’re chocol group is awesome if you are not in the group search right now keto chocolate piece and request to join that group because we are we have all kinds of people in there and we’re sharing all kinds of tips and tricks ok I can hear these starting to sizzle so I know they’re warm so my blender my blender batter so this is just a base recipe that you could do anything with I added all the ingredients of page 15 of the keto friendly recipes book I just put it in a blender for just a couple of seconds and it’s got a touch of cinnamon in it it’s a little bit sweet which makes for a really good waffle recipe chocolatey I also like to add my kids really like blueberries these have already been washed so I’m gonna add a few blueberries to make blueberry chocolates go ahead and get this started real quick now you want to be sure not to over fill these little waffle makers because you will have a big mess alright so I’m gonna add a couple of blueberries on top John I’m making chocolates and truffles in my mini – just put a couple of blueberries yay and then I set my little timer Alexa set a timer for two minutes sorry I hope I didn’t turn on okay so the sweet waffles the sweet chocolate I usually do is I cook them for two minutes anything with cheese is usually gonna be three to four minutes so she keeps me on track because usually I’m doing so many different things in the kitchen but I lose track of time hold on just a second I got to let my dog in sorry about that guys oops okay anytime I’m in the kitchen the dogs are at my feet okay let me tell you also some sweeteners what type of sweeteners do you use I let the dog in okay okay that’s um what kind of sweeteners you use so I don’t know if you like mom fruit if you like stevia there’s all different kinds of sweeteners you can use I am a big fan of my fruit so I tend to use monk fruit on a lot of stuff um I also really liked better stevia this one just happens to be a cinnamon can you see that yeah a cinnamon oh it’s so bright okay and then stevia extract um for brown sugar I use gol golden swerve or soo Crenn which is golden like a brown sugar oh my god these are smelling so good now usually I I try not to open them before the time is up let me tell you a little tip when you’re making the actual cheese chocolate in it before it’s done a minimum of three minutes preferably for the reason why is we see a lot of times in the group people people become impatient and open up the waffle maker before the three or four minutes and you will see just a mess of cheese and it’s all gooey and coming out everywhere alexxa off sorry my Alexis done oh my god look at these oh my gosh guys this is yummy okay they’re so soft look look look look can you see that oh my god they smell so good and I like they’re so soft when they come out this is why the spatula is nice because it holds it sometimes with the softer ones if you go for a fork it’ll tear it um okay so I’m gonna go ahead and make a couple more of these and then I’m gonna show you guys how I make the cheese ones because there are a few tricks to the cheese ones as well Alexa set a timer for 2 minutes I swear I start I talk to her all the time when I’m cooking ok so I’m gonna go ahead and start I didn’t make those blueberries this is wonderful wonderful meal prep for the week you do this on Sunday you make a bunch of them they stay pretty good in the fridge I’ve had them in there for 4 to 5 days and they’re fine okay so the base chockful recipe in a small bowl you’re going to take 1/2 a cup of cheese so these are gonna be more savory ones that I’m gonna use for sandwich bread so I’m going to I like to mix my cheese’s by the way if you haven’t tried pepperjack it’s really really good okay so I tend to mix a half a cup of cheese I make cheddar and mozzarella cheddar if I use just that one it’s really good kind of crispy better is really greasy Oh Cassandra all the recipes for all of these are gonna be in the link of this video so you can get that when it’s done so the cheese is cheddar tends to be really greasy but it comes out nice and crispy and mozzarella is really mild so if you want to taste more flavor than cheese I’m you might want to use mozzarella if you’re experimenting okay half the cheese 1 egg there we go and the dog is right at my feet hey pup okay and for these I also like to add for seasoning like a pinch of salt or I like to use an Italian herb blend so I’ll just put a little bit in there and these I know are gonna be for sandwiches so it’s gonna be just fine we’re gonna mix this until it’s well incorporated and then we’re gonna make the cheese truffles next and this is just a basic savory recipe I am so excited about these chocolate recipes they have made Alexa off they have just made bread replacement keto bread replacement amazing because you don’t you actually feel like you’re eating a piece of bread so here’s what I have so far [Music] aren’t those good I wish you guys could smell them oh my goodness okay here’s the trick for making your bread a little crispy um put just a little bit of cheese on the waffle maker just about 30 seconds before you put the batter down this is going to create a nice little crust um that’s if you want a little bit of a crispness to you’re chocol the other thing is I also have recipes where we make jalapeno popper chocolates with a chicken base I made today a chicken parmesan in fact they still have a couple of them let me show you these are the chicken parmesan chocolate can you see those so whenever you make a chocolate heavy bass like chicken or tuna you’re gonna want to put this precooked crust down because it holds the heavy chocol together when it’s really hot and you’re trying to pull it off the machine if you have that crust layer it’s just a lot easier okay I’ll tell you how I’m gonna reheat them in just a minute but see okay so one egg 1/2 cup of cheese any kind of cheese you like this will make two chuckles so we’re gonna go ahead and fill it up look at that I’ve already got my base down and Alexa set a timer for three minutes okay so those are gonna cook for three minutes how to reheat chuckles um first of all they taste amazing cold because I’ve made them for cold sandwiches before which is good that’s good to know um the other way to reheat them is if you’re reheating a bunch of them you can pop them in the oven for just a little bit um I really really like to use my air fryer the air fryer heats them up in just like a couple of minutes and also if they’re the kind like those chicken parmesan to have cheese on top of it I like to use the air fryer because it puts a nice crisp to them pizza oh my gosh be sure to click on the link and check out the pizza recipe because pizza you can make those ahead of time and I swear the flavors set in and they taste even better the next day so anything with the red sauce the chicken parmesan the pizza ones those are gonna taste amazing reheated because when you reheat them it makes the crust a little more crispy which is just amazing um the other thing I can do I have a ninja foodie that has the Christmas Spur at the top that’s a really good way to reheat them as well so I probably wouldn’t recommend putting them in the microwave although my kids have done that too just to heat him up real quick um sometimes I’ll even put them if it doesn’t have anything on it I’ll even put them back in the waffle maker just to heat them up again real quick because they heat up so quickly let’s see so I’m not gonna open these because it’s not time yet if I open them ahead of time because they’re cheese based it’s gonna have a mess so just be very careful okay let me talk about sauces and stuff pizza sauce that I love to use is this Rao’s pizza sauce keep totally keto friendly so I’m gonna make some pizza ones I talked about the chips didn’t I I use this cheese for chips you can just put about 2 or 3 tablespoons down with a little bit of everything but bagel seasoning and they make the crispiest crunchiest parmesan chips I think I’m so excited about that one the most other things that I add to the bridge might be fresh onion cilantro parsley bacon bits anything really that you want to season them up oh yeah Kimberly says toss them in a pan on the stove to reheat as well yeah totally toss them in the pan let’s see so there are some made with flour there are some made flour as in Alexa off there are some made with almond flour or coconut flour but remember there’s all kinds of flowers there’s sunflower flour there’s pistachio flour walnut flour please look at how beautiful those are can you see that oh there darlin look at this so just the thing they they come off nicely because they’ve got the cheese crust on the back can you see oh my gosh that’s just beautiful look at that so these are my savory ones I’m gonna make a few more sweet ones real quick [Music] let’s see Alexa set a timer for two minutes okay so um let’s talk about syrups oh I look god it’s so great I don’t know if you guys can see this honest syrup I have like coconut vanilla strawberry if you want to play around uh let’s see Donna says do you ever put them on a cooling rack you can I don’t notice any difference I’ve just got them on a plate really maybe on the more softer ones the cake ones you might put them on a cooling rack okay so the syrups if you want to play around and with some sweeteners instead of just plain sweeteners skinny syrups is amazing for adding sweeteners I’ve personally tested this and it does not affect my blood sugar I’m so happy about those these tastes absolutely sinful so I was really worried that they might affect give me a spike in glucose but they don’t so I’m so happy about that okay um I wanted to just jump on and show you guys how I make the chocolate set your Alexa yeah if you’re looking for a – you might have to wait a little bit because Amazon I think is running behind on stock you might go to Cole’s I’ve seen them at Cole’s I think somebody mentioned that they might even be at Kroger at a really good price I think somebody else mentioned the Home Shopping Network do this if you guys are really interested in all of these recipes go join the keto chocolate piece group it’s a group that’s personally run by this page by me and we share all kinds of tips where the machines are on sale we’re even testing new machines we’re testing some of the machines that have four different chocolate or dog maker we have Twinkie chopped holes that we made with the corndog maker Alexa so yeah join the group because uh you you would really love it okay I think that’s about so what’s your favorite chocolatey that you made so far Alexa set a timer for two minutes I want to hear some good recipes right now Oh Apollo Jean says she’s in the group and she loves the keto taco room Kino chocolate ice group what was the kind of syrup again the syrup was Chuck zero Chuck zero for a syrup though goes on top of it or if you want to syrup to sweeten it I really like skinny syrups that works well or any type of these flavor ones stevia has flavored sweeteners now that are drops lisa says what’s the group called again the group is called keynote awful recipes oh I forgot to tell you guys something I’ve had a lot of people asking me where I get those cute little kit plates because I made a birthday cake and I found this one I haven’t been able to find the ones I bought before but I found these at the dollar spot at Target this one was a dollar the mini one and this one was five dollars like how cute is that and then look at this fits perfectly to make your cake so these are where I make my sweet ones and I’ll load them up with frosting by the way there’s recipes in there for the frosting look at that you can make a cake out of the truffles so at the dollar spot if you’re at Target next you might want to check that out I’ve got it cute little plates but these I can’t find anymore I think I got them the Hobby Lobby before all the Christmas stuff started coming out let’s talk about cleaning the machine when it’s done oh my god I wish – would have made one with interchangeable plates but what can you expect like it’s a really expensive machine right so one thing that I do to clean the machine is right after I’m done and I’ve unplugged the units I will take let me see if I could show you I will take Helen Alexa off let me get these out real quick I’ll show you how I clean them real quick I’ll do it right now okay so I’m gonna do a head and then plug these units turn them off and I’ve already got double layers of paper towels these are not sopping wet they’re damp and then what I do is I just lay them on the unit and shut it and wrap it up what this does this loosens all of the grease that’s built up in it and then it basically wipes clean so that is a super super helpful trick to cleaning your waffle maker the other tip is if you’ve left it there or if your kids have made these and left them a mess because they’ve overfilled them these are two things that I use to clean them this is just a little painter sponge and it really it gets nicely in between the teeth of the waffle maker and then this is a toothbrush a brand new one dedicated to just cleaning things in the kitchen [Music] Brenda you couldn’t find the Facebook group if you go to facebook-dot-com forward-slash roots forward slash chuckles that’s the group I will go ahead and when this live is over I will go ahead and put the link to the group in the description I also use this for this toothbrush brand new dedicated to just cleaning these machines if there’s gunk crust along the sides I will try and get that well it’s still a little warm so it’s not set in so that’s cleaning it put a damp cloth use those tools we have got the most amazing chocolate cake chocolate pea in that link if you are starting with one and you love chocolate try that recipe oh my gosh I think that one might be my favorite one of the other recipes that we have is an Italian cream that might be my second well that one no the birthday cake I think might be my second because it’s light it’s not so heavy [Music] yeah that might be my second let’s see okay I think that’s it for making chuckles it’s so easy right okay if you guys Coppola if you’re just watching replay hit replay join the group please come and tell me hi in the group and tell me that you popped alive I would love to meet you and chat with you about chocolate recipes you guys have a good evening

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