56 thoughts on “How To Make 3 Easy Chia Seed Smoothie Recipe | ANN LE”

  1. Will try these i have subscribed,please make more of these smoothie summer is coming so nice to drink

  2. I make the second one all the time! Except that I pour the smoothie into a bowl and top it with granola! Because it always comes out so thick I prefer to eat it with a spoon! 🙂 Its so so good!

  3. Hi Ann! Quick question. For the Sunshine Mango is it supposed to be 1/4 cup of frozen pineapple or 1/2 cup? What you say and your little caption have different things. :-/

  4. Love all these recipes. Can't wait to make them and hopefully include in my next what I eat in a day video. Btw I'd love it if you guys check out my recent one!

  5. A question: In the second smoothie, can I replace the almond milk with normal milk? Love your videos btw 😉

  6. Quick question! In the voice over for the mango sunshine you say 1/4 cup of pineapples but the video says 1/2, so which is right? I love mangoes and pineapples and really want to make this, so just want to have the right measurements!

  7. Random comment but good to know that smoothies won't stain your braces! Lol I'm getting ceramic braces soon and was worried that I might have to not drink smoothies cause of the staining! I heard ceramic braces stain easily!

  8. This is great! 😀 more recipes that are vegan friendly 🙂 thanks a mill 🙂 although it is heading into winter here, still wanna give them a try 🙂 these will be a must for when summer comes here 🙂 cheers again 🙂

  9. for the mango recipe why did you say one fourth cup of pineapple but in the word thing it said a half a cup

  10. yummy can wait to taste am new subscribe can you plz make more different smoothies I love smoothies thank you for share god bless

  11. Just FYI Chia seeds were once used to torture Aztec enemies.. you need to let them swell in liquid or you'll bloat your stuomach.

  12. Hi I’m new here I just have a quick question , I’m just starting off incorporating chia seeds im making a smoothie should I water down the seeds for or just put them straight in I was told that they expand in size inside of you if you don’t water them down first help!! 🙁


    Sorry, I think I've became a little deaf.

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