How To Maintain A Keto Lifestyle  — Katie Newman [Live Talk]

How To Maintain A Keto Lifestyle — Katie Newman [Live Talk]

so why I’m here primarily is because I am a passionate kyo etiquette an Aikido coach and when I went Kido a few years ago I had a dream and a vision to bring Aikido conference to our state to our community to help educate you all so thank you so much for being here so this is my family we all have benefited greatly from the ketogenic diet I’ll start with myself I started as a latch a last-ditch effort to combat some of my autoimmune diseases and symptoms I was very sick for a couple decades I suffered I all that I was not officially diagnosed with scleroderma I believe that that’s what all my symptoms and all of my diseases kind of fell under I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so that’s an autoimmune disease of the thyroid I have a Sina pillock esophagitis has anyone ever heard of that or have it okay yeah so I feel for you I’ve been there that is referred to as the choking disease although I didn’t have choking symptoms I had severe pain in my stomach and profuse vomiting I was in the ER for months before I figured it and I figured it out on my own the doctors were not able to help me with this I also suppler suffer from her nods and what love with that I had thickening of my fingers thinking around my toes and my last year prior to Kido I couldn’t smile very well like the skin around my mouth and my lips got so tight I could not make a smile like I wanted to so if anyone has suffered from sir derma or crest syndrome he probably can relate along with all that I have pain and inflammation brain fog cognitive decline fatigue and weight gain depression anxiety and this was actually worst of all insatiable appetite and overeating so with all those symptoms you turn to food for comfort even of the little girl you can ask my mom she’s sitting right there I ate like a horse and I never felt satisfied can anyone relate and it wasn’t until I went Quito where I was like wow I finally feel full and not just like fill up your Thanksgiving because what happens after Thanksgiving you can just like eat more dessert and another dessert I actually felt satisfied so that was a huge revelation within meals of going Hido okay so then to the tough part try not to cry my husband was diagnosed with metastatic cancer about three weeks into my journey and I feel like I was propelled to go Quito to help him out so I felt like it was almost like a divine intervention he jumped on board right away and prior to that his exact words were yeah have fun with that I’m not giving up my pizza and beer so it wasn’t until he got a scary diagnosis that he’s like okay what do I do about it so he jumped on board and I should have had prior to his cancer he was a triathlete he was active he was slender and fit he never had any energy problems he never had any food problems so I thought so couple weeks into his journey he came to me and said wow I had no idea how bad I felt until I felt good and it was so powerful coming – coming from someone that I thought this felt good all the time so I’m like wow how many other people can we help with this diet and then he proceeded to tell me his bagel story and I’m sure some of you have been there before so he told me and again this is coming from someone that I had no idea had any issues with food I had issues with food I understood he would be on his way to work driving by the bagel shop and I’ve never spoke in front of this many people before so my sweet friend Heidi over there is like and again ask my mom like since I’ve been little I’ve been enough speed talker maybe I should enter a competition but um so anyway where was I oh the bagel story so he’d be driving by a bagel shop and say nope I’m not gonna go there I’m not gonna go there and keep on driving and the next thing you knew you’re shoveling a bagel in his mouth and I just couldn’t believe that he’s telling me that story because I had no idea that issues with food and I’ll try to remember his direct quote but he said wow it’s very liberating to have control over my appetite rather than my appetite having control over me and I was like wow so amazing so I had all these revelations with my husband’s that I thought was healthy and didn’t have any problems and between both of us we lost 75 pounds if you know us you probably didn’t really realize that because we’re both tall but I lost 30 he lost 45 so we did have some success with our weight loss as well then my some I guess I had this little thing here my 7 year old he went keto or not fully Kido Kido on and off low-carb cut out the sugar cut out the grains added healthy fats we noticed changes in his behavior his allergies got better and some chronic issues he was having also resolved and then before I knew it I was pregnant and just a little warning keto can cause pregnancy I think because your hormones are more ballast they’re balancing out your hormones your body’s working more efficiently and it was not just for me my husband was kyudo as well so yeah that’s the perfect storm right so so I became pregnant I decided with all my knowledge and all of our success I was going to say keto and I did and not my daughter at 19 and I had him when I was 32 I slept every day with those pregnancies took a nap every day I had severe morning sickness I did not feel well and when I had my two-year-old now almost 40 I felt amazing I felt vibrant I had energy i napped one time due to stress and so yeah I’m not gonna say everyone go do a ketogenic diet for pregnancy but I definitely would do it again it was great for me and then my 21 year old she was the last to jump on board she suffered from severe abdominal pain and lots of many lots of symptoms for about four years in and out of the doctor’s office many tests many year our visits and they finally said we think you have PCOS and she was kind of desperate at that point they weren’t able to help her I finally convinced her to go keto at last October and she has not been to the doctor sense all her symptoms have resolved and I also should go back and add my husband is now cancer-free so yeah so hero has been miraculous so some people say it’s like snake oil and for me I feel like it really is snake oil and I’d be happy to share more if anyone can relate to any of our stories and you have any diseases we’ve been diagnosed with I’d be happy to share and talk to you about that okay so hope what’s the wrong way before I get into the meat of my presentation just for fun because we want to have some fun right I’m just gonna walk you through some stages of keto and I think everyone in this room can probably relate to some degree and by the way the models are for hire so if anyone finds them as adorable as I do just come talk to me I use my children oh okay so this is the day that you wake up and you’re like okay maybe I have packed on a few pounds you’re tired you’re tired all the time symptoms are setting in aches and pains maybe you get a diagnosis and then you decide up I’m such an amateur haha and then you decide to take matters into your own hands and start doing some research and during this time a friend a family member maybe the internet tells you about keto and for the first time you’re hearing that you could eat that feel great and lose weight and this is the face you make has anyone made this face I know I made this face can anyone relate to this the wth face so with that face then there’s another butt and a face to go with that but this is a face you make when they tell you you have to cut out the carbs and all the sugar you cry a little bit and the inside maybe the outside poor guy and then the next question naturally is is it safe so and the next common answer is well yes babies are born in ketosis and I think that I feel like that’s a direct quote from dr. request medicine and I had some see for myself so actually this is my baby baby talon the little two-year-old running around here actually sleeping right now and he definitely was in ketosis when he was born and then you decide okay then they decide okay maybe i’ll sir learning more volcano he’s maybe by a couple of books we’ve all been here I would assume by now and then the contemplation stage so I spent three months in this stage I was a vegetarian a fruitarian I ate bananas breakfast lunch and dinner and I was I really had to wrap my head around cutting out the bananas and then after a while you start to realize okay maybe bacon and eggs aren’t so bad after all so can anyone relate to that and kind of go through that whole like can I do this is it right for me can i really give up the carbs and sugar i was a sugar and carb addict so that was another whole issue as well okay then you decided to jump in and any start feeling awesome right okay that I did this I don’t know if anyone else did this but then I start telling everyone that butter makes everything better he has a little Paula Deen onesie on one of my clients got me and then you start telling everyone so does bacon bacon and butter just make everything better I’m not gonna confess any of my personal stories but okay and then the next stage is a superhero hero stage this is when you start really feeling Effects of ketones and regardless if you look like a superhero or not you definitely start feeling one like one when your ketones start forming you start adapting to fats and ketones obsession efficiently and effectively you start feeling really amazing and I have to give a little disclaimer results will vary you may not get an eight-pack like my baby Callan okay and then your life sets in so this is when the novelty may start to wear off social gatherings holidays stress or stressful events are we get busy and revert back to old habits could anyone relate to this picture I know I can I’ve been there before ok so on with my presentation sustaining keto long-term tips for lasting success so I hope these tips simple basic tips but I hope they’ll kind of maybe refresh and we energize I mean we motivate you to get back on track if you fall off they’re here to set you up for long-term success keep you on track focus and motivated help with efficiency and effectiveness keep things progressing forward lower your frustrations setbacks and disappointments ok so the first tip and I really think there should be worse to live by is your health is an investment not an expense and hope most of you heard this by now a quote that’s going around social media is make time for your wellness or you’ll be forced to take time for your illness and that’s fine if you’re already there to the illness state that happened to us with my husband’s cancer and my autoimmune diseases there is hope and time for healing and also remember you only have one vessel so we’re in this world where we’re all about material things and instant gratification but your body you only have one of them you can buy a new house you can buy a new car you can’t buy a new body unless you live in Hollywood maybe that’s a different story but take care of the body you have and then it’s not only about the money investment it’s also about the time so taking time for your health and wellness is very important as well ok tip number two this is huge this is probably one of the number one reasons why people fall off Keitel here all the time they create short-term unrealistic goals especially pertaining to weight loss they think that Kido is like the great miracle fat loss diet they make an unrealistic expectation to lose a certain amount of pounds in four to six weeks it doesn’t happen and they say keto wasn’t for me I know it could not just move pertaining to weight loss it could be health benefits as well I’ve been working with some clients who have been progressing forward for 1 2 3 and 3 years but they’re still recovering from their poor health and their disease state so it takes time so be patient everyone is different I was a hyper responder to ketones and the ketogenic diet I wish everyone had that same experience but everyone is different so please keep that in mind and know your why this will help keep you motivated on what’s really important and really think about making this a lifestyle so what would you really what are the goals that you would care about when you’re on your deathbed would you care about that last 10 20 pounds or would you care about being healthy vibrant and have a good quality of life okay and that kind of rolls into managing stress so stress can be a killer as well we all know that stress can definitely contribute to chronic disease so think about this you are the source and the solution of your stress so how you perceive certain situations that come into your life you can make a big difference so just switching your mindset just a little bit and how you react can help when we go into the fight-or-flight response that also can stop fat burning and contribute to inflammation and especially waking around the waist if you get that tire around your waist that’s a good sign that your cortisol may be running a little higher some simple recommendations to combat stress are change your thoughts maybe practice meditation yoga and exercise and also positive affirmations positive self-talk which rolls into my next tip maintaining a positive mindset and Stephens book he’s out there and he’ll be presenting and shortly his book can really help you with this it’s a very simple easy read with practical exercises at the end of each chapter to help kind of wrap up everything I’ve been talking about in these Sport tips so disremember your body here’s everything you say so where energy goes energy flow so if you wake up every morning until yourself you’re so sick you’re so tired you’re so whatever you’re gonna start feeling those ways and their body’s gonna start responding so wake up and say nice things to yourself how do you talk to yourself what does your inner voice say so just things to think about and oh this is another big one if you fall off the wagon just get back on don’t beat yourself up so if you are going to indulge at a party or an event please enjoy it so back to that stress response if you’re eating that food and you’re full of shame guilt and it’s making you feel stressful what’s gonna happen to your digestion it’s not gonna work optimally now you have a double whammy now you’re eating something that isn’t good for you and your body you’re just disrupting your digestion and your body’s not going to digest it very well and all you’re gonna have more symptoms so enjoy it and move on okay tip number five maybe I should have been tip number one the magic pill sleep so this needs to be a priority so I like to tell people this is a really good tip to sleep well eat 2 to 3 hours before bed so we have a lot of metabolic processes that happen while we sleep in relations to detoxing as Paul wrote a talked about repair and regeneration and if you are digesting food while you’re sleeping that’s those all those metabolic processes are going to be interrupted and you are not going to have a good night’s sleep and what happens when you don’t have a good night’s sleep you what do you crave the next day your body you have carbs and sugar your body’s looking for a quick energy source and also a poor night’s sleep contributes to disrupting your hunger hormones and when those hormones are disrupted they are very powerful it’s really hard to have willpower over your hunger hormones ok number six dr. Eric Westman did speak a little bit about this and he’ll probably talk more in his workshop at 4:20 but keep it simple don’t overthink it eat real food pick a protein a low-carb veggie a healthy fat and maybe a sauce or seasoning in my house we have a freezer full of meat and veggies at all time as a fallback so we’re always prepared and that’s the next step stay prepared so before you even go Aikido make sure you clean out your pantry so you don’t have any temptations it’s hard when you only have like family members at our Aikido or kids but it is possible stock up plan and prep meals and also plan ahead for social gatherings so that’s huge we like to we like to bring like Kido meals and we don’t tell people that they’re cute meals either at 11:00 you’re doing deviled eggs everyone’s going to eat deviled eggs or whatever it may be we bring bacon people love bacon so I should Adam I should have had a bacon picture there okay number eight stay hydrated and taken adequate amounts of electrolytes so I feel in my practice that this is one of the number one pitfalls on the ketogenic diet 99.9 percent of the time when someone calls me with this with the issue it’s due to lack of electrolytes and it’s such a quick and easy fix so some signs that not limited to and other things can cause ease are fatigue muscle fatigue cramps maybe eye twitch increased heart rate or blood pressure headache dizzy when standing up can all be signs of electrolyte depletion and this creates stress within the body especially sodium your body your blood needs to maintain a certain level of sodium and if you’re not taking in an adequate amount that’s gonna be very stressful for your body to try to recycle and reuse what it has it’s also gonna be hard on your kidneys so that’s a huge that’s huge when it comes to a sodium intake and also lack of electrolytes can lead to hunger so I like to tell my people a little bonus tip is to combat eating hunger after you’ve had a dinner with a little pinch of salt in your mouth and some water and that usually does the trick you guys like that one hahaha right oh let me know send me a message okay tip number nine eat dairy and nuts sparingly I know when you first go keto you start typing and keto recipes the first thing that pops up is a bunch of gooey gooey cheesy recipes we used to get into all that we my whole family and I have realized we all feel better without cheese we saved those meals for holidays on that can be inflammatory to some people they also can cause digestive distress which can interfere with weight loss we tend to overeat them especially nuts when they’ve been roasted and added a bunch of salt to them okay so I like to tell people to use them as a condiment not as a staple okay tip number 10 this is pretty big especially now that keto is blowing up there’s keto products everywhere I go to most keto conferences I just was that keto con and I pick up some of the packages and I read the label and I really don’t agree that they’re half those products are keto so whenever in doubt just eat real food read your labels there’s lots of like I just said misleading keto labels and watch their buzzwords like cauliflower so my my sweet daughter called me up well 3 to 3 months ago and said oh we just had the best colorful our pizza from Costco and I was like oh really and then I looked it up 27 grams of carbs for per slice okay so she thought she thought since it’s add cauliflower it was Kido okay so I think that’s where they’re going with that it’s a marketing gimmick yeah so just eat real food when you’re an adult there’s lots of new fibers and sugar alcohols and sugar substitutes and it all can be confusing so when in doubt to see real food okay I learned this early on we’re going to talk about this don’t say the k-word my son taught me this so when we first went keto I was in the kitchen cooking and experimenting all the time and every time I said here’s your keto macaroni cheese he had an expectation in his head and he took one bites video this is not macaroni cheese so be careful who you say the k-word to each situation can be different obviously I often think that if I would have never told my husband I was going keto he would never had no idea if I if he came home to a plate of salmon and broccoli and butter he would have just ate it he would never question me maybe your family and friends and maybe at social gatherings I have a lot of Cuba parties so it’s appropriate to rave about your keto recipes but just be careful just be discreet about it and then I have to add I actually when I was pregnant I had to fire my first Midwife so I went to a birth center thinking okay they’re gonna be open to the ketogenic diet and eating a nutrient deaths high fat low carb diet during my pregnancy and I told Rose kegels all excited and told her maintainence my whole entire pregnancy and she must have consulted with her colleagues it’s too late two days later she called me back on a Friday afternoon and such as lecturing me that my baby would not grow and his brain would not grow if I did not eat 11 servings of carbs a day okay and then she told me that they were going to test my ketones every time I came in so I had decided I’m not gonna worry about this I’m not gonna get my ketones tested and have them lecture me every time I’m in so I ditched her went to another birth center and it decided it wasn’t worth the stress of telling them I was Keo so what I did is they asked me for a 7-day food journal I wrote down everything I ate and I was praised for my healthy nutrition my midwife said I wish all of our pregnant moms ate this way and so and I know I don’t tell her was to go well maybe they would have been open to it maybe not but if maybe if I said keto they would have been like no that’s bad so I know I’m not telling you to lie to your doctor but I don’t know like maybe you say hey Doc I changed my diet and I’m eating you know your salads and salmon and veggies for dinner and they might they’ll say that’s great right okay tip number 12 let intermittent fasting happen naturally so I know some practitioners and some programs do start you all it’s like a bath fast or fasting and that may work but if you’re coming out the standard American diet and you’re you’re fueling your body off of sugar and carbs and you’re not bad or Kiko adapted the and your hunger hormones are disrupted and not regulated this could be very very challenging for many people so I say wait until it happens actually if you’ve been keto been keto for a while you know that you just gradually start to increase the time before your meals and it’ll just happen naturally don’t force it so it’s gonna be another stressor on your body and I like to tell people just to eat when they’re hungry unless it’s after seven o’clock don’t eat before bed okay so on to the next number thirteen support digestion and this comes from the nutritional therapist inside of me if you look around we are all especially in our society we eat on the go we eat standing up we eat while we’re doing things we’re multitasking running from meeting to meeting we cannot digest our food and our assimilate our nutrients very well if your body isn’t resting and digesting so trying to get out of that sympathetic state before you eat is really important so even just like sitting down taking a couple deep breaths and thinking about and letting the brain and the brain start the digestive process you start to salivate will be huge and your success and with that being said you need to chew your food so I don’t know if any of you heard the saying drink your solids and chew your liquids so what that means is you want to chew your food thoroughly remember your stomach does not have teeth and give it you know give it liquefied and if you do drink liquids like a smoothie make sure you chew that up a mixture of salivary enzymes with your smoothie supplemental support I know Paul talked a little bit about this but some things to salt support digestion or lemon juice apple cider vinegar bitters and maybe Daniel I&T could help with the liver okay so number fourteen listen to your body so once you cut out all the junk the carbs and the sugar so this is very important because your body when you’re eating carbs and sugar your body’s gonna tell you to eat herbs and sugar and you’re gonna crave it once you cut all all that and you start eating more whole real nutrient-dense foods start listening to your body eating more intuitively if you’re craving a steak that day eat a steak and also think are you mistaking hunger for thirst so many more times than not you’re just thirsty not hungry again listen to your body signs of lack of electrolytes that’s huge and then also as your hunger coming from emotional place are you looking for comfort are you bored or is it out of habit I’m gonna pick up my husband again is he still in here so about two for about two months into our keto journey I would make a good a big delicious fatty low carb meal and an hour later he’s in the in the cupboard searching and I’m like what are you doing are you hungry he’s like no I’m like what are you doing he’s like oh I don’t know pure habit right because we all do that and then is your check engine light on so this is huge what if we what do we do when our cars check engine light goes on we call the car mechanic and bring them in bring it in so we need to start doing that with ourselves more often so anytime you have any sort of symptom digestion issues any pain or any inflammation that’s a sign that your body needs a little help in that area and so when you do have signs and symptoms advocate for your own health you know your body’s body best and you know how our medical system works you’re in and out of your doctor’s office in five minutes they’re not going to be able to get to the root cause of it so find a keto friendly doctor or partner to help manage your health and they obviously do exist because they’re here today and I can also help you find those resources if you’re in the area there’s also websites that lists cute friendly doctors I don’t know those at the top of my head but they’re out there and also investigate the root cause so in our medical community we’re just really worried about treating the symptoms will find the root cause and address that situation has it come okay so hopefully this is my um he was I don’t know how old he was but like four months and he made this little rock on simple like this naturally huh I ain’t I happened to snap a picture at that very moment it’s so funny on so hopefully that gives you guys some more tools in your toolbox to make this diet and lifestyle more successful long-term yeah and so you know I always often say to people like keto is the gateway to a better health so once you cut out all the crap its can I say that then garbage and you start feeling better with nutrition you have more energy to take the next steps towards better optimal health so I don’t know if anyone can relate to that but that’s definitely happened for me and speaking of the next steps my friend Heidi and I are just starting a podcast called barefoot life podcast our website is not live but you can find us on Facebook to stay up to date you can also find me at Katie Newman dot-com if you want to work with me or learn more on Instagram I’m that kiddo Katie Facebook kiddo Katie and there’s also resources in our communities so there’s a Minnesota catonian scroop they have a monthly meetup it’s great I try to go often as I can I have a monthly my body book club you can search mind body book club on Facebook to stay up to date on that every month we read a health and wellness book and we all get together and talk about it we try to bring in an expert in on that book we try to bring the author in if they’re in the area it’s wonderful what else is out there am I forgetting anything that anyone wants to add in Oh Thaddeus oh I knew I was forgetting something he has a monthly biohackers meetup as well and that will help take your wellness to the next level once you have some more energy okay and then I want to share this with you so my spunky friend dr. P yeah qawwali just spoke in front of the USDA 2020 guidelines committee and this is what she said if laughter was the best medicine then the nutritional guidelines are the best practice because they’re a joke so I is that great I really admire her bravery for getting up there and saying that to them so I hope no matter what you believe I’m as far as health and nutrition I hope you all can agree that our nation’s are government guidelines and recommendations are contributing to our chronic disease and our decline in our nation’s health so that’s all I have for you guys thank you you

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